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Christopher Spivey


Now as you know a lorra, lorra mischief makers try and pour scorn on the many news items that I expose as being fake stories by demanding to know the motive for staging such an event – their illogical thinking, or the doubt in others minds that they are looking to create being that; if the motive isn’t obvious or known, then I must be talking bollox.

And of course, the fact is that it is those mischief makers who are the ones actually talking bollox.

Now, whether they do that to simply try and make themselves appear intelligent – whilst being anything but, since when compared to a bucket, their arguments don’t hold water, or whether they are government employed 3D skid-marks, paid to cast doubt on the stories credibility is irelivent.

Indeed, both groups exist and to be frank, I have no time for either.

I mean, those trying to make themselves look clever at my expense or desperate to prove me wrong are just parasitical wannabes and the latter are at best nonce protecting sub-humans.

After all, if I see one man shoot another man dead then I do not need to know why the shooter did it to know that he did.

So, in terms of these fake news stories I do not need to know why any particular hoax was staged to know that the evidence before me proves that it was.

And then all you need do is wait until the the reasons start to emerge. For instance, you must have noticed all of the stories of late about people having Acid thrown in their faces… At least you must have noticed if you read the papers.

Now I can tell you that many of these stories are fake – although not all because the abhorrent attacks do occur.

But take for instance Adele Ballis:

A beautician disfigured in an acid attack orchestrated by her ex-boyfriend has called for automatic life sentences to be given to all acid attackers.

“I believe that anyone who plans or uses acid to attack someone should automatically get a life sentence because for us as survivors it is something we have to live with for the rest of our lives,” Adele Bellis, 23, said outside Ipswich Crown Court.

She added: “Acid seems to have become another weapon for sick, unstable individuals.

“It needs proper restrictions placed on it at the point of sale, like any other potential weapon. At the moment it’s too easy for anyone to buy acid on the high street.

She also had this message to anyone trapped in a controlling relationship: “Get out now, before it is too late.” Source

Why is it that these victims with disfiguring injuries always seem to be beauticians in the same way that these young ladies who lose a leg seem to be dancers?

Course, at first glance you would be forgiven for thinking that Adele had indeed been horribly maimed.


But when you look closer into the case you quickly realise that all is not as it should be.

I mean Adele is far too happy for a 23 year old who has had her ear melted off. Moreover, there is a photo of her hand yet they are conveniently out of view in the other photo.

So I go look for more evidence and find the following photo:


And the two hands and the top of the arm burn don’t match up.


I mean, it is very suspect that they have cut Adele’s head off for the photo don’t cha think?

06_0f253712-541a-1_2476419a (1)a

And what kind of acid is so powerful that it can melt an ear clean off but doesn’t melt a person’s face, neck and hands?


There ya go, acid that melts ears but only burns skin!

Moreover, what happens when you lose an ear is you are left with a hole in the side of your head.


They have photoshopped too much off of her face in the above photo and the burnt skin looks like latex, yet in the same way that the two birds who supposedly lost a leg each in the Alton Towers bullshit like to draw attention to their stumps, Adele does the same with her lack of ear.

I mean, don’t forget that we live in a very vain world and I do not believe for one second that these pretty birds who all seem to heal incredibly quickly, positively embrace their injuries… It is just total bollox.

Course, the fact that Adele is also Sophie Cooke does nothing to enhance her credibility.

“Who the fuck is Sophie Cooke Spiv”, I hear you ask.

Good question:

A young woman has walked free from court despite luring a man she wrongly accused of being a paedophile to brutal assault.

Sophie Louise Cooke, 21, set up the “vigilante justice” attack on the vulnerable victim, in which he was gagged and pinned to the floor before feeling a “pain in his behind”.

Burnley Crown Court heard how the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, suffered an anal tear and other injuries after being punched by Stephen Daniel Holmes, 23, and another man, who was never caught.

Prosecutor David Clarke said when the victim arrived at the house, he went inside and saw two men.

Holmes was there, as was another, unnamed second person.

The man was told to go to an upstairs bedroom and he was then pinned down to the floor.

Mr Clarke said: “It seems the vast majority of the violence was perpetrated by the other man.

“He started punching the victim, calling him a paedophile and attempted to gag him with a cloth, but the victim says the attempts were not successful.

“He struggled. His trousers and his underwear were pulled down and whilst Mr Holmes held him down, he was turned over by the other man.

“He felt a pain to his behind. He felt something sharp and that went on for a good five minutes or so.” Continue reading


Shall we go compare?


Yet the Daily Mirror really took the piss and had the two different stories side by side.


Moreover, Adele also looks very similar to Tunisian fake victim, Daisy Earl


And Sophie/Adele also look like a bird called Kimmy Hayes:


And while Adele was losing an ear, the fella responsible appears to have been growing a pair – ears not bollocks.


PHOTO: Little ears, Anthony Riley and his former girlfriend Adele Bellis.

image (1)

Photo: Anthony Riley now with ears

Course, the reason for the acid attacks is so as sales can be restricted and a much higher tax rate can be added to the price.

That much is obvious from headlines such as:

Number of acid attacks doubles in 10 years as police admit they are powerless to stop the sale of household chemicals used in crimes Source


Devastated in an instant, the blameless victims of UK’s acid attack epidemic: How brave man disfigured in case of mistaken identity has rebuilt his life with his family’s help Source

Strangely enough the subject of the above article is a fella called Andreas Christopheros who had acid thrown in his face but unlike Adele, he kept all of his hair…


And his ears too as it goes.

Yet they bandaged his hair up in hospital. Oh, and I shouldn’t need to remind you that SWNS photo agency is dodgy as fuck and in all probability a front for MI5.


Moreover, the useful idiot, “real” journalist Dominic Lawson even somehow worked Andreas Christopheros into a nonce protecting article by comparing having acid slung in your boat-race as being on a par with poor old, upstanding, political greats, Dead-Wood Teeth & Lie-On Brittan having their reputations dragged through the mud:

Andreas Christopheros has been horrifyingly disfigured. The man responsible, David Phillips, was last week given a life prison sentence.

Phillips believed that Christopheros — whom he had never met — was responsible for the sexual assault of a relative of his. So he threw a beaker of car battery acid in Christopheros’s face.

It was a case of mistaken identity. Phillips had showered corrosive acid over someone completely innocent of any sexual assault. It would be a disgusting thing to have done, even against the real perpetrator of such a crime. But it is unspeakably vile to disfigure someone in that way, based on nothing more than hearsay, ill-informed suspicion and an inchoate sense of outrage at harm done to someone else.

This is a powerful metaphor for what has been happening to a number of public figures — and the police are complicit in it. On the basis of bizarre accusations by a very small number of troubled — and in some cases, malicious — people, corrosive acid has been hurled over the reputations of distinguished public servants.

I am referring to the ‘historic VIP child abuse and murder’ claims against the late Sir Edward Heath, Field Marshal Lord Bramall and Leon Brittan — all accused by a man known only as ‘Nick’ of being part of a murderous homosexual conspiracy, and which no fewer than 29 police officers have been investigating in Operation Midland. Source

What a cunt!

And just to reaffirm that this massive increase in acid attacks is all about more restrictions and more money from our pockets, there is the following taken from another bollox Chimp article:

Although acid attacks were not uncommon in Cambodia, tough new laws have seen an 80 percent reduction in such incidents.

A life sentence was handed out earlier this year to somebody who had carried out an acid attack. Source

Course, whilst the reasons for the mass increase in acid attacks are pretty straightforward and transparent the same cannot be said for the Glasgow Bin-Lorry-Bollox.

However, it has been quite an enlightening week this week thus far and to explain why we need to go back to a fake event that occurred in Glasgow in 2010.

Now I did cover this event in Behind the Flag Part 2 – my second installment of the Glasgow Bin-Lorry-Bollox.

And if memory serves a lot of readers were unconvinced that the alleged accident was nothing more than an… Errr… Accident:

However, I still believe wholeheartedly that it wasn’t an accident. Moreover, I feel it is now time to pay the hoax a revisit.

Now, according to the MSM 20 year old Laura Stewart was allegedly killed along with her friend 18 year old Mhairi Convy when a Range Rover driven by a mush named William Payne ran them over in Glasgow city centre.

The following is from from the BBC in June 2014, some three and a half years following the ‘accident’ and I have highlighted in yellow what I consider to be the important bits:

A man whose car mounted a pavement in Glasgow killing two students has been accused of lying and being reckless for not disclosing he suffered blackouts.

William Payne appeared as a witness at an inquiry into the deaths of Mhairi Convy, 18, and Laura Stewart, 20, in Glasgow on 17 December 2010.

The 53-year-old refused to answer some questions after being advised he did not have to if it may incriminate him.

A previous criminal case against Mr Payne was dropped by the Crown.

Following this, the fatal accident inquiry was then arranged to look at the circumstances of the deaths of Ms Convy and Ms Stewart.

They were killed by Mr Payne’s Range Rover on North Hanover Street in Glasgow.

Appearing as a witness, Mr Payne was advised that his examination did not constitute a bar to criminal proceedings.

He was warned by Sheriff Normand that he was not required to answer any question which may show him to be guilty of a crime or offence but he did have to answer questions that did not incriminate him.

During his appearance, Mr Payne faced a series of questions from Dorothy Bain – the QC representing the families of the two women – but he refused to answer many of them.

Ms Bain still quizzed him on the renewal of an HGV licence in July 2010 – five months before the accident.

The QC said the “no” box was ticked on a document asking if Mr Payne had suffered any blackouts in the last five years.

However, the court heard a number of claims Mr Payne had collapsed during that time – including once while taking his dog to the vet.

Ms Bain accused Mr Payne of being “totally and utterly unreliable about his medical history”.

She went on: “If you had answered ‘yes’ (on the document), you would not have been allowed to drive.

“You were reckless to the safety of other people using the streets because as we have seen today you are just looking out for number one.

“That should be your mantra – number one, that is what matters.”

Mr Payne replied: “I don’t want to answer that.”

The QC also said: “Your selfishness has taken the lives of two young women. What more serious thing has happened to you.

“Two young women perfectly innocently going out doing their Christmas shopping.

“You could have prevented that by telling the truth.”

Mr Payne again replied he could not answer what was put to him.

The QC later referred to Mr Payne’s police interview after the accident in which he claimed he was “sorry”.

Ms Bain said to Mr Payne: “You could have been stopped driving in the July. Do you know what would have happened?

“You would not have to be sorry or even be here today as Mhairi Convy and Laura Stewart would be alive.

“The responsibility rests squarely on your shoulders.”

He replied: “I cannot answer that question.”

The inquiry continues. Source

Now, as coincidence would have it, Dotty Bain, the QC representing the two families was also the QC who represented the Morton ‘family’ in the Bin-Lorry-Bollox at the inquiry held just a couple of months ago.

And that of course would be the why the line of questioning put to the drivers, Willie Pain and Harry O Clarke by Dotty Bain was more or less the same in both inquiries

The driver of the bin lorry that careered out of control killing six people in Glasgow has refused his ‘last chance’ to say sorry to the victims’ families for the ‘lies he told about his health’.

Harry Clarke, 58, was told to ‘think of someone other than himself’ and imagine his daughter had died in the tragedy after repeatedly evading questions on his 30-year history of ill health.

Lawyers for victims’ families blamed the driver for the crash by failing to tell doctors and employers about suffering from blackouts, dizzy spells and fainting before the December 22 tragedy.

Dorothy Bain QC, representing the family of victim Jacqueline Morton, accused him of telling a ‘pack of lies’ on job applications and DVLA forms in order to keep his HGV licence at the inquiry today.

The inquiry is being held after prosecutors said there was no evidence to warrant criminal proceedings.

It will focus on driver Mr Clarke’s medical background, his fitness to hold a licence and his employment record and training.

He fell unconscious at the wheel, and was only diagnosed with heart problems after the crash. Source

Ms Bain also referred to a blackout the driver had at the wheel of a First Bus, saying: ‘If you had told the truth in 2010, there is every likelihood the six innocent people who lost their lives would still be here today.’

‘You took a chance and it’s taken the lives of six innocent people. The difference between you and them is that you had a choice and they didn’t. They had no chance.’ 

Ms Bain said the blackout only came to light in February when a professor checked his medical records. Source

The inquiry is being held after prosecutors said there was no evidence to warrant criminal proceedings.

It will focus on driver Mr Clarke’s medical background, his fitness to hold a licence and his employment record and training.

He fell unconscious at the wheel, and was only diagnosed with heart problems after the crash. Source

So, no trial for either driver despite both lying on medical questionnaires necessary to keeping their HGV licences.

In fact Willie Pain had been charged in November 2012 with causing the deaths of Stewart & Convy whilst driving without insurance but if Pain had no insurance then fuck knows why it took nearly 2 years to haul him into court.

And even fucking stranger still, the charges were subsequently dropped!

However, that still isn’t the half of it, since the ‘accident’ happened right before Christmas and in the same area as the Bin-Lorry-Bollox and the Clutha Hoax.

And it is worth bearing in mind that Glasgow is a big city; it isn’t a little town.


Moreover, neither of the accidents made any sense in respect to the path that the out of control vehicles followed.

And then on the 15th of March this year the Mirror had the following to say:

William Payne suffered six blackouts in three years before he lost consciousness at the wheel, killing two women, but never notified DVLA

A driver who had blacked out six times before his Range Rover ploughed into shoppers, killing two young women, during a seventh episode will not face prosecution.

Prosecutors decided not to pursue a criminal case against William Payne more than four years after the crash that killed Mhairi Convy, 18, and Laura Stewart, 20, after he blacked out at the wheel and his vehicle mounted the pavement, mowing them down in December 2010.

A fatal accident inquiry last year heard Payne, who it is now known suffers from vasodepressor syncope syndrome which causes sudden fainting, had six previous blackouts in the three years before the crash, but never notified the DVLA, which would likely have revoked his licence. Source

Or put another way, nigh on exactly the same scenario as the one attributed to Bin-Lorry-Bollox driver Harry Clarke:

Doctors diagnosed Mr Clarke with vaso vagal syndrome, a condition that affects the heart rate and blood pressure. Source

And in the midst of all that there was the “heartbreaking” story in the papers of Wilma Mcmanus’s daughter who was also killed by a Vaginal driver, back in October 2010:

THE mother of a woman killed by a black-out driver sent to jail in Northern Ireland yesterday asked why Scotland fails to prosecute people who cause similar tragedies.

Driver Mary McLaughlin, who had a history of blackouts, was handed a 15-month sentence and spent five months behind bars after killing Wilma McManus’s daughter Rebecca near Belfast in October 2010.

Yesterday, Wilma said she had been 
following the Fatal Accident Inquiry into theGeorge Square bin lorry tragedy and 
cannot understand why Harry Clarke was not prosecuted.

Clarke, who was not even interviewed by police over the tragedy when his lorry careered out of control killing six people, is one of three black-out drivers who have not been prosecuted after fatal crashes in Scotland in recent years.

Clark, William Payne and David Logue all collapsed at the wheel after failing to tell the DVLA 
about their histories of blackouts.

Wilma said: “Had Mary McLaughlin, Harry Clarke and the rest of them not got behind the wheel, then all these people would still be alive. Source

Mind you, Wilma does look very much like Tuna-Fishy victim Trudy Jones.


Wilma on the left, Trudy on the right.

And all of this led to the following scare tactic article:

AT LEAST 142 Scots who admitted having blackouts like bin lorry driver Harry Clarke have been allowed to drive HGVs and buses.

More than 9000 others who flagged up different medical problems that could affect driving were also given licences by the DVLA.

Even applicants with dementia, sleep apnoea and alcohol problems were granted licences to drive heavy goods and passenger-carrying vehicles last year.

The Record uncovered the figures in a Freedom of Information request to the DVLA, who faced criticism of their licensing rules during the inquiry into December’s bin lorry crash in Glasgow.  Source

Course, the article conveniently neglects to mention how it arrived at those figures.

Then again, it would do wouldn’t it?

So, in reality the vast majority of our ‘news’ consists of old bollox working to sinister agendas and all carried out by crisis actors. I mean, for instance the national newspapers all used photoshopped photos of Harry O and his *aherm, aherm daughter.


And Harry O is in all probability also a fella called Tony Williams.


And Tony Williams is Rob Adey from the Tuna-Fishey-Fake:


It is also worth mentioning that Harry O’s daughter is the spit of Faith Jenkinson whom was the subject of more Chimps old-bollox. (see here)


As for Laura Stewart and Mhairi Convy, well I have long thought that they were one and the same.


I mean, it is a bit coincidental that the pair look so alike, don’t cha think?

Mind you, having said that it isn’t coincidental where hoaxes are concerned.

And in turn they both look like disgraced youth crime tzar, Kerry Boyd. (see here)


Kerry is on the right.

And in turn they all look like the sister of murdered teenager Kris Donald.

XU2933118FUNERAL-P_3112213b (1)ar

Convy on the left, Donald on the right.

Kris Donald who was from Glasgow was allegedly murdered in 2004 by Muslims. (see here)

I believe that he then went on to become soldier Karl whittle… Who was murdered by Muslims, although the cover story does not make sense. (see here)

b603ccf8-e4d1-420b-a0cd-766105beec4d (1)q

There is a theme opening up there.

I also believe Laura and Mhairi to be the mother of the 7 year old who was shot in Manchester the other week. Now there is a story with more holes in it than my dad’s undercrackers. (see here)


Convy is on the right.

And finally, anyone with half an eye on the ball cannot fail to have noticed how hard the Monkey-Boyz have been pushing the Prevent Cancer: Have Ya Tits Off agenda.

Indeed, it was the screwball Angelina Jolie who started the bandwagon rolling with this agree to mutilate yourself agenda – something I doubt very much that Jolie actually did and if she did, then why hasn’t she shown?

After all, she isn’t what you would call shy is she?

But nevertheless, since Angie allegedly went under the knife there has been a constant procession – seemingly on a weekly basis – of women happily telling their tales of how they had their tits off on the off chance that they may have got breast cancer in the future.

Course, the overall theme is “hey I have no tits, just two big scars but that doesn’t make me any less desirable as a woman”… Hmmm, doesn’t it?

I mean, even if it didn’t make a difference to a fella imagine the shit that she would give him whilst sat on the beach on a hot summer’s day:

“Whatcha lookin’ at her for”?

” I wasn’t darlin’ honest”!

“Yes you was, you know you was… I suppose I’m not good enough for ya… Why don’t you get off with her… Blah, blah, blah”.

However, if that lack of concern applies, then women will have no qualms about dating a fella without a knob… Indeed, they will all be happy to marry an offshoot of Lady GaGa?

I’m sorry but I don’t buy it, in the same way that I don’t buy all these pretty young ladies who lose a leg, acting as though they haven’t a care in the world.

Take for instance Catherine Keeney who appeared in the Chimp on the 16th of this month (see here):

2D7492BA00000578-3275520-image-a-7_1444985746505 (1)

Happy as Larry and a dead ringer for Laura Stewarts mum.


And Laura Stewart herself.


Just sayin’.