I’d vote for him


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Well done to my main man Carl Green  and all the others who joined him on the 24 hour sleep-out in a flooded Southend on Sea.

I must add a special well done to June who made the long journey down from the North Pole.

Well done also to all those who took part in simultaneous 24 our sleep-outs in other cities throughout the country.

I know for a fact that Carl has a lot of other plans in the pipeline.

So, who knows, this time two years from now he could even be the Prime Minister… Can’t see me having to refer to him as the Cunt Carl?

Well done my man. Keep sticking it to the useless arsewipes. 


Campaigners gear up for bedroom tax protest


Campaigners gear up for bedroom tax protestCampaigners gear up for bedroom tax protest

PROTESTERS will hold a 24-hour sleep-out near Southend’s Civic Centre as part of a nationwide demonstration against the Government’s bedroom tax.

The campaigners will join together on August 24 for the national demonstration involving people in more than 30 towns and cities across the UK.

The bedroom tax cuts the benefit people can get if they are deemed to have a spare bedroom in their council or housing association home.

Carl Green, 63, from Southend, who is organising Southend’s sleep-out near the Civic Centre in Victoria Avenue, said: “We’re just ordinary people trying to make a difference – we’re hoping to get people’s attention so they can see the state of affairs in this country, because it’s only going to get worse.

“Some people’s attitudes are very much ‘I’m alright, Jack’ – as long as they’re OK, they don’t worry about what other people are going through.”

Neal McArdle, day centre manager at Harp, said there were families struggling as a consequence of the bedroom tax.

He said: “For them it’s about having awareness about what support is available for them, which is where we can help. There are certainly more people than ever who are homeless, although the cause for this can be attributed to a number of things.”

Ron Alexander, from disability charity, Dial, said disabled people had also been affected by the bedroom tax.

He added: “People who need the assistance of certain machines during the night are especially affected, because they can be quite noisy.

“Their partners don’t get much sleep, so they need the extra space.”

Tory John Lamb spoke in response to the “sleep-out” protest against the bedroom tax.

Mr Lamb said: “When our children moved out of the family home, my wife and I downsized because we didn’t need the extra space, and it’s the same for others.”