Its enough to make a politician cum in his pants


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PVC crop tops, skin tight leopard print leggings and padded bras for 8-13 year old girls?

Its enough to make a politician cum in his pants.

Quite why anyone would want to dress or allow their daughter to dress like a bird going clubbing is beyond me.

I’m far from a prude, and definitely not a Mary Whitehouse but why the fuck would anyone want a child to dress provocatively.

Just where do you draw the fucking line?

Course the sad thing is, there will be plenty of mothers buying this shit without realising what it is all about, I.E the sexualising  of our children.

Beam me up scotty.

Mothers slam high-street fashion chain for PVC-look outfits making girls of just EIGHT look like sexy clubbers

  • Glasgow-based Internacionale sells ‘suggestive’ clothing in ‘Sophie’ range
  • PVC-look crop tops, leggings, and skintight dresses all on offer to children
  • Mothers condemned the fashion chain’s decision to sell them as ‘so wrong’


PUBLISHED: 10:01, 18 September 2013 | UPDATED: 10:52, 18 September 2013

Angry parents have criticised a British fashion chain selling sexy PVC-look clubwear for girls as young as eight.

Glasgow-based Internacionale is offering shiny crop tops and leggings, lace crop tops and skintight leopard-print dresses to girls aged eight to 13.

Today mothers and children’s campaigners condemned the chain, which has 114 stores across the UK and a website, as ‘so wrong’.

Suitable for an eight-year-old? This shiny PVC-look crop top comes in sizes as small as eight years
Clubbing gear: This hot pink crop top would reveal the stomach of the eight-year-old it is designed for

Suitable for an eight-year-old?  Fashion chain Internacionale is selling these sexy crop tops to young children


The clubbing-type clothes were spotted by mother Helen Steel, 35, of Maidstone, Kent as she browsed through the Sophie range of clothes for children at her local branch.

‘If I saw an eight-year-old in that stuff I’d wonder what the parents were thinking.  It’s essentially sexy clubwear with a label that says “age eight”, she told the Sun.’

London mother-of-two Emily Goodall, 34, founder of Bundlebean, said: ‘Children shouldn’t be encouraged to dress in anything that could be perceived as sexy or revealing.


‘For their own self esteem I think it is crucial that girls aren’t exposed to the idea of dressing to impress others – and certainly not be pressurised to look alluring.’

And Siobhan Freegard, founder of Netmums, said: ‘Eight-year-olds girls should be enjoying the innocence of childhood, not being dressed up to look like a lapdancer.

‘The manufacturers may try to justify PVC style crop tops and see through lace leggings as harmless fashion and claim children want the styles, but children don’t realise the implications of wearing such unsuitable clothes.’

Internacionale is selling skintight leopard-print mini-dresses to girls as young as eight
This short black skirt with straps is also on offer at the Glasgow-based chain

Young shoppers at Internacionale are offered a skintight leopard-print skintight minidress or short black skirt


She added: ‘Every few months we hear promises from retailers that they will clean up their act and only sell age appropriate clothes – but we keep on seeing more examples.

‘It’s down to parents to reject them. Don’t buy them, and the sellers will have to stop.’

Justine Roberts, Mumsnet founder, said: ‘It’s not about prudishness or hankering after a rose-tinted picture of childhood, it’s about parents knowing in their bones that there’s something wrong with a society that puts pressure on girls as young as eight to dress up like pole dancers.’

Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts, seen with her children, said children should not be dressed 'as pole dancers'Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts, seen with her children, said children should not be dressed ‘as pole dancers’


Claude Knights, of the Kidscape charity, said the fashion chain had gone against recommendations made in the 2011 Bailey Review into the pressures on and sexualisation of children.

She said: ‘I think this crosses the line, particularly the crop tops which are shown on the websites with a bust – eight-year-old girls don’t have a bust, and while it might be ok for a 15-year-old, it is not ok for an eight-year-old and the retailers should have considered that.

‘It is not age appropriate at all.’

Internacionale did not respond to MailOnline’s request for a comment today.


Three years ago Primark was slammed for selling padded bikinis to girls as young as seven.

A national outcry ensued when it emerged that it was selling the padded underwear to infants in primary school that culminated in Prime Minister David Cameron denouncing the sale as ‘disgraceful’.

Primark then abandoned the sale of the tops in April 2010.

The following year Matalan came under fire for selling padded bras to girls as young as eight.

The pink gingham bras were padded to give the illusion of a bust and were sold on Matalan’s website under the heading ‘Girls’ clothing 3-13yrs’.

The fashion chain promised an immediate review of its lines for girls following criticism and said it was committed to only selling clothes that were age-appropriate.


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