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The Outlaw


Just recently I have read quite a few negative things written about myself.

Moreover, I’m not the only one to notice this fact.

Course, this goes with the territory and when you are writing stuff that is going to be read by tens of thousands of people, there is always going to be someone who thinks that you talk like a cunt. 

I wouldn’t mind so much if these paedophile loving gay boys could tell me why they think I talk like a cunt, but they either can’t or won’t.

Instead, they resort to the usual crap that involves a personal attack on my character as opposed to what I write. 

In fact, despite being biased, I have never read a single thing about myself by those who would seek to discredit me that has had the slightest shred of truth to it… You really must try harder chaps.

Never the less, It is always nice now and again to read something  positive written about yourself. 

So to my good friend Jimmy Jones, I say thank you mate, you made the criticism a little less irritating.

Have a good day my friend.


Why Not Them

Jimmy Jones



I read a lot of blogs, I follow the more important activity on Forums, I interact with a lot of people on Twitter and I am aware of events on Facebook and other social networks.

That said, I am beginning to notice a lot of negative comments with regard to certain people that I have a great deal of respect for.

This criticism is mainly aimed at people who are seen as ‘profiting’ in some way for the work they do.

I am referring to two in particular, namely Chris Spivey and David Icke, who is about to launch his ambitious and long overdue, (in my opinion) new venture, The People’s Voice.

Let’s try and break this down a bit.

Millions of people purchase newspapers and still pay their television licence right?

They do not complain about shelling out their hard-earned cash to industries and established institutions who after all, blatantly lie and sell disinformation to them on a daily basis.

These same people however, mumble and moan and gossip amongst themselves about the ‘Bare Faced Cheek’ and ‘Hypocrisy’ of writers who after all, are taking a big risk in trying to tell them the truth.

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