Important Notice 2


Chris Spivey


I have today received a letter from Essex Magistrates Court, written on the TWENTY THIRD of JULY and signed by Sian Jones, informing me THAT THE CASES HAVE BEEN ADJOURNED, and I have to attend CHELMSFORD MAGISTRATES COURT on the THIRTIETH of JULY for the TRIAL on the harrassment old fanny – as per the original plan.

However, whether that is right or not is a mystery because as I told you on the 22nd of July, I had received a letter earlier that morning from Essex Magistrates Court, written on the SEVENTEENTH of JULY and signed by Sian Jones, informing me THAT THE CASES OF THE 30th & 31st OF JULY HAVE BEEN ADJOURNED, and that I now had to attend BASILDON MAGISTRATES COURT on the SIXTH of AUGUST – on the harrassment old fanny.

The following is a copy of that original letter:



And here is a copy of the letter I received today:


I have also just noticed that the first letter is marked at the top as CODE 1970 whereas this second letter is marked CODE 1971. Does anyone have any ideas as to what those codes refer to?

Nevertheless, I managed to get hold of my Solicitor on the phone and she has told me that she knows nothing about the case being adjourned until the 6th of August… In other words, the courts didn’t bother informing her… Very fucking strange.

She also told me that the court rung her on the 17th of July asking where we were, to which she correctly replied that she hadn’t been informed that there was a hearing listed for the 17th of July.

I can also confirm that Judge Woollard made no mention of any such hearing when we finished in court on the 10th of July.

So, neither myself or my solicitor now know if the Harassment trial begins on the 30th of July or the 6th of August… This is obviously being done on purpose at great cost to the taxpayer.

I will of course keep you informed of developments.