Is ‘The Law’ really an Ass, or is it just those who enforce it?




Right people, once again we have a bit of a situation here.

I need to inform you all quite urgently that for the last several hours, Chris has been the subject of a totally unwarranted and unlawful manhunt that has been conducted by Essex Police. This despicable harassment and abuse of himself and the needless squandering of public finances has been instigated via the very incapable officers who reside in that force’s Criminal Investigation Department.

These belligerent bully-boys in all of their accompanied incompetence have decided that they want to pursue actions that are not criminal in nature in a manner that would serve to allow the portrayal of those actions as criminal for their own malicious reasons.

This has led them to attempt to gain entry to Chris’s home by way of cajoling his neighbours that they simply want to speak to him. In addition to this, they have had several vehicles cruising the area around his home in order to ascertain whether he is in or out so that they may apprehend him simply to cause upset and inconvenience.

The following few paragraphs illustrate how this situation has arisen.

Notice To Essex Police Farce:

essex police 1

The readers of the Chris Spivey website and others, wish to congratulate yourselves with respect to the lengths that your officers will go to in order to allow us to arrive at the realization that we have now truly reached the end of consenus based policing in this very sad country.

Now, let all of us understand very clearly that you are not a law unto yourselves. As such, you are bound by legal duty and expected to operate without malice within the confines of the law that you constantly try to present yourselves as upholding.

Firstly, it needs to be appreciated by all concerned that on the final day of his last court appearance, Chris Spivey was approached and advised by his legal team that officers from Essex C.I.D. wished to speak to him in relation to the posting on this website of the results of a Google search – namely a search that sought to obtain the legal standing of what has become widely known as Nan Goldin’s Elton John image. The more specific name for this image is Klara and Edda belly dancing.

The following statement is not open to dispute, discussion nor any other form of ambiguity:

The photograph named Klara and Edda Belly Dancing, as attributed to Nan Goldin, is in no way illegal, or classed as indecent and it never has been.

Therefore, would you supposed officers of the law immediately refrain from improvising your own very obvious knowledge-lacking activities where this image and the controversy it generates is concerned. Don’t even attempt to say it is category C child porn in order to further your own very seedy interpretations of what may or may not constitute a sexual act.

The image is the focal point of an article on the Government Website that is operated by the Crown Prosecution Service. The information on that website which overrides all of your personal bias and inconsistency states quite clearly and unequivocally that this image has never been classed as indecent and that it was subject to several evaluations by those who are far more influential than yourselves.

When you have read the aforementioned information and it has finally sunk into your rather limited cognitive regions, you can then go back to what should be your normal duties, rather than wasting tax-payers money through the willful neglect of real crimes that affect your locality, instead of indulging your desired preferences of generating hostility from decent members of the public who happen to reside within your operational area.

If you are in any doubts as to your very serious lack of legality then I suggest you contact your colleagues in Northumbria Police and Greater Manchester Police which will allow them to educate yourselves with regards to certain, very important aspects of the law. If you feel you may be unable to complete such actions, then I suggest you visit the site of the Crown Prosecution Service itself – this will indeed allow you to appreciate your very serious shortcomings and lack of diligence along with your complete disregard for due process.

You’re welcome.