Just a quicky


Christopher Spivey


Seventeen and a half years ago I was given custody of my daughter Stacey, amidst much controversy and whispering behind my back.

Course, I can understand why people were surprised as I wasn’t the pleasant happy little bunny back then, that I am now.

In fact, I doubt very much that I would have much time for me if I met myself today and was the way that I was back then.

As for the whispering and back stabbing? Well I was even told to my face that I would get bored after 6 months… But fuck them all.

Those seventeen and a half years haven’t been the easiest, but they have certainly been the best.

And along the way, we even managed to gain a Jasper, a Jessica and a Clayton.

I wouldn’t trade my family for the world.

And on that note, I would just like to publicly wish my Stacey a very, very happy 18th birthday.