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The Daily Mirror, with special thanks to Emma for pointing me in the right direction.

Before I start adding my two penneth worth read this Mirror article first after which, I have plenty to say.

The net closes: Ex-Tory chief faces child sex arrest over claims girl was raped and boys were abused

 The probe into a former Cabinet minister, the notorious paedophile Sidney Cooke, Jimmy Savile and MP Cyril Smith.


Police are ­preparing to arrest a former Tory Cabinet minister after a woman came forward to claim she had been raped by him as a girl.

Detectives are also investigating claims that he abused boys.We can reveal that the former minister is suspected of being part of a VIP ­paedophile ring that was regularly handed boys by child rapist and killer Sidney Cooke for vile sex orgies.The former high-ranking MP, who we cannot name, is under investigation by Scotland Yard’s paedophile unit.Sources close to the probe gave details of the new allegations to the Sunday ­Mirror and investigative news website ­Exaro.

A former detective who worked on the original investigation into Cooke told the Sunday Mirror that the minister was among those alleged to have been ­photographed in a 1986 police surveillance on premises where boys had been dropped off.Others allegedly included Jimmy Savile, MP Cyril Smith and top judges – though none of them were ever arrested.Cooke, 85 – dubbed Britain’s most notorious paedophile after he tortured and killed 14-year-old Jason Swift in 1985 – would pick the unsuspecting teenage boys up off the streets around Kings Cross.

He would drive them to locations across North London where paedophiles lay in wait to repeatedly rape them.Last week the former officer, who worked on Operation Orchid which convicted Cooke and his gang, said they had taken pictures of the minister.

Jimmy SavileSick Jimmy Savile was ‘part of the gang’

The former officer said up to 16 high profile figures were due to be arrested. But the day before they were to be carried out detectives were told the operation had been disbanded.The revelation means Scotland Yard knew about allegations concerning the Cabinet Minister and Savile in 1986 but did nothing about it, instead choosing to cover up the claims.

A source told Exaro last week that senior officers, including Commander Peter Spindler, the head of the Paedophile Unit, have had a secret briefing on preparations to arrest the ex-minister.It is understood that the investigation is at an early stage but there is a plan to arrest him in the next few weeks.After the 1986 operation into Cooke was disbanded the former officer went to check the file – only to find the pictures had disappeared and any mention of the men involved had also vanished.

The former officer said: “It was clear a cover-up had taken place.“The investigation showed that Cooke would pick up rent boys and take them back to flats or garages where large groups of men were waiting to abuse them.“These paedophiles, which included a lot of high-profile figures that were said to include the former Cabinet Minister, Savile and MP Cyril Smith, all knew each other and all operated together.”They would lie in wait and Cooke would turn up with the boy who wouldn’t know what was going to happen.“We had photographic evidence of these high-profile figures entering or leaving buildings where the abuse was taking place.

Everyone knew Savile was a paedo but nothing was ever done.“Cyril Smith was photographed going into one of the properties with a high-profile film director.“All of the others were pictured and were going to be arrested before the plug was pulled. I was sickened and to this day I wonder how many children we could have saved if we had been allowed to arrest those men.“I feel guilty they weren’t arrested but there was nothing I could do at the time as the evidence had gone.”

Cyril Smith MPMP Cyril Smith was spotted in surveillance

The Sunday Mirror knows the identity of the paedophiles in the gang but has chosen not to name them.In 1993 Detective Superintendent Ed Williams tried to track down the Orchid file on Cooke to see if there were any similarities with the abduction and murder of nine-year-old Daniel Handley, but he struggled to find the folder.

He eventually found it in the basement of Arbour Square Police Station in Stepney, East London.While there were references to a “wider paedophile ring” there were no photographs or names.Mr Williams said: “I was very upset about the way the Met treated paedophile cases but I was a voice in the wilderness at that time and people thought I was being over-emotional.“I found the Orchid files where they had been put for storage purposes and somebody had completely forget to send it back to the Yard.

I was trying to look for paedophiles and connections with other cases as I was trying to build up a profile of the offender.“The report spoke about boys being passed around from paedophile to paedophile.“There were no pictures on the file. It did mention that there was a wider ring of individuals but did not mention Jimmy Savile or a cabinet minister.

Sidney CookeChild killer: Rapist Sidney Cooke

Sidney Cooke, along with three accomplices – Leslie Bailey, Robert Oliver and Steven Barrell – was found guilty of the manslaughter of Jason Swift in May 1989. They have been linked to up to 20 murders.Cooke was believed to have murdered seven-year-old Mark Tildesley but the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to bring charges as he was already serving 19 years for Jason’s death.He was released in 1998, to a public outcry, but was rearrested the following year for systematically abusing two boys in the 1970s and jailed for life.Savile was exposed last year as one of the UK’s most prolific paedophiles, with 450 victims.

Police said he “groomed a ­nation” by avoiding justice while ­abusing hundreds of children over 54 years.Officers on Operation Yewtree, which investigated the claims, have also ­arrested celebrities including Gary Glitter, comedian Freddie Starr, DJ Dave Lee Travis, publicist Max Clifford and comedian Jim Davidson.

All have denied any wrongdoing and not all the allegations involve under-16s.Scotland Yard said they would not comment on an on-going investigation.Visit the Exaro website for more on this story.



Okay, you will note that at the time of Sydney Cookes arrest, Slaggy Maggie and her paedophile infested government were in power. You will also note that the day before 16 high profile ‘figures’ were due to be arrested; the case was stopped. For that to happen, the order can only have come from the government, or higher. Why else would the Met drop a watertight case, with photographic evidence on 16 high profile figures the day before their arrests?

Now, the ex Detective turned author David Bright describes in his best selling book ‘Catching Monsters’  how his investigation into the Jason Swift Murder put Sydney Cooke behind bars. In fact, in the opening of ‘Catching Monsters’ there is actually  a message from Joan Swift which reads thus:

“Words are not enough and cannot describe what you did for Jason, my family and me. We appreciate your support through our difficult time. You will never be forgotten”.

True praise indeed, especially when you take into consideration the author of that praise.

Therefore, with that kind of glowing testimony gracing the opening pages of ‘Catching Monsters’, you will not be surprised to learn that David Bright’s dedication to service didn’t go unrewarded. 

In fact, there can be no denying that Bright was very highly decorated by anyone’s standards, even being awarded the MBE along the way. Here is how Amazon describe the former detective:

David Bright’s dedication to fighting monsters has earned him 33 commendations, 3 awards for gallantry and an MBE. An outstanding record which only a select few can claim to equal. His investigations put Sydney Cooke, dubbed the most evil man in Britain, behind bars.

Bright was  actually awarded the MBE in 1992 by none other than Bizzy Lizzy herself, some 3 years after Hissing Syd had been locked away for the murder of Jason Swift. And, rightly so too. Good work should be rewarded.

Neither is it hard to figure out the kind of man that the Ex Detective Superintendent holds in high esteem since there are plenty more glowing testimonials from extremely high ranking policemen and members of the judiciary to wade through before the book actually begins properly. 

There is also an interesting quote , immediately prior to Chapter 1. The quote is by Field Marshal, The Viscount Sir William Joseph Slim, which reads:“Management is desirable. Leadership is essential”.

Coincidentally enough, albeit quite unfortunate for Bright, as well as being a highly decorated war hero Willie Slim was also a paedophile. mind you, that doesn’t mean to say that Bright was aware of that fact (Excuse the small ‘m’ at the beginning of the sentence; my capital ‘m’ is refusing to work, don’t cha know). The following is taken from Wikipedia:

Slim’s time as Governor-General have been brought in to question by recent comments by David Hill, a former managing director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Accusations were reported in April 2007 that Slim, whilst he was in the Governor-General’s official vehicle, had sexually assaulted a school boy from Fairbridge Farm School, in country New South Wales. David Hill stated that the material was not included in a recent book he had written about Slim due to a lack of corroboration; however, since that time, it was reported that another person had made allegations of sexual misconduct involving Slim.

And in Robert Lymans book ‘Slim, Master of War’, the author says this about the Viscount:

Mountbatten, with whom he bonded in a way unparalleled in South East Asia Command, and Stilwell, another maverick, who would serve under no other British commander but him.

Hmmm. We all know about the Ducks Uncle Louie, don’t we.

Amongst the many other tributes in the book is this penned by the former chief constable of Essex Police, John Burrow CBE, OPM, DL:

“David Bright is an extraordinary police officer”.

Quite a strange tribute to my mind, since the word ‘Extraordinary’  can have many different connotations, not all good. It would also seem  that Burrow was not the upstanding police officer he would have you believe. You see, he was one of four police officers who in the 1960’s deliberately set out to concoct and fabricate the evidence that convicted  Dr Stephen Ward.

If you read my article ‘Camerons Closet‘, you will know who Stephen Ward is. If you didn’t, fuck you, read it and you will. 

Course, it is only fair that like with his hero Wee Willie Slim, we give Bright the benefit of the doubt and assume that he didn’t know about Burrows being a bent copper.

Next up in the list of glowing testimonials to Bright is the former Chief Constable of Sussex, Paul Whitehouse QPM. Whitehouse  had this to say about Bright:

“As the senior investigating officer your leadership skills and victim management was the subject of universal praise as was your attention to detail with regards to your preparation to case files. I thank you for the successful outcome of Operation Monarch”. 

Quite surprising then, that  Ken Jones took over the position of chief constable of Sussex after Paul Whitehouse left disgraced by his handling of complaints as to procedural irregularity which ended with a civilian being shot dead… Or maybe, like me, you are not surprised. SOURCE

Now, it has to be said that quoting one’s hero who then turns out to be a nonce, and being given a reference by someone who turns out to have a shady past could be deemed as bad luck. Add another glowing reference into that mix  from yet another dodgy character – especially someone who hadn’t been caught out at the time – and to me, you are really pushing your luck. 

Never the less, We shall leave it at that for the moment. Next up we have David Stevens QPM and former Chief Constable of Essex who said this about Bright:

“With many thanks for all you have done for the people of Essex”.

As you will have guessed, Stevens was also caught up in controversy. The following is from the Daily Mail:

“Former Essex Police Chief Constable David Stevens was paid £194,517 over several years as an ACPO consultant”. SOURCE

At this point I have got to say that if I ever write a book about how I tried to end the establishments love for child abuse, I would be extremely careful who I quoted and who I got to write the references. For instance, I would stay clear of “Howzzabout that then, Guys ‘n’ Gals” when it came to picking a quote. And, safe to say that I wouldn’t ask Peter Mandelson and Esther Rantzen to write my testimonials.

In fact, I would imagine that any author picks his testimonial writers very carefully, whatever the books subject.

Therefore, it is now looking increasingly likely that Bright wasn’t too bright when he chose who to endorse his book. And there was me thinking that he was trying to convince us that he’s a great detective… He’s hardly Sherlock Holmes is he?  

So, who else has (not so) Bright chosen to give him a reference? 

Michael Todd QPM, the former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police as it happens. He said this:

“I have always believed in taking the fight against crime to the criminal. David Bright spent his whole career doing this”.

Unfortyunately, Michael Todd killed himself in 2008 just as damming revelations about his private life were set to be made public. Interestingly enough, Max Clifford was also involved in this case. SOURCE

So, with testimonials from that motley crew – Joan Swift and a couple of others aside of course –  you wont be surprised to learn that David Bright is not worthy of the many awards he received.  At least not if Darren Bolger is to be believed. Here he is talking about Brights book ‘Catching Monsters’. The red highlighting is mine: 

This book of ‘truth’ as David put’s it is not all that it is cracked up to be. Clearly written by a copper and when referring to my brother’s case at chapter 17 ‘Thrill Killers’, absolute lies! For the record, David Bright Lied throughout this chapter and he is well aware of the upshot of these lies when a private prosecution is taken out against him as to liable.

There are so many inconsistencies and fabrications by David and his team of police at Essex, that when the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) recently read the appeal against the convictions in this case it was summarised by the Commission as; “evidence covering 20 Headings and some 500 bullet points.” 
In addition there is a current complaint with Essex Police as to malpractice and fabrication surmounting to conspiracy.
Just a few of the factors ‘in evidence’ before the CCRC are the facts that David and his team;
Removed the evidence of a police helicopter from the case,
Removed a till from a bar top that contained evidence of alcohol consumption and had a company (Micro Till Systems Chelmsford Essex), give an invoice stating that ‘it was damaged beyond repair’ and yet when looking at the police pictures of the crime scene and both tills were on the bar and with their lights on and in working order.
Severely fabricated the Scenes of Crime Video (SOCO) removing minutes and adjusting the footage throughout
Hid the fact that police ‘removed a witness from the scene’ and failed to record it,
Fabricated the call logs of events recorded by the police operator,
And finally if it was not enough the fact that Patricia Lynch QC and his Honour Robert Overbury QC for the crown had a relation on the jury at trial”. SOURCE

You can read more HERE

Removing evidence from an investigation! Didn’t someone remove 16 photographs of high profile paedophiles from the investigation reported in the Mirror… Just saying.

If that wasn’t all damming enough, Bright also worked for the BBC, which as we all know, is where all these paedophile investigations have sprung from: 

“Over recent years he has gained a reputation as a humorous and entertaining raconteur, speaking at a variety of events and locations, both at home and abroad, also including presentations to actors and production staff members of BBC crime drama productions as well as aboard cruise ships”. SOURCE

It would also seem that David Bright was more unpopular than your average Detective. So unpopular in fact that in 2004, someone actually bashed him over the head with a lump of wood while Bright was in a shop signing copies of his book. SOURCE

Course, I’m not saying that David Bright had anything to do with the photographs going missing, or that he got an MBE for sabotaging any future case. What I am doing is – to misquote ‘Dragnets’ Joe Friday – Just stating the facts ma’am.

Until the next time,

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