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I trust that you have all read my article on Simon Cowell by now?

Good, Because I have since been sent a link to a fascinating article on Henry Makows website that amongst other things explains how Cowell got to the top in the music industry.

The author of the article also states as fact that Philip Green – Cowell’s good friend – is a mind controlled paedophile.

How factual the article is, I can’t say although to me it certainly rings true.

Now, way back  in 2006, Green bid Sixty Grand at a posh charity do to snog Kate Moss – twenty two years his junior.

However, for one reason or another, married Green let his long time friend, Jemima Khan take his place.



After passionately kissing Khan for over a minute, Moss more or less said to green; “Fuck me” and thus began a very public affair between the pair. Source

It does have to be said that Moss has a weird taste in men

Interestingly enough, Khan was at that time shagging former Piers Gaviscon society (a kinky sex fraternity affiliated with the Bullingdon Boys Club) member, Hugh Grant – another one who has done extremely well considering his lack of talent.



Now, to say that Green is well connected is an understatement.

I mean the fella has the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio playing volleyball on his private beach, whilst celebrating his 60th birthday bash… Greens, not Dicaprio’s obviously.

And then there is this photo:



Seated next to Green is Catherine Zeta Jones and Sly Stallone. Next to Stallone is Simon Cowell and next to him are Bruce Willis and his bird. Behind them are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Jones.

I did of course discuss Tom Jones in an article that I wrote about Rolf Harris for which I was quite unjustly criticised… Mugs.

But who controls who in the Cowell/Green friendship?

In my recent article about Cowell, (‘Now there’s a queer thing’), I quoted from an MSM source that stated that Green was starstruck with Cowell.

However, I am not so sure that is the case.

After all, billionaire Green has been around a long fucking time and I can’t see him being particularly star struck with anyone.

In fact, I look at that photo above and to me, the one who looks out of place is Cowell.



Never the less, the pair are without doubt, very good ‘friends’… Which when you take into account  that Green has been publicly alleged to be a paedophile, and Cowell’s former close friendship with convicted paedophile Jonathan King, it really doesn’t say much for the music industry impresario’s character, does it?

Course, once you read the Makow article below, any notion that you may have had of Cowell being a paedophile is instantly confirmed and disseminated.

Funnily enough, Cowell found himself the butt of the Chimps tittering’s yesterday after apparently having had a course of bottox… Not that the tits have anything to titter about, given their woerful lack of journalistic skills. Source

Is he fighting the aging process? The TV mogul has received criticism from fans in the past about his waxwork-like appearance


I don’t know about Bottox, but he still has those extra long jeans and high heels on.

Never the less, staying on the subject of Philip Green.

On November the 4th Russell Brand was interviewed by the Huffington Post who asked if it had been appropriate for him to attend an event for one of Green’s organisations given the comedians recent call for revolution… Which led Brand to concede that he now regretted attending the bash.  Source

At the same time the comedian also attacked Green in an article that he wrote for the Guardian.

The following is taken from the Daily Express in connection with that article:

Brand furthered his call for a “revolution” in an article for The Guardian newspaper this week (beg04Nov13), in which he takes aim at multi-millionaire Sir Philip Green over his previous tax scandals.

Brand writes, “Philip Green, the bloke who owns Top Shop (sic) didn’t pay any income tax on a £1.2 billion dividend in 2005. None. Unless he paid himself a salary that year, in addition to the £1.2 billion dividend, the largest in corporate history, then the people who clean Top Shop paid more income tax than he did.

“That’s for two reasons – firstly because he said that all of his £1.2 billion earnings belong to his missus (wife), who was registered in Monaco, and secondly because he’s an a**ehole. The money… would pay the annual salary for 20,000 NHS (National Health Service) nurses. It’s not illegal; it’s systemic, British people who voted, voted for it. I’m not voting for that.” Source


Course, how this criticism of Green went down with his bird, I have no idea.



I mean, apparently he is in love with Jemima Puddle-Fuck. At least that is what he told Alan Carr last week.

Course whether he is or not remains to be seen, but if I was Jemima, I would be a little more than pissed off with him for publicly slagging my mates… Not that I would want mates like Green and Co obviously.

Now, slightly straying of track for a moment, I did chuckle at Russell being forced to defend himself yesterday for the second time after Lauren Harries continued to insist that they had sex.

For those who don’t know, Lauren Harries used to be a precocious little boy called James who was into antiques.

The first allegation of sex came in September of this year:

Celebrity Big Brother star, transsexual Lauren Harries claims that she had sex with Russell Brand in a hotel near to the Big Brother studios. 

Brand, who has openly admitted to his promiscuous nature and being a self-proclaimed sex addict, allegedly called Harries ‘my sexy cow.’

Former child prodigy, Lauren who rose to fame as an antiques expert, 35, told the Daily Star: ‘I felt a surge of electricity. I had sex with Russell.’ Source

Harries then repeated his/her claim in an interview last week taunting Brand by claiming:

“He’s a mummy’s boy and his mother would not like it,” Harries said. “If his mother doesn’t like it, Russell can’t admit it.” Source

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013

Hmmm, Me thinks Brand doth protest to much.

However, following Brands attacks on Green, he  focused his attention on the Cunt Cameron – another family friend of Jemimas.

So, I can’t fucking wait until Brand gets around to monstering her immediate family, the Spencer’s and the Rothschild’s – as you would expect from someone calling for revolution to do.


And once Rusty Rockets has finished with them, perhaps he would care to enlighten us on his thoughts about Gelly Baby… Just fucking saying, don’t cha know.





“The Royal Arch” Sociopaths Who Rule Britain (Part One)


Britain is ruled by disassociative sociopaths in a cult that calls itself “The Royal Arch”. There is a ruling politburo of “Guardians”, consisting of persons selected by existing members. To be a guardian, one is trained from early childhood for the role in the usual manner – electroshock and sexual abuse.

This Royal Arch cult gets worse and worse! It truly is a set of mentally ill people programmed to program others to perpetuate it. 

Who is invited to join the “diabolic cult”? The sexually abused and electroshocked offspring of ruling families, plus people considered “supermen” (e.g Fred Goodwin chief (2001-2009) of Royal Bank Scotland somewhat ironically!). 

To show loyalty, one must participate in group child sex acts, with MI6 security. Initially some people think they won’t be joining in, but as [son of fmr. Brit Foreign Sec] Thomas Hurd (MI6/Royal Arch) tells me “they might think they’re not but that doesn’t happen. We like everyone to join in”. 

This abducting of children is so commonplace, that the term “privates” (non group paedophilia) is banded about for the person who finds the victim and/or for very rich/elite members, e.g the billionaire Sir Phil Green. 

Green has been programmed as a paedophile who will do/offer anything to get it (but MI6 provide all he wants for as they programmed him).

The link between sexual abuse and disassociation is the explained reason why The Royal Arch is interested in paedophilia. However they prefer the term “important government work”. Children are regularly abducted in the UK (tens, if not hundreds of thousands per year), and many go through this process. 

All of your pop superstars like Jessica Simpson and Miley Cyrus have had this treatment. Sometimes this is with their family consent, or even agreement in exchange for riches. 

All of your pop superstars like Jessica Simpson and Miley Cyrus have had this treatment. Sometimes this is with their family consent, or even agreement in exchange for riches. 

Participants in the UK are dressed in yellow fisherman’s outfits and placed on a virtual ‘X’, are said to “have the X Factor”. [See explanation below] 

They are programmed to be politicians frequently, or in the entertainment business – especially singers. Simon Cowell,  is a key guardian, who is about as high up in the British Government/MI6 as his trouser-line. 

You didn’t need to be a 32nd degree Mason to guess that, as he went from being a nobody to a world superstar controller. 

I met him in 1991 at Royal Arch meetings (with  (ad mogul) Charles Saatchi, (publicist) Max Clifford and many politicians) when I was the victim, so had a sneaking suspicion he might do well! 

When I say someone is “programmed” as a singer. You think maybe this can’t be done, or how is it done? It is under severe torture, using Nazi-style information on how much a child (for it is pretty well always a child to be purposeful) of a certain weight/age/gender can take. 

Using a simple cattle prod, the programmer – referred to as God (mind control) or Daddy (sexual abuse) – will repeatedly shock the child 100s of times if they give the ‘wrong’ answer or an unconvincing one. 

This is REAL torture, and the strength of self-programming under threat of agonizing pain is substantial. Don’t try it at home! You can train a relatively mediocre singer to be a world superstar singer (subconsciously) leaving no evidence (apart from increase of body moles appearing!), and also make forgetting it ever happened part of the training. 

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