Hi All.

Okay, Jess is home.

I have to say that since her scan last Friday when the vet told me her temperature had gone down to just above normal, she has been a lot more alert over the weekend.

Her eye isn’t as weepy and her swollen lower ears appear to be getting better.

Her movement however remained stiff, albeit not as stiff as it was last Wednesday or Thursday.

So, I was quite surprised to hear – on commencement of todays examination – that her temperature is up nearly as high as it was when I first took her to the vets last wk. It is 40 odd which is apparently high for a dog. She certainly doesn’t appear as ill as she was last Wednesday I.E she is more alert, her coat is a lot shinier etc.

I should tell you that on Saturday morning I had to pick up her scan photos from last Friday to take with us to the specialist today for them to look at.

Anyway, after taking her temp and looking at her notes faxed over from the Rochford vet, (which as you know all her results were more or less normal) they gave her another examination.

It is quite clear from bending her legs etc that the right side is a lot more painful in so much as both right front and back leg caused her to wince when the vet examined them, where as the left side she didn’t. It is also her right eye that is the affected one.

Even so, Jess’s reaction wasn’t enough to suggest to the vet that it is arthritis or even that there is a real problem with her joints.
Moreover, since all her tests came back as more or less normal, she couldn’t understand why Jess’s temp is so high.

She then took Jess to see a senior mush who specialises in joints and that kind of shit… I  was under the impression that was who we were meant to be seeing anyway. I didn’t get invited to go with them.

20 mins later she returned with the head honcho who told me that Jess’s lymph glands are swollen in her back knees… I didn’t even know that dogs had knees as such.

Anyway, the head honcho tells me that they want to take some samples from her lymphs and scan her belly again because of that dark area on her colon which I told you about last Friday.

So I left her there and I have just got back from picking her up.

Once again, her scan had come back with this dark mass on her colon – meaning I paid another £100 and odd pound to get the same result as the other £100 and odd pound result last fri although this £100 and odd pound scan was a lot more ‘odds’ than Fridays.

So, we started talking shit. I told her that there was no problem with her shit or even with her shitting her shit. I added that her shit is the same shit as the shit she always has.

“Shit”, said the head honcho, obviously hoping to hear that Jess was having a shit time shitting and in doing so put an end to this shit so as they can sort this shit.  She did say that Jess was full of shit, but I said she would be since she hadn’t had a shit since yesterday.

Meanwhile, the lymph samples have gone for analysis and she wont have the results until late tomorrow or Wednesday morning.

With that being the case, the vet said that its best if we wait for the results before going further, which obviously makes sense.

So, even the specialists are at a loss as to what is wrong. And don’t forget, this is a leading cancer specialist.

But,  its like they say, there is obviously something very wrong – but with all tests coming back normal finding the problem is proving very difficult and very fucking costly.

Today’s little excursion , not including the £20 petrol cost another £553.38 taking the total so far to £807.25. This leaves me about five and a half hundred left to play with at the moment which is quite worrying when you consider we are up at £800 quid and still no further forward.

I have also ordered some Apple Cider Vinegar off Ebay to mix in with her food following advice from my friend of many, many years, Colette. And, I hope to also see Terry, my man with the healing hands again sometime this week.

And that, I’m afraid to say, is about all that I can tell you until the result of her lymphs come back tomorrow or weds.

Once again, I thank you all for your support. I have nearly finished thanking all those of you who donated personally now, but if you haven’t received my personal thanks yet, I can promise you that you will.  Although there should only be no more than a half dozen of you.

Apart from those, if you donated more than a day ago and haven’t received an Email from me thanking you, please send me an email saying *aherm, aherm*… And I’m not even joking.

I am pretty sure that I didn’t miss anyone. but there was a lot of you and I would hate to think that I missed someone… You are all Diamonds. Thank you.

Much love,