If you believe they put a man on the moon


Christopher Spivey


I’ll bet cha that the old Monkey Boys over at the Chimp are proper missing me?

In fact, I have been that busy what with making sure that there is always something new on here for your daily perusal, as well as keeping you all updated on Clayton; thus keeping him in the spotlight and in doing so hopefully keeping him safe.

Course, with their hastily put together plan to snatch my Mini-Me now unravelling at a right old rate of knots – presumably due to the planning committee not having thought it through properly – I am now constantly busy playing ‘catch up’ in order to just about keep pace writing about another series of fuck-ups courtesy of the  Loony Goonie’s & Hells Belle’s on a seemingly daily basis.

Take the “Case Note” written by the social worker Nicole Miles, as an add-on to her prematurely submitted, incomplete assessment on my Clayton, which she had composed using information that she knew to be fabricated, biased, embellished, illegally obtained and will hopefully amount to a fair old prison sentence for her breathtaking blatantly obvious bid to take Clayton into care… I wonder if she will threaten to sue me alongside her boss, Julie Robinson – both equally guilty as the other.

Gosh, I hope that they do… then again, since I have cast iron, irrefutable evidence of  all that I have accused  them of, and more – also note the word ‘ACCUSED’ as opposed to ‘ALLEGED’ – I seriously doubt that they will want to go head to head in court.

I would therefore imagine that they will have to rely on the corrupt, law-breaking sewer rats for support since it was them whom the pair of evil, harridans conspired with to unlawfully & illegally abduct an innocent child… Or more specifically still, to abduct my Clayton – not that the brainless trotters would know the difference between unlawful & illegal.

Course, whilst the thought of prison does not scare me at all, I can’t speak for the guilty lot… However, given mind to their career choices – I wouldn’t have thought the prospect to be a pleasant one.

Meantime, the IPCC have acknowledged receipt of my complaint, although I cannot say the same for Ahmed or Duddridge, whom will no doubt be seeking the advice of the men in tights.

In fact the M.I.T appear to have taken to reading my snail mail of late, probably to see if they can find some tit-bit which may allow them to get away with arresting me again… Sad really but since I don’t make a habit of being a criminal the nonce protectors will have to resort to trying to stitch me up again.

I suppose that they could always try nicking me for the offence of indiscriminately revealing the criminal activities of those who run the country – my bad.

However, since they read my letters they will also know about the possible consequences of such a decision.

As for big chief Kavanagh – I’ve heard from him… But that is a whole article in itself so you will have to wait.

But I digress, so anyway this ‘Case Note’ completed by Miles attempts to document and answer Stacey’s complaints surrounding the tissue of lies contained in the fraudulent assessment – which as you know is nothing more than an ill thought out, easily disproved load of old bollox, written in the belief that she would get away with submitting a false report which would also explain the amateurish, slap-dash way that it was compiled.

Course, at the time of writing the Case Note, Miles would have been unaware of the much more damaging allegations that were to follow and as such that devil may care attitude of hers has provided me with even more evidence of their sick fuck criminal conspiracy.

Never the less, watch this short video.

Strange isn’t it how everyone except Miles can clearly see that rather than ever harm a hair on Clays head, I would protect him with my dying breath… But then again, Miles isn’t being paid to see the truth.

What does that say about us and our country when we are having to defend our children from those blatantly poisonous, sceptic, sub-humans, supposedly employed to act in our children’s best interests?

But I am going to make sure that these monsters are NEVER EVER allowed near children again, or I will certainly die trying. And I swear that on my Clayton’s life… Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock chaps & chapettes.

Nuff said for now.

So, what with trying to keep the site current (and failing miserably), alongside compiling the evidence on Miles & Co (anyone had a reply off the HCPC yet?), I simply haven’t had the time to visit the Monkey Boys and see what they are getting up to.

That is until I got sent some photos the other night in regard to the Aussie hostage siege.

And given the content of those snaps, I thought it best to have a quick butchers at the old fanny which in turn also lead to me doing the same in regard to the Pakistan shooting.

I will of course assume that you are  all aware of the two Terrorist escapades?

Course, the Pakistani school shooting has resulted in the Tellitubbies – or whatever the fuck the Taliban’s name is – sky rocketing up to 2nd place in the Premier Terrier League.

And twelve hours after beginning that quick once over, I thought that I best break off from reading and gathering evidence on the two events and get on with writing something for today’s offering.

So, lets apply the ten point False Flag test to both events and see whether there is any mileage in the stories…

(1) Were any important and/or very rich people, politicians, celebrities or Israelis hurt?

The Aussie Choccy Horror Show – NO

Ozzie’s revenge: From Peshawar to Abbott-a-bad -NO

(2) Were the Terrorist/s responsible named far too early?

The Aussie Choccy Horror Show – YES

Ozzie’s revenge: From Peshawar to Abbott-a-bad – YES

(3) Were there vastly over-hyped, contradictory, eye-witness testimonies being given by the likes of a grey haired man talking far too fast, whilst sounding out of breath and struggling to hold back tears, whilst describing a quite extraordinary turn of events in a voice which is an octave or two higher than what it should be… Or a middle aged, olive skinned, well dressed, very short, moderately overweight woman in tinted prescription glasses with shoulder length,straight hair died an impossible shade of black, wearing far too much bright red lipstick, invariably with a name like Gloria Prozildip, who speaks with a slight accent mildly annoyed in tone and seemingly ends every second sentence with“Its the children that I feel sorry for”?

And were all these eye witness statements reported back to the studio by “Our Man On The Ground Jim Smeltz – what can you tell us about the situation Jim?” … Whom after holding his finger in his ear, with a look of intense concentration on his face as he pretends to listen to the Studio Anchor man’s question which we can clearly hear unlike “Jim” wearing an earpiece wired up to fuck all.

That fact however doesn’t matter since “Jim” already knows what the carefully ‘loaded’ question will be anyway and following a 4 second silent pause – necessary to give the impression of a time delay – he will then proceed to answer (depending on which question is lined up)) in such away as to either illicit

  • mass sympathy for the victims
  • or anger and condemnation at Muslims
  • and/or hysteria at the imminent prospect of us all being blown to fucking bits

After which we are returned to the studio to receive some expert analysis from  a studio guest who “has kindly come to the studio at short notice because he cares” – especially about his appearance fee – and who will be without a shadow of doubt, a Former high Ranking Navy Seal, who is now recognized as an internationally renown expert on terrorism, with a name likely to be  something like Professor Rock ‘hard’ Stone.

Rock hard Stone will always nod his head a lot in time to the absolute bollocks question being put to him by an over done it on the fake tan, orange looking, wig wearing, news reader called Bill Something-or-other, speaking in a tone specifically engineered to sound like he gives a fuck.

Professor Stone’s interview is then repeated at 15 minute intervals having in reality  been recorded around 2 months previously, punctuated with suitably long gaps added in order for whoever the next news reader (called Bill) can then ask the same questions thus giving the appearance of a live interview? 

The Aussie Choccy Horror Show – YES

Ozzie’s revenge: From Peshawar to Abbott-a-bad – YES

(4) Were there selfless acts of heroism leading to a person – and by person I mean a woman – laying down their life for others?

The Aussie Choccy Horror Show – YES (See detail 1 at the foot of the page)

Ozzie’s revenge: From Peshawar to Abbott-a-bad – YES (Also see detail 1)

(5)Are all of the following 3 categories applied to those caught up in the attack:

Were all those unhurt victims caught up in the attack automatically given “HERO” status entitling them to 1-5 months worth of fame, which will include:

  • opening supermarkets
  • sitting on the dunking stool at school fetes
  • appear on stage waving to a night club crowd
  • and/or receiving  free drinks in return for conversation.

Were all those caught up in the attack who received  injuries (blood on their shirt, bandaged ankle, dust in the hair, etc) automatically given “TRUE HERO” status entitling them to the right:

  • of being added by thousands on Facebook & Twitter
  • recount their harrowing ordeal in the MSM at least 10 times a week for up to six months
  • to receive & wear a 2 pence piece sized bravery medal  
  • appear on a TV reality games show of  their choice
  • be seen drinking in a pub with a Champions League Footballer
  • and best of all, receive the go ahead to set up a “Go Fund Me” account.

Were all those caught up in the attack who were killed for a while, automatically given “GOD LIKE HERO” status worthy of:

  • being invited to take part in the next government sponsored false flag operation
  • being invited to take tea with Dave at Downing Street on the build up to the anniversary of their false flag
  • having the ability to reduce people to tears every time their name is mentioned in the newspaper
  • have a campaign started by admirers calling for the govt/council to have a statue of the God like Hero erected in their home town and/or have a memorial garden built in their honour and/or call for the GLH’s family to be given a Lordship
  • Have an airport renamed after them(local & national airports only)
  • Have a Charity set up in their name and legally cream at least 25 pence in the pound off all donations – because you’re worth it.

The Aussie Choccy Horror Show – YES

Ozzie’s revenge: From Peshawar to Abbott-a-bad – YES

(6) Is there a non-stop carousel of photos in the papers showing healthy looking casualties whom you are TOLD have “appalling multiple life changing injuries”, with dire consequences meted out to all those newly christened “home grown Muslim Convert terrorists” who dare to so much as think that their eyes are more worthy of belief than what their eyes are told to see by the Free Press which is there for no other reason than to tell you the truth.

The Aussie Choccy Horror Show – YES

Ozzie’s revenge: From Peshawar to Abbott-a-bad – YES

For this to work a good citizen should always remember that:

“The MSM is the greatest gift that your leaders – those posh speaking fellas who care only for your well being and love you like a brother from a different mother, but must insist that you keep your distance from them because they respect your privacy thus making them worthy of earning considerably more money than you will ever see sunshine  – can bestow on a nation”.

“And were it not for those leaders – superior to us in everyday because that is what God wants – allowing anyone, no matter how poor, homeless or overdrawn they are at the food-bank, the absolute right to have daily access to the MSM, we would all have to face the terrible pitfalls associated with thinking for ourselves”.

Do you want a couple of examples of what I’m talking about?

Of course you do.


A horrifically injured school boy, his young face etched with shock is pictured wearing a blood soaked shirt and heavily bandaged shin, covering the gaping bullet hole that nearly cost him his leg, as his brother gently carries him home… He was one of the lucky ones as many of his friends wont be going home.

marci mihael

A true hero of the terrorist attack , both legs covered in fast flowing rivers of blood is carried out of the cafe by two paramedics, both so clearly traumatised by the blood bath that they had bravely walked into, that they have forgotten to release their hold on the critically injured gunshot victim as they lowered her into a wheelchair.


Cool, many more examples later along with evidence to back up the other shit. But for now – onwards & upwards with the ten point test for spotting a false flag.

(7) Do the government of the country where the Terrorist attack took place – or in the case of African and Middle Eastern countries do the US & UK governments – stand to making a fucking killing from the terrorist atrocity, especially where the consequences of the attack could lead to Military intervention on behalf of the targeted country?  

The Aussie Choccy Horror Show – YES

Ozzie’s revenge: From Peshawar to Abbott-a-bad – YES

(8) Is the film footage of the terrorist attack of exceptionally poor quality at times and as such you cannot always clearly follow what is taking place – a sure fire indicator of foul play?

The Choccy Horror Show – YES

Ozzie’s revenge: From Peshawar to Abbott-a-bad – YES

Shall we have a look at the film footage quality? Of course we fucking shall… And I will address one or two other matters whilst we are at it.


(9) Do the victims involved belong in a category that to so much as mildly question their integrity will lead to moral outrage?


*Guidance notes:

Jeff Bauman who had both legs blown off at the Boston Marathon – well he did if you believe that “they put a man on the moon” – is a perfect example.

Other examples would include Soldiers – who bravely fight for us and our freedom, horribly maimed children, pregnant women, etc, etc…

Incidentally, I happened to glance up at the TV last night whilst that award bash was on – do you know the one I mean? Course you do, the Cunt Cameron and weirdo Ed the ball Willieband were there making out that they gave a fuck?

I think it was called something like: Here have a medal brave soldier to make up for being half the man that you was when you joined up.

Well anyway, no matter if you did or didn’t see it, as I looked up this soldier being interviewed in Afghanistan – that country that was poised to invade Britain and the US back in 2001, had we not attacked the bastards first – quite unbelievably had the front to say to the camera in reference to the Taliban: “I don’t know where they get their money, who funds these terrorists?”.    

As for Camercunt smarming it up for the cameras during his speech about how much respect he has for our servicemen and women:“As Prime Mincer, I am immensely proud of our armed forces”  I could maybe have skipped the urge to beat him to a pulp had he had the balls to say what he really means: “As Prime Mincer, I get to have it right orf, now do take your meaningless disc on a ribbon and wheel yourself orf to the nearest foodbank… Chop, chop my good man”

And the answer to number 9 is:

The Aussie Choccy Horror Show – YES

Ozzie’s revenge: From Peshawar to Abbott-a-bad – YES

(10) Did the Prime Mincer or President of the country that found itself the target of a terrorist attack (same conditions apply as those found in number 7) later make a speech stating something along the lines of:

“Muslims are our friends and Islam is a peaceful religion, but as with every walk of life, there is a tiny element who want to cause hatred and mayhem. And in this case, the aim of that tiny minority of extremists was to divide us and break down the mutual respect that exists between us and our beliefs… But let me say this to the terrorists… You have failed, you will fail next time and you will fail every time single time you try, because far from achieving your goal, every attempt to divide our communities, brings us closer together and strengthens the bond between us”.

And were those sentiments later publicly endorsed by the Cunt Cameron and Gay Barry O’barmy?

The Aussie Choccy Horror Show – YES

Ozzie’s revenge: From Peshawar to Abbott-a-bad – YES

Ten out of ten then… Both the Australian and Pakistan events were without false flags.

Now, before I start to wrap things up by telling you about those photos that I was sent which had then prompted me to look into the Aus-Pac terrorist attacks and as a direct result of doing so, ultimately led me to write this article – have a look at some more photos confirming what I have told you about these False Fanny Fuck-Ups.

Pakistani-School (3)Pakistani-School (1)

Okay, that is enough evidence… For now.

You see, the Aus-Pac Fallacy’s were so badly done that I certainly have no doubts that I wasn’t viewing real events, especially in the case of the Australian production – which when I described the play acts as being “badly done” I should have actually said in regards to the Aussie farce:“have a fucking word Mad Abbott, who did you employ to stage that shambles – ‘The Sullivans’ production crew”?

I know I sound like a broken record but they all really have to go.

But anyway, let me tell you a bit more about those photos that I got sent.

The first two are of Katrina Dawson, the Mother of Three who now has God Like Hero status after being shot dead by “terrorist” Man Haron Monis as she tried to shield her pregnant friend from his bullets – *heavy fuckin sigh

Now, before I show you Kat’s photos I gotta make mention of the totally improbable named Man Haron Monis.

And you really couldn’t make this shite up – although Tony cuckoo-cuckoo Abbott could.

You see, this IRANIAN terrorist, who betrayed the Australian peoples trust after being granted refugee status:

  • took to hate preaching on the streets, in traditional full Muslim attire and heavy chain shackles – after first pronouncing himself to be a Sheik
  • He then narrowly avoided prison three years ago for writing to the recently bereaved families of Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan & Iraq, mocking their loss – yet only received a 3 year community order for doing so.
  • He was on bail at the time of his death and allegedly had been since April 2013 – how is that legally possible – after being suspected of being an accessory to his ex-wifes murder, a crime that his current bird is on bail for accuse of actually doing the do – again, how is that legally possible?
  • And he was arrested & bailed again in April of this year after setting himself up as a bogus faith healer which led to him being accused of the seven sexual assaults that he was awaiting trial for – AND HE STILL MADE BAIL?
  • And in the days leading up to carrying out his terror vision, he had taken to ranting his plans on Twitter.


Fuck off witcha… I bet that I am even on the Australian Men in Tights watch list.

After all, despite not being guilty of a single fucking crime I am doubtlessly watched – especially from the sky – my phone calls are all listened to, my letters arrive having obviously been read, as are my incoming and out going e-mails, my home is in all probability bugged, my Facebook and Twitter accounts constantly monitored, as is this website.

I also have it on 100% reliable authority that the Solicitors and Barristers that I have approached are subsequently told not to represent me, hence the 15 requests that I have made to law firms  in the fast approaching 6 month anniversary of my first arrest have all been either refused or met with total silence… Bar one, who only finally agreed to represent me yesterday after 2 months of umming and ahhing whether or not to take me on, despite this solicitor writing to tell me that a Barrister had told her – and I swear on all that is dear that this is a direct copy & paste here:

Dear Mr Spivey,

The barrister whom I asked to consider your case has now replied. He has said that, on your account and the documents he has seen so far, you would have a claim for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and trespass.

Which I knew already, just from the little bit of research that I had done.

Moreover, police forces in areas that I have never so much as lived in, let alone broken the law there, question detainees whom I have never so much as met or spoken too, about how well they me.

Other police forces warn individuals to keep away from me “if they know what’s good for them” – yet I have committed no crime whatsoever and I most certainly am not a terrorist – regardless of what the anti terrorist laws define a a terrorist.

Neither do I belong to any right, left or fucking centre wing political or extremist party and I have got zero time for anyone’s god – its Dog all the way for me.

Yet Mr Man Whatever Hisnameis:

  • harasses the recently bereaved families of servicemen K.I.A,
  • is on bail for accessory to murder
  • and is on bail for sexually assaulting 7 customers of his bogus therapy practice
  • preaches hate in the streets and posts extremist comments on social media

yet we are supposed to believe that the George Lazenby’s  hadn’t got the faintest Scooby, Scooby-Doooo who he was?

In that case, all that I can say is book me 3 one way tickets on Quantas airline plus 3 one way animal tickets – and that’s me out of this toilet.

In the interim, here are those photos of the now dead Kat Dawson – taken when she was alive obviously and before she found herself up a creek without a paddle so to speak.

The 34-year-old manager of the Lindt cafe, Tori Johnson (left), and mother of three Katrina Dawson, 38 (right), have been named as the two hostages killed during the Sydney siege on Tuesday morning

Okay, now along with Kat Dawsons photos I was sent some others.

However, before I show you those photos, the hard of learning need to read this next bit very, very, very, carefully and then when those you people with short attention spans have finished reading the very easy to understand sentence which I have taken care to make sure is devoid of any big, obscure, difficult to pronounce words, let the information you have read sink in for two minutes or so before carrying on… Okay:


Okay, the photo below is of Charlotte Bevan and her boyfriend.

You will of course no doubt recall that in very late November just gone, Charlotte from BRISTOL walked out of BRISTOL maternity hospital with her 4 day old baby Zarnee Teanna between 8:45 and 8:55 (15 minutes or so after her boyfriend had left) and promptly disappeared despite the temperature being only slightly above freezing and neither Mother or Baby being dressed in appropriate clothing.

Charlotte Bevan

Earlier on throughout the day leading up to their disappearance, Charlotte had apparently been fine and had posted a song on You-tube as well as updating her personal information on Facebook describing herself as a free spirit.

Nurses on her ward agreed that she was fine and had no concerns about her or her ability in coping with her new daughter.

Her boyfriend Pascal Malbrouck who comes from a remote French-owned island in the Indian Ocean was described as being inconsolable and friends confirmed that they were a normal couple, who were very happy in their relationship.

Malbrouck let it be known later on in the day after Charlotte Bevan vanished that she was in fact suffering from schizophrenia as well as depression and was sleep-deprived after the birth of their daughter.

According to the Mirror:

Distraught Pascal Malbrouck said the new mum was happy before she gave birth and could think of no reason why she would go missing.

He added: “We all love and care about you Charlotte. Please just let someone know you’re safe, we want you to come home.”

Malbrouck also told the press that none of the CCTV cameras were working when Bevan slipped out of the ward with her daughter… The hospital refused to comment.

A while later the hospital had a change of heart and told the press that the cctv was working.

The following day Bevan then apparently updated her Facebook page with a song.

Sadly Charlotte and Zarnee Teanna were both found dead the next day… Tragic if true and I am not saying that it isn’t.

And of course, this is indeed one of those taboo subjects that I mentioned earlier and as such I will stress again that I am not stating as fact that Charlotte and Kaz Dawson are one and the same.

But having said that, it still has to be discussed.

So lets have a look at some photos of Charlotte and Kaz side by side.


That’s all folks… For now at least… And apart from the details below… So its not really all… But bye, bye all the same.


Faces of the Sydney siege hero victims: Young barrister and mother-of-three died after ‘shielding pregnant friend’ from gunfire and the café manager, 34, shot dead as he tried to grab terrorist’s gun

A barrister who died in Sydney’s terrorist siege was today hailed a hero after it was claimed she was killed shielding a pregnant friend from gunfire.

Mother-of-three Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson, the manager of the Lindt cafe in Martin Place, were the two hostages killed in the bloody climax.

Mrs Dawson, 38, whose children are all under ten, was a barrister in Sydney’s central business district opposite the siege site and died of a heart attack. 

She had been getting coffee with pregnant Julie Taylor when Man Haron Monis entered the building – and later admirably shielded her friend from bullets. Source


Pakistan school attack: Brave teacher torched by Taliban terrorists after ”over my dead body” vow

A weeping survivor of Pakistan’s school massacre told today how a teacher was burned alive as she tried to protect her pupils.

Showing superhuman courage Afsha Ahmed yelled at Taliban fanatics who had stormed the compound they would only harm her children “over my dead body”.

The crazed militants then doused her with petrol and torched her.

Two other women teachers, school head Tahira Kazi and Hifsa Khush were also burned alive in Tuesday’s outrage at the military school in Peshawar which claimed 148 innocent lives, including 132 children. Source