Is Meghan Really Pregnant?


Christopher Spivey

Last month I wrote an article on this site (found HERE) about how the national press were orchestrating a non-too-subtle campaign to discredit Meghan Markle… All done with the blessing of the Palace of course since Meghan was deliberately created for such an agenda.

And then, I also told you that a couple of weeks ago, the Sun newspaper emailed me asking if I would send them a copy of my book: Meghan Markle Exposed.

In that email, the Sun’s representative explained – very politely – that they might be interested in using some of the content in their shit-rag.

Now, there can be no doubt that the Sun presstitutes know exactly who I am and that the book contains highly controversial material proving that Markle’s life is a fake.

Course, I explained in my reply to the email that I do not keep copies of the book lying around, adding that I felt sure that Britain’s biggest selling newspaper could – at the very least – afford to buy a copy of the eBook version.

Nevertheless, I am not able to tell you whether they did buy a copy or not but I can tell you that the next day following on from my reply, someone purchased a copy of the eBook version and I have also sold half a dozen more since.

However, anything that the Sun does print if they decide to go ahead is obviously going to portray me as a nutter (which is fine with me as long as it sells more copies since the work speaks for itself) yet you have to ask yourself why the Sun would risk publishing something that could potentially, spectacularly backfire on themselves if there was not an agenda to discredit Meghan?

Moreover, a couple of days after the Sun approached me, AOL News published the following article:

Conspiracy theorists claim that Meghan Markle’s baby bump is fake

Ever since Meghan Markle wed Prince Harry in a celebrity-studded affair back in May, royal observers have been (not so) patiently waiting for one announcement.

The “we’re pregnant!” news came on October 15th, five months after the two wed. The Duke and Duchess had just arrived in Australia, ready to begin their two-week tour of the pacific when Kensington Palace broke the news.

And while eagle-eyed observers had been watching Meghan’s belly for any hint of a bump far before the announcement was actually made, the duchess didn’t really start showing until the middle of her trip, when she arrived at a state dinner in Fiji with quite a bump.

Over the course of the past several months, royal fans have had the opportunity to watch Meghan’s bump grow. The duchess, who is 6 months along in her pregnancy, has frequently chosen to transform regular outfits into maternity wear (from black tie gowns to simple designer selections), all the while developing some backlash for her mum-to-be fashion choices and gestures.

One habit that much of the public can’t seem to get past? Meghan’s tendency to cradle her baby bump, which, by the way, has been proven to be beneficial for both the baby and the royal.

But the latest criticism of Baby Sussex is, by far, the most extreme. Some conspiracy theorists are claiming that the duchess isn’t pregnant at all — and that her bump is fake. Many social media users have even gone so far as to claim that the Duchess of Sussex is actually wearing an inflatable belly. 

Meanwhile, others are certain that the former actress is actually using a surrogate. “Some believe Prince Harry & Meghan are using a surrogate as she previously told her ex-husband she could not get pregnant,” alleges one tweeter…   Continue Reading

And of course, I also believe that Meghan’s pregnancy is fake. After all, even if you believe Meghan’s official bio, she is at least 37 years old and been married at least once before Harry. Yet she then marries the Prick and within two months she is up the duff.

Indeed, Meghan claims to adore children yet chose not to get pregnant up until now, at an age when the dangers of having a disabled child increase tenfold.

I mean, why wait until now? After all, even if you believe the hype, her career did not take off until 5 years ago so what was she doing throughout her best child rearing years?

It doesn’t make sense does it?

Course, I think that I more than prove in: Meghan Markle Exposed, that she is a creation. And without wishing for this article to become a promotion for that book – although Dog knows I could do with the money – some of the material contained within its pages to back my claim include the fact that ALL photos of Meghan’s family are faked:

Indeed, everything has to connect in the elite world of the Monsters and Meghan’s dad, Thomas WAYNE Markle connects perfectly with John WAYNE Gacy:

There is of course an awful lot more to that connection but you will have to read the book to find out what.

Meghan’s ‘brother’, Tom Markle Jr is in fact a a fella called, Tom Hollander.

Interestingly enough, that Linkedin photo of Hollander has now been removed from the social media site since the publication of my book.

Meghan’s very vocal sister, ‘Samantha’ is played by the washed up American actress, Melanie Griffiths:

And Meghan’s ‘mother’ Doria was originally played by another actress:

Moreover, an actress called Salice Sanders (made up name), who looks surprisingly like Meghan appeared in a promotion for THOMAS MARKLE Jewelers – nothing to do with Meghan’s dad, Thomas Markle:

My suspicions were raised further when an unnamed woman looking very much like Meghan was photographed working behind the counter at Thomas Markle Jewelers:


I also go on to prove that Meghan’s sister-in-law, Tracy Dooley is played by two different actresses and that her two nephews are played by the same person.

However, the biggest clue to Meghan being a fake is her identical looks to Natalie Suliman AKA Octo-mum:

Course, Natalie’s story is just as fake as Meghan’s since it is impossible for a woman to carry EIGHT babies to birth and have them all survive… And that is just the tit of the iceberg that I provide in my book to prove that Meghan is fake as fuck.

You can buy the book HERE

But let’s get back to the national press campaign to discredit Meghan and fuel the conspiracy theories that she is not really pregnant.

And the latest of these press articles to do so came yesterday when the Chimp published the following farticle taking the piss out of how Meghan constantly holds her bump and flicks open her coat to show the said bump off:

Lots of mothers-to-be are excited to show off their blooming baby bumps, and the Duchess of Sussex would appear to be no exception.  

Video of her recent public engagements shows how Meghan, 37, who is six months pregnant, uses a combination of clever wardrobe choices and ‘deliberate baby-bump-featuring behavior’ to ensure all eyes remain on her blossoming tummy.

Stylist Lucas Armitage noted the royal has largely eschewed maternity brands in favour of pieces from designer labels that fit snugly around her bump. She has also plumped for contrasting coat and dress combinations that highlight her blossoming tummy. 

‘She is enjoying being pregnant and knows that that is what people want to see when she is at public engagements,’ Lucas explained… SOURCE

Now interestingly enough – albeit quite telling – the Monkey Kuntz have not moderated the comments on that farticle which has led to some brutal ones being published… Indeed, some people get prosecuted for writing less, but then again we know why that is.

However, included in the videos and photos in that article is one of Meghan visiting an animal rescue center on the 20th of this month which I was going to write about when it first appeared last week.

You see, I think that the video more than goes to prove that Meghan is not really pregnant:

Now in this first photo (above) we see Meghan at the rescue center pulling her coat to the side and showing off her very big bump… Also note the very high heels that she is wearing.

I am now using screenshots from the accompanying video and here we see Meghan begin to effortlessly squat down, while her very large lump drastically decreases in size.

Indeed, she is almost defying gravity as she effortlessly makes her descent. You may also want to ask yourself why the top photo and the two screenshots are of such poor quality since they have been taken by the press.

Still defying gravity, you would have thought that at the very least she would have put her hands down onto the floor to steady herself… The bump is now virtually nonexistent.

The large bump certainly does not get in the way. At no point does Meghan need to steady herself or show any signs of discomfort.

In fact she stays squatting in that position with her much smaller bump for over 30 seconds in her high heels… An amazing turn of events for a woman without child let alone a great big baby lump.

But then again, I only have 5 children so what do I know?

Just sayin’.

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