Internationally acclaimed artist ‘sexually abused young girls in nighties after blindfolding them’

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Graham Ovenden is a sick cunt who can only be “internationally acclaimed” by other sick cunts. Amongst the people who have owned work by Graham Ovenden are Nonce McAlpine – Still waiting for my letter Mr Reid.

The following is what I wrote about the Paedophile ‘artist’ in my article entitled ‘they can run but they certainly cant hide‘ which starts off by talking about the Ovenden pictures that McAlpine once owned and which were once again up for sale:

However, what the Sunday Times failed to mention was that included in that collection were 10 pictures of very young girls by the controversial artist Graham Ovenden. The following is taken from the Evening Standard newspaper printed on the 23rd of May 2003:

London bookseller Bloomsbury Book Auctions is today selling off Lord McAlpine’s former collection of photographs entitled ‘A (very) Private Collection: Fashion and Eroticism Photographs 1970-1990.

For some reason the auctioneers coyly refer to ‘an historical collection… put together in London… by a well known but anonymous collector’.

Could the coyness have anything to do with the fact that the 344 pictures include 10 snaps of very young girls in suggestive poses by Graham Ovenden?

My source tells me the ‘anonymous but well known collector’ is former Conservative Party Treasurer, Lord McAlpine who in 1996 gave the photographic collection to an Australian Gallery, who in turn sold them on to Bloomsbury Book Auctions.

It is being widely reported on Facebook today that amongst the pictures was this one.

The Picture is certainly one of Graham Ovenden’s, but I cannot categorically state that it was one of the ten included in the collection.

So, who is Graham Ovenden?

Ovenden is an English artist whose catalogue appears to consist of little else other than paintings and photograph’s of little girls – mainly in the nude.

This vile man also seems to be protected by the Establishment:

Graham Ovenden (born 1943) is an English painterfine art photographerwriter and architect. His estranged wife is the artist Annie Ovenden. Their daughter, Emily, is a writer and is a singer with the Mediaeval Baebes. His depictions of children have resulted in several legal actions against him, but no convictions; his work has received support from leading figures in the art world, and is included in the Tate gallery collection. Source – Wikipedia.

In 2009 Ovenden’s house was raided by Police, resulting in the artist being dragged into court. The following is how the Telegraph reported it:

An artist, whose work has been displayed at The Tate, has claimed that indecent pictures of children found on his computer were “work in progress”, and not child pornography.

Graham Ovenden, 67, was found with indecent pictures in the file on his PC and despite trying to delete it and said they were to be used for an art work, a court heard.

Mr Ovenden is a painter, fine art photographer and writer, who has displayed in the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Tate and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

But officers found 16 separate images Mr Ovenden had created and 121 other indecent images stored in files in his computer’s memory, the court heard.

Officers found the files when they raided his Gothic mansion in Cornwall and Ovenden admits he made the images on his computer.

But Mr Ovenden – whose major works feature young girls – says the pictures were all being used to create an ”end product” for artistic display.

Mr Ovenden does not deny making the images but has pleaded not guilty to 34 different child porn offences.

Ramsay Quaife, prosecuting, at Truro Crown Court, said: ”What the police found was a graphic application called Adobe Photoshop, and its the use of the file browser in this programme to view the images which led to the cache files being created.

”You can be sure that the copy of the images in the cache is the same as the image made by Mr Ovenden – he was making these images, and a virtual trace or footprint was left on the computer.

”Through what the experts found on the computer and through admissions of the defendant, you can be quite sure the defendant was making indecent images on this computer.”

Officers raided Mr Ovenden’s home in November 2006 and Mr Quaife says he immediately admitted they were his pictures.

He said: ”When first asked about the images, Mr Ovenden said they were deliberately intended so we should find them, and that he had been working on his creations for about a year.

”He added ‘I am totally responsible in every way’. Mr Ovenden said to police, ‘the process of the image making is actually to create corruption, then overlay corruption’.”

The court heard in police interview Ovenden then quoted Shakespeare’s Hamlet to explain why he made the images.

Mr Quaife said: ”He told officers, ‘it is but skin and film, an ulcerus place, while rank corruption lies within’.

”But what the crown say is that there can be no doubt that these images are indecent – indecent pseudo images are indecent.

”By the means of modern technology, pretty much anyone can have a virtual studio on their computer – and he was busy making thoroughly indecent images on that computer.”

Robert Linford, defending, argued his client had the images as a means to create his famous artwork.

He says his client had shown completed work to officers which appeared to show the image of a young girl, with words of poetry superimposed over the image.

Mr Linford said: ”My client repeatedly wrote to the police and showed them these images of his final pieces of work.

”It would have been in rather flowery artistic language, but ‘look, here are the final prints, this is the final product’.

”He has repeatedly argued that the images seized from him were very much a work in progress, and that these were the final outcomes, the prints were the finished products.”

Mr Ovenden has pleaded not guilty to 16 counts of making indecent images of children, and 16 counts of making indecent sudo photographs of children.

He is also charged with two counts of possessing 121 indecent photographs and ”pseudo photographs” of children.

In 1975 Ovenden founded the artistic movement the ‘Brotherhood of Ruralists’ with then-wife Jann Haworth and fellow artists Graham Arnold and David Inshaw.

Mr Ovenden was born in Hampshire and attended Itchen Grammar School and the Royal College of Music before taking up painting around 1962.

He was tutored by Lord David Cecil and Sir John Betjeman and attended the Southampton School of Art, and graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1968.

However, the court case appeared to be plagued by problems, not least by the Police dragging their feet. On October 22nd 2009, two days into the trial, the Jury was discharged and a new court date set.

On April 9th 2010 the case was thrown out of court after a 5 minute hearing due to two police officers – Key Prosecution Witnesses – who failed to turn up. The Police later declined to comment and the CPS refused to disclose how much the three and a half year investigation had cost the Tax payer.

Just 9 days later, the Old Bill again swooped on Ovenden. The following is from the ‘Novel Activist’ website:

After the child pornography case was dismissed Ovenden was charged again: four counts of indecent assault on a girl under the age of 14, five counts of child neglect and four charges of false imprisonment – relating to offences committed in 1990. The case was due to be heard earlier this year (2011). It is now September and I cannot find any record of the trial being held.

This is odd.

If he had been found guilty surely the news would have been everywhere? The tabloids love this sort of story. So what happened? These charges are serious and if they had any merit the case would surely have proceeded? I can’t find any information. Perhaps the case was dismissed and it was only reported in the legal notices? I don’t know, but if anyone does, please let me know.

But there is another clue. The blog primarily discusses the fact that the Tate Modern removed its collection of Ovendens from their website. This was around the same time as the controversy over Spiritual America, which featured a young Brooke Shields (she approves of the picture).

But now the Tate has put the Ovendens back on their website. Could it be that Ovenden has been cleared, which means the Tate collection has also been cleared? Would the Tate place the collection on their website if he had been found guilty of serious child sex offences? I think not.

In any case, the fact that the Ovenden collection is available to the public means they provide a guide to what the Tate Modern thinks is legal and legitimate. You can see the collection here. I’ve reproduced one image – perhaps the most dramatic – to indicate just what the Tate thinks is acceptable.

Neither can Wikipedia shed any light on the verdict. The on-line Encyclopaedia mentions Ovenden’s arrest on the 19th of April 2010 but fails to make mention of the outcome.

It is interesting however; that the Tate modern deems Ovenden’s work fit to exhibit. You can find out for yourself what this ‘art’ entails here


Internationally acclaimed artist ‘sexually abused young girls in nighties after blindfolding them’


  • Graham Ovenden is accused of abusing children who posed for him
  • Accused of abusing children as young as six in the ’70s and ’80s
  • Four alleged victims complained to police in late 2000s, court heard


PUBLISHED: 17:23, 11 March 2013 | UPDATED: 18:51, 11 March 2013

Allegations: Acclaimed artist Graham Ovenden, 70, is accused of abusing children who posed as models for him in the 1970s and '80s, a court heardAllegations: Acclaimed artist Graham Ovenden, 70, is accused of abusing children who posed as models for him in the 1970s and ’80s, a court heard

A famous artist sexually abused young girls after blindfolding them and dressing them in Victorian-style nighties, a jury heard today.

Graham Ovenden, 70, is accused of offences against four children aged from six to 14 who posed for him between 1972 and 1985.

Ovenden’s work includes nude and semi-nude portraits of young girls.

Ramsay Quaife, prosecuting, said the offences took place at his homes in London and Cornwall and the alleged victims – all now adults – had similar accounts of the alleged abuse.

He added that the accused told police he still has ‘a very major reputation’ for painting some of the best portraits of children in the last 200 years.

Mr Quaife told Truro Crown Court in Cornwall that the offences took place as the youngsters modelled for Ovenden, who is also a renowned fine art photographer.

He said: ‘What we say is that Mr Ovenden is a paedophile, that is a sexual abuser of children, and we say in this case the target of his abuse was young girls.’

He described how Ovenden would dress the children up in Victorian style nighties before leaving them naked and blindfolded.

He said of one alleged victim: ‘The defendant would put the tape down over her eyes. She could not see anything. The tape was black, stretchy and smelt of glue.



‘Although she could not see, she could hear the defendant and she could remember the sound of his belt buckle.’

Mr. Quaife added that Ovenden was actually performing an indecent assault on the children.

Court appearance: The Cornish artist's work includes nude and semi-nude portraits of young girlsCourt appearance: The Cornish artist’s work includes nude and semi-nude portraits of young girls

He said in some cases the naked girls whose eyes were taped were moved into different positions and pictured where their genitals could be seen.

Ovenden, from Pantersbridge, near Bodmin, Cornwall, denies six charges of indecent assault and three of indecency with a child.

The trial continues.

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