Israeli PM Warns of Another Holocaust From Iran


ABC News/ Dale Martin


I will leave the comment on this story to my good friend Dale Martin. The story itself is obvious from the title.

Dale Martin

Oh here we go again, wheel out the Holocaust at every conceivable opportunity.
What the hell has the Holocaust got to do with Iran? Netanyahu the gibbering Zionist propaganda merchant creates media myth on the level of Joseph Goebbels himself, Iran is planning a Holocaust he mutters perpetually, well it is pretty much the case that the Zionist actions against the Palestinian people amounts to a damned Holocaust being perpetrated by them too, but Netanyahu doesn`t find that Holocaust disturbing at all does he.

Now will I cause a furore amongst the Zionist schills for daring to use the Holocaust as a comparison to what is being perpetrated on the Palestinian people by the Zionist military oppression?

Well if they object to that then surely they would object to Netanyahu`s comparative use of it too, after all, the plight of the Palestinian people is real, has been happening for decades and is still happening now,,,,,,,, Iran however has not got nuclear weapons, there is no evidence at all they are making them and they have not in any way militarily occupied Israel and its people at all…….. so how dare Netanyahu invoke the Holocaust on something which has absolutely no basis at all?
Is not doing such a thing an absolute insult to the many who suffered during the Holocaust? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, To use the Holocaust as a propaganda tool is an act of degeneracy which devalues the memory of those that suffered, nobody uses it more than Netanyahu, the man that cries “anti-Semitic” nigh on every time he opens his mouth.


Israeli PM Warns of Another Holocaust From Iran

ABC news

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu began his two-day visit to Poland, which Germany’s Nazis occupied during World War II and where they committed the worst crimes ever against the Jewish people, with a stern warning about a potential Holocaust from Iran.

Netanyahu said Wednesday the upcoming “so-called” Iranian presidential election will “change nothing” in the Islamic republic’s quest for nuclear weapons and that the regime will continue to pursue a bomb aimed at destroying Israel. Iran insists its uranium enrichment program has only peaceful goals.

Iran’s election overseers have approved a list of would-be hopefuls, most of them loyalists favored by both the theocracy and the military, and any future president will likely side with the supreme leadership’s nuclear aspirations.

“This is a regime that is building nuclear weapons with the expressed purpose to annihilate Israel’s 6 million Jews,” Netanyahu said, alluding to the number of Jews killed by the Nazis during World War II. “We will not allow this to happen. We will never allow another Holocaust.”

Israel considers Iran its greatest threat because of its support of Islamic militant groups, its arsenal of long-range missiles and primarily its advanced nuclear program.

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Netanyahu’s comments in Warsaw carried added significance since they came a day before he travels to the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz in southern Poland, where he is to inaugurate a new pavilion meant to educate visitors about the Holocaust and the Nazi Germany’s quest to exterminate the Jewish people.

Netanyahu, whose father was born in Warsaw, has an emotional connection to the Holocaust, although he has faced criticism for citing it frequently in the context of current events, notably regarding the potential nuclear threat from Iran. For years, Netanyahu has used his annual address on Israel’s Holocaust remembrance day to caution about the danger of a nuclear Iran and vowing that “never again” will the Jews be powerless to defend themselves.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Netanyahu remained undeterred by the critics, insisting the intentions of the Iranians are just as murderous of those that existed in World War II.

“The comparison is intentional. Does Iran want to destroy the state of Israel, first and foremost its Jews? The answer is yes,” he said in response to a question from The Associated Press. “Here is where the comparison diverges, since there was no state of Israel back then that could defend itself. The difference is not in the hatred of Jews and the will to destroy them. This is something that is pretty consistent in history and even modern history. The Holocaust didn’t change this situation.”

Netanyahu and a team of five ministers met with their Polish counterparts and discussed security in Israel’s neighborhood, including the stalled peace talks with the Palestinians, the conflict in Syria and a series of bilateral issues such as Poland’s possible purchase of Israeli armaments. Israel has been urging Poland, as a member of the European Union, to declare the Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

Speaking alongside Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Netanyahu contrasted the painful Jewish history of the past in Poland with the current strong relations between Poland and Israel.