Hi all.

My Jessica is very ill and needs to see a vet.

Unfortunately, with the birth of Clayton and me neglecting my Tattoo business in favour of this site I am flat broke.

Jessica is only 5 yrs old and has had always behaved as if she had OCD since from the word go (8 wks old)

About 2 or 3  months ago she inexplicably put on a lot of weight… So I put her on a diet.

However, she hasn’t lost any despite eating a lot less – through her own choice (prior to that she was very greedy)

About a month ago she changed completely,  no OCD she just wanted to sleep.

She also developed severe stiffness in her back legs, hardly able to get on the chairs any more. She is in fact like a dog more than double her age now.

Last week the bottom of her ears swelled up and she got a very sticky weepy eye.

Earlier today she was limping badly and couldn’t get up on the chair at all, although this has eased slightly.

The video below is what I took of her today.

I have been hanging back from getting her seen too and been treating her with medication I had left over from when my Jasper had his toe removed, in the hope that my financial position would improve… It hasn’t.

The medication hasn’t worked and time has run out. She now needs to see a vet urgently.

This leaves me no choice except to appeal to you for donations, something I have tried to avoid doing.

I will of course publish all the vet bills.

I thank you in advance.