Judge Napolitano explains the Fed’s new money printing program and that the Founding Fathers would have put them to death:


Edward Griffin



The Federal Reserve’s decision to print more money to help stimulate the economy has people in Washington crying foul, asking why the nation’s private bank should have so much control over the American economy.

Senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano reacted this morning to those calling out the Fed as the nation’s “fourth branch of government” … and according to Napolitano, that’s a good argument to make.

“The job of the C.I.A. is to steal and keep secrets, [yet] we know far more about the C.I.A. than we do about the Federal Reserve. Its members are appointed by the president, confirmed by the Senate, yet it’s a private bank that makes its own money, regulates the economy, and can print money,” he said.

So, what are we doing with it, and why is it flooding the market with cash … in particular, the current $40 billion set to hit the market? The answer is relatively simple, said the judge: they make the president — any president — look good.

“It’s a short term solution intended to make somebody look good between now and November 6.”

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