Is society being fed the message that sex with kids is ok?



Time magazine is passing off its new “controversy provoking” cover as a breastfeeding issue…but that’s not the real issue.

1. The cover shows a super-hot, blonde 26-year-old female in skinny jeans and a tank top standing in a sexy pose with her hand on her hip. Her chest is thrust out with an exposed breast. Coincidence?

2. A 4-year-old boy is sucking on the blonde’s exposed breast. He looks older and taller than 4. Either he is a really tall 4 year old or the blond is really short. The average height of a 4 year old boy is 3 feet tall (7.62 cm). If the blond is an average height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm), then the boy should stand no taller than her hand on her waist. By measuring the heights of the boy and the blond on the cover, the top of the boy’s head would reach the underside of the blond’s breasts if he was standing on the floor. That would make him 4 feet tall – the height of a 7 year old! Coincidence?

3. The boy is wearing army fatigues and boots and he has a slightly mischievous expression on his facewhich makes him look older than 4. Coincidence?

4. The “red question mark” is carefully, purposefully and subliminally placed over the blonde’s crotch. Notice how the dot has been precisely positioned where her vagina entrance would be. Coincidence?

5. The boy’s hands are strangely placed over his crotch which is lined up perfectly with the blond’s crotch. We can’t see what the boy’s right hand is touching or grabbing…but it doesn’t take much imagination to figure it out. Coincidence?

6. In the article, we learn that the boy is related to the blond. He is being intimate with his own mother suggesting that he is a MFer in an incestuous relationship.

7. Notice how the sexy blond mother is standing in front of the letter “M” (mother). The boy is standing in front of the letter “E” which turns the “E” into an “F” (fucker). Coincidence?


If you’ve been busy debating the cut-off point when breast feeding is appropriate – you’ve been sidetracked.

The mainstream media is a propaganda tool used by the global elite to control the thoughts and perceptions of citizens. That control involves demoralizing the population and dividing the population into opposing “warring” camps (disunity).

Time Warner owns Time Magazine. Time Warner is the world’s largest media and entertainment company. It owns major properties in film, TV, print, Internet, music, and telecommunications with an annual revenue of $50.5 billion (2008). They own Cartoon Network and Adult Swim,Turner Classic Movies, CNN and Headline News. Warner Music is by far the world’s largest record company, with 50 labels, the biggest of which is Warner Brothers Records

Time Warner’s logo is the Illuminati “all-seeing eye” which arrogantly displays who’s in charge of the media monopolies.

Their latest magazine cover was designed not just to stir controversy and sell magazines…but to advance their NWO agenda. That agenda involves demoralizing and dividing the population. Time magazine is subliminally encouraging child porn, child sexual abuse and incest.

The NWO formula is a 5D formula. Destabilize. Demoralize. Divide. Dictate. Depopulate (eugenics).