Its a Halloween Spiv On Sunday

Christopher Spivey


Good morning, afternoon or evening and a happy Weirdy-Beardy-Man-In-The-Skyday to you all.

Shall we look at the world news as sloppily presented by the treacherous Daily Chimpanzee – a government propaganda tool to rival anything that Hitler’s Third Reich could muster – minus the spin?

Of course we shall.

And at this time of writing it seems that the Shit-Rags, ground breaking top story is about some Australian people who went to the races on a hot day and had too much to drink. Worse still, some of the women wore summer dresses. (See HERE).

Course, news of such gravity needs photos to back-up such an unbelievable claim.


Clearly the world has gone mad and shows up the difference between your common or garden lout and our Arseholestocricy.

Take for instance the money-making scam Halloween. I mean having been conned into celebrating evil, it seems that the sick-minded public are again going over the top by using makeup to turn themselves into the stuff of nightmares.

And of course, the Chimp Crew – defenders of all things decent – were there to express their outrage:

Acid-attack survivor Katie Piper has condemned the new trend of using make-up trickery to create realistic cuts and scars for Halloween fancy dress.

Katie branded costumes featuring temporary burns, scars and disfigurements as ‘distasteful and offensive’ in an impassioned outpouring to her 385,000 Instagram followers on Wednesday night. Source


I do in fact find myself wondering why these vile people are intent on using Halloween as an excuse to target poor Katie… After all, there are many, many ways to authentically dress up in horror costume without the need to harass the Pied Piper.


Amputation for instance. I mean what the fuck is wrong with amputating a leg, thus keeping with the horror theme whilst being inspirational at the same time?

Course, if you are at a loss as to what is acceptable to wear, why not go on to the posh people’s website, ‘Tatler’?

Indeed it is there that you will find some jolly good Halloween ideas in amongst their photos taken at this years posh society bash – which was held on the 12th of October.


Although I can’t see the Clown thing catching on.

However, I think Jemima Goldsmith struck the right balance.


Relevant, tasteful and historically accurate.

Unfortunately, Jemima’s age has just this month, finally caught up on her.


And as an aside, I am releasing a major article within the next couple of days that reveals how Jemima’s mother has been dressing up as monsters for years.

Now interestingly enough, the Chimp have released a warning that Paedo-Nonces might dress as clowns – which for some strange reason I can well believe:

Paedophiles dressed as clowns could use Halloween as an opportunity to try and molest children, a leading charity has warned.

The NSPCC last night urged parents to be ‘extra vigilant’ when out trick-or-treating with their children.

The craze of people wearing clown masks to terrify children has reached epidemic proportions with Childline reporting that it had received 462 calls relating to ‘creepy clown’ fears within a three-week period. Source


Although I can’t quite put my finger on why I can believe the NSPCC’s claim.

Mind you, the paedo-nonces – whom the Chimp implies are at their most dangerous on Halloween – could just as easily dress up in say a Frankenstein or Werewolf costume to target kids… In fact they would be better off doing so since according to the shit rag, children are terrified by clowns.

So, Fear-mongering at its very best then.

You can read all about what kind of ‘Charity‘ the NSPCC is by clicking HERE

Next up is an article that the would-be-journalists call “touching”.


Personally I would have replaced “touching” with the words: “slightly disturbing”.

Moving on and in the manufactured immigrant crisis the Monkey-Kuntz pose the question: Aren’t you supposed to have left by now? 

Scores of children are still wandering around the burnt-out remains of the Calais Jungle three days after it was declared empty.

Despite an impressive effort to clear out most of the refugees in the demolished camp, a handful can still be seen in the wreckage.

It comes after French officials declared the clearance complete, with the site evacuated of 5,596 people since the operation began on Monday.

Around 70 people were facing a second night of sleeping rough around the area, and were allowed into the camp’s church and school, according to a charity. 

CHURCH??? What church would that be then… SCHOOL??? What school would that be then… Although God and Education are obviously the key to a successful life of course… At least they are to the Monsters… Roger that… Please do carry on:

Volunteers from Help Refugees said they are taking blankets and food to the stranded group – reportedly half of whom are children – as temperatures turn colder at night. Source

And once again, the half-baked-copy-writers offered photographic evidence of the “scores of children” wandering around the camp having spent a second freezing cold night under the stars.


Kinda makes you wonder how their clothes and brilliant white trainers stay so clean, doesn’t it?

In Royal News, Princess Andrew of Paedophile is fucking fuming because his half-brother, Prince Dobby of Big-Ears wont let his Gruesome Twosome onto the Gravy Train to Poncerville. Source


 PHOTO:Princess Beetroot & Eugenics

Course, this begs the question as to why, instead of trying to defraud the public, Princess Andrew of Paedophile didn’t have a load of Beetroot & Eugenics face masks made up to cash in on the Halloween scam… They would have sold a fuckin’ tweet.

Meanwhile, elsewhere a professional con artist who “charmed the nation with her inspirational story of how she had turned her life around whilst in prison”, hadn’t really… It was all a con by a professional con artist:

A mother who warmed the hearts of the rich and famous with her ‘inspirational’ story has been revealed to be an arch con artist.

Mariam Mola, 27, won scores of influential admirers when she appeared on ITV’s This Morning, telling of how she gave birth in prison before going on to turn her life around by launching a mentoring scheme.

However, a trial at Southwark Crown Court has heard how Mola pocketed thousands in a series of scams, reports the Daily Telegraph. Source

Nice to see that the totally inept Monkey-Boyz are relying on the spy-controlled Telegraph shit-rag for their stories.

Nevertheless, the real con is in the con story which is just a con to con you.

How do I know? Well let’s just say that I have a ‘feel’ for this sort of thing… That and the fact that Kate Gold-Digger-Smith’s “favourite dress designer“, Amanda Wakeley is involved.


Amanda Wakeley was Princess Diana’s pretend favourite dress designer before her persona was killed off, so it is nice that Amanda is now the pretend favourite of the Middleton Monster.

Moreover, you will be pleased to learn that I am going to tell you all about the scams Ms Wakeley gets up to in the coming months…. Which is nice.


Moving on and a man who won the lottery thought that his brother was kidding him (Source)


One Million Pounds to the penny… Which is convenient… And earth shattering news of course.

There is also a big story about Pippa Monster-Middleton’s wedding (HERE), which I couldn’t be arsed to read due to the fact that the traitor actress is an affront to the human race.

In fact I only mentioned it so as I could use the following photo.


It is also worth pointing out that the investigation into the old slapper’s previous fella – the Lawyer Romain Rabillard – for pointing a gun at a press photographer was dropped.

TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED 07932745508: Lawyer Romain Rabillard relaxes at a party. He was allegedly photographed waving a gun beside Pippa Middleton.

The obnoxious tart seems to find her boyfriends actions amusing and I question whether she would find it such if the gun was pointed at her.

And of course by mentioning Poopa Monster-Middleton it gives me chance to tell you that in the aforementioned major article about to be released, I also expose the Wannabe Middletons for the disgusting scum that they really are… Wanna sneak preview?

Of course you fucking do.


Oh but there is so, so much more to it than just that… Stay tuned.

Ere, do you reckon Prince Bald Willie of Cuckold knows that his mother-in-law is Randy Mandy?

I mean Andrew Loyd Webtoes must have known, mustn’t he?


Just sayin’.

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Indeed some of you were beyond generous although I was a bit surprised to learn that I am down to around 100 readers now, evidenced by the number of you who donated when added to those who kindly donate on a monthly basis.

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Okay, continuing with the Chimps idea of world news, the Shit-Rag is today carrying an article covertly promoting the actress, Tippi Hedren’s new book.

The book itself appears to centre around film director, Alfred Itchycock’s lust for her:

Former Hollywood actress Tippi Hedren has revealed in intimate detail the appalling sexual menace inflicted on her by Alfred Hitchcock during the years he held her captive by an ironbound contract.

The legendary director’s sadistic obsession with the regal blonde was as twisted and sinister as the plot of any his classic suspense movies, including Psycho and Rebecca.

Hitchcock made her a star in his 1963 masterpiece, The Birds, quickly followed by the simmering, psycho-sexual drama, Marnie.

He then ruined her career after warning the helpless beauty if she didn’t succumb to him, he’d deprive her of the means to support her elderly parents and little girl, Melanie. Source


However, what the Monkey-Fraudz fail to mention in the long article is how the aforementioned “little girl, Melanie” who is in fact the actress, Melanie Griffiths was allowed her to leave home at 14 years old by her mother, Trippi in order to play wifey to the then 22 year old actor, Don Johnson. (Read More)


Johnson – in true nonce cunt style – later defended his role in the squalid relationship by telling Entertainment weekly that Melanie was the “aggressor” in the relationship and that “She pursued” him… Which obviously makes it acceptable in his warped view of life – and presumably the copywriters at the Chimp also since they neglected to mention the fact.

And finally, with the disgusting, propaganda, shit rag having published TWENTY FOUR articles mentioning Transgender issues between the 28th and 29th of October, you really do need to ask yourself, just why the fuck this obscene publication is allowed to continue.

Just sayin’… Moustache, byyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee