Inside Out and Upside Down


Chris Spivey


Fancy delving into the realms of ‘you really couldn’t make this shit up in a million fucking years‘?

Of course you do.

Indeed as I sit here typing this article – whilst still in two minds as to the best way to proceed – I find myself wondering if things could get any more surreal than they already are.

For instance, to the left of my head the TV is quietly playing to its self a program that as far as I can make out is about 4 or 5 families sitting in their own homes watching TV … In other words, people are actually sat down in their own homes on a Saturday night/Sunday morning, watching a TV program about people sat down in their own homes on what could be a Saturday night/Sunday morning, watching a TV program!

Absolute fucking madness.

Meanwhile, we all continue to slip closer to the abyss helped along by lunatic news stories, nearly all of which are fiction disguised as fact, written solely for the purpose of deceit by half-witted, crawl-arse, pompous university graduates with diplomas gained on exam passes which are equivalent in standard to the O Level exams of 30-40 years ago.

Indeed, all that is required of these useful idiots is that they rearrange the wording to a story which forms the official narrative written by a person thing who has no concept whatsoever of what life is really like for the general public – which is in fact what makes the news so transparent in its intention, to people like myself and the vast majority of you who visit this site and others like it.

Unfortunately for us and fortunate for those who write the official narratives, we are but a small minority amongst a large majority of citizens lacking in both spine and independent thought, most of whom are too selfishly wrapped up within themselves and obsessed with the cult of celebrity & consumerism, to notice the madness and intent behind those words written by people who believe that they have a divine right to rule, have no understanding of contradiction and see fuck all wrong with raping, torturing and sacrificing babies, infants and children.

“Get on with it Spivey”

Fuck off.

Okay, lets have a look at a few of those news stories that are so transparent in intent that they should be written on glass, composed by scum with far less intelligence than they credit themselves with thus monumentally failing to achieve their objective to anyone with their eye on the ball.

Lord Greville Janner! … One sick-fuck, warped, evil, inbred monster amongst a very tiny group (population wise), of sick-fuck, warped, evil inbred monsters – all of whom are destined to be hung from lamp posts for crimes against humanity sometime in the future.

Now read the insidious article found below which was written by the Chimp’s Monkey-Cunt repeater, Bob Hard-On and is in regard to Janner being made to appear in court and carries the overt, covert message to the reader that the sick nonce Gay-Lord should be cut a bit of slack by the public.

Or put in layman’s terms, the message being conveyed is in so many words:

“this once brilliant minded gentleman having dedicated most of his life to working tirelessly for the good of the nation, yet now in the twilight of his years finds himself, wheelchair bound, incapable of rational thought and barely able to speak, has been betrayed by all of you evil, heartless, ungrateful, godless heathens who now want to see this poor dying man face a trial on trumped up charges of what is loosely deemed as child abuse, which may or may not have taken place at a time before most of you terrorist supporting, wrong-minded charlatans were even born, just what the fuck is the matter with you people. You certainly can’t be very intelligent – ya cunts!”

And all written by Bobby Hardtwat with a hint of humour and a smidgen of mirth in a shameless attempt to further trivialise and pour scorn on what is in reality a monumental disgrace of epic proportions:

With his baseball cap, windcheater, walking stick and look of wide-eyed surprise, he could have been a stray tourist drifting in from Madame Tussaud’s just across the road.

Lord Janner certainly didn’t look like a man finally being dragged into court after four police investigations, four court hearings, 22 charges of child abuse and some of the most extraordinary legal gymnastics veteran court reporters could recall.

As far as he was concerned, it was all rather fun. Such are the effects (dare one say blessings?) of advanced dementia.

Bless him… “Dare one say blessings” – what a cunt!

Did Janner make any child like observations by any chance Robbie Hardturd? Did he perhaps get a treat afterward of the kind that would please any child as a reward for being a brave little soldier throughout an inhumane ordeal with implications far beyond his understanding – that he had unjustly been forced to endure?

‘Ooh, this is wonderful,’ exclaimed the 87-year-old former Labour MP, shuffling into Court 1 at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on the arm of his daughter for a 59-second appearance – which he followed with an ice cream.

See what I mean – already we have all of the ingredients designed to elicit feelings of guilt & shame from an alarmingly over sensitive population, whilst making sure to include all the traits and symptoms that an uninformed, gullible public would perceive as being those of someone in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease:

This was emphatically not the view of his family and legal team. They had been fighting this moment right up to the wire.

Despite an edict from Britain’s senior magistrate earlier in the week, reinforced by two High Court judges, that Janner was to appear here yesterday morning, his lawyers still turned up yesterday minus their client.

District Judge Emma Arbuthnot could have issued an arrest warrant on the spot. Instead, she listened patiently as his barrister, Paul Ozin, proposed various alternatives.

The peer – who was still to be seen in the House of Lords as recently as last year – should surely be allowed to appear on camera like a young person giving evidence, he said. If not, Janner might suffer an ‘adverse reaction’.

There was also talk of shifting this entire operation to Wood Green Crown Court in North London, in order to be nearer Janner’s home. Continue Reading

Now as we all know, the cunts who write these scripts are as subtle as a wet fart and appear unable to stop themselves from going bang overboard on any given detail – hence the childlike musings attributed to Janner along with the mention of an ice cream for being a good boy.

And then there is the [by now familiar] inevitable glaring contradiction in what we are told about something and what we can actually see – which in this case is the fact that Janner is supposedly confined to a wheelchair yet the accompanying photographs clearly show the fraud-monster walking into his home after court, practically unaided.

Moreover, the same applies in storyline continuity since we were led to believe that Janner cannot put a sentence together these days, yet he is quoted as saying out loud; “ooh this is wonderful”. Likewise, Janner is supposedly incapable of rational thought, yet he must have been paying attention to the judge because when she addressed him by asking: “Are you Lord Janner”, he immediately replied that he was, thus displaying an understanding of his situation.

Yet it is this over the top consistency that all but gives the game away.

However, the man with a plan was far from finished with transforming Janner into someone displaying the symptoms of advanced Alzheimer’s disease and as such we were treated to endless photos of Janner arriving at and leaving court with his mouth hanging open.

Furthermore, the man with the plan had obviously told Janner to go and buy the oldest cardigan that he could find in a charity shop, which someone then appears to have shot a load of Harry Monk over – presumably for added effect as the other explanation doesn’t bear thinking about.

Janner then completes the ‘tramp look’ by also wearing a pair of ill fitting jeans (at least they appear to be jeans) and the lairiest, most mis-matching shirt that he could find… Piss taking arsewipes.

I mean, just who do they think that they are fooling?

After all, Janner appears to have the wholehearted support of his daughter (reminiscent of ROFL Arris when his court case was ongoing) as well as having a “carer” – who, in a deliberately attempt to make Janner out to be a poorly little old man thus eliciting more public sympathy for the dirty old nonce, Bob Hardcunt pointed out was twice the size of her patient.

Therefore, are we supposed to believe that the pair of nonce protecting harridans couldn’t find a suit for Janner to wear? Of course they could. I mean what kind of carer and daughter would think it acceptable for Janner to turn up in court in an old spunk – or dribble – covered cardigan for fucks sake?

Indeed, if he is as demented and frail as TPTB would have us believe then he certainly wouldn’t be capable of dressing himself let alone doing up the five buttons on the carefully crafted old cardi.

Moreover Janner wore a baseball cap that once again Bobby Hardball used as a means to highlight the extent of Janners Alzheimers – thus conjuring up another wave of sympathy for the perverted old cunt:

Marion, 66, was carrying her father’s stick and steered him to a desk below the dock where chairs had been arranged. On his other side was a carer, a kindly-looking lady twice the size of her charge who suddenly realised he was still wearing his black baseball cap. She gently prised it off.

Yet she didn’t think to sort him out a whistle to wear for the court appearance.

And as it happens, the accompanying photos show that Janner is well aware of his cap and more than capable of taking it off himself.

2B5CBB1200000578-3198863-image-a-1_1439595796365 (1)

Indeed, the nonce doesn’t look very confused to me at all. In fact in certain photos of this court appearance, Janner looks more compos mentis than he did in photographs taken last year when the old fraud was still collecting his £300 per day dole money; by signing on at the House of Gaylords – an upmarket Jobcentre, not required to follow normal DSS procedure… Then again neither do Magistrates Courts have to where Gaylords are concerned since Janner was only in court for 59 seconds.

Oh hang on a mo… It isn’t just Gaylords that Magistrates Courts ignore the accepted SP for is it?

Therefore the accepted SP must only apply when Magistrates are sitting – as you would expect in a MAGISTRATES COURT – but doesn’t apply when a Judge is running the show… But I digress, more photos please.

2B5DEBD200000578-0-image-m-18_1439594616612 (1)

Course, Robert Hardcock wasn’t the only disgusting example of a human being doing his damndest to sway public opinion by indicating that the sprightly, millionaire, former barrister, Janner is the real victim in this “travesty of justice” which has also seen the good lord’s human rights breached – You couldn’t make that shite up that is for sure.

You see, despite only appearing at the hearing for ONE minute, the court artist also demonstrated that saving the old nonce ponce sub-human, Zionist arse-hole is more important than seeing the old cunt punished for raping and torturing countless little boys… Julia Quenzler you disgust me.


Coincidentally enough, Quenzler worked for the BBC in the 1980’s.

So, did Jenner actually attend court?

I doubt it very, very much although I am not saying that he definitely one hundred percent didn’t attend… I would however lay money on him not having done so.

Course, I am sure that admission will lead to the inevitable question from the Wide Awake Club and other such hard-of-thinking diddy men, namely “how the fuck could they pull that one off then clever bollocks”?

And I was in fact half tempted not to divulge how they could have got away with it, just so as I could laugh at the aforementioned shower of shit, walking around with half a lob on – but that wouldn’t be fair on those of you who are genuinely in possession of a brain.

So here is my theory on how they could have quite easily gotten away with it.

Now first off, the video of Janner arriving in court has been doctored. It was also shot in a very well controlled environment with the press being kept back behind crowd control barriers in Seymour Place… That is to say, except for one member of the press who was inexplicably “allowed” to get his camera pressed right up against the car window where Janner was supposedly sat – which was the opposite side to where the police had the press cordoned off.

Seymour Place runs parallel to the side of Westminster Magistrates Court and is where the prison vans enter the building when dropping off and picking up prisoners. And it is that very same drive-in entrance that the car Janner was travelling in, was used to drop him and his daughter off – Fuck knows where the fat carer was.

The main front entrance to the court is on Marylebone Road.

And as you will have gathered from the photos above, Janner was supposedly sat behind the driver’s seat with his daughter sat next to him. There was also a mush sat in the front passenger seat, obviously next to the driver.

Now quite bizarrely, the vast majority of the press apparently didn’t notice the heavy police presence on Seymour Place or the fact that a selection of their colleagues – with their cameras at the ready – were camped behind barriers to the right hand side (as you face the building) of the roller-shuttered prison van entrance.

Mind you, the MSM journalists are not real journalists which would explain why the vast majority of the shit-rag presstitutes were camped outside the cordoned off front entrance on Marylebone Road.

jannAnd since the majority of the press were outside the court buildings main entrance, it follows that any members of the public hoping to catch sight of the nonce would also hang around there – although the reported large crowds would have mostly fucked off after Janner failed to turn up for the morning hearing… A move most likely pre-arranged in accordance with the masterplan.

I mean, can you imagine the leeway afforded to Janner being the same for the likes of me & you had we not shown up?

Moreover, Janner’s motor had no police escort and any members of the public who hadn’t fucked off would have no idea what make of car the nonce would arrive in. Therefore, if you refer to the map – whilst bearing in mind that the large press presence would have ensured that the public would also have been outside the main entrance – you will see that Janner’s motor (which in all probability he wasn’t in anyway) would have turned into Seymour Place unnoticed.

As for any clued up cunt left amongst the few members of the public who had opted to hang around on the off-chance that Janner would turn up for the 2PM deadline set by the Judge(which seemed unlikely to happen and in the event he [allegedly] turned up at 2 PM exactly), thinking themselves wise by waiting inside the court building and hoping to get a seat in the public gallery, they would have been sadly mistaken.

You see, most modern magistrates court only have around half a dozen or so seats for the public, which I feel sure that the plod would have already “allocated”.

It was in fact because of the lack of public seats in magistrates courts that the MSM in their bid to discredit me were able to state with confidence that I was backed by a SMALL group of half a dozen supporters sat in court… They conveniently neglected to mention that there were only half a dozen seats available for my supporters and didn’t think to bother mentioning those supporters stood outside the courtroom.

However, Janner never entered the courtroom via the waiting area so it is a piece of piss to account for the reason that no one saw him in court… Always covering all angles see… At least they do in theory. In reality they really are not that good.

Now have a butchers at these photos:


Mind you, there was a half-hearted attempt to thwart any questions being asked about the photos and video which came via an influx of new photos flooding Google – approximately half of which appear to have been taken inside the interior carpark used by prison vans, so fuck knows how the press managed to photograph there since it is a restricted area.

And anyway, what would the point be of penning the press in behind barriers when the ‘chosen few’ are allowed to walk about willy nilly?

Nevertheless, the photos appear to be a much better class of photoshop than the first batch – which you would expect having had to wait two days longer for them to be ready… But, the fact still remains that the new photos have been photoshopped.

Lord Janner arrives at Westminster Magistrates Court today. 14th August 2015483971418article-3197581-2B5C6F0400000578-435_308x471

There is fuck all wrong with him but why photoshop if there is nothing to hide, such as say for instance… Err… faking the car journey of a dirty old nonce on his way to court.

And of course there is indeed a lot to hide… There’s the fact that the vast majority of our 650 MPaedos are crooked, murdering, nonces or nonce protectors.

I mean, how fucking sick in the head do these Government Kiddy Fiddlers have to be in order to give a perverted, wholly unlikeable, child rapist a standing ovation in the House of Con-Mens for having managed to dodge being prosecuted for arse-raping little boys… Think about that.

Janner was of course given a standing ovation back in the day for evading justice, not because he had been vindicated… Not by a long chalk.

Or are you silly enough to think that the MPaedo’s giving Janner the clap, didn’t know that he was guilty as fuck?

I mean, just read the above news article about that standing ovation and what the ‘horrible, skin crawling, devient says about the humiliation that he suffered, whilst no doubt having half a hard-on in anticipation of being able to get back to the task of some serious child fucking without having to keep looking to make sure that the nonce infested plod were not hanging around.


Of course, it goes without saying that Janner was ‘in’ with the Queer of England.


And it would seem that when caught kiddy-fiddling, old nonces who are ‘in’ with the Queer & her family of inbreds are allowed to go down this road of being “unfit to plead”. 

You see, it isn’t just Sweaty Betty’s pal Janner pursuing this ‘get out of jail free’ route – Prince Buggerlugs “loyal friend”, Peter Ball is using his health as a defence too… Helped along by not being anywhere as near publicised as Janners bid.


They kept that a bit quiet didn’t they?

Yet Ball, whom describes Buggerlugs as a “loyal friend” was first arrested on these charges in NOVEMBER 2012 – nearly 3 years ago (Source) – and the nonce protectors are only now dealing with his fitness to stand trial!


PHOTO: Peter Ball, there is fuck all wrong with him either.

Yet it was announced in July 2014 – over a year ago – that Ball faced further charges on two more counts of sexually assaulting a boy under 16 years old… He must have been well enough to have been questioned about them.


PHOTO: What a creepy looking man he is, just the type you would expect to be involved in a paedophile ring… Peter Ball equally so.

And to keep the mug punter nation happy, I see that the MSM have now wheeled out yet another dead politician – who died amidst much sadness and praise giving from the establishment – as a fall guy for those politicians past and present who are still alive and raping the nations little boys & girls.

I am of course talking about the former British Prime Mincer, Deadward Teeth.

Course, it has been common knowledge and much reported on in the Alternative Media, that Deadward was raping and murdering children, since David Icke first published the fact in the 1990’s – Which was before Deadward Teeth was even dead.

However, even Teeth’s damage limiting, press outing has being sanitised with ludicrous claims that charges against a brothel owner were not pursued by the police after she threatened to expose Dead Teeth as being a sex case:

Police are being investigated over sensational claims they covered up child sex allegations against former prime minister Edward Heath.

The probe was launched after a retired ‘very senior’ officer raised concerns that a criminal trial was derailed in the 1990s to protect the former Tory leader.

As a result, it is alleged, he was never interviewed by police – let alone arrested – and his home was not searched.

Last night, in a bizarre televised scene, a senior Wiltshire Police officer stood outside Sir Edward’s former home and urged victims not ‘to suffer in silence’ and to contact them if they had been abused by the politician.

One alleged victim claims he was sexually assaulted aged 12 by Sir Edward in a Mayfair flat in 1961, after the MP spotted him walking the streets alone.

The 65-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, claimed he was unaware of Sir Edward’s identity until four years later when he saw a picture of the then Tory MP alongside future Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

According to the Daily Mirror, the alleged victim burst into tears and told his mother: ‘The man in this picture raped me, mum.’

He claimed he had reported the alleged attack two months after it is said to have happened but was dismissed as a ‘fantasist’ and a liar.

Scotland Yard has been informed of the allegations and detectives reportedly plan to interview the man. 

Meanwhile, sources described the police whistleblower, who reached chief officer rank, as a man of high integrity whose testimony is being treated ‘very seriously’. 

Last night, a retired senior Wiltshire Police officer said he was sure the allegations made by his former colleague were true.

The officer, who was at the heart of some of the force’s most sensitive inquiries in the 1990s, told the Daily Mail: ‘I have no doubt that the allegation that a prosecution was stopped in suspicious circumstances, because of a potential link to Sir Edward, is true.’

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigation centres on whether charges against a woman, accused of running a brothel, were not pursued when she threatened to expose Sir Edward – the highest-profile figure to be embroiled in historical child sex abuse allegations. Source

And there in a nutshell is what is commonly referred to as “a load of old bollocks”.

After all, back in the early 1990’s when the www was in its infancy, had she tried that blackmail lark the Security Services would simply have killed her and walked away saying “now try and expose him”.

So, you also need to ask yourself – had she been lucky enough to avoid being suicided – how she was going to expose Deadward Teeth? I mean, the newspapers & TV news were most certainly not going to run the story for her.

Course, before I had chance to write about the fraud Madam, she went and proved me right about her being just another useful idiot by coming out and saying that Dead Teeth was not a paedophile and that she only supplied him with Men.(source)

The claim that Teeth was gay was then poured scorn on – thus leaving the fact up for debate in the years to come – by the vile nonce Jonathan King, who claims that Deadward could not have been gay because the former Prime Mincer spurned his advances:

Disgraced TV producer Jonathan King has claimed Ted Heath was not gay as he resisted his advances on a flight from Scotland to London. 

King, 70, a former chart-topping star, was jailed in 2001 for four indecent assaults and two serious sexual assaults on boys aged 14 and 15. 

In a rambling blog post today the shamed music impresario claimed the former Prime Minister was ‘quite clearly, non sexual’ as he was ‘not in the slightest bit interested in me sexually’.

This was despite him ‘determinedly flirting’ with Heath for 20 minutes on the first class flight to London. Source

Have you noticed how the Establishments favorite propaganda shit-rag, The Chimp likes to give nonces plenty of room to have their say?

Course, in April 2013 I wrote about King, who was also a friend of Prince Buggerlugs because I believe that it is possible King tried blackmailing the future King, whilst serving his prison sentence for noncing:

After reading between the lines in the article printed below, and knowing what we do now about Prince Big Ears, It sounds very much to me as if the vile kiddy fiddler King, was trying to blackmail the Vile Kiddy fiddler future King.

With that in mind, and knowing how close Reticent Rolf is to the Royal in-breeds, does it not follow that he too could be a liability to them? Source

And below is one of the photos that I used in that article which includes a photo of Clit Richard whom is also now being given the MSM sympathy bollocks.

However, I should point out in light of some of my more recent articles, I am not seriously suggesting that King and Rolf Harris are the same person. The photo caption that I put on their photos was nothing more than a flippant little joke about their similarity back in the 1970’s.

And finally, another Knob-Ed Celeb who appears to be being ‘looked after’ is DJ Neil Fox.

You see, unbelievably, Fox is being allowed to have his trial – expected to last 10 days – heard in a magistrates court.

This means that if he is found guilty of the numerous sex-crimes he is charged with he is still only looking at a year maximum prison sentence… Moreover, he will no doubt have a [friendly] District Judge acting as, judge, jury & executioner as opposed to a panel of magistrates.

Yet Fox is charged with 7 counts of indecent assault and 2 counts of sexual assault on SIX girls all under the age of 16:

DJ Neil Fox is facing a ten-day trial before magistrates for a series of sex offences, a court heard today (FRI).

The 53-year-old Magic FM presenter allegedly committed seven indecent assaults and two sexual assaults over a 23-year-period in four locations.

He is said to have attacked six victims, some under 16, at locations including Capital Radio, Magic FM, and Chessington World of Adventures between 1991 and 2014. Source

Now, quite how he has swung that result is a proper fucking mystery since the 9 counts are all indictable crimes against children!

Course, this kind of skullduggery is not entirely unheard of since a similar situation nearly arose in my case, albeit to my detriment as opposed to Neil Fox’s advantage.

You see, before the allegations of the Twenty One [legal] images – which the prosecution had taken it upon themselves to class as being Category C Child porn – that I was accused of having on my computer were dropped down to just two images (1 legal, 1 beastiality), the prosecution had applied to have the INDICTABLE offences tried as SUMMARY offences in Magistrates Court.

Course, the reason for doing so was that they would have had no chance of conviction by jury in a Crown Court, but every chance of a conviction – despite the images being legal – in a magistrates court with only a Judge to adjudicate.

In other words, they were trying to proper stitch me up YET AGAIN, although they failed on this occasion after my barrister successfully argued that the prosecution had no say in my right to a trial by jury… Moreover, this has now resulted in the prosecution  HAVING to IN LAW furnish me with disclosure on evidence that they are not going to rely on in court.

Now here is the thing. Most of this evidence relates to my first arrest for harassment being as that is when my computers were illegally seized from which the police are now using, what should in law be inadmissible evidence (the 2 photos) to prosecute me.

This disclosure evidence, tucked away right at the back of a mountain of old bollocks – which I can’t show you by law, but which has been seen by people helping me with my appeal, and which my solicitor and barrister MUST have known about before my recent trial, but strangely chose to ignore as well as not think to mention it to me, and which they then inexplicably held onto for a further 3 weeks after which time the trial was over and I was convicted – includes the fact that I was arrested the first time on suspicion of harassment at the request of the METROPOLITAN POLICE and not as myself, the court, the press and every other Tom, Dick & Harry had been led to believe – namely that the referral came from The Greater Manchester Police.

I wonder if Judge Woollard knew that fact?

Course, the fact that I am prevented by law from showing you that proof thus forbidding me the ability to publicly defend myself whilst at the same time protecting the corrupt establishment by not being allowed to publish the fact, is a proper fucking joke… Although you then have to ask yourself why the one and only complaint made before my arrest was made to The Met when the accuser supposedly lives in Manchester?

Moreover, further unused evidence by the prosecution – which my legal team must have also known about before the trial – relates to a phone call that I made to Essex Police on the 28th of July 2014 at just before half past two in the afternoon following someone alerting me that my name, address and telephone number had been put on Twitter and was also indirectly inciting violence against me – which to my knowledge had already been retweeted over ONE HUNDRED TIMES, and had not been removed two weeks later and could very possibly be still up now.

Now, since the single complaint of harassment, inexplicably made to the Metropolitan Police by someone allegedly from Manchester, included an allegation relating to me publishing an address, for which I was convicted in court despite me not doing so until after the address became a listed registered business and therefore not illegal to publish, yet had been published by the Daily Mail, Britain’s 2nd biggest selling newspaper in 2013 (before the address became registered in 2014), who then once again published the address in full on the 30th of July 2015 (whilst my trial was ongoing), as well as Detective Constable Coombes having to admit under oath that I did not incite violence to ANYONE, you can see why the prosecution did not want the fact that the same was done to me, except in my case, the person was inciting violence, to become common knowledge or heard in court.

Especially so since my complaint was made to the police TWO DAYS before I was arrested for the same thing, and TWELVE DAYS AFTER the London Police had inexplicably received the complaint from a Greater Manchester resident.

I wonder if Judge Woollard knew that before convicting me of not committing a crime?

And then there is the matter of THREE police statements that the prosecution thought better of using… I wonder why?

In fact pound for pound, it’s no fucking wonder that I feel harassed & stitched up… Just saying.