Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they aren’t out to getcha


Christopher Spivey


As I told you in my last article, I was really poorly last week and that is putting it mildly, so most of you will be pleased to know that although I still feel quite drained I have started to write a new article… What doesn’t kill you and all that jazz.

And, as I also told you in regard to the virus or whatever it was – the doctors said a nasty throat infection – the timing of it in terms of being so close to my court date didn’t sit right with me then, and that is still the case.

I mean, what kind of throat infection makes you hurt just about everywhere but your throat?

Moreover, I know what I know and one of the things I know is that the recurring ‘dream’ that I had when the virus really took hold, telling me that I must not go into hospital because one way or the other I would never walk out again is still a very vivid, very clear, very real memory in stark contrast with the other events that were going on around me which I cannot recall with any real clarity.

Course, it would be easy to write that dream warning off as the infection playing tricks with my mind. However, after receiving an email from my friend, John Hamer, the author of ‘The Falsification of History’, last night, I am now more convinced than ever that whatever the infection was, I didn’t catch it by chance.

Now as it happens, John has kindly agreed to allow me to publish the email (found below) which I have not altered in any way whatsoever and which I am sure that once you have read it you will agree that there is more than just coincidence going on here.

Indeed, John’s email brought about a reminder of what the Queer of England told royal butler Paul burrell, after her epiphany moment had brought about the collapse of his trial for allegedly helping himself to some of Princess Di’s possessions following her murder: “There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge.”

Now I would imagine that when Bizzy Lizzie said “we”, she actually meant “him”. However, I very much doubt that she was being flippant… Just sayin’.

Hi Chris

Just been reading your website and I had a real feeling of ‘déjà vu’ !

I went through almost exactly the same experience in 2012 shortly after TFOH had been published.  Coincidence?  Not really sure but I remember at the time thinking ‘there must be a connection’ but whether it was paranoia or not, I have really no idea.

My symptoms were also just as you describe, I was so ill that at one point I thought I was dying and in fact for at least 2 or 3 days, I just wanted to go to sleep and not wake up.  The difference was that Linda (my wife) called the doctor and he came out almost immediately and wanted to call an ambulance.  I just remember having the clarity of reason to somehow think that if I went into hospital I wouldn’t be coming home – either through medical incompetence or whatever (?) and so I was adamant that I wasn’t going anywhere and told the doctor, ‘no – I want to die here.’

He argued with me for a long time but I insisted I wasn’t going into hospital.  I somehow just knew that it would be a bad move.  Eventually he diagnosed me as having Legionnaire’s disease!  Bloody Legionnaires Disease?  Where the hell did I get that then, I wondered?  It all seemed very odd to me.  Anyway I gradually recovered but was out of action for 4 weeks and it took at least another 4 to get back to 100%.  Not sure I would have recovered if I had been shunted into hospital though.

Anyway mate – hope you are feeling a bit better now and get yourself well soon.

Love and best wishes to you, Stacey and Clay.