It ain’t over… It can’t be over until it’s done & dusted.


Christopher Spivey.


Stacey has just been told that the Social Services case for stealing Clayton is now CLOSED.

A massive thanks to  you all, give y’selves a big fucking pat on the backs.

This is of course a massive weight off of my mind.

However, as far as I am concerned the case is far from over. That was my little warrior that they were trying to steal and other peoples little warriors are still being stolen. 

You all need to follow up on your letters to the HCPC demanding to know what is happening with the complaint that you put in against Miles & Robinson. These monsters cannot… CANNOT, continue to get away with their abhorrent practices.

There can be NO DOUBT whatsoever of their evil intent. They don’t give a flying fuck for children.

Indeed they broke the law to try and achieve their goal… They CANNOT be allowed to keep their jobs for the sake of others… No one should live in fear of losing their children… NO ONE.

I have left a comment under the Prince Bigears article (the last one I posted) as to why I haven’t posted anything for the past couple of weeks… The wait will be worth while, on that you have my word. What I have uncovered is massive.