Infamy, Infamy. They’ve all got it infamy.




Oh dear, oh dear.

You would think that the people who write the shit, like the shit, that follows this shit, would do a bit of research first wouldn’t you… Like ringing the mobile number that they put so much store by.

You would also think that the writer of this dis-info (see what I did there) would have the balls to identify themselves – Like I do. Mind you, I am a good looking old fucker.

I do in fact have a new mobile now.  Stacey insisted I get one for when I went away to Blackpool so as she could get in touch with me.

Being the only real family that she has, and knowing the danger I put myself in, she is scared to the point of paranoia that something is going to happen to me.

There are now 3 numbers logged on to my new phone. It never rings, unless Stacey phones me… Still costs me £7.50 per month though… Tesco mobile. Good deal.

Neither have I ever denied having a land line… How else am I supposed to get decent internet? Costs me £28 per month to boot.

Neither have I ever denied having a TV. Perhaps the stupid cunt who wrote this should have read my article Celebrity paedophiles:

Late October 2012 and whilst looking for something newsworthy to post in the news feed, I happened to glance up at the TV – which as usual was muted – only to see Aerosmith’s, Steve Tyler being interviewed by Jonathan Ross.

For a brief… very brief, moment I almost stirred myself into action by reaching for the TV remote… Almost… Then sanity took over again and I realised that I had not the slightest interest in what the 107 year old geriatric had to say. See More

Course, just because I don’t watch TV, does that mean that I should also deprive my 17 year old daughter of any viewing pleasure? … That would make me a dictator too wouldn’t it?

Neither was I aware that I was always mentioning my viewing figures except when necessary to put over a point… But since I do, I will say that they are considerably more than this self righteous ignorant cunts are… Then again, that would be because of the research that I do.

However, if the nosey thick cunt wanted to check that I am telling the truth, then all they need do is go on a site such as Alexa. The info is freely available on there… But then again research is far too much effort for this wannabe no-mark  if it means that you have to look further than Face Book.

As for the appeal for my dogs vet bill… Well, I would do anything for my family which include my dogs. But if that makes me a proponent of dis-info, untrustworthy or a bad person, then I am all three.

Course, all the vet bills were posted… She’s still far from well, but infection free.

I suppose I could have let her die in pain, but  I guess that isn’t the kind of guy I am.

Having said that, there are very few people who know how strongly I feel about having to ask for help… But I won’t go into that.

Mind you, I work hard at this shit 16-18 hours a day at the expense of my finances, health, social and family life.  And with the un-mentionable viewing figures that I have got, you would think that I wouldn’t need to put out an appeal for donations… But I did, because I am skint… For no other reason than I spend my time writing and researching… Just saying… Tight cunts.

Course, I can’t comment on the other people mentioned on this useless cunts site, but if he/she wants to be taken seriously I suggest they get their facts right. Then they may begin to start getting a serious following… A bit like mine.

Mind you, by publishing this old bollox I have just doubled the dog turds viewing figures. I hope the useless retard is going to donate now. Or perhaps they have no manners either.

Definitely not one to watch.

Nice photo by the way.



This is an odd one as it feels uncomfortable that somebody obviously thinks that Chris Spivey should be named alongside the likes of Dr Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Ghandi and George Carling. The coach of this ‘Dream Team’ is the king of the Shills Alex Jones, so it may be best to see this as an attempt to flatter Mr Spivey, or the more cynical may view it as purely self-promotion of a rather large ego.

This may be a genuine site who knows.
There have been mumbling comments about Spivey before, the way that he mentions his viewing figures at every opportunity, yet does not put a hit counter on his website to back this up. He claims to not possess a cellphone but his Facebook profile lists his cell number as well as his landline. The way he has recently been asking his readers for donations to pay for Veterinary costs for his dog kinda throws up all sorts of red flags. He states that he never watches TV but again, the photos on his Facebook page shows a large Screen on the wall which seems to be always on. He does seem to appeal to a certain audience as his language would not endear him to the kind of intelligent truth seeking audience he wishes to attract. He is brave though, the subjects he tackles do go a long way to establish his credentials as a genuine Truther, such as the Holocaust hoax and his Madeline McCann death and illegal burial theory shows he has no fear of the McCanns heavyweight legal team.
Definitely one to watch. Read More