It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World


Christopher Spivey


Did you know that in the year 1900 the cancer rate was one in one hundred people whereas it is now more than one in three people?

Yet most cancers can be cured by simply taking Cannabis Oil… Even when it is advanced. No life changing surgery, no debilitating chemotherapy that kills more people than cancer itself. Just one little drop of Cannabis Oil everyday will do the trick.

Yet most people still don’t know that… But it isn’t just cancer.

I mean when I was a child Autism was unheard of except by those affected. In fact most people – including myself – didn’t have a clue what Autism was until the film Rain Man came out in 1988.

Was that film made in order to prepare people for what is to come?

Nevertheless, yesterday I took the short walk from my home to the park with my five-year-old grandson Clayton who has Autism. On the way we walked past my ex-girlfriends house whose five-year-old son also has Autism. And on that short walk we stopped to talk to a couple who I have known for years and were outside their home having a fag. They are bringing up their seven-year-old grandson… Who has Autism.

Indeed it is fair to say that Autism is now an epidemic… Yet the newspapers are not asking why. Instead they print mawkish, non-newsworthy stories that normalize the fact that people are dying of cancer or their children have Autism.

For instance the following is the lead story in the Chimp at the time of writing:

Yet even then, the fella’s new bird looks far too much like his dead bird for me to believe the story even if it was newsworthy.

In fact I would bet that if the cunts had told you that she was the same person instead of promoting her as two different people, none of you would have batted an eyelid.

Indeed, looking at the dead-wife’s teeth I would guess that she is made up from the same source photo as the new bird… Whose photo has also been photoshopped (the face has been digitally ironed and the smile increased and altered).

Course the cunts won’t tell you that Autism & Cancer are caused by the chemicals sprayed from airplanes (chem-trails), and added to the food & water supply – not to mention via vaccinations and aerosols. In fact you are more likely to get skin cancer from sun lotions than you are from the sun… Yet the cunts won’t tell you that.

Neither will they tell you that our royal family is not royal at all and those who are not Rothschild’s are now – or were – played by a series of actors… Princess Diana, Kate Gold-Digger-Smith & Meghan Markle to name but three.

But the press-cunts don’t tell you that. Instead they publish childish farticles like the following:

Oh My You Cunts! Why not publish the tit photos instead of going overboard about the old slapper accidentally flashing her bra:

Or are we supposed to believe that the Monkey-Kuntz do not know about the tit pics?

After all, the tit pics are much more newsworthy than the flash of bra photos… But that would not suit the agenda. I mean the Monkey Kuntz have also printed in-excess of over a 100 farticles showing Meghans ‘dad’ in a bad light – the latest of which was published today (13/8/18):

Meghan Markle‘s father Thomas has admitted he may never see his daughter again after a series of explosive interviews since the royal wedding. 

Former Hollywood lighting director Mr Markle, 74, said he did not expect to ‘see her or hear back from her’, adding: ‘That’s OK’. 

It came after the Duchess’s father revealed he had not spoken to his daughter in months and said he wanted his old life back. 

Mr Markle said he wanted to go on holiday and leave the furore with the royal family behind, he told The Sun

He said: ‘I want to say good luck and God bless to my daughter. I don’t expect to see her or hear back from her — and that’s OK.

‘All I was doing was saying things I wanted to say. I just want to re-establish the relationship with my daughter.’ 

Mr Markle, 74, announced days before the Windsor wedding that he had suffered a heart attack and would not be walking his daughter down the aisle. 

It came after the revelation that he had worked with the paparazzi to stage photos which appeared to show him preparing for the wedding. 

Since the May ceremony he has said on Good Morning Britain that he had discussed politics with Harry, claiming the Prince was ‘open to Brexit’. Source

Course, by printing old bollox such as that, the cunts are trying to give Meghan credibility as well as trying to sway public opinion by getting the robots to feel sorry for her… It isn’t going that well either since most people seem to dislike the fake tart.

Yet as I say, neither Meghan or Thomas Markle are real which I will prove to you in my forthcoming paperback book: Meghan Markle exposed:

After all, if Tom and Tits were truly locked in a feud do you think that the press would really be allowed to harp on about it? Indeed it would be like the cause of cancer and autism – a taboo subject.

Nevertheless, even if we did have a free press and Tom-Tit was so short of money that he had to resort to staging press photos for a few Grand, logic dictates that Meghan – now part of one of the richest family in the world – would have bunged him a few million squids just to keep him quiet.

I mean, a few million squids to those robbing, satanic, parasites is nothing more than loose change.

You see, when you think about it, it doesn’t make sense… Just like the terrapin agenda doesn’t make sense. Well it wouldn’t would it!

I mean on one hand we are meant to believe that is-is is this merciless terrapin group who are waiting to kill us all. Indeed if the presstitutes were to be believed this terror group can invade countries at will, taking control of the military and oil supply yet they can’t even issue their members with working guns… They have to resort to using knives and hiring cars to run down the public in stories that breach the law of physics.

Yet if they were true then why are the made-up terrapins not causing chaos by hiring cars and running people down on a daily basis? I mean surely, if is-is have that many terrapins then they could have half a dozen of them hire 4X4’s and launch simultaneous attacks on different cities every Saturday.

In fact can you imagine the chaos that would cause if half a dozen 4×4’s mounted pavements in different parts of London at 1:30 PM on a Saturday? The Police and emergency services wouldn’t be able to cope… Yet they don’t because the only terrorists are those in our government.

And our government are just sick, perverted puppets put in place by the Monsters to carry out their sick fuck agendas:

Now I can tell you that I am not homophobic although I couldn’t give a flying fuck if you think I am. But I am LGBTphobic… I mean I don’t need to shout it from the rooftops that I have sex with women… At least I used to do before they all became lesbians, so why do these sick-fucks need to shout about the fact that they stick their cocks up each others arses… A totally unnatural act.

However, the LGBT movement is just another sick-fuck, Monster agenda in a long line of many that are now gathering momentum.

Just sayin’.

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