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“His face twisted in fury, Abase Hussen punches his fist into the air and launches into an Islamic war cry.

‘Burn, burn USA,’ he yells from his prime spot at the front of one of the most notorious rallies in recent times.

Once the crowd is whipped into a fever, an American flag is set on fire and held aloft by a fanatic. Video footage shows Mr Hussen desperately trying to hold the burning flag as the chanting behind him intensifies”.

Those are the Monkey Boy’s words describing the past actions of a father whose 15 year old daughter – along with her two school mates – has fucked off to join ISIS in Syria.

They are certainly not my words… Indeed I wouldn’t be able to type them for cringing.

You can – should you wish – read the rest of what the Chimp terms as being serious journalism by clicking HERE

But what about “Mr Hussen” aye? – wasn’t he the Scottish butler who was a proper pompous twat in that TV series, Upstairs Downstairs In His Nightgown?


Course, it doesn’t matter who Hussen is because he still sounds as if he is a pwoper tewwowist to me and no fucking messin’.

And we all know that pwoper tewwowists reported on in the MSM are not proper terrorists at all, that much is for fucking sure.

In fact the only proper terrorists are those who make up half the cast of the Westminster Puppet show and as such; nobody has anything to fear from anyone… Except from that bunch of Overweight, Facially Handicapped, Self Worth Delusional, Closet Homosexual, Charismatically Challenged, Drug Fuelled, Likability Fooled, Toadstooled, Kleptomanic, Nonce-Ponce, Shower of Shite who make up the cast, of course.

Yet it was only a couple of months ago that poor old fictitious Mr Hussen was being touted in the press as being the soft cunt who reckoned that he couldn’t stop crying, after his daughter and her two mates had stood on the Star Trek transporter, that one of them had bought off the Amazon@a-syrian website – probably – and said “Beam us up ISIS Scotty”.


However, Hussey – or whatever Hussen’s name is – was that transparently fake that in reality he should have been made out of  glass, as he sat there, dry eyed, talking absolute bollocks whilst cuddling a teddy dressed in a Chelsea football club shirt.

You may even remember that I wrote about him and the old fanny about his daughter pissing off to Syria to fight the good shite back in February… I even added one of me own photos to the article don’t cha know.

The following is what I had to say:

And then the apparently “media savvy” terrorists constantly chat about their exploits on Twitter and Facebook… Or so we are told. Not that any of them have ever re-tweeted me:

Twitter faced a backlash last night after it was revealed the three British ‘jihadi brides’ were ruthlessly groomed online.

The internet giant was accused of allowing the vulnerable teenagers to be ‘brainwashed in their bedrooms’.

It came as the straight-A pupils’ distraught families begged them to come home amid fears they have already reached Syria after being radicalised on Twitter.

One of the girls was ‘following’ more than 70 known extremists on the site – many of them thought to be Islamic State fighters.

This would have exposed her to a stream of graphic material – including footage of beheadings and the mutilated bodies of children. But despite these accounts being well known, none has been suspended by Twitter bosses.

At least one of the girls is also thought to have been contacted directly using Twitter by a female IS fighter. Source

Yet post a bad taste joke about the Glasgow hoax on Twitter and you have the plod on your doorstep quicker than you can put LOL at the end of the Tweet.

Mind you, apparently one of the runaway schoolgirl’s fathers hasn’t stopped crying since his daughter fucked off… Although he managed to do so long enough to give the Monkey Boys an interview:

Abase Hussen, 47, said his daughter Amira told him she was going to a wedding last Tuesday before travelling to Gatwick.

Clutching a teddy bear dressed in a Chelsea FC shirt which she gave to her mother, he recalled: ‘She said “daddy, I’m in a hurry”. There was no sign to suspect her at all.’

“Told him that she was going to a wedding” !!!

As if she fucking did! And I suppose that he answered:“Oh righto love… Don’t be too late home, you have school in the morning”. Source

I mean who goes to a wedding wearing trainers, jeans & a jumper at 8 o’clock on a Tuesday morning?


Well, apparently Mr Hussen’s 15 year old daughter, Amira Abase does:

Amira left her family home in the morning of Tuesday, February 17, telling her father she was going to a wedding. He believed her.

‘She said “Daddy, I’m in a hurry’,’ the 47-year-old said. ‘There was no sign to suspect her at all.’

She was carrying no luggage, although CCTV shows her and the other girls at Gatwick before boarding a flight with heavy holdalls.

By late morning on the Tuesday, Amira had texted her father, 47-year-old Abase Hussen, who thought his daughter was at the wedding.

She said it was ‘a little bit far’, and added: ‘Daddy, I will pray my midday prayer and get back home.’

At midnight, the family reported Amira missing and were desperately messaging her school friends to see if she was with them. Source

Now there is far too much to get through to fuck about, so I will tell you straight off. That excuse, just like everything about all of these ‘runaway schoolgirl’ stories is total bollocks… The whole lot of it is.

In fact every single indicator going that points to an event being a hoax comes into play within these pathetic, almost child like stories – not least the very close similarity in cast names as well as an awful lack of shared surnames between family members.

Indeed, straight off we have Abase Hussen, who is married to a now invisible woman called Fartonya Hussen, whom must have had a delayed reaction to that 40 dayz & 40 nights of – to use the Chimps favorite term“weeping”, because she certainly had plenty to fucking say in the shit-rags for the first couple of days following her daughter, Amira & her daughters two chums, Kadiza Sultana & Shamima Begum, having it on their toes to Syria:

Fetia Hussen – oh Fetia, not Fartonya, my bad – the mother of Amira, said she felt the police had been “hopeless” and also criticised the girls’ school, Bethnal Green Academy.

Speaking as relatives were attempting to re-trace the girls’ steps, she told The Times newspaper: “This is our last chance to find our girls and beg them to come home.

“We were on our own in the UK with the police not helping and the school not helping. The people of Turkey have been very helpful to us and we take hope from that.

“We begged the police to take computers to check if there is anything on there useful to help find our daughters. The police only took these things after we asked them many times. We do not trust the police will do anything with this.” Source

Now as it happens we are off to a 50/50 start because husband and wife both have the same fucking surname… For once.

Although if Fartarse Hussey went to Turkey I am fucked if I know where she was in the photos.

Old Mr Hussen certainly didn’t spend much time with her, although he spent an awful lot of time smiling for the press cameras and giving interviews in what has to be the worst attempt at a foreign accent that I have heard since Ingrid Loony Kannit – or whatever her fucking name is – did her Inspector Clouseau impression.


Mind you, I am not as bad as the MIT’s Scriptwriters when it comes to cocking names up. I mean Mr & Mrs Hussen may very well have the same surname, but their daughter Amira has her old man’s first name as a surname – Amira Abase… Which is a new one on me.

In fact if we were all to do that my daughter would be called Stacey Christopher.

And to complicate matters further; according to the controversial by design ‘charidy’ CAGE, the MSM have the name Abase Hussen all arse about face:

Hussen Abase said: “The police neglected us, the school neglected us. It would have definitely alarmed me … 100% I would have stopped her. They did not warn us, they did not contact us at all. Source

Course, if the MSM have got Abase’s name in a right mucking fuddle, that then would bring some semblance of normality to his daughter, Amira Abase’s name. Yet in doing so, it would also leave Abase’s wife, Farty Hussen up shit creek without a paddle.

Neither does the lame-name-game-shame end there… You see, this old bollocks has had two months for the story to evolve… And you know how much the snakey cunts like to build a fucking skyscraper on top of dodgy foundations where these stories which don’t ever hold water are concerned.

And trust me, by the time you are done reading this lengthy piece you will see just how dodgy those foundations are.

Okay, now as I was saying there has been some major adjustments to the script since this story broke in the MSM, not least the fact that Hussen Abase had started out his little piece of scripted life as Abase Hussain – or vice versa… Now that may only be a slight variation but it is never the less a significant one – as you will find out as we go along.


And neither is the plot to this preposterous old bollox of a fairy tale anything to smile about either.

I mean the very notion that 600-700 British and Westernised European teenage girls between the ages of 14 and 19, would leave their home comforts to become a slave for a man who allegedly takes great pleasure in maiming, mutilating and murdering other human beings; is just absolutely fucking head-banging, conkers-bonkers, “have a fucking word with yourself you daft cunt”, insanity… It wouldn’t, doesn’t and will not happen.


There is absolutely no fucking benefit whatsoever to these youngsters by doing so.

It wouldn’t happen even if the girls could remain in their own country – let alone them having to travel to the back of beyond to submit themselves to a life of terror, married to a barbarian years older than themselves and who isn’t even entirely of their own choosing.

I mean, can you imagine the scene on arrival in Syria?

“Righto girl, slip this on, they take a bit of getting use to especially this new winter range because we have now closed the eye slot up – I’m not having some pervert getting off on your eyes… And as you will learn – be it the quick way or the quick way, because I am slightly unhinged – I now own you.

But enough love talk. Get used to the get-up because you are now wearing your only choice of clothing… Im Dave by the way… I will be taking your virginity tonight and yes, it will hurt… But look at this… Aye? Aye? Not bad for someone 8 stone overweight am I?

Oh, and I best tell you now that I did have a problem with my personal hygiene because as you can see, all this loose flesh hanging down means that in the past I couldn’t get my arm around back enough to wipe my arse… And in the stifling heat, the chaffing is a bitch, I can tell you… Not to mention the flies… Especially with all them dead bodies just left around to rot… Although the flies do actually seem to prefer my arse area… Very strange when you consider that even I can’t stand the smell.

But like I say, that was in the past darling… You don’t mind me calling you darling, do you darling… At, At, At, Don’t answer darling because I am going to call you what I fucking like. Now, as I was saying, my hygiene problem is in the past… At least it is now that you are here.

Right, off ya pop, poppet. You will find an axe in the kitchen and a 3 month old lamb in the garden. I feel sure that I don’t need to draw you a diagram… It is my 60th birthday today as it happens, so a nice bit of lamb will go down a treat, after which you can give daddy his birthday present, you naughty, naughty little girl… That’s it, I’m off to the toilet, 5th time today, I am shitting through the eye of a fucking needle… Well don’t just stand there crying hysterically! Kitchen woman, kitchen… I will call you when I’m done… Bog rolls are kept under the sink.

Best you bring two up.” 


Okay, that is a slight exaggeration, but you get the picture. There are no teenage girls doing a runner because they do not have the bottle, the funds, the get up and go, the confidence, the inbuilt sat-nav and they are not that fucking stupid… But I feel sure that you will want proof of the fact, so I will continue.

Now, we all know that the MSM is about as news-worthy as your grass growing, but the first thing that even the useless monkey cunts in the MSM do is ask the person giving them a story for their name – if they don’t already know it… And in this case it would be Mr Hussen.

After all, that fact is just common sense.

And then as soon as silly bollocks had stated his name, the monkey cunt conducting the interview would have no doubt answer thus: “How are you spelling your surname Mr Hussain? One ‘S’ or two”?

I mean obviously it is only qualified, highly paid, social workers, trying to decide if they want to steal your child or not, who don’t give a flying fuck if they have the right surname written down or not – and as for the correct spelling… Hmmm

And since most of the national press – and as you can also see from the photo above – the main TV news networks all had Amira Abase’s, treacherous dad down as being called Abase Hussain, you would be forgiven for thinking that all of this confusion isn’t kosher.

Never the less, once Abase Hussen/Abase Hussain/Hussen Abase was perceived as having mastered his fake Middle Eastern accent, the scriptwriters made him the story’s main attraction – a sort of build him up to just knock him down type scenario.

Indeed, having started off humble enough, he now quickly set about his task of becoming a “hate figure” whilst the MSM manipulated the publics perception of Hussen into believing that his behaviour was stereotypical of all Muslims.

This was achieved by Hussen jumping on the Blame Train, by first blaming his daughters School, the Bethnal Green Academy for Amira and her friends taking their jollie.

After blaming the school, Hussen then blamed MI5 and after that it all became the Mets fault… Which is in fact a pretty fair summary, although that is not the conclusion that you are meant to reach.

And so as to make sure that everyone in the country – nay the world – was aware that having been radishalised, the trio had promptly fucked off to Syria via Turkey, they were then in turn, able to keep Hussen in the spotlight by sending him and the family of his daughter’s fellow absconder Shamima Begum – or Shamina Begum, depending on who is writing the days script – to Turkey in search of the teenagers.

In fact fuck me, such were the script-writers efforts to keep the public focused on the story, that they even had Mr Hussenfuss addressing a group from our Overweight, Facially Handicapped, Self Worth Delusional, Closet Homosexual, Charismatically Challenged, Drug Fuelled, Likability Fooled, Toadstooled, Kleptomanic, Nonce-Ponce, Shower of Shite, at a Home Affairs Select Committee.

And obviously Keith Vazaliene is the chairman of the Homo Affairs Select Committee… And when Keith the Thief is on board, then you really, really know that the story is bollox… He was/is a big fan of Justice Dodging Janner is old Keithy.


Mind you, Sadarse Hussain did make a proper fucking cock up on the recorded footage of the proceedings – which must have gone down like a lead balloon with his ‘handlers’.

And that cock-up was despite Vaz – drawing on the skills that he learned in his days as a solicitor – all but putting the answers to his questions into Hussen’s mouth… Yet Hussen still cocked up, leading to him getting flustered – which obviously did fuck all for his fake accent.

Indeed, in the end Hussen couldn’t even remember how he had reported his daughter missing, which after much sympathetic nodding of Vaz’s head and a cringe inducing pregnant pause, Soft-lad blurted out that he had called “9,9”.

Course you need to watch the footage to see how incredibly bad Abase’s performance was, but Vaz’s attempts at damage limitation following that revelation were classic.

You see, after Hussain blurts out that he called “9,9”; without missing a beat Vaz responds by saying; “You called 9,9,. So the usual channels then? … Thank you Mr Hussen, And now we will hear from Miss Begum who I believe is the older sister of Sharmeena Bigum

And even in that slik introduction by Vaz, there was a hidden agenda.

But first I should show you the following photo:


Okay, this is a photo taken at that Homo Affairs Select Committee. In other words, a professional photograph, taken by a professional photographer, yet this photo – despite my best efforts to improve it – is the best that I can find.

Now in most of the duplicate photos the fella on the end has been cropped out and he is in fact the runaway girl’s, families controversial solicitor.

Indeed it is worth pointing out that when the photo was taken he was only a week or so away from plunging Mr Hussen/Abase/Hussain into a massive controversy… But obviously I will tell you about that hoax in due course.

For now though, you can clearly see that Hussen’s real name – or real stage name – is being covered up in the photo by what we are supposed to think is glare from the lighting

Course, that too is total and utter bollocks as such flaws do not appear in a professional photographers pictures that get released to the press.

Indeed, even if the photographer had taken a dodgy photo there would have been hundreds more taken for him and other photographers to use – all of  which would be as clear as crystal… And of course, the use of bad photos and video footage indicates all the more to a hoax having taken place.

After all, not only does Abase now have 3 possible names, but which one of the three is correct is still anyones guess as we can’t read his name card.

So, giving mind to what I have just stated, it follows that the perpetrators of the fraud do not want us to know who Hussen really is.

He certainly isn’t Amira’s old man, that much is for sure.

And the woman sat next to Hussen, who plays a worthy supporting role in the fraud, is supposedly the older sister of 15 year old Shamima Begum – or Shamina, depending on which newspaper you read… Although again, she isn’t who she is meant to be either.

Mind you, the surname Begum appears to be an extremely common one amongst Asians – at least it does in this old fanny – although amongst the thousand or so Asian friends that I have on my Facebook there is only one with the surname Begum… Hardly the equivalent of Smith then

Nevertheless, the lady’s name is Renu Begum – or Rena, again depending on what newspaper you read  – so quite why her name is given as Sahima is anyones guess.


You can’t even possibly make a half convincing argument for ‘Sahima’ being a shortened version of ‘Rina‘ – and even if you could, she is still far more often than not referred to as being ‘Renu‘.

Mind you, at least Renu has the same surname as her parents and sister so I suppose that is something to be grateful for.

However, ‘Sahima’ is again given as being Renu’s name in the following screenshot.


Course, there is hardly any difference between the names Shamima Begum and Sahima Begum. And as we know, the scriptwriters pick similar sounding names  for their actors on purpose so as the facts of the case are harder to grasp whilst at the same time making it easier to confuse the disinterested public .

Tellingly, the slippery MP, Keith Vaz, after moving swiftly on from Hussen’s woeful performance, introduced Renu as “Miss Begum” and then followed up – without so much as a pause – by saying something so subtle, but nevertheless very crucial to the hoax that I would doubt very much that the vast majority of people even picked up on the subterfuge.

You see, what Vaz said was: Thank you Mr Hussen, And now we will hear from Miss Begum who I believe is the older sister of Sharmeena Bigum“, sparking an immediate correction from Renu who replied, “Shamima”.

In turn Vaz acknowledged his [deliberate] slight mistake by repeating “Shamima”.

You see Sharmeena Begum is a different person altogether in this false flag, despite Renu’s run-away sister often being referred to as being called Shamina Begum although not quite as often as she is referred to as being called Shamima Begum.

And to complicate things further, 15 year old Sharmeena Begum was/is best friends with the 3 runaways; Shamima Begum aged 15, Amira Abase aged 15, and Kadiza Sultana aged 16.


L-R: Shamima Begum – Amira Abase – Kadiza Sultana

Kadiza looks as if she is wearing one of those novelty fake noses, attached to a pair of cheap plastic glasses doesn’t she?

I like them as it happens. I might even get me some… Hmmm.

BA103493_027 E04 AU SNATCH.jpg-pwrt2a

And as coincidence would have it, the scriptwriters have Sharmeena Begum down as having run away to join ISIS in December 2014.

The following is from a Chimp report about “Sharmeena” which despite the 15 year old girl going it alone, she wasn’t mentioned by name until – quite significantly – long after the other three had done a bunk.

Moreover, the article itself is loaded with subliminal messages – which I have highlighted in orange:

To her adoring father, she was just like any other 15-year-old.

Sharmeena Begum loved shopping at Forever 21, listening to Rihanna and watching EastEnders.

A keen pupil, she would chatter excitedly to her father about her dreams of becoming a doctor. And of course, like most of her schoolmates, she was utterly obsessed with her mobile.

Like most fathers, Mohammad Uddin saw nothing sinister in her constant tapping away on her iPhone.

He assumed she was using Twitter and the instant messaging service WhatsApp simply to chat with her friends.

If I can just butt in here, had I been writing this shit I would have written: “He assumed she was using Twitter and Facebook”after all, we older parents as a general rule wouldn’t know our “Whatsapp” from our “Whatsit”.

Carry on Shit-Rag person:

Only now does he know the horrifying truth – that Sharmeena was being groomed through the internet by shadowy IS extremists.

The 38-year-old father discovered too late what was going on under his nose.

His daughter is now living in the IS stronghold of Raqqa, in Syria, as a jihadi bride – and has told him she will never return. Last night Mr Uddin told of his belief that sinister IS recruiters had taken advantage of Twitter and WhatsApp to corrupt his daughter.

Sharmeena set her alarm to wake herself up early to pray, and she destroyed old pictures of herself, saying women should not be photographed.

Like normal, intelligent, cheeky, good natured, fifteen year old girls obsessed with Eastenders and their iphones tend to do… Sorry, I was being sarcastic there… Carry on:

She stopped listening to Western music and spent more and more time watching the news.

It is now apparent that she was preparing to travel to Syria to join IS, although her contacts with jihadists are impossible to trace because she has deleted her social media accounts.

Shortly before fleeing to Turkey, she asked her father to pay for an online order from her favourite shop, Forever 21, because she needed some new clothes for the ‘cold weather’.

The package arrived two days after she had run away. Source

Now you would have to be a proper daft cunt to believe that the Men in Tights or even the iPlod cannot trace Sharmeena’s messages because she has deleted her accounts… Indeed, it is extremely unlikely that the MIT would not have known about Sharmeena’s plans before they even happened.

In fact, by explaining away and trying to add credibility to such nonsense, and in most cases like this, stating even more nonsense by alleging that all of these young jihadi brides had purchased software that prevented their conversations with Islamic Tewwowists being intercepted or listened to buy the security services – the MSM are being complicit in the hoax.

And of course, the article carries the MSM’s usual old fanny slagging off the police and/or the MIT that subliminally suggests that our security services do not have enough resources or powers to keep us all safe.

The following example from the same article as above is obviously loaded with more subliminal triggers:

The four girls had been inseparable at Bethnal Green Academy, a school rated outstanding by Ofsted. They were so close that Sharmeena invited the other three to her father’s wedding when he married for a second time in September.

Mr Uddin, a waiter at a central London restaurant, urged police to speak to the other teenagers after his daughter vanished, and even suggested they might have considered running away with her.

‘I said [to officers], “Keep an eye on the three girls, maybe they’ll give you a clue.” Shamima, Kadiza, and Amira were her closest friends,’ he said.

‘I was pretty sure when my daughter went missing that the four girls would have gone together. And when I realised [they hadn’t] I was surprised.

‘I went to Bethnal Green Academy two days later, on the Monday, and I spoke to the deputy headmistress and I asked to speak to the three girls.

These cunts are so transparent that I really do despair at the crass stupidity of the vast majority of the mass population and their inability to be able to see through this kind of shite.

Moreover, Sharmeena and the other three girls disappearances had all – at one time or another – been blamed on the influence of a twenty year old Scottish woman named Aqsa Mahmood.

The following is again from the Chimp and is loaded with the usual trigger words or sentences and packed full of anomalies:

The father of a Scottish woman who fled to join Islamic State has denied she was involved in recruiting three London schoolgirls believed to have travelled to Syria.

Aqsa Mahmood, 20, left her home in Glasgow in November 2013 and married an IS militant the following February.

Today, her parents told ITV News she had been in contact with them to deny recent reports that she had encouraged Bethnal Green Academy students Shamima Begum, 15, Kadiza Sultana, 16 and Amira Abase, 15, to join the radical Islamist group.

Muzaffar Mahmood said his daughter had claimed she didn’t even know the names of the girls, and he added that he believed her.

‘She texted when this was going on,’ he said. ‘She was never in contact with them and I believe her. 

‘A lot of press – everything happening is Aqsa Mahmood.’ 

But today, Mr Mahmood said: ‘They are making her…everything happening is Aqsa Mahmood. 

‘Security services…if they know anything they should come out with it. 

‘She was very angry with me that ‘why are you not standing up for me? I wasn’t in contact. I don’t even know their names. 

Why the fuck should she care that she is being blamed for the 4 schoolgirls disappearance?

I mean, I have written about Aqua in the past – her own story is littered with obvious bollox also – after she was photographed in the press wearing a doctor’s coat and holding up a severed head as toddlers stood nearby looking on mesmerised.

Yet here she is being portrayed by the press as being alarmed, nay horrified that she is being blamed for persuading the girls to abscond.

Moreover, if Aqua Marine or whatever the fuck Aqsa Mahmood is called, is in contact with her family then the security services would have had her pinpointed in minutes… Not to mention, have known that she was talking to the girls.

Carry on Mr Pottymouth:

‘That’s what she told us. We feel really bad when we hear in the press that she recruited them

‘We regret what she is doing and we condemn what’s going on over there but she hasn’t been in touch with them [the runaway girls] at all. It’s very painful.’

The former diagnostic radiography student had been educated at a top private school in the city, but after joining the terror group, began tweeting under the nom de guerre Umm Layth.

She posted a series of radical messages, including a call for others to copy the shocking murder of soldier Lee Rigby, the Boston Marathon bombing and the massacre at the Fort Hood US Army base in Texas.

And in that final sentence is absolute proof that this is a hoax, because ISIS – were they real as such – would tease anyone mercilessly who thought that the Boston Bombings and Fort Hood shooting were carried out by Islamic extremists… Unfortunately I haven’t a Scooby if the third example quoted was a real event or not.

Nevertheless, lets get back to Aqua Manhood was also supposedly in touch with the other 3 girls:

Shamima was following 70 other ISIS terrorists on Twitter, too, many of whom, like Aqsa, used a messaging programme called Surespot.

This encrypts messages to avoid interception by intelligence authorities. When messages are deleted by ISIS recruiters, they are automatically erased from the phones of those who have received them.

Amira is portrayed by police and the school as naïve and vulnerable. But she was savvy and intelligent, and used to getting what she wanted

Friends suspect that Amira and the other girls were in touch with Aqsa and other ISIS recruiters via their mobile phones or home computers since before Christmas.

‘Amira is portrayed by police and the school as naïve and vulnerable,’ said one of her friends. ‘But she was savvy and intelligent, and used to getting what she wanted.’ Source

And with all that in mind, let’s have some more photos:


Course, if you think about it logically, Asian Crisis actors willing to sell their fellow Muslims down the swanny must be few and far between. I mean, in doing so they must know that they are mugging themselves off too… Either that or the casting director just likes taking the right piss out of us.

Now, remember that Sharmeena Begum was only named and had her photo in the press a few weeks after the story of the trio broke, despite fucking off ON HER OWN in DECEMBER 2014… And of course when she was identified the scriptwriters decided to base her on Shamena Begum, right down to using the same photo for the pair… Piss taking cunts.

Nevertheless, Sharmeena’s solo sprint to Syria was all very Hollywoodesque, what with the Old Bill alerted to her dash to Damascus and Sharmeena only just managing to get away. And yes I do know that Damascus is in Greece but the words just trip of your tongue, whereas the words;“the Old Bill alerted to her Dash to Istanbul” don’t have the same ring to them:

Officers attempted to stop the 15-year-old at the time but her family alerted them too late to stop her boarding a flight to Istanbul.  Source

In fact I am surprised that the MSM didn’t report that the plane was being chased by a dozen Squad-Cars as it taxied along the runway. And why the fuck the plod didn’t just pop in a phone call to the Turkey plod and tell them to grab her as she got off the plane is anyones guess.

Course, just because the MSM didn’t think of the cars on the runway malarkey when reporting about Sharmeena, doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have another bash, say on March the 29th for instance:

A 15-year-old who wanted to join Islamic State as a jihadi bride has been revealed to be the fifth girl from Bethnal Green Academy trying to join the extremist group.

The teenager, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was stopped from joining the Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria by police on the runway at Heathrow after her plane was grounded.

The girl went to the same east London school as Kadiza Sultana, 16, Shamima Begum, 15, and Amira Abase, 15, who fled to join IS fighters last month, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

She boarded a British Airways flight to Istanbul on December 6, without the knowledge of her parents, months before her schoolmates made their successful attempt.

Her plane was held as it taxied for take-off and was turned around at the last minute.

All four of the aspiring jihadists followed their friend Sharmeena Begum who first went to the Middle East to join IS. All of the girls knew each other well.

They really could make this shit up.

Moreover, it is bad enough that after Sharmeena fucked off in December, the press reported that the plod had popped along to her school to talk to her classmates – after which the plod gave them all letters to take home to their parents informing Mums & Dads that their child had been spoken to.

Course, not unsurprisingly that story has now evolved into something quite, quite different to the plod just giving an informal talk to a school class:

Mr Hussen also repeatedly blasted the Metropolitan Police for handing a letter to his daughter requesting parental permission to speak to the girls about a friend who had earlier travelled to Syria. He said police officers should have given it directly to the families.

He said: ‘I strongly disagree with the letter being given to 15-year-old girls. The word “police” by itself and “terrorism” or “counter-terrorism”, as global issues – it is a heavy burden for a 15-year-old to deal with that. We also feel that we are neglected as parents. Source

Yet despite the evolution of the old fanny, this 5th fifteen year old girl who was also prepared to forego her Christmas presents in favour of following Shareema to Syria was never mentioned in any news reports whatsoever, until the 29th of March – and there has been a lot of fucking reports on these teenage run-awys since then, I can fucking tell you.

Course, the fact that the bird tried to fly on Dec 6th must mean that Shareema flew out sometime between the 1st and 5th of December.

So, by the time that the press get round to identifying number 5, no doubt her name will be something like Anita Abase.

Nevertheless, the story about this newly invented 5th mate continues:

The unknown Bethnal Green Academy pupil was one of five others from the school to be given travel bans to stop them from going to Syria this week.

The court orders showed a total of eight students from the same Academy in Tower Hamlets had showed an interest in Islamic fanaticism.

A judge banned five girls – three of whom are 16 and two 15 – from travelling abroad after they showed an interest in going to Syria.

He ordered their passports to be taken off them and for them to be made wards of the court. Source


So there we have two agendas all in one foul swoop. I mean the judge – in making that order – single handedly created  a new form of child stealing, whereby the parents still get to live with their child, but should one of the elite fancy raping a child that fits one the descriptions of those 5 children the paperwork is all done.

And it now seems that it is a privilege to leave the country since a court can withdraw that privilege – should a judge wish – even though that person having their privilege withdrawn has not necessarily committed a single crime… We really do have to step up our efforts to make people listen to what is really going on in this cuntry before it is too late you know.


The actual date that Sharmeena Begum flew to Turkey must have been playing on the Scriptwriters minds now that it had been announced that the 5th unidentified, 15 yr old had tried to make a dash for Syria on December the 6th. You see, todays Chimp (4/4/15) has an article stating that the two girls – who don’t forget knew each other very well and were in fact ‘besties’ –  flew out (or attempted to) on the same day, but on different flights… With different airlines.

Which makes the older reports stating that: All four of the aspiring jihadists followed their friend Sharmeena Begum”, a bit nonsensical.

And as we know, the unidentified girl got stopped on the runway:

She boarded a British Airways flight to Istanbul on December 6, without the knowledge of her parents, months before her schoolmates made their successful attempt.

Her plane was held as it taxied for take-off and was turned around at the last minute.

Whereas Sharmeena’s flight had just managed to elude the plod

Officers attempted to stop the 15-year-old at the time but her family alerted them too late to stop her boarding a flight to Istanbul.  Source

… Roger that

It is indeed, all slowly beginning to unravel for these shister cunts isn’t it?

Never the less, the following is the relevant information contained in the Chimp’s latest article bullcrap:

It is thought that Sharmeena was the ringleader, inspiring the other three to follow her to Syria. It has emerged that a fifth girl from the academy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also plotted to become a jihadi bride.

She boarded a plane for Syria from Heathrow on the same Saturday which Sharmeena flew from Gatwick. This girl’s parents alerted police, the jet was stopped on the runway and she was removed.

Mind you, that is not the only anomaly that crops up in this latest Chimp article. Indeed, the article is a major contradiction to the Chimps earlier information.

Unfortunately, at this point you haven’t got as far as where this new information contradicts their earlier bullshit, so for now, read on and I will insert this new bullshit where necessary.

Twins are another of the scriptwriters favourites, probably because you only need one to do the work of two.

And there is no better example than the two 16 year old twins from Manchester who fucked off to Syria to fight the good fight or shag the good fighters as the case might be.

Course, it goes without saying that the pair came from good middle class homes, were both exceptionally bright and had their hearts set on becoming doctors – the usual bollox in fact.


And then there was the good twin/bad twin drama featuring the bizarrely named Jamila & Jalila Henry:

A British Muslim convert accused of trying to join Islamic State in Syria is thought to have been travelling on her twin sister’s passport.

A photograph of Jamila Henry, 21, in custody in Turkey was released by local authorities after she was arrested at a bus stop in Ankara.

Miss Henry’s twin sister Jalila Henry, who is not a Muslim, was understood to be at home in London yesterday dealing with the news of her sister’s arrest  Source

However, both sets of twins have much more than just that old fanny in common with our trio of trippers.

Photos please:


And of course Sharmeena Begum’s parents were also from Bangladesh.

Furthermore, whilst we are on the subject of the Bangladesh false flag blogger bollocks, there are another two possible candidates who having took part in the Banglaballs are now taking part in this Turkey.

The first of those is a Teacher called Cecilla Something-Or-Other who taught at the Bangladeshi university where the blogger in question was supposedly murdered – despite the fact that he wasn’t really murdered there… Or even really murdered for that matter, but shhhh.

Now, Cecilla looks to me to be the spitting image of Khadija Sultana’s cousin, Amico Cadiz – or whatever Fahmida Aziz’s name is this week – who spoke on behalf of the Sultana at the Homo Affairs Select Committee meeting.


However, there is no point in showing you the 3rd candidate just yet as to do so would confuse the issue.

Course being naturally suspicious I can’t help but think that Bangladesh is soon going to be a target for the UK and USA – as is Tunisia of course.


Mind you, that could all be bollocks too… Huh! What am I saying, of course it’s bollocks.

Okay, this would be the appropriate place to insert that other new bit of old fanny that has since come to light, because I was right; that screenshot above is indeed old bollocks.

However, before I do, I now need to remind you once again of what Sharmeena’s old man said about her earlier on in this article. You will hopefully remember that I quoted the Chimps newspaper interview with him which was centred around Sharmeena being recruited by 20 year old Scottish absconder Asqa Mahmood… It all gets terribly complicated doesn’t it:

To her adoring father, she was just like any other 15-year-old.

Sharmeena Begum loved shopping at Forever 21, listening to Rihanna and watching EastEnders.

A keen pupil, she would chatter excitedly to her father about her dreams of becoming a doctor. And of course, like most of her schoolmates, she was utterly obsessed with her mobile.

Like most fathers, Mohammad Uddin saw nothing sinister in her constant tapping away on her iPhone.

He assumed she was using Twitter and the instant messaging service WhatsApp simply to chat with her friends.

Only now does he know the horrifying truth – that Sharmeena was being groomed through the internet by shadowy IS extremists.

The 38-year-old father discovered too late what was going on under his nose.

His daughter is now living in the IS stronghold of Raqqa, in Syria, as a jihadi bride – and has told him she will never return. Last night Mr Uddin told of his belief that sinister IS recruiters had taken advantage of Twitter and WhatsApp to corrupt his daughter.

Sharmeena set her alarm to wake herself up early to pray, and she destroyed old pictures of herself, saying women should not be photographed.

Butting in here briefly, all this old fanny points to Sharmeena living with her dad, does it not?

Carry on:

She stopped listening to Western music and spent more and more time watching the news.

It is now apparent that she was preparing to travel to Syria to join IS, although her contacts with jihadists are impossible to trace because she has deleted her social media accounts.

Shortly before fleeing to Turkey, she asked her father to pay for an online order from her favourite shop, Forever 21, because she needed some new clothes for the ‘cold weather’.

The package arrived two days after she had run away.

The four girls had been inseparable at Bethnal Green Academy, a school rated outstanding by Ofsted. They were so close that Sharmeena invited the other three to her father’s wedding when he married for a second time in September.

Mr Uddin, a waiter at a central London restaurant, urged police to speak to the other teenagers after his daughter vanished, and even suggested they might have considered running away with her.

‘I said [to officers], “Keep an eye on the three girls, maybe they’ll give you a clue.” Shamima, Kadiza, and Amira were her closest friends,’ he said.

‘I was pretty sure when my daughter went missing that the four girls would have gone together. And when I realised [they hadn’t] I was surprised.

No mention whatsoever of the 5th girl who left for Syria the same day… Adding credibility to the fact that girl number 5 is just more made up old fanny, especially since no one knew about her when this interview was published.

Now according to the Chimp, Sharmeena’s old man told them this:

‘I went to Bethnal Green Academy two days later, on the Monday, and I spoke to the deputy headmistress and I asked to speak to the three girls.

And in that last sentence you have the answer as to why the press have today (4/4/15) announced that Sharmeena and Number 5 flew out on the same day.

You see, we had been told that Number 5 flew out on Saturday the 6th – meaning that Sharmeena flew out between the 1st and the 5th, since it had been CATEGORICALLY  stated that “All four of the aspiring jihadists followed their friend Sharmeena Begum”.

And since Sharmeena’s dad went to the “Bethnal Green Academy two days later, on the Monday”, she had to have flown on the Saturday… And the 6th is the first Saturday in December 2014… Ta Dahhhh.

And on the 15th of March, in a further interview Uddin told the Chimp that:

‘I think the police should monitor the internet more because it’s destroying lives. It’s not fair. Not only my daughter’s, but her three friends, and I don’t know how many more it has destroyed.’ 

BINGO! Lets lose some more of our dwindling right to privacy under the guise of national security… But I digress.

The article continues:

And Mr Uddin issued an emotional plea to his only child, saying: ‘Wherever you are, please come back. I’m missing you lots. I need to get my daughter back. Every night and every day is difficult – she was my one and only child. I wish she would contact me to say she is well. That would help me.’

Again, that reinforces the fact that Sharmeena lived with him, which would make sense since we were told in the above that Sharmeena’s mother died of Burt Lungcancer in 2013.

Mr Uddin also revealed that:

  • Sharmeena had been a typical teenager who enjoyed listening to pop music and going shopping;
  • She started visiting the mosque and wearing Islamic dress after her mother died of cancer last year at 33;
  • Police told him two women encouraged Sharmeena to join IS and took her to Gatwick for her flight to Istanbul;
  • He last heard from her two weeks after she vanished, when she called to say: ‘I’m in Islamic State and I’m not coming back.’

Those first 3 points are also very important, so keep them in mind.

Mr Uddin said Kadiza, Shamima and Amira came to visit him at his home in east London two days after Sharmeena vanished.

Recalling the conversation, he said: ‘I asked the girls about Sharmeena. I said “You guys are best friends” and they told me “We don’t know anything”.

‘I said “She will have shared everything with you guys, you come to my home every week”. They then said that sometimes she spoke to a girl privately.

BINGO! Sharmeena definitely lived with her old man… Carry on Monkey Monk:

Sharmeena fled to Syria after persuading her grandmother to give her £500 and to hand over her passport.

In the weeks leading up to her disappearance, she started skipping class at Bethnal Green Academy, deactivated her social media accounts and began learning the Arabic for phrases like ‘I’m hungry’.

Her father had no idea what she was planning and was left distraught when she failed to come home after an overnight stay at her grandmother’s house.


When he rang Sharmeena’s mobile phone and heard a foreign dial tone, he called Scotland Yard to report her gone. Mr Uddin said: ‘The police told me it’s possible Sharmeena has joined Islamic State.’ 

Fuck me, the cunts solved that mystery quick.

Mr Uddin said the last call from his daughter came from a private number: ‘She told me “I’m happy here. I went by my own decision. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be OK”. I asked her “Where are you? Tell me, wherever you are, I’ll come”.

‘She told me, “No, you can’t come here.” And she started crying. We were both crying.

The population really has become a cry baby buntin nation… At least according to the Chimp it has anyway.

‘She didn’t make it to the Islamic State the same day [she fled], she was in Turkey for a few days.’

Like 15 year old schoolgirls on their todd in a strange country tend to fuckng do.

She was an ordinary teenager who loved shopping for clothes and make-up. But after her mother died in January last year, aged just 33, she changed and began taking an intense interest in Islam, spending most of her free time praying in her room.

Mr Uddin said: ‘I thought this was normal because she lost the closest person to her, and she’s an only child. Before then she wasn’t very religious. She wouldn’t go to the mosque and she would wear English dress.

‘But then she changed her dressing style and wore a scarf and started praying five times a day.

‘Sometimes she would go to the East London Mosque for prayers.’

Her father was not worried about this change in her behaviour, and even took his daughter to Mecca for the hajj pilgrimage – an Islamic ritual devout Muslims are expected to perform at least once.

Mr Uddin could not believe that his daughter had left Britain because she was not even allowed to travel the one mile down the road from her home to Whitechapel by herself.  Source

Okay, so with all that in mind, the following is what the Chimp article out today has to say:

The jihadi bride who persuaded three friends to follow her to Syria was brought up in a strict Muslim household which turned to Islamic State apologists Cage when she disappeared, it emerged yesterday.

Hold up! In that first sentence alone, the story is in stark contradiction to the original.

I mean, the original story has Aqua Manhood down as in all likelihood being responsible for the girls buggering off. Yet now we have Sharmeena down as the definite culprit.

The new story also has her being brought up in a strict Muslim household yet in the original article Sharmeena’s dad, Uddin clearly states that before her mother died: “she wasn’t very religious. She wouldn’t go to the mosque and she would wear English dress”.

And as a little aside you will notice that the “Islamic State apologists” CAGE are brought into the story although the Monkey Boys are talking specifically about Asim Queshi (pictured below), of whom I wrote last month in my article “the Ballad of John & Boko“:

However, I can see Qureshi Modo making regular headlines from now on.


Fuck me, he looks like an Asian Jimmy Carr now.

The new article then continues:

Sharmeena Begum, 15, was raised by her uncle Shamim Miah, a devout Muslim and former religious scholar.

And to my knowledge, that fact has never been revealed before today.

He encouraged her to pray each dawn before classes at Bethnal Green Academy in Tower Hamlets.

He blames the airport authorities, police and her school for letting Sharmeena flee the country last December, flying from Gatwick to Turkey before crossing the border to Syria.

Controversially, he has turned for advice to Cage, the hardline human rights group whose leaders have said IS executioner Jihadi John is a ‘beautiful young man’.

In an exclusive interview this week, Mr Miah, 38, sat at the kitchen table of his terraced house, a few minutes’ walk from the academy in East London.

Strange then that he didn’t have his photo taken to accompany the “exclusive” article:

It is where Sharmeena lived with him, her mother Shahnaz – until her death from cancer aged 33 last year – and her grandmother, Jahanara, 66.

And that sentence would then beg the question as to how Sharmeena got her surname.

I mean we know that her dad is called Mohammed Uddin and her mum was called Shahnaz Begum and is indeed, later referred to as MRS Begum.

Therefore Miah must be her side of the families surname.

Now, Sharmeena’s old man has been married twice and devout Muslims do not have children out of wedlock. Therefore it is safe to assume that his first marriage was to Shahnaz… So, even if Shahnaz was also married twice, Sharmeena is extremely unlikely to have taken her step-father’s name.

Moreover, the way that Uncle Shamim (close name again see) is talking would suggest that his niece had lived in his Mothers house – Sharmeena’s grandmother – all her life… In other words, this story already has more holes in it than a tramps underpants.

Close to tears – aren’t they always – he disclosed how his niece used £1,000 to go to Syria, money given by relatives after her mother’s death as a traditional gift in Bangladeshi families to show respect for the deceased.

Again, I will remind you that Uddin stated in the original story that: Sharmeena fled to Syria after persuading her grandmother to give her £500.

Yet that is half the amount that Uncle Miah is now claiming Sharmeena asked her nan for.

And neither did Dad Uddin so much as hint that the money was Sharmeena’s legacy as a result of her mother kicking the bucket.

‘At first her Nan – my mother –kept the money safe. Then Sharmeena asked to open her own bank account and she gave the cash to her,’ said Mr Miah.

She also pressed to keep her passport in her bedroom and we allowed that too. If her mother had not died, she would never have had money to go.’

So, she already had her fucking passport then!

Mr Miah was born in Bangladesh and came to this country as a boy with his parents. He studied Islam before becoming a takeaway restaurant owner and now works nights at a supermarket.

‘I have known Sharmeena since she was born,’ he said. ‘She grew up in my house with her mother Shahnaz, my sister.’

BINGO! So where does the surname Begum come from then?

He explained that Sharmeena’s father, Mohammad Uddin, had not often lived at the house because his work took him away so often.

Again, that is a total contradiction since Uddin says that he didn’t come to England until 2007 so he wouldn’t fucking stay there would he. And although he doesn’t give a reason for that absence, he doesn’t say it was because of work.

Moreover, if he wasn’t about much because he was working away to feed his family then it is a cast iron guarantee that his wife wouldn’t have had an affair with a Mr Begum, divorced Uddin, married Bigum and changed Sharmena’s surname in the process.

Mr Uddin, 39, a waiter, has remarried and lives with his new wife in a block of flats in Bethnal Green.

Mr Miah has been interviewed by police about his missing niece and the disappearance of her three classmates: Shamima Begum, 15, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and Amira Abase, 15, earlier this year. 

But her uncle denies his devotion to Islam influenced Sharmeena. He has already been asked by police if she was radicalised at home.

‘The loss of her mum turned my niece’s life upside down despite our Islamic belief that earthly life means nothing,’ he said. ‘It is the hereafter that we prepare for. She turned to religion after her death.’

Fuck me, Uncle Idiot is contradicting himself now.

He feels let down by police and the school, alleging that neither care about Sharmeena ‘because she is a Muslim girl’.

I would agree with that although they do care when it fucking suits them.

Mr Miah added: ‘You tell the police everything you know but they seem to do nothing to get Sharmeena back. I am really scared of what they might do to me if I am blamed for her going to Syria.’

Or put another way: Scared of what they might do to him if he doesn’t go along with this pathetic charade.

He is also worried for Sharmeena if she does return to the UK.

‘I believe she will be prosecuted. I don’t think she will ever be allowed to return to our home. The police will want information from her about the Islamic State and life will never be normal for her again.’

Again, if she really existed then she would face prosecution, although Bernie Hog Howe has publicly stated that the girls won’t be arrested if they come home… Yet since everyone else is being arrested on return, I can’t see how the plod can avoid not nicking the nippers.

Although it has to be said that it is a cunt when you can now be arrested just for going abroad.

Reliving the morning his niece disappeared, Mr Miah told how the teenager said her prayers at 5am as usual. ‘The early prayers are what we do every day in our Muslim religion,’ he explained solemnly.

Sharmeena then came downstairs and told her grandmother that she had extra classes at school.

On a Saturday! However Uncle Idiot again reinforces the fact that Sharmeena lived there, whereas her old man says that she was just on an overnight stop-over.

‘She left at about nine in Western clothes, leaving her Asian ones. We do not know whether she took a taxi, bus or train to the airport. Or if she was picked up by a car. I came back from the night shift at ten but I was not alarmed.’

Really? Despite his niece leaving at 9 AM and her old man stating in the original story that: She was not even allowed to travel the one mile down the road from her home to Whitechapel by herself?

But by midday, the family was worried. They rang Sharmeena’s mobile but had no answer. At 5pm, it was offering to take messages in Turkish. ‘We realised she was abroad and I rang the local police, who said she was a missing girl who would come home,’ said Mr Miah.

So, Uncle Idiot is now claiming that he did exactly what his brother in law also claims that he did too.

He found a UK number on Sharmeena’s phone records which she had rung constantly, including the morning she disappeared.

When he called it, a woman’s voice said: ‘Who is Sharmeena? I don’t know a Sharmeena’ and put the phone down.

Mr Miah now suspects the woman was an IS recruiter based in London. ‘In my faith, we believe in an eye for an eye, a life for a life, and I would like to kill the person who persuaded her to go away,’ he said.

‘I also feel let down by the authorities, who allowed Sharmeena out to Syria and then three of her friends, all from the same school.’

When Sharmeena went missing, he alerted her father and told him he must go to the academy and warn teachers what might happen to other girls.

Mr Uddin did but said staff did not listen to him. Mr Miah went a day later and saw a senior teacher.

‘I said parents should be warned their daughters might go to Syria. I offered to speak to them myself but I have not been invited.’

Frustrated, Mr Miah turned to officials at Cage, who told him Sharmeena went to Syria ‘to get married’ or ‘for radicalisation’ by IS.

Total bollocks.

He feels it is the only organisation listening to him or which might help get her back. However, some of his family blame him for her disappearance, added Mr Miah.

‘We knew nothing about her plan. I am in shock. Her grandmother is so upset.

‘We think only of Sharmeena and worry if she has enough food to eat in Syria. We feel hopeless.’ Source

I love the way that these hoaxes evolve as they go along.

Now interestingly enough Mohammed Uddin shares his name with a convicted terrorist who was one of the men charged with terrorist offences in connection to the 2006 transatlantic aircraft terrorist plot in the United Kingdom.

Terrorist Uddin was also one of the nineteen charged whose bank accounts were frozen by the Bank of England

Not that I am saying that they are the same fella of course.


Although the photo of Uddin the dad is recent and the photo of Uddin the bad is AT LEAST 5 years old – in all probability even a lot older – there is still a resemblance there.

And the fact that the charges relate back to 2006, but did not get to court until December 2009 along with the fact that whilst Uddin’s co-defendants were found guilty and given very lengthy prison sentences, Uddin was cleared of the serious charges and given a 15 month prison sentence for possessing extremist paraphernalia, could very well indicate that Uddin had chosen to roll-over for the MIT.

Now, when the story of the trio broke only Shamena Begrum and Kadija Sultana – or Kadiza Sultana, again depending on which newspaper you read – were the only two of the trio named.

Mind you, I have also seen Kadiza named as Khadija Aziz – the same surname as her cousin who spoke for the Sultana family at the Homo Affairs Committee meeting.

Stranger still, 16 year old Kadija has a 16 year old sister named Jubeyda Rauf and another sister called Halima Khanom (source) so go and figure.


But nevertheless, Amira Abase was not named in the press to begin with on the EXPRESSED INSTRUCTIONS of her GERMAN family.


Now if the family requested that she not be named then that information must be right.

After all, when a parent says to the press: “Nennen Sie unsere Tochter und ich werde Sie verklagen zu ficken”! Then you just know that they are not English… Not that I do know for sure whether or not Abase Hussain or his Missus actually said that.

And just so as you know that it isn’t a one off:


Fuck me, that last report has everything doesn’t it?

I mean, we now know that Amira Abase telling her old man that she was off to a wedding at 8 AM on a tuesday morning and Shamena Begum telling her folks that she was off to school despite not wearing her uniform and the fact that it was half term are indeed extremely plausible explanations.

So, with that in mind, have a butchers at the following photos.


You have to admit that the model being named Jamila Henry is extremely coincidental given the girls looks.

But anyway, it is good to know that the girls classmates are going to get the grief counselling that they deserve.


If only we had grief counselling when I was at school. I tell ya, every time someone left I was an emotional wreck for at least 6 months.

Mind you, they got it hopelessly wrong with the airfare since we were told that the girls paid £120 each for their tickets.


Only £880 quid out on the plane tickets then, although I did feel my bottom suck itself in when I read about the ISIS online price guide for new recruits… Dog give me fucking strength.


Mind you, it is a good job that I don’t do Jihadi Johning because I’m fucked if I could afford to go… And I’m not a rapper either, so I wouldn’t qualify for a free scholarship or anything.

Course, there is another indicator to suggest a big time hoax is taking place by the fact that there is a note… After all, no self respecting hoax is complete without a note to fill in the blanks.

And I hope that they remembered to take their school uniforms…  I mean, they are all straight A students according to the Chimp, and it would be a shame to just let their education go to waste.

Especially when they can enroll in the prestigious University of Isisland:


Absolute comedy gold that.

I’ll bet every time that the teacher turns around the class joker keeps making a loud farting noise… I mean, the joker would certainly never get caught would he… Or she?

Mind you, I will also bet that any EDL members – “members” being an appropriately descriptive word – reading this article would be up in arms about their dress code.


There is probably some Irony in there somewhere, but I am fucked if I can spot it.

Mind you, whoever made that placard should have left the ‘HA’ off the end of Burkha… I fucking hate racists, I do.

Course, if you believe that all these barking mad, clever cunt teenagers are silly enough to throw their life down the pan, then you must be barking too.

Never the less, the press wants it all ways as usual. I mean when they were reporting on Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale the MSM, would-be-journalists were forever pointing out that the pair were not really British despite them being… Errrr… British.

Yet on the other hand, the Hacks Cack’s are desperate to claim nine clever cunts, studying to be DOCTORS at a university in SUDAN, who have allegedly fucked off to join ISIS in Syria, are British:

Nine British medical students have travelled to Syria to work in hospitals in Islamic State-held areas, it emerged last night.

Four women and five men entered the country last week, keeping their plans secret from relatives until shortly before they crossed the border.

Turkish politician Mehmet Al Ediboglu told The Observer: ‘We all assume they are in Tel Abyad now, which is under Isis control.

The group, in their late teens and early 20s, are all Britons of Sudanese descent studying at the University of Medical Sciences and Technology in Khartoum, where it is feared they were radicalised.

They have been named as Hisham Mohammed Fadlallah, Lena Maumoon Abdulqadir, Tamer Ahmed Ebu Sebah, Rowan Kamal Zine El Abidine, Sami Ahmed Kadir, Ismail Hamadoun, Nada Sami Kader, Mohamed Osama Badri Mohammed and Tasneem Suleyman.

They have been joined by two other medics from the United States and Canada, also of Sudanese origin.

Mr Ediboglu wrote on his Facebook page: ‘Eleven doctors – nine British and two Sudanese – came to Turkey a week ago to join ISIS.

‘The families of the young people have been in Turkey to search for them and bring them back. Source

Did you clock how long it took the hypocritical cunts to say that they were not even in England?

And this is the beauty of hoaxes that are about people with Asian names. You see, the script writers can put down any consonants & vowels in any order they like to form a persons name, because no one makes any attempt to read them properly… I mean, how many of you read that list of names – properly – to the end?

Moreover, because the snakey scriptwriters make the names sound – or look – the same, even those who attempt to read them properly can never really get a grasp of who is who.

Indeed, I am only just getting the hang of it, and I have been writing about people who all have Muhammed or Ishmael or Al’ Something or other in their names, for years now.

And this is how they get away with using the same people over and over again to play multiple parts.

In fact the cunts have got that cockey that – as we have seen – they even use the same person to play 3 people in one photo… Talk about taking the piss.

So, you will not be surprised that they have done the same thing with those nine, frightfully English, student doctors.


Course, no doubt those who have fuck all constructive to add will claim that the gap in Yoghurts front teeth is too wide for her to be Abase or Rena Begum, and to those people I would say that: “Hey, well spotted now toddle off and play”.

After all, gaps in teeth can easily be exploited on photoshop.


I should also say that I am glad my Stacey isn’t a Jihadi Jackie type teenager either, as I couldn’t afford to go to Turkey to look for her as seems to be the done thing these days.

But I am heading off track… So lets keep it that way – sort of.

Now Mohamed Osama Bardi Mohammed – made up name if I ever heard one – who is number 8 in the above is the chap who plays ISIS leader Al Baghdadi and going on the first, obviously crap quality, photo of “hero” Germanwings pilot, Patrick Sondheimer (the one who went for a piss only to find himself locked out of the cockpit when he got back), Mohammed also plays him too… Have a butchers:

ttt Germanwings01.jpg

Talk about blatant, in ya face, fuck you, ya mug punters… The arrogance of these cunts knows no bounds, don’t cha know.

But it doesn’t even end there, because the following is what you get when you match half of Pilot Pat Ondabach’s face with half of the 3rd early version of Baghdadi Bill:


Course, when you realise that all these tewwowists are just actors – a practice that has been going on for years – you question yourself as to how you ever fell for the crap in the first place.

For instance, there was quite a big thing made about the shooting of Abdul Hadi Arwani last week. and with that in mind, lets have a short history about these MSM/government created monsters.


In fact the reason that al-Baghdadi and his predecessors are all quoted as being Al Quareder is because despite the re-written history books, ISIS didn’t exist back in 2012.

Mind you, it is strange that the above newspaper report has used a photo of Nidal Malik Hasan, the alleged shooter of 13 people at Fort Hood in 2009.


Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if the idea for the ISIS tewwowist group – whom according to the MSM, al-Qaeda are terrified of – was formed in the scriptwriters heads following an Egyptian protest in 2012.


This madness – and it is sheer madness – just has to stop. We simply can’t carry on like this!

I mean, that Germanwings plane crash has made massive news and still is making massive news, but I would have thought that the fact that the pilot of the plane is the same fella who is going to take over the world (if the MSM are to be believed), namely ISIS leader, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, would have been worthy of a fucking small mention at least… Piss taking cunts, taking the piss out of us all.

However, as a footnote to Abdul Arwani being shot dead whilst sat in his car the other week, in what the press described as being a “professional job” – he was shot in the chest, no laughing now – Arwani has apparently already been replaced at his Mosque in Acton by a “hardliner” named Hassan Anyabwile:

An imam who was gunned down in the street in a murder that is thought to have links to terrorism had been replaced at his mosque by a Caribbean preacher involved in an attempted coup d’état 25 years ago.

Abdul Hadi Arwani, 48, was found slumped in a Volkswagen Passat on Wednesday morning in Wembley. The imam, described as ‘the most peaceful man you could ever wish to meet’, had gun wounds to the chest.

He was said to have been embroiled in dispute with his former workplace, the An-Noor mosque in Acton, where he had been replaced by Hassan Anyabwile from Trinidad and Tobago.

The name of Mr Anyabwile, 53, appears in Caribbean parliament documents surrounding a violent coup attempt in 1990 by Muslim group Jamaat al Muslimeen. Source

… So will the real Hassan Anyabwile please stand up.


Okay, lets get back on track.

And if our trio of young girlies were hoping for a bit of romance like they were promised, then I am afraid that they will be sadly disappointed.

I mean, the Chimp obviously wants us all to believe that the tewwowist’s are all rapist paedophiles that much is evident by their numerous articles about gang rapes and sex slaves. Then there is the constant references to “grooming” – a term again associated with paedophiles.

And just so as the Chimp readers cannot possibly be in any doubt they occasionally publish in ya face shit like the following, which also reaffirms the old fanny about their use of an encryption application preventing the MIT and their multi-billion pound budget from eavesdropping on their evil plans:

Detailed instructions on how to travel to Syria using an encrypted smartphone application were soon provided by the ISIS member to the 5 News reporter, using an encrypted smartphone application.

It included advice on how to evade the authorities.

The journalist was told: ‘It’s not hard. U dont need to know arabic there’s plenty of britani bros here… U can stay with me if u want. Until u get married.’

‘Comeasap. There’s sisters coming every day.’

When the reporter posing as a teenage girl interest in heading to Syria was asked what to pack on her journey to the war-torn country, they were told: ‘Lingerie, loool…‘ Source


And what young girl could possibly say no?


Yet once again this is just another one of many, many examples where the cunts want it both ways.

You see, there was another bullshite article released by the Chimp allegedly showing a man and woman being stoned to death for having a bit of ‘hows your father’ out of wedlock:

Gruesome new images have emerged showing Islamic State militants stoning a blindfolded and bound man and woman to death in Iraq after they were accused of having sex before marriage.

Taken in the ISIS-stronghold of Mosul in Nineveh province, the shocking images show a large crowd gathered to watch the jihadis murder the defenceless couple.  Source


I nearly threw up when I saw this gruesome photo!

Mind you, it gave the press the chance to introduce their latest fear figure, in such a way as to make it sound as if the – funny as fuck looking – fella has been notoriously well known since forever:

Young boys clamber onto their fathers’ shoulders to get a better view of the man and woman being charged with ‘fornication’, before the familiar white-bearded face of ISIS’s elderly Mosul-based executioner-in-chief Abu Ansar al-Ansari orders their stoning to death.


Utter, utter bollocks, as are all the False Flag’s that have been carried out over the past few weeks – all of which we are told, ISIS have taken the credit for.

Now as you know, I have yet to finish the Tunisian article, but that was ISIS’sisisisis doing… Apparently.

As was the utter, utter bollocks about the multiple suicide bombings at two Mosques in the Yemen on the 20th of March.

As was the Kenyan University Shooting of the 3rd of April supposedly carried out by Al Shaboom, Shaboom Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart, who are now supposedly a subsidiary of ISIS… In fact you don’t even need to look at the photos to realise that the old fanny is made up bollox.

Indeed all you need do is read the opening few sentences of the Monkey-Shite in regard to that hoax:

The heartbreaking last message a Kenyan student sent her boyfriend before she was murdered by al-Shabaab extremists reveals the terrifying last moments inside the besieged university campus.

A text message, believed to be sent by student Jane Akinyi from inside Garissa University College, tells her boyfriend ‘in case we don’t see each other again, just know I love you’.

A screenshot of the emotional words, written in Swahili, is being shared widely on social media as students who survived the massacre tell their harrowing stories.  Source

Yeah, yeah… Talk about see through.

Yet the useless, absolutely pathetic, would be journalists at the Daily Chimpanzee try so hard to make their descriptions emotive don’t they. I mean: “The heartbreaking last message”… *GAG

Course, there is fuck all heartbreaking about it for us, but to maintain control the elites have to tell us how we should feel about any given subject, all delivered via Dacre’s Dunces and their ilk.

However, until these bloodthirsty, ruthless tewwowists start targeting politicians and government buildings then these false flags are never going to have any credibility… Don’t get me wrong, the cunts are beginning to realise that these hoaxes are not having the desired effect and as such, I did see that our Homo Secretary, the Right Orrible Transvestite, Terry May was mentioned in the press as being a possible target.

Nevertheless, until I see absolute proof of her splattered up the wall, these tewwor attacks will remain total bollocks.

I mean come on, wakey wakey, how the fuck is shooting students or blowing up Mosques going to give the half-baked fakes any furtherance to their cause?

The very fact that we haven’t seen any Politicians or high profile VIP’s targeted should be enough to tell you that its all bollocks.

After all, I know for a fact that killing a politician would be a piece of piss.

For instance, I have seen my MP, Jimmy D, stood outside Greggs in Rochford Square, handing out flyers with only two birds in tow – no doubt chatting bollocks to anyone who would listen… And not a bodyguard in sight.

I’ve even seen David Amess, MP in Tesco’s buying flowers… On his own. Yet these tewwowists appear to not have the slightest interest in targeting those that they should be.

Instead they target members of the public? Fuck off witcha!

Why do terrorists exist?

Well basically, because they are opposed to their government (or more unrealistically opposed to other countries governments) and want to change things, be that for the better or for the worse… Therefore why would they alienate the people that they are going to need on side?

They are never going to achieve their aim by killing innocent people, when they could just as easy eliminate a politician who stands in their way?

Indeed, even if you bought into the governments bullshit, the tewwowists would still make a much more far reaching statement just by having a suicide bomber mingling with the crowds stood outside Downing Street or Buck House… After all, those gates open more often than Jordans legs to let dignitaries and politicians in an out leaving the suicide bomber free to charge… Fuck me, it wouldn’t even matter if the VIP was killed or not.

That would certainly make a lot more sense than say, planting a bomb in a supermarket for instance and shooting students and innocents makes no fucking sense whatsoever.

Mind you, according to the Monkey-Boyz, ISIS could easily afford to buy a fleet of specially adapted, reinforced, bulletproof lorries jammed full of explosives which they could then say, drive straight at the palace gates or something.

I mean fuck me, they could be through them and smashing through the palace’s front doors before Matt Busby-Hat even has time to take aim:

A new study of the Islamic State’s finances has revealed previous that estimates suggesting the terror group earns $2billion every year could be far too low.

ISIS’ finance chief Sheikh Abu Saad al-Ansari – who operates from ISIS’ Iraqi stronghold Mosul – is understood to have recently approved the terror group’s first annual budget  – revealing and estimated spend of $2 billion this year, plus a expected surplus of $250 million.

The budget suggests ISIS’ annual income could be as much a quarter of a billion dollars more than experts previously suggested – with the bulk of the terror group’s revenue coming from oil sales, organ harvesting, ransom and extortion payments, and the looting and sale of ancient antiquities. Source

As if!

Mind you, I had to laugh at that article speculating on the Tewwowist groups financial clout… Total, total nonsense.

I mean, can you imagine the scenario:

“Smith! I want you to work out how much money ISIS have in the bank… Have the figures on my desk by the end of the day”.

The article also stated that half of the heroin in europe comes from ISIS… So obviously ISIS must now be in control of Afghanistan.

Yet if there was any truth in that old bollox the Duck of Edinburgh would be fucking frantic: “Bliddy hell Liz! Them bliddy terrorists are treading on ones toes”!

However, surely if the European Narcotics Agency – or whatever they are called – know the amount of heroin that is in Europe at any given time, then the cunts must know where it is.

Nevertheless, before I get back on track, lets have a look at some photos from those totally made-up play acts of recent weeks, starting with the Yemeni suicide bombber clarts.


And as for the African arm of ISIS and their TOTALLY POINTLESS shooting spree, well I thought that ISIS were recruiting students from African Universities, not shooting them up to fuck?

Mind you I just had to screenshot some of the photos from the dippy shit, so as I could keep the Chimps captions on them… You really couldn’t make the following shite up in a million years:


Okay, let’s get back to the underage threesome and that long 3000 mile trek that they bravely made from their homes in Bethnal Green to the *big yawn* ISIS stronghold of Raqqa… Although I would imagine that in reality, Bethnal Green is a lot more violent.

Now to be honest I don’t even know why I am giving this journey the attention that it doesn’t deserve because as I said earlier there is no way on earth that these 3 kids would even attempt it… Let alone their 2 friends who made the journey solo.

Indeed, I speak from experience having brought Stacey up on my own, which over the years has brought me into contact with numerous friends of hers, and I’m telling you this wouldn’t happen even if they had a lift from A-B.

They are not even seasoned travellers for fucks sake.

But let’s say that they were and they did really get there, what were they going to live on when they did?

I mean we are constantly being told that these girls are all star pupils and a cut above your average Dopey Dora, so they presumably had a plan?

It is all bollocks. In children’s storybooks from a hundred years ago young lads used to run away to join the circus. Fast forward to 2015 and the adventure stories have young girls running away to join the terrorists.

You see, when you really think about it logically, it is all far too far fetched to even envisage the scenario.

Never the less, let’s get it over with.

Now we know that the girls left home about 8 AM and caught a bus to Gatwick airport. Quite why when the tube is quicker and cheaper is anyones guess.

This following is the Chimps account of their journey:

Few could have predicted what 15-year-old Amira Abase would do next.

Two weeks ago, in the middle of half-term, she abruptly walked out of her family’s council home in East London, wearing black jeans and trainers.

She caught a bus to Gatwick Airport and flew to Istanbul with two fellow Muslim classmates, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and Shamima Begum, 15.

Next — in footage captured by CCTV cameras — the trio waited in the snow to board another bus to travel to the Turkish border with Syria. There, Islamic State militants were waiting for them.

The girls, by now dressed in burkas, were bundled into cars and disappeared to a life where they will have to marry a fighter selected for them, never step foot outside without him, and become a household drone doing chores restricted to women.

Intelligence services say they may even be trained to become fighters themselves.

Amira is not the first Western girl to join Islamic State. Police said this week that 60 young British women, many of them schoolgirls, have left for Syria. Few, however, have been radicalised so swiftly as Amira Abase.

Back in East London, her friends — many of them non-Muslims — have given a series of exclusive interviews to explain how she had changed before their eyes. Source

Slow down Monkey Man.

So, the bus journey would take them an hour and a quarter and they would need to be at Gatwick at least 2 hours before their flight to Istanbul. That takes them to 11:15 AM.

Unsurprisingly, there is an awful lack of CCTV footage from Gatwick to back the timeline up, or even prove that they were there.


Now according to Google, flight TK 1966 departs Gatwick at 12:35 PM and lands at Istanbul at 18:25 PM local time being as Istanbul is 2hrs ahead of us… So obviously the 6:40PM time stated above is Turkey time.

The following is what the Chimp states about the flight time and the CCTV photos which we will look at shortly – and which are all obviously local time on the date stamps


On departing the airport, the girls then had a half hour journey to Istanbul’s massive Bayrampasa bus station, so if we say an hour all told for getting out of the airport, catching a taxi, or however they got there and the journey itself, that takes the time to 7:40PM Turkey time.

We are then told that the girls had a 17 hour wait for a coach to take them to Gaziantep , which can take as little as 15 hours or as long as 20… That begs the question as to why they didn’t take the train or even fly?

In the event, the BBC claim that the journey took them 16 hours, but by the same token claims that the girls had an 18 hour wait at Bayrampasa.

Moreover, you have to ask why they had to wait 17 hours (18 according to some reports) for a coach when – according to Fox News – there are five coach operators who each make one trip a day:

An official at another bus company told five buses carrying an average total of 320 people make the trip to Gaziantep every day. As a private company, it is under no obligation to record who gets on or off. Source

Nevertheless, lets have some photos.


Okay, taking a quick pit stop here because as is the case with these major articles that take time to write and which are continually evolving; new information becomes available, as you witnessed earlier in this article.

And on this occasion the new information is to the cunts detriment thankfully.

Now amongst this new information is confirmation of a theory that I mentioned earlier, namely that the Company name in the Urfa Cesur office is blurred out because the shop does not belong to Urfa Cesur.

Indeed, the interior footage is actually filmed in the Camel Cock Company shop – or Kamil KoÇ to give the Coach Firm its proper name.

Anyway, I just thought that I best explain before this next batch to avoid any confucius arising since we are now forced to revisit that last batch of photos because of the amendments… Confused?

You fucking will be in a minute.

0 (5)ball2

Now I do apologise for having to repeat that sequence so many times but it wasn’t my fault. I mean, the MSM must have all of the photos so why hold them back until a later date?

Nevertheless, we can now carry on with the timeline sequence.

clothes0 (2)benaauntie26

Now, you might remember that the Beeb reckoned that the bus journey took 16 hours. Therefore they would have got to their destination at around 5:40 AM.

So where did they go when they arrived?

Mind you, exactly where their destination was is a matter of dispute.

For instance the Chimp had the trio going to Akcakale.


So, the Chimp have the girls entering Syria via the town of Akcakale, as testified to by “smugglers” no less.

However, according to the BBC:

Three British girls believed to have been smuggled into Syria from Turkey were met at the border by Islamic State militants, the BBC has learned.

One of the people smugglers, who called himself Ali Kathem, said the teenagers were driven to the border where they walked the few steps into Syria.

A group of waiting IS men “immediately picked them up with cars”, he said.

Mr Kathem told BBC correspondent James Reynolds in Gaziantep, south east Turkey, that he was one of a well-established network of people smugglers affiliated with the Islamic State.

He said a smuggler drove the girls up to the border with Syria several days ago.

Now, Akcakale to Gaziantep is a two and a half hour, 126 mile car drive.

Nevertheless, the Beeb article continues:

“The distance is not far. As soon as they crossed into ISIS-held area, ISIS members were waiting for them,” he said.

“One of the ISIS smugglers smuggled them in, and Abu Ali with his men received them on the other side.”

Mr Kathem said he knew the driver and the vehicle used, and the information he had received was “100% confirmed”.

“They were waiting at the border fence on the Syrian side – so as soon as the girls jumped out of the car, the ISIS men received them on the other side,” he said.

Sources have suggested the three girls, all “straight-A students” at Bethnal Green Academy in east London, entered the country near the Kilis border crossing five or six days ago. Source

So, a huge contradiction there then.

We have also been told that their coach tickets were for Sanhurfa (Urfa).

The following has been translated into English – badly – but you will get the general gist easy enough:

Shamian to Begum, Amira Abas and Cádiz Sultana is was found to be at the bus station of the three young girls in Şanlıurfa traveling companies of the camera. A bus company security camera that is displayed by the three young girls, is seen first as a waiting ticket in a company. They wait for 15 hours resulting in the bus station and 16 year old girls appeared to have acted with a bus the next day noon 13.23’t Sanliurfa. Source

Course, widely conflicting information published in the MSM is common practice where government hoaxes are concerned.


And it is also worth reminding you that the Chimp also states in the photo batch above that the trio went to Aria… Which according to Google Maps, does not exist.

However, a big thing was made in the press of a Turkish National supposedly working for the Canadian Security Services, welcoming the girls on their arrival at Gaziantep and then driving them to the border – which he described as being an hours drive from Syria

A Haber, an Istanbul-based news network, released footage showing the man, identified as Mohammed al-Rashed, speaking to the girls in a Turkish town near the border before the trio board a vehicle to cross into Syria. The footage, captured by a hidden camera by Rashed, recorded in Gaziantep, a Turkish province bordering with Syria, shows Rashed welcoming the girls as they exit a taxicab. He tells them they will be in Syria “within an hour,” as they carry their bags to another vehicle and adds that he will not go with them.

Gülbek said that based on information discovered on Rashed’s laptop computer, he helped 140 Britons travel to Syria to join ISIS apart from the three girls. Rashed allegedly handed recruits to an ISIS commander who is a British citizen. Quoting his sources, Gülbek said the three British girls were currently in Raqqa and were “brides” for ISIS militants.

Star also reported Rashed entered and departed Turkey 33 times starting in 2013 through Istanbul and border crossings between Turkey and Syria. The article said photos of passports of 20 people, including the three British girls, were found on the hard drive of the computer in his possession, along with hidden camera footage showing potential ISIS recruits traveling to Syria. Several documents containing his correspondence with the Canadian intelligence service were also discovered on the hard drive. Rashed reportedly had money transfers from Britain, from $800 to $1500, from people with Arabic-sounding names. He told police he sent money to his relatives in Syria’s Raqqa through a jeweler in Şanlıurfa.

The video footage filmed by the suspect himself shows the girls’ detailed journey from Turkey into Syria. The three girls first arrive at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, then head to the southern city of Gaziantep near the Syrian border. In Gaziantep, they take a cab to the location which they had been earlier informed about and are greeted by the suspect.

The suspect starts filming with his camera when the girls arrive and asks for the girls’ names. He instructs them to take their baggage and not to leave anything behind. He informs the girls that they will be in Syria within one hour. The girls’ journey then continues in another car. The suspect delivers the girls to ISIS in Syria and returns to Turkey, later to be apprehended by Turkish authorities. Source

So with that being the case, we best look at some photos of that encounter in Gaziantep


Just more muddying of the waters then… Which is never enough for these cunts.

You see, within a week of the Mohammed Rashed bullcrap story appearing, the Chimp had capitalised on it:

A mother has fled to Syria with her two young children to join Islamic State.

Rehana Begum Islam abandoned her husband of 14 years, vanishing overnight with her eight-year-old son and three-year-old daughter.

The 33-year-old travelled from Heathrow to Istanbul on February 14 and then took an internal flight to Gaziantep, a city on Turkey’s border with Syria.

She is believed to have been helped by a Syrian who was arrested last week on suspicion of getting three east London schoolgirls across the border.

Her passport details were found on his laptop – showing she and her children have been with Islamic State fanatics for five weeks.

Mrs Islam’s devastated husband Azizul says he has not stopped crying since police revealed she had travelled to Gaziantep, a popular gateway to Syria for foreign fighters and jihadi brides. Read More

So, another Begum!

And having travelled to Syria with 2 young children, 3 days before the trio of teens made their journey; no one in the press thought to mention it until March the 22nd apparently… Roger that.

Course, having now invented this spin off saga, the cunts pushed it further still – just two short days later:

An eight-year-old boy believed to have been taken to Syria by his radicalised mother had scrawled the word ‘jihad’ across the walls of his play room.

Rehana Begum Islam abandoned her husband of 14 years, vanishing overnight with her eight-year-old son and three-year-old daughter. The 33-year-old travelled from Heathrow to Istanbul where she is believed to have entered Syria with her young children.

But before the boy was taken, a neighbour has revealed that the walls of his play room in the family shed were daubed with the word ‘jihad’ by the child, who was taught how to pray by his mother. Source


Total, shameless tosh.

It all is.

You see, most of the time the photographs used by the MSM – especially the dodgy ones that are used to manipulate, falsely evidence or distort the facts – will have had all trace of origins removed.

But sometimes, just sometimes, some of these photos slip through the net with the all important information left on there.

Course, there is no need to remove any information from legit photos such as the modeling shots of Jamila Henry which all retain the photographs history.

Therefore you only need to click on such a photo to bring up a drop down menu from which you can access the photo’s history.

So taking one of Jamila’s modeling photos as an example, have a butchers at this:


Okay, what this tells us – and remember, I am not a photo expert but the info speaks for itself – is that the photo file was created on the 26th of October 2013 at 11:01:16 AM… Therefore the photograph was taken on or before that date.

The photographer didn’t alter it in anyway and Digitized it at the same time. And then it was modified on the 5th of April 2015 at 06:48:25 AM – which would have been my contribution to the photo.

Anyway, it was whilst looking for a – decentish – photo of the trio at Gatwick airport that I moved the cursor over one of the selection of such photos, and in doing so the information that I have arrowed in the screenshot  below flashed up.


Not that such an occurrence is rare you understand.

Nevertheless, you probably can’t read what the information says, so what with me being a Good Joe, I chopped the blurb up into sections and put them back together in shorter rows.


Course, it was obviously that last line that caught my attention, followed by the information underlined in the top row: “ISSUED BY THE METROPOLITAN POLICE”. 

So, I clicked on the photos information which came up with the following.


And you can see that the photo information clearly states twice that the photo file was “created” – taken – on the 8th of May 2013… Or put another way, the photo of 3 girls running away to Syria on the 17th of February 2015 was taken on or before the 8th of May 2013.

Now the blurb states that the Met issued the photo to the press on the 25th of February 2015, which must have been in its original form i.e Unaltered after which, whoever the photo was issued to, altered it on the 1st of March 2015 at 10:25 AM.

And obviously – as I have just said – the change on the 5th of April 2015 was my contribution.

Therefore, unless I am a bit thick – although I did say that I am not a photographer – the METROPOLITAN POLICE released the photo to the press in order to promote the hoax as being real, despite knowing that the photo was nearly 2 years old  … And if you are not all greatly fucked of by that fact, then you are on the wrong fucking page.

Course, it isn’t just the plod and judiciary who are doing the government’s bidding. The BBC are also complicit in the government corruption. You see, the Beeb aired a program about these Jihadi Jackies just a couple of weeks ago that was in fact nothing more than a whole hour of make believe.

Hardly surprising though is it… After all, birds of a feather and all that.

twins3 (1)

And apart from one more segment which I will leave for the end, that is just about it for the girls… I mean, you can’t find someone who doesn’t exist can you?

Nevertheless, that still leaves fake dad, Abase Hussen and the phoney outrage that the MSM ordered us to voice.

You see, it turns out that Hussen – with his awful fake accent – is radishaliesed himself, and even took his daughter Amira to a violent protest… So, that will be a big, big fucking yawn, for the most bizarre attempt at photoshopping you have ever seen… Which you will in just a moment.

Course, funnier still is the plod’s response to the claim that Hussen is seen in a video at the protest with Anjem Choudary, Michael Adebolajo, and Michael Adebowale.

And according to the Chimp, that response was: “Scotland Yard said it would examine the footage to see if any offences had been committed”.


I mean the lying Piss-Flaps in the press would have known a long time ago had the two Michaels been at a protest together – and indeed they would have had a field day with the fact.

Moreover, so would the filth.

So the very idea that the Pigs with Space behind their ears would need to examine a video that they would have already examined a trillion zillion times before;“to see if any offences had been committed”, has all the credibility of a fella dressed up like Co-Co the fucking clown telling you that dog-shit sandwiches taste nice.


Still, it must have been too hard to photoshop Hussen, Choudary, Adebolajo and Adebowale all into one video and as such, they dropped Adebolajo.

Have a butchers at these.



Now before I continue, check out how different the last two photos are. Indeed, it is a completely different fella stood next to Snow.

Meanwhile White is getting hassled by someone with no sleeves who is holding a flag… Yet the photo and the video screenshot are supposedly taken at the same time.

As for the little fella that I have arrowed in the screenshot… Well realistically he can only be the little fella seen stood behind White’s left shoulder.

Okay, lets get back to it:


Indeed, the following UK Column, Youtube video – which you can watch after you have finished reading this article – explains exactly how we are being manipulated into believing that Muslims are our enemy… They are not.

And that leads us to where this article started, with the Chimp’s description of Hussen’s actions at the demo.

Now, notwithstanding that I believe that I have proved Hussen’s presence there to be bollocks, let us see if their description of the events matches their photoshopped, photographic evidence:

His face twisted in fury, Abase Hussen punches his fist into the air and launches into an Islamic war cry.

‘Burn, burn USA,’ he yells from his prime spot at the front of one of the most notorious rallies in recent times.

Once the crowd is whipped into a fever, an American flag is set on fire and held aloft by a fanatic. Video footage shows Mr Hussen desperately trying to hold the burning flag as the chanting behind him intensifies.

He manages to grab the flag briefly before being forced to drop it because of the power of the smoke and flames.

As the remainder of the flag burns on the ground, Mr Hussen chants ‘Allahu Akbar’.

He pushes the palm of his hand repeatedly toward the embers, rejoicing at the destruction of the stars and stripes.

Mr Hussen – the father of one of the three schoolgirls who fled Britain to join Islamic State – then turns his attention to a burning Israeli flag on the floor and begins to chant and gesture toward it. Source 

I physically cringe whenever the Monkey Boys talk about these radishalied extremists chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

I mean, it is almost like they have a mental picture in their heads of how these Radishes should act and they never deviate from that mental image – “mental” being the operative word.

Indeed, it is very much in keeping with their mental images of people “weeping” at a tragedy.  The soft cunts do in fact appear to interpret human behaviour in a Hollywood-esque manner.

Nevertheless, let’s have a look at the photo’s:


The end.

So, I think that it is pretty safe to say that Abase Hussain isn’t who he claims to be either. So who is he?

Well the simple answer is how the fuck should I know… But I will take a guess never the less.

But before I do, I have to say that it is extremely coincidental that the MSM have been trying to ‘normalise’ doppelgangers of late, with a slow build up of articles being published starting from… Well starting from the release of my Glasgow Bin-Lorry Bollocks actually, where I revealed that these crisis actors have an unbelievable number of different personas, most in relationships with a different name & family for every character.

And as coincidence would have it, just today (16/04/15), the Chimp has two big articles about lookalikes meeting each other.

Course, it is all absolute bollocks – fake as fuck – and I can, and fully intend to rip these articles to shreds when I am done here… Indeed, it would be rude of me not to.

So, with that in mind, lets see if I can’t tie Hussen in with someone else complicit in a government hoax.

And in doing so, I will (as always) point out to those thick cunts who love to spread disinformation, whilst at the same time promoting themselves as bastions of the truth despite never doing anything constructive whatsoever – such as the midget, Poison Jimmy and the Kent Flea Bum Movement – that these are just possible alternatives, not facts, that I am suggesting.

They are coming to beat me up apparently… Fuck me, I laughed at that. But I digress, photos please:


Okay, let’s take a break from the photos for a moment or two so as you can read Ahmed Rashid’s cover story… Try not to laugh, its meant to be the truth:

It was summer, and exams had just finished. The young man was on break. The voice on the other end of the line was familiar — a classmate from his medical school in Denmark. But the woman was panicked, and what she said jolted the young man. “If… you’re my friend,” the woman said, “then you need to help me now.”

That, says the young man, is how it began. Weeks later, he would find himself caught up in the violent civil war in Syria, a prisoner of the world’s most feared terror group. But, after a month in captivity, he made his way out.

Few people have ever been held by ISIS and lived to tell the tale. But this young man had already seen enough war to last a lifetime, and had learned to say — and do — whatever it took.

23-year-old Ahmad Rashidi went to Syria this summer to find two missing girls, Salma and Zahra Halane. The twin sisters, 16 years old, had left their home in Manchester, England, and snuck off to Syria to marry jihadist husbands. Their older sister, Rashidi’s classmate, wanted the young man to find the girls, and bring them home.

Rashidi, a shy man with a coy smile, is possessed of enormous confidence. He is no stranger to war, and he reluctantly agreed. “My childhood was full of war and guns,” Rashidi said in an exclusive interview with NBC News. “To run inside a civil war again,” he said, “it was like deja vu.”

Growing up in Afghanistan, Rashidi lost his father, his brother, and one of his own legs. He agreed to go to southern Turkey and, despite his prosthetic leg, make his way on foot into the ISIS-controlled warzone in northern Syria.

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Good that innit? I like the bit where Hopalong Cassidy has to pretend to be a doctor and set a little girls broken leg – which as luck would have it, he had watched a video of how to do it whilst at collage… AS FUCKING IF!

Hmmm, I think it’s best that I just get on with exposing the cunts before I wind myself up too much.


Who the fuck is Hammaad Munshi, I hear you ask… Well, apart from being the fella in the last two right hand side photos, he was the youngest fella to ever be convicted of Terrorism in the UK…. At least he is according to the Times:

The brother of Britain’s youngest convicted terrorist is feared to have travelled to Syria with a schoolboy neighbour to join Islamist militants.

Hassan Munshi and Talha Asmal, who are both 17, are believed to taken a Thomas Cook flight to Dalaman, a resort in eastern Turkey during the Easter holidays and travelled 470 miles before crossing into Syria.

The boys, from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, were reported missing a week ago by their families, who believe they were “groomed and brainwashed”.

Hassan is the younger brother of Hammaad Munshi, who was convicted of terror charges at the age of 18Source

However, since there can be little doubt that Munshi is Rashid is Musallam then that story, like all the rest of the stories surrounding tewwowism, that we are constantly bombarded with by the press, is nothing more than bullshit bollox.

I will also say that in the case of the Boston Bombing Brothers, the older ones death made no sense at all, but did conveniently only leave ONE of them to go on trial.

And since the chief robbing cunts in Parliament are doubtlessly having a divvy-up out of the £17.5 Billion pound yearly security service budget, they are lower than the lowest form of life on this planet and want kicking to fucking death… Harsh?

I don’t give a fuck, they deserve it for what they have done to this once great country and those who inhabit it.

Course, with the trio – Musallam, Rashid & Munshi – all having fake stories, that in turn would also make Munshi’s brothers story (mentioned in the Times article above) also fake wouldn’t it?

Yes, is the answer that you are looking for.

hasad munshia

Now, whilst not wanting to go off topic again, there is a bit more to that last comparison. However, you will need to be open minded.

You see, Jacintha Saldanha is also the double of Naghemeh King – mother of brain tumour boy, Ashya King.

And while we are deep down the rabbit hole there is another candidate for Abase Hussen. Now to consider the candidate you will need to be one of those like myself – who doesn’t believe that these crisis actors really go to prison.

images (1)

You see, John Allen Muhammad who along with his very young partner in crime, 17 year old Lee Boyd Malvo, went on a killing spree in the Washington DC area in 2002… Those of you old enough may remember the case as the ‘sniper in the car’ old fanny.

Muhammad was supposedly executed by the state in 2009… But in the smoke & mirrors world we live in, who is to say.


I’m not saying he is, and I’m not saying he isn’t. It would certainly explain the need for his ridiculous accent though.

Now whilst I have been writing this there has been another two proper pathetic stories published relevant to this article. The first is an update on our teenage trio who have apparently joined the feared ISIS police and the second is about the German Rapper that they call the ISIS Goebbels… And again I feel my buttocks clenching as I type.

Course, in regard to the second bit of old fanny I did write about this unbelievable fella when I wrote about the fictitious Jihadi John.

Unbelievably – or not as the case might be – this new story has been used to up the “threat of attack” level here in the UK… I’m still clenching.

You see, Herman the German has made a music video that has… Sorry, I can’t tell you the story is that pathetic, so I will leave it to the Monkey-Cunts… They have no problems reporting shit:

A German rapper turned Islamic State terrorist has released a propaganda video where he calls on jihadist sleeper cells in Europe to carry out terrorist attacks.

Denis Cuspert, 39, dubbed the ‘Goebbels of ISIS’, sings about planning attacks in Britain, Germany and France, rapping ‘We want your blood’.

This follows reports that British police have raised security levels ahead of  several World War I commemorative events taking place next week.  Source

Course, the ISIS Nazi is also Anjem Choudary’s mate Ricardo Macfarlane.


As for the first new story, well I can’t bring myself to write about that bollox either. Therefore you can read it yourself by clicking HERE

And finally, that other point that I wanted to make about the trio of teens.

Now, you may already know that the Army Cadets were involved in a previous hoax that took place in this country.

Indeed, the articles detailing the Cadets involvement are still readily accessible on this site.

And the cadets that I am going to show you belong to the very same squads as the ones who took part in the other hoax.

The fella who has overall control of these cadets is a fella named Paul Draper who has himself been making headlines these past few weeks.

And of course, I am not stating as fact that the girls in the following photos are Shamema, Amira or Kadiza.