If you tolerate this, then your children will be next.

Welfare News Service

So, the agenda is finally coming into plain sight.

If you can’t afford your full rent its your own fault so if you become homeless through accumulated rent arrears, then we are going to take your kids away… Cunts! Cunts! Cunts!

Once you have read the letter below, I would urge you to distribute it far and wide.

If we allow this threat to happen then it really is goodnight Vienna.

Mind you, I suppose that this could be a scare tactic just to get you to pay up?

Is it fuck, it is a very real threat.

The State wants your fucking kids, body and soul.

Its a catch 22 situation.

You have no money, there are no jobs that pay a living wage. I have already proved in a previous article that the government promise that no one would be worse off in work was a lie… You can in fact find yourself a lot worse off, as many, many often do.

So in order to pay your rent you make further sacrifices.

But what is there to sacrifice in order to keep hold of your kids when you already cannot afford to live?

Food? Heating? Clothing? All three?

Well, yes, because you have no fucking choice if you don’t want the cunt child snatchers on your back.

But then your health starts to spiral as does your kids and before you know it, you have the cunt child snatchers on your back anyway… Game over.

Before the bedroom tax and forced council tax was imposed in April, your benefits clearly stated something along the lines of: What the law says you need to live on.

And, it is on that wording that your benefits were worked out.

Benefits do not include perks, they give you the bare fucking minimum that the law says you need to live on.

So how in the name of fuck can the cunts now break the law by ordering you to make compulsory payments which were not taken into account when your benefits were worked out.

Its a con and it is going to be the cause of many more deaths through suicide and ill health. Children are going to become cattle with the warped, sick fuck elites taking their pick of which one of your children they are going to rape tonight.

And listen up good. That is exactly what the elites do… If you believe any different then you are some kind of cunt.

Now look at your 8 year old daughter and imagine her tied naked, spread eagled on a table surrounded by half a dozen naked geriatrics waiting their turn to stick their shrivelled cocks inside her… Don’t just think how you would fucking feel. Think about how your daughter would feel too.

Or your 10 year old son bent naked over a chair with some fat cunt like Cyril Smith raping him… It went on when Smith was alive and these cunts in parliament are happily carrying on the tradition… Doesn’t bare thinking about does it?

But it is fucking happening up and down the length of the country every fucking night.

Do not think that this doesn’t affect you because you are alright Jack? You could become unemployed at any given moment.

Take no notice of that wholly pathetic, cocaine snorting, S&M loving, arsewipe Osborne… Things are not getting better. Anyone can massage the figures when you deal in trillions of pounds.

So let me tell you right now. Anyone who can stand by and let their friend or neighbour lose their children because of our corrupt, perverted, totalitarian government deserves to lose theirs too. See how you would fucking feel then.

I will fight for anyone who has their children removed for no other reason than they cannot pay their rent.

I cannot fight alone, we all must make a stand if  for no other reason than enough is enough.

Do not let this nightmare become a reality.

If you tolerate this, then your children will be next.

Make no fucking mistake about that fact what so ever… Prepare yourselves, the shit is about to hit the fan.