Hi All,

Jess is not all that well again today.

That lump on her head that I told you about has got bigger and she is very stiff.

I have  finally got her test results back.

It seem’s her Lymph Nodes are “reactive” meaning that they are enlarged. This definitely means there is something quite seriously wrong with her.

I have to go and buy a thermometer and monitor her temperature over the weekend and then take her back to the VRCC on Monday at 12.30PM.

Since the last visit there cost £553, I was forced to voice my concerns about the spiralling costs IE £200 of that total was just for the consultation.

The vet said that, that consultation fee was a one off and from now on I only have to pay for treatment. That of course was of small comfort being as the treatment she had there at the same time as the consultation made up the other £350.

In the interim, I had written to the PDSA to see if there was any chance that they could see her. Unfortunately, I got a letter back today sympathising but turning me down all the same.

Therefore, I have little choice really  but to carry on with VRCC until I know exactly what the problem is with her.

All doom and gloom at the moment, I’m afraid.