If You Don’t Know Me By Now

Christopher Spivey


Hi All,

Just a little update of what is going on.

Now I’m not going to lie, my health is still a cause of some concern to me and the doctors too it would seem as I have been deemed medically unfit to attend my appeal hearing which was due to start two days ago..

The medical certificate advised that the Hearing should be adjourned for at least 3 weeks – which is when my consultant is due to see me again in regard to this latest bout of ill-health and depending on what action he proposes, the hearing will need to stay adjourned for however long is needed.

Course, that is in regard to my physical health and concludes the bad news but I can assure you that my poor health is not permanent, you watch, I won’t allow that to happen.

Therefore it is all good news from this point forth.

You see, whilst it is going to take some time to physically recover, mentally I am getting back to top form very quickly and with my inability to do much at the moment except sit and think or do a bit of reading, even now I’m sharper than a new Gillette razor blade ever since the doctor put me on different pain killers. You see, the ones that the hospital put me on were dulling my brain as effectively as they were dulling the pain.

Moreover, these new ones have the added bonus of allowing me to go for a piss without having to stop halfway to the toilet in order to catch my breath.

Now it would take me far too long to tell you what is going on with this horrendous abuse of the justice system – which in my case has crossed over from manipulation of the system into serious (easy to evidence) crimes being committed by those such as the Essex Chief Constable, Stephen Kavanagh, who is that up him-fucking-self that he very unwisely appears to believe that he is above the law… He’s not and I’m not the uneducated thug-mug that he thinks I am.

I fucking love being in a position to publish facts like that because every time I do his huge ego forces him into making another error of judgment.

Course, there are a lot more players involved in “Get Spivey” than just the wholly corrupt Kavanagh – he just happens to be the fella leading the police charge, which is ironic since he lacks any semblance of leadership qualities. whilst being just smart enough to not sue me for libel.

Moreover, despite a concerted effort to intimidate me all that he has achieved is to chalk up another epic fail that is soon coming back to bite him on his lardy corrupt arsehole.


Course, you can never underestimate the power of fear.

But the criminals running this country have a small problem where I am concerned.

You see, these Cunts didn’t scare me when I started off down this road, And I can say without any hint of hesitation that they didn’t come close to doing it 2 years ago – a time when my responsibilities made me a lot more vulnerable yet despite their best efforts to criminally exploit my weaknesses they somehow managed to turn that into another massive fuck up and that window of opportunity has long since been closed – and I can still state without any fear of contradiction that I can still hold my hand out in front of me without so much as a tremor – unlike the plastic thugs that they send around here to commit crime on their behalf in order to preserve their criminal existence… Fuck You.

Stephen Kavanagh is a criminal. I have the evidence to prove that yet at this moment in time he is no doubt still cock-sure that his cronies will close rank, allowing him to get away with it.

However, just like fear, you should never underestimate the power of passion and certainly never underestimate the power of the fucks that I don’t give.


I can’t say no more than that except I intend to throw a major spanner in their works and then we are going to see if Mr Kavanagh and his criminal ilk have half the bottle that I have… I doubt that very fucking much.


And that isn’t bravado on my part. That is a cast iron fact.

Now, I want you to know that I take immense pleasure in telling you about this next bit because unlike myself, the nonce protecting police puppets – which is as low as a puppet can go in terms of puppet shows – do indeed continue to spew forth fake bravado.

You see, thanks to your generosity the site is safe for the immediate future. In turn that news will alert those of you who have been paying attention to the fact that I no longer face the prospect of being evicted.

But I would be lying if I told you that keeping this place is the sole source of that pleasure. I mean eviction was never going to result in me sleeping on a park bench and I certainly do not consider this shit hole to be a home now – the corrupt Essex police slags made sure of that in July 2014 and this place is now just somewhere that I dwell.

In fact being evicted was only a major concern to me because of my three large dogs and what was to become of them if I lost the place.


And although the site continues to chug along, it is still abhorrent that I have to pay nearly £300 per month in order to keep the site accessible to you all, for no other reason than the Insecurity Services are misappropriating funds, manpower and equipment to illegally attack it.

And there is no doubt that it is the MIT’s, thus in turn Her Tragesty’s Government who are the source of the attacks.

Indeed I am told that not only do the locations that the attack originate from give the Kinky Fuck-ups away, the fact of the matter is that there is no one else with that kind of capability who would have the sustained, relentless desire to maintain such a course of action.

In fact I dread to think how many bullshit, nonexistent terrapin attacks they will have claimed to have thwarted in order to cover the cost of the attention lavished on me.

Course, despite the seemingly endless money pit afforded to the Men in Tights in order to protect the interests of very rich, insanely sick, self-absorbed mad men they certainly would not waste the huge sums of money that they do monitoring me, along with the very dangerous, high risk plan that was set in motion two years ago in order to crush me, if I was nothing more than a mad egg wearing a tinfoil hat.

In other words, I do not need anyone to tell me that I am teetering on the edge of completing the dot to dot puzzle, no matter how bizarre it may sound to some – which it doubtlessly does – because as sure as eggs is eggs, I KNOW that I have all but cracked it.


And then there is the cost of employing their gimps… I mean the words; “payment to no-marks for prolonged character assassination & ‘trolling’ of people acting without fear” do not appear on the “Request For Funding” application forms.

Indeed, it is a big fucking bill because I am not the only mush having your tax money lavishly wasted on me – the said sums paid to slow minded gimps to type shite about myself and others having been covertly re-directed under the guise of surveillance and intel gathering of known terrapins.

Yet I am still here and that denotes a major, major moral victory as far as I am concerned and pisses all over the efforts of the string yankers and their poorly paid trolls – and that gives me great pleasure.

After all just being in a position to write this update will without doubt have a negative impact on their broken minds and their lack of self-worth.

You see, not only do these hate filled, inadequate, peeler-squealers know that they are lying when spewing forth their monotonous rhetoric, mostly about me once again begging for money – something the muppet-puppets broadcast a lot but are unable to back up with a single shred of evidence, which they obviously wouldn’t be able to do since I don’t beg anyone for anything although I would never underestimate the power of cleavage – it absolutely crucifies them inside having to live with the knowledge that not only do people care enough about this site to ensure its continuation, but also the fact that the very same huge number of people also care enough about me as a person to take action in times of need… After all, the published evidence shows that there was no begging involved or even asking for any money at all as it happens, I simply stated the facts of the matter concerning the site and left it at that.

And then there is their fairy-cake name calling… Apparently I am a fat nonce, despite never having been tried for kiddie fiddling or any other crime against children.

In fact ironically most of these name calling half-wits are owned by the Bacon Factory via threat of prison and losing their own children after being caught doing exactly what they are trying to accuse me of.

Yet the ONLY charges that I face involving children are for possession and now distribution – following Kavanagh’s further waste of taxpayer money to bring about a malicious prosecution, for which he does not have the authority to do, served via an unlawful summons to boot –  of a perfectly legal image, namely Nan Goldin’s belly dancing shite… Which I obviously use to highlight the sick fucks taste in art.

As for fat… Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Yeah, right.

And lets not forget the face palming clincher that I am committing benefit fraud whilst ignoring the fact that had I been claiming benefits I wouldn’t have been a grand in rent arrears… See, thick as pig shit.

Therefore, by just reading this far the mentally deficient marionettes will by now have cottoned on to the fact that they have failed miserably in their task to discredit me, despite having the backing of the nonce-filth providing them with the psychological know how on how to manipulate people’s thinking towards someone or something – or put another way, they will already be deflated by the realisation that no one respects them, trusts them, takes any notice of them or finds them credible enough to give even half a thought to their vile views... Except their fellow sewer dwellers of course, which counts for dog shit.

But not only does their inability to do a simple, poorly paid, menial job that only a sleazy, sick-minded sewer dweller would consider an occupation (although most are doubtlessly given no option other than jail when offered the chance of  becoming a Piggy Bitch), especially when you take into consideration the backing afforded to the fruit-cake-fruits by their string yankers, totally send their emotional instability into meltdown, I have no doubt in my mind that given their insidious, sleazy personality traits along with their all-consuming desire to be respected, the sickly horrible feeling that they will now be experiencing from having it rammed home that they will never ever be in a position where anyone would lift a finger to help them, even if they begged their hearts out – which given their lack of moral fibre they most certainly would have no qualms in doing so should the need arise – will feel ten times worse than the sick feeling that you get following the most accurate, well delivered kick in the bollocks.

Should I feel any guilt from taking delight at the turmoil that this post will cause them, regardless of their totally transparent, over the top efforts at acting indifferent to the situation which they will obviously attempt to project –whilst at the same time doing their damnedest to ignore the fact that anyone who knows anything about human nature will be aware that the deeply flawed genetic make-up inherent in these dregs of society will make any attempt at indifference impossible?

The answer to that is fuck knows, but I certainly won’t… These scummy shit stains on humanity would have danced with delight had Clayton been snatched. Indeed, they should all be concerned that Monsters Inc is coming to an end at which time they will learn that any loyalty they feel owed by their Yankers does not exist. And I will never forget, you have my word on that.

Now I have to say that NEVER for one single moment did I expect anywhere near the level of support that you have given me over this past week… You more than played your part and regardless of the current high degree of animosity and resentment that I feel towards the masses, I will continue to honour my side of the bargain by outing these sick fuck monsters for the sick fuck monsters that they are… And unfortunately for them I have the proof to do so with the added confidence that whatever their next move to try to take me down will be, it will be the wrong one.

Believe me, this website – me, the gang and yous lot – are going to alter the course of history regardless of whether I am here to savour the moment or not.

margaret mead

And purely as a gratuitous follow-up kick to the pus filled puppet’s plums – after all, never once have I ever claimed to belong to the “turn the other cheek brigade” or been an advocate of forgiveness – I will rub in the fact that not only did I not have to beg for money, there has been more financial support come in this week than has ever come in before in the 4 years that I have been doing this soul destroying shit… And I truly thank you all very much because that fact has given me a massive, much-needed lift at a point where I was convinced that I was wasting my time in an effort to help people who frankly deserve the miserable, pointless existence that their apathy, disinterest, lack of spine and “I’m alright Jack” selfish, greedy attitudes are paving the way for… And a lot fucking sooner than they can even begin to realise too.

Course, my bad mood was without doubt greatly exacerbated by the totally debilitating viral infection that left me unable to do fuck all for 6 days which was immediately followed by my ongoing kidney problems caused by a stone that produces periods of unbelievable agony followed by a bout of chronic fatigue.

I mean I am sure that you understand how dangerous it was for me to go into hospital and as such I only allowed Stacey to ring the NHS help line for some advice, yet less than 2 minutes into the conversation THEY took it on themselves to send out an emergency ambulance which transported me to hospital in so much pain that I couldn’t even remember how old I was when asked.


PHOTO: pain-free and stoned. 

And trust me, you have not lived until you have had a nurse try to insert a powerful dose of morphine up your jacksy.

“Stop tensing Mr Spivey, you keep pushing it out” she scolded for at least the 4th time in less than a minute.

“I’m not doing it on purpose y’know” I snapped back, “I’m just not used to having someone stuffing things up my fucking arse”, my anger brought about partly through the pain I was in and partly by her obvious irritation that the fucking thing kept popping back out again.  I mean in all honesty I really, really was trying my best to keep it up there, if for no other reason than to prevent her having another bash at it.

Needless to say that despite the copious amounts of the stuff generously given to me ensuring that I spent the next two days totally pain-free and stoned as fuck, never once did they even suggest that they were going to administer it analy.

Moreover, I now know that if I was homosexual I would still be a virgin.

Right, that is my lot for now I am afraid, but I will stick a John Hamer article on later tonight or tomorrow  morning.

In the meantime, Much love to you all and keep the faith because change is surely coming.