Is Tom Cruise a Gay Paedophile?




The following article is certainly libellous if it isn’t true.

According to the Diary of a Hollywood Street King, Ben Fellows – Yes our Ben Fellows – has made some truly shocking allegations against the elite of Tinsel Town.

Ben, who claims  that he has had to go into hiding following his allegation that he was sexually assaulted by the MP Ken Clarke, apparently told the HSK that his former agent Sylvia Young wanted the then 14 yr old Fellows to have sex with Tom Cruise… Yes, you read that right.

The HSK later implies that Cruise’s ex wife, the actress Nicole Kidman was afraid to leave Tom alone with their adopted son, Connor. 

Course, I can’t say how true the contents of this article are.

What I do know is that the short arsed Cruise is always very, very quick to  sue, so it will be interesting to see what he does next.

Other big names mentioned in the article are Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage and Colin Farell.

The Hollywood King further alleges that Fellows saw a 13 yr old Australian actress being raped in front of an audience by none other than Dolph Lundgren.

Interestingly enough, the two accompanying You Tube videos are no longer available.

Over to you Tom. 

Beware: Child Sex Predators May Be Running Hollywood!!!

“The list of extremely well-known actors, casting directors, directors, producers, writers and executives who abused me, or attempted to abuse me sexually, while I was a child actor would make the public sick.”~ Ben Fellows

Hollywood’s movie industry is being rocked as some of the biggest names in the business are falling at the center of child sex predator allegations. The man responsible for blowing the cover — on the likes of Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage and Max Clifford — says he knows all about the predator games some Hollywood honchos play, firsthand. Know why? Because UK movie director Ben Fellows, now aged 37, was once a 14-year-old actor — complete with a sleazy Hollywood agent and all!

According to Fellows, his then agent – Sylvia Young – attempted to serve the then teen boy up to Tom Cruise. That’s before Fellows says Cruise chose another boy “then proceeded to take this boy back to a bedroom and have sex while he waited with his agent.” That’s just one of the long list of depraved scenarios Fellows says he witnessed, including the time he saw “a 13-year-old Australian soap opera actress taken back to a hotel room by a producer and subsequently raped in front of everyone by actor Dolph Lundgren”.

Fellows himself admits he too was a victim, but is “too embarrassed” to talk about the scars he suffered. But, the film director explains he did go to the cops — only to later discover that “some people are above the law.”

Here’s what Ben Fellows had to say:

“It’s never, you know, go and meet that person…they want to have sex with you, it’s they would be good for your career, and it’s up to you what you would do. Yea? Uh, Collin Farrell basically tells the story of when he got picked by his agent, his big CIA agent I think he was, and he said basically, you know, you have two choices, the one guy who would give him a blow job and the guy who wouldn’t…well, Collin Farrell’s Colin Farrell, he admitted himself, that’s what he did to get his agent to get into the industry. Yea? Because this is the currency.

What they do is they take you, and hope that you’re damaged goods in some way. Say for example, I’ve got an adoption story, right? That was always used to get me to do stuff…they would always bring up my adoption story in some way. […] Say for example, you’re a shoplifter, or something like that, they can use that. Because they can stop people from going to jail They pick these kids up, especially in LA, off the beach, and show them a good time…Nicholas Cage whose related to Francis Ford Coppola…he found Johnny Depp, right? There are these key individuals…like Max Clifford who get young people for free at these events…I was 14-years old, and I was drinking champagne, snorting cocaine…I was doing…you know, that’s why people don’t come out, because they’re embarrassed…I’m embarrassed.

You get these images of people…that’s how they present themselves…it’s an illusion. You know, like somebody, but just know that they’re a real person anytime you don’t know anything they do. And, they’re completely different. There’s people out there that I say, ‘Look, you know, these people are like monsters that look very good, and they will eat you alive.’ Right? These people are charming…these people are lovely. They invite you into their lives.

They will, you know, give you lots of things, buy you clothes…so, I was getting lots of clothes, really, from lots of people I met.”

Was Tom Cruise’s second wife afraid to leave him alone with their adopted son, Connor? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Nicole Kidman.

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