Important Site Update


Christopher Spivey


It is with regret that I now have to tell you that this site is no longer viable.

The struggle to find the £300 per month fees needed to keep this site online, on top of my day-to-day living expenses has resulted in me slipping deeper and deeper into debt – despite the generosity of some of you.

Indeed it has now become increasingly obvious to me that it was always the long-term plan of those in authority to close this site down by crippling me financially – hence the totally inappropriate, £4000 court costs imposed on me after the two travesties of justice that took place in August 2014 and last month, along with the prolonged, sustained attacks on this site leaving me no other choice but to pay the £300 monthly fee in order to stay online.

Indeed, it was whilst trying to sort out the unreasonable second lot of £2000 court costs imposed on me last month that I have today learned that there is a warrant out for my arrest without bail for the £2000 imposed in August 2015, which was put on hold pending the result of the appeal which was originally due to go ahead last summer – but didn’t actually happen until last month.

Indeed the fact that there is a warrant out for my arrest without bail adds weight to my opinion that the authorities are now looking to close this site via financial constraints.

You see, when the appeal was postponed last summer the court enforcement department wrote to me demanding payment of the £2000 unreasonably applied after the original trial in August 2015.

However, after responding to that demand pointing out that the money was not due until after the appeal in January 2017 and then only if the appeal failed, I never heard no more.

Mind you, I quickly clocked on that something was afoot when the court wrote to me on the 27th of last month (if I remember correctly) demanding payment by the 13th of February of the further £2000 imposed after the appeal, without mention of the original £2000.

I then wrote the following email to my solicitor:

Dear Mr Lodhi,

Further to the appeal hearing, I have received a demand from Chelmsford Crown Court (photographs attached) for the payment of £2,000. These are for court costs requested by the Prosecutor at the end of my appeal hearing. I am expected to pay by 13th February.

I received legal aid funding for both the original trial at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court and for the recent appeal hearing because I did not have financial resources to cover the costs. I still do not have any means to pay the requested costs and those costs still outstanding from the 2015 trial. I have a considerable personal debt. Having thought about it, I am wondering why Mohammed (my barrister) did not intervene to point out my financial situation and remind the court that I was on legal aid. Advice on the CPS website suggests that there may be good reasons for not applying for costs:

“An application for costs need not be made if, in the circumstances of an individual case, it would be unmeritorious or impractical.”

Please advise.


Christopher Spivey.

Predictably, he has not replied… I say predictably because that has been par for the course for this solicitor who has ignored all of my important communications throughout the course of representing me.

And when he still hadn’t replied by yesterday morning (13/02/17) I had no choice but to get in touch with the Court Enforcement Dept which is when I learned of the outstanding warrant as shown in the screenshot below:

Nevertheless, with your donations being my only source of income it is obvious that the court will snatch these to pay off their corrupt charges and as the donations barely cover the monthly payment as it is, there is no chance of them doing so once the court enforcement office goes to town.

You see, unfortunately the steadfast campaign by government paid/controlled trolls and all what that involves has inevitably and understandably led to dwindling numbers visiting not just here, but to AV sites across the board making it increasingly more difficult to raise the funds needed just for this site to continue, let alone pay off the fines.

Course, the silence from other AV sites has been deafening, which is hardly surprising given that they are all controlled by the Intel services – a fact which I will prove with evidence at a future date in the form of an e-book and on this site if it is still accessible once the £300 monthly fee stops being paid on the 9th of March.

Nuff said.