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Sometimes you read an article and find your self having to glance up at the date to make sure it isn’t April 1st.

Are this lot of piss taking smegheads for real? “An aristocrat who claims he has been reduced to poverty because of a bitter and long-running dispute with the trustees of his 4,500 acre estate today admitted he was claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance”… Fuck off! You have got to be kidding me.

He’s certainly going to be fucked by the bedroom tax isn’t he. Put your hands up whoever feels sorry for him…  Huh, huh. Just as I thought.  

Downton and out: He lives in a stately home and has a 4,500 acre estate but Earl of Cardigan admits he’s claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance as he is bound over to keep the peace in long-running feud

  • Aristocrat appeared in court today accused of theft and criminal damage and was bound over £200
  • His legal team says he is on benefits and suffering ‘financial difficulties’
  • Earl is in long-running row with trustees of his 1,000-year-old Savernake estate in Wiltshire
  • They fell out in 2007 and have been at loggerheads ever since


Bound over: Earl of Cardigan leaves Swindon Crown Court today after being accused of theft and criminal, in a hearing where he admitted claiming benefits

An aristocrat who claims he has been reduced to poverty because of a bitter and long-running dispute with the trustees of his 4,500 acre estate today admitted he was claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance.

The Earl of Cardigan was accused of criminal damage and theft on his huge Savernake Estate, near Marlborough, in Wiltshire, where he lives on benefits, Swindon Crown Court heard.

The 60-year-old, whose full name is David Michael James Brudenell-Bruce, had been due to stand trial after denying damaging six pheasant feeders worth £66 and the theft of a battery and electrical power unit worth £80.

These incidents were said to have happened at Savernake, which includes Britain’s only privately owned forest and has been in the Earl’s family for almost 1,000 years.

The troubled aristocrat is said to live with rain coming in through the roof, no hot water, unsafe electrics and with heating confined to a single room after falling out with trustees in 2007 resulting in a reduced income, he claims.

He even has to visit the public baths in nearby Marlborough to take a hot shower, and goes to bed fully clothed wearing a hat to keep warm, he told the Mail last year.

One of his predecessors in the title famously led the Charge of the Light Brigade – the disastrous but gallant assault by British troops on the Russians during the Crimean War’s Battle of Balaclava in 1854.

At the heart of the trouble for the current Earl is his row with the trustees of his country pile, who have aimed 14 separate allegations of various types at him.

Old Etonian Brudenell-Bruce, 60, is at loggerheads with his former friend John Moore, who he took to the High Court accusing him of selling family portraits without his permission, but lost the case.

Their wider dispute, which is said to date back to 2007, has slashed his income, he says.



Today he was bound over £200 to keep the peace – meaning the prosecution will probably drop all charges if he causes no trouble for a year.

Hard up: Lord Cardigan pictured outside Tottenham House, part of his huge Havernake Estate, near MarlboroughHard up: Lord Cardigan pictured outside Tottenham House, part of his huge Havernake Estate, near Marlborough

Claire Marlow, prosecuting, told the court: ‘This defendant is in dispute with the trustees of the Savernake Estate and there are now proceedings in the Chancery Court between this defendant and the trustees.

‘These offences are generally of a nuisance and aimed at disrupting the workings of the trustees and the estate.

‘They are minor in nature and the defendant agrees to be bound over to stop him behaving like this in the future and to stop him interfering with the employees and the estate.’

Treasures: The Earl of Cardigan lost a legal battle with Mr Moore over the ancestral portraits a week before the alleged attack on his family estate. He has been cleared of any wrongdoing Treasures: The Earl of Cardigan lost a legal battle this month with his trustees over the sale of ancestral portraits

Mike Pulsford, defending, said the Earl was maintaining his innocence but agreed to be bound over.


The Charge of the Light Brigade painting by Thomas Jones BarkerOld Etonian David Brudenell-Bruce is descendant of the 7th Earl who famously led the disastrous British cavalry charge of the 600 in 1854 against the Russians in the Crimean War.

Their title goes back to 1611 when James I created the Baronetage of England and offered titles to 200 men to help with the settlement of Ireland.

They have lived on the same estate in Wiltshire for 1,000 years.

They rode ‘into the jaws of Death, into the mouth of Hell’, wrote Tennyson in his poem commemorating the suicidal attack.

An appalling series of misunderstandings led to the Brigade advancing down a different valley from the one commander-in-chief, Lord Raglan, had intended when he dictated ambiguous orders for Lord Lucan, the cavalry commander.

Despite the fact that the order seemed to demand the cavalry to attack the Russian artillery without infantry support – in contravention of all accepted laws of military practice – an incredulous Lucan passed the instructions on to the Earl of Cardigan, who commanded the Light Brigade, and the troops advanced.

664 men took part and 110 were left dead.

‘My client had entered not guilty pleas and he maintains those pleas,’ he said.

‘There is a Chancery Court application by my client to remove the two trustees from the Savernake Estate.’

Mr Pulsford told the court that the Earl is unemployed and has been receiving Jobseeker’s Allowance.

‘He is not working. One of his claims against the trustees is that they have withheld certain monies from him,’ he said.

‘He has been claming Jobseeker’s Allowance and that has, of course, caused him financial difficulty.’

Judge Douglas Field told the Earl: ‘I am going to bind you over in the sum of £200 for the next 12 months.

‘If you comply with these terms you will hear nothing more of this.

‘If you don’t comply with these terms you might be liable to pay all or some of the money.

‘This brings an end to these proceedings and I think it is a sensible outcome.’

The Earl, of Savernake Lodge, Savernake, near Marlborough, had denied damaging six pheasant feeders worth £66 belonging to gamekeeper Peter Tilley on a date between June 4 and June 29 last year, and the theft of a battery and electrical power unit worth £80, also belonging to Mr Tilley on June 23.

There has been a long-running dispute between the Earl and John Moore, one of the trustees of the 4,500-acre Savernake Estate.

The Earl went to the High Court last year, accusing the trustees of selling off portraits without his knowledge.

A judge ruled against the Earl, concluding that the paintings were ‘held by the trustees’.

Last week, the Earl, whose daughter Catherine is pop singer Bo Bruce, was acquitted by magistrates of assaulting Mr Moore.

He was accused of assault by beating on April 29 last year – just over a week after he lost the High Court case.

state trustee John Moore,
The Earl of Cardigan, left, was found not guilty of assaulting estate trustee John Moore, pictured right with wife Monique, and a charge of criminal damage.

Bitter row: Lord Cardigan was friends with estate trustee John Moore (right) but their relationship has descended into a series of legal disputes

The Earl, whose family name is famed for its link to the Charge of the Light Brigade, was also found not guilty of a charge of criminal damage.

Offspring: The Earl's daughter is Bo Bruce, a pop singer and contestant on the BBC's The Voice talent showOffspring: The Earl’s daughter is Bo Bruce, a pop singer and contestant on the BBC’s The Voice talent show

Speaking outside court today, the Earl, who was accompanied by his second wife, Joanne, and her mother, said this case was the 14th set of allegations made against him during his long-running dispute.

‘Most of them have been dismissed by the police as being too absurd,’ he said.

‘The battery I am accused of stealing is still sitting at the bottom of my garden, exactly where it was when this case started.

‘For nine months the world’s press have said I am a used battery thief.

‘This is the most stupid charge, of many stupid charges, the police and Crown Prosecution Service have brought against me.

‘The charges should never have been brought in the first place. What would I want with a used car battery that doesn’t even fit in my car?

‘The gamekeeper had removed all the good pheasant feeders and left only the broken ones.

‘Those are the ones I was accused of breaking further.’

The Earl said the proceedings in the Chancery Court were about removing Mr Moore, a barrister’s clerk, as a trustee.

‘I will not rest until I have removed him from his position,’ he said.

‘Even if it takes me the rest of my life, that man will go.’

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