Judas Priest



I have three on the go and getting nowhere fast don’t cha know, so I think we best have a quicky before you forget about me.

So let’s talk about that Jackie Hamhell or whatever the fuck Father Jacques Hamel was called.

After all, it is because of his death and another couple of faked terrapin attacks that more tax money is being stolen by our unelected government – to the tune of the cost of 600 new armed police officers (rising to 1500 next year), equipment and motorbikes for them… Yet I bet a pound to a penny that they do not exist cept on paper. 

I mean are we to believe that it takes between two weeks and a month to agree the cost, select the goons, then train and deploy them?

Fuck off witcha.

Imagine that? Six hundred masked morons armed to the teeth to combat half a dozen teenagers armed with knives, toy pistols and empty boxes wrapped in tin foil who are not even in this fucking country!


It’s no wonder that the wholly corrupt Hogg looks so fucking smug.

Nevertheless, I said this is going to be a quicky and I meant it so lets cut through the crap.

The official story is that Jack the Lad was murdered by terrapins whilst he was covering for a priest crisis actor with an unpronounceable name: Father Auguste Moanda-Phuati (see photo below), who as luck would have it, had fucked off on holiday.

Father Auguste Moanda-Phuati was on holiday when two ISIS butchers slit the throat of his stand-in Father Jacques Hamel

Mind you, that is the revised story since originally Pele August-Moon was a priest from a neighbouring church:

Father Moanda-Phuati, priest at the neighbouring Eglise St Etienne, said of his murdered colleague: “He was a courageous priest.

“Priests have the right to retire at 75 but he preferred to work in the service of the people because he still felt strong.” Source

Now the two embarrassingly young terrapins – far too young to be credible in fact – who carried out the act, beat old Father Hattie Jacques up good and proper.


Photo: One of the scarey Mo-Fo’s

And once they had finished knocking the granny out of the old priest, they then cut his fucking head off (that story has now changed to them cutting his throat) and strangled a nun into the bargain (which has now also been revised).


The story changed further after initial reports stated that Hamel offered no resistance to his killers having been forced to kneel, whilst later reports stated that he kicked out at the boys and called them ‘lil devils’ – or summat nasty like that.

And of course the two terrapins were heard to be droning on and on about the usual shite which the NY Times described thus:

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that the two assailants — who were shot dead by the police — were “soldiers” retaliating against the United States-led coalition fighting the group in Iraq and Syria . Source

Still, that put and end to their moaning I suppose.

Now let me be very, very clear here:  Jack Hamel is/was in reality the current Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin ‘might as’ Welby – at least on photo paper anyway – which I am about to conclusively prove…

Thinking about it, I could actually have condensed all the above – what with this being a quicky and what have you – by just stating something along the lines of: Father gives head to teenage mute & whinger turtles as blue nun looks on.

But all the same, what follows are a batch of photos that show the indisputable truth about Welby & Hamel.


So much for terrapinism, so much for religion and so much for men of honour – fuck em all.

Indeed it is quite, quite obvious that Justin Welby has as much integrity and honour as his old man, Sir Anthony Montague Browne (See Here)

I mean he certainly isn’t living by the 10 commandments – which in a nutshell boil down to the Weirdy-Beardy-Man-In-The-Sky saying don’t be a cunt all ya fuckin’ life.

Fuck me it is no wonder that Hermes was featured in the ‘funeral snappy snapz’ – which had I the time I could take to pieces too, I hasten to add.

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And as for the rest of the blood sucking parasites?


I suppose that they would claim that didn’t know that there really is NO terrapin threat and that Justine Hillbilly is guilty of treason… Of course they fucking did, they are the terrapins and they all need hanging for treason… Nuff sed.