Important Notice

Christopher Spivey


Hi all, listen up because this is very important.

I have just this morning received a letter from the courts adjourning the case for harassment – due to begin 30th of July – until the 6th of August.

I realise that this fucks some of you up good and proper including Dogman who has booked the time off work. Unfortunately, all I can do is offer you my sincere apology and hope that you can rearrange your dates.


Now whether or not the case has been adjourned because of my appeal against the judge’s ruling that the witnesses did not have to attend is unknown to me as no reason is given.

However, if it has been adjourned for the appeal it is strange that I didn’t get the appeal papers until the post came on Monday the 20th which I signed and sent back that afternoon. Therefore my solicitor would not have got the signed papers back until Tuesday (yesterday).

Now I said this was strange because although I didn’t get the adjournment notice until this morning it was first authorised on the 17th of July – three days before I got the appeal papers in the post… There is then a further date of the 20th which is in the very bottom right side corner.

Unfortunately I can’t show you the basis for the appeal, as to do so I would have to breach my bail conditions.

I can tell you however, that my solicitor has done a very good job and if the appeal is not upheld and the witnesses made to appear in court then you really, really are witnessing the biggest, most appalling stitch up bar none… Personally, given the excellent summing up by my solicitor on the appeal forms, I don’t see as the appeal judge has any choice but to go in my favour.

There was also another reason given as to why the witnesses should appear in person along with the rest of that excellent submission as to why the witnesses have to attend – which I didn’t in fact know about until I read the reasons for the appeal.

Why I hadn’t been told is a mystery to me but does explain an awful lot as to why I have had the bottom of the barrel barristers to date.


So the CPS are employing a barrister with nearly 40 years experience who is also a judge (recorder), whilst my legal aid does not even allow for a barrister… Nothing like wasting the publics money is there?

Once again I can only apologise and sincerely hope that you can all make the 6th of August – your support is vital.

Chris x