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According to the Daily Mirror, Some British children are having to survive on a Jam Sandwich a day.

According to the Guardian, 350,000 Children are set to lose their free school meals – often the only proper meal they get to eat a day.

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Starving children surviving on just a jam sandwich a day: New scandal of Food Bank Britain

 One school liaison officer told how a parent came to her pleading for help because her kids were suffering from SCURVY

Tough times: Sarah-Jane Hearne and her son BrandonTough times: Sarah-Jane Hearne and her son Brandon

neil Atkinson/Sunday Mirror

PENNILESS mums are having to beg school teachers to help them feed their hungry kids.

Children have to get by on as little as a jam sandwich a day because the cupboards at home are bare in Food Bank Britain.

One school liaison officer told how a parent came to her pleading for help because her children were suffering from SCURVY… a potentially fatal condition caused by a severe Vitamin C deficiency.

Alison Jones, who works in Marian Richardson Primary School in Tower Hamlets, East London said: “She told me how her and the children would go around the back of a market nearby and pick up bruised apples or bruised ­bananas and take that home and make soup that would last for all of them for a week.”

Unfortunately, cooking the fruit destroyed the vital Vitamin C.

These shocking revelations lay bare the plight of thousands of families as children as young as four are found to be malnourished.

The Sunday Mirror has exposed the shocking statistics of Food Bank Britain, where 250,000 people used the charity-run food depots last year.

The Trussell Trust now has more than 250 food banks nationwide and today we talk to people who have had to turn to them as a last resort.

In Salisbury, Wiltshire, mum-of-three Sarah-Jane Hearne couldn’t cope after a delay in benefits payments.

It left her with just £100 a week to pay rent and household bills and buy food for herself, her partner and children.

She had to send her nine-year-old son Brandon to school with just a jam sandwich to last the day.

“I felt heartbroken to send him to school like that,” she said. “You feel you shouldn’t be a mother if you can’t provide food for your children.

“You feel like you have failed. Then you don’t want to tell anyone because you feel so down.”

 Leanne Reed and son JaydenEmbarrassed: Wendy Clark with son Jacob

Sunday Mirror


Brandon, who has two sisters aged 12 and 13, said: “I feel upset when my mum doesn’t eat.

“I try to make her feel better by giving her a kiss or a cuddle. Sometimes if other family members give me pocket money, I give it to my mum to help her buy food.”

Sarah-Jane was referred to the Trussell Trust by Brandon’s head teacher at ­Woodlands Primary School, Matthew Kitley.

He is a voucher holder for the Trust and often helps out families who run into short-term difficulties.

He said: “We are ranked number one for deprivation out of 199 schools in Wiltshire.

Lack of food severely affects the ability of children to learn. It prevents them achieving their full potential.”

Sarah-Jane was given food for three days, which ensured Brandon had a nourishing meal to take to school.

She said: “I want to be there for him when he goes to school and when he comes home. It is hard to find jobs that are flexible around school hours.

“So many people want them.

In Tower Hamlets, East London, mum- of-three Leanne Reed, 29, was struggling to feed her children properly despite help from her mother and the father of the children, and had to ask her school to help. More than half of state pupils in East London get free school meals.

But she still found it humbling when she had to ask for assistance after a benefits mix-up left her with hundreds of pounds to pay in rent arrears.

“It is so embarrassing to have to go to them and ask for help,” she said. “You feel like an absolute failure.

“But I was only able to give them a jam sandwich each and their dinner was a tin of ­spaghetti hoops between them and hot dogs.

“When they have a snack it was something like one bag of crisps between the three of them.

“If we didn’t have free school meals I would not be able to feed my children properly.

“Any parent wants to do the best for their kids but you think, ‘Why do I have to go and ask for charity? ’?”

Wendy Clark with son JacobFridge was bare: Wendy Clark with son Jacob

Ross Parry


In Hull, mum-of-two Wendy Clark found herself asking for help just a few weeks after she DONATED groceries to a food-bank collection.

Wendy, 40, approached teachers at Alderman Cogan Church of England Primary School after she realised she did not have enough food to feed four-year-old Jacob and Zachariah, nearly one.

She said: “It can happen to anyone. The fridge was very nearly bare by the time we got help.

“In the freezer we were down to half a bag of frozen chips and in the cupboard we had a couple of tins of soup.

“It is the least food we have ever had in the house and I have to say we were very worried.

“The children never went hungry and my mum and dad lent me money for their school dinners.

“In the end I would make sure they had something to eat before me if it came to it.”

Wendy sought help in case things got worse and was given a food voucher.

“The whole thing has been very humbling and to be quite honest I felt a little ashamed,” she said. “But when I left I felt grateful.”

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350,000 children ‘will lose free school meals in welfare reform’ – charity

Children’s Society says coalition’s universal credit, as currently envisaged, seems a step backward


school meals

Free school lunches are the main meal of the day for many children, says the Children’s Society. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian

More than 350,000 children will lose their free school meals under the government’s radical plans to reform welfare entitlement next year, an analysis by the Children’s Society has warned.

In a report entitled Fair and Square, the charity says the proposed universal credit system, which comes into force in October 2013, will stop paying for certain benefits if a household earns more than £7,500.

At present the welfare system compensates poor families with cash from the tax credit system.

The result is that 120,000 poorer families are likely lose free school meals, worth £367 a year, unless they dropped their earnings below the threshold of £7,500. This would mean parents having to cut the numbers of hours worked or take a pay cut to keep their benefits.

The charity says that although the universal credit, which is a single payment designed to replace a plethora of benefits, was supposed to simplify the current system it will end up replicating some of worst aspects of the old one.

“Because of how universal credit entitlement is structured – with high withdrawal rates of benefits when earning more or working longer hours – many of the families affected will have to earn far more before they recover the loss of free school meals.”

Parents would have to garner “unrealistic” pay rises before the loss of benefits could be recouped.

As an example, it says that a lone parent with three children earning just below £7,500 a year would need to get a pay rise of 60% or £4,500 to compensate for the loss of free school meals under the new benefit.

The report argues that the system does need reform as it estimates more than half of all schoolchildren living in poverty – 1.2 million – are missing out on free school meals. Another 700,000 are not entitled to free school meals at all.

However, it adds that universal credit, as currently envisaged, seems a step backward.

Free school meals provide vital financial support for low-income families, argues the charity. For almost a third of children, school lunch is their main meal of the day.

Elaine Hindal of the Children’s Society said: “If the government introduces a free school meals earnings threshold into the universal credit, then as many as 120,000 families could end up in the perverse situation where they are better off taking a pay cut, or working fewer hours. This could mean 350,000 children suffering as a result.

“It is exactly this kind of problem that universal credit set out to solve. The government can and must address this by extending free school meals to all families in receipt of universal credit.”

At the heart of the debate is a split in the coalition. Some ministers think universal credit would create a very complicated system that is very difficult to administer. To ensure that half of children in poverty get free school meals would cost an extra £1bn – galling at a time of fiscal restraint.

Stephen Twigg, Labour’s shadow education secretary, said “the government has shown a scant disregard for the welfare of some of the poorest children in England” and he would be considering how to tackle the issue as part of the party’s “policy review”.

The Department for Education said it would be consulting on the issue “later this year”.

Children’s minister Sarah Teather said: “We remain totally committed to continuing to provide free school meals to children from the poorest families.

“We are reforming welfare to get more people into jobs as that is the surest way of cutting poverty.

“The reforms mean we will have to think hard about the best way to decide who is eligible for FSM so they continue to be targeted at those who need them the most. No plans have yet been set and we will be consulting later this year about the best way forward.”


Iain Duncan Smith claimed £39 breakfast on expenses (that’d leave him £14 for the rest of the week)

The Work and Pensions Secretary was accused of “living in a different world” after the Mirror uncovered his taste for the morning feast


Feast: Iain Duncan Smith claimed for a £39 breakfastFeast: Iain Duncan Smith claimed for a £39 breakfast


Iain Duncan Smith’s claim he could live on £53 a week fell apart last night after evidence emerged of a £39 breakfast he tried to put on expenses.The Work and Pensions Secretary was accused of “living in a different world” after the Mirror uncovered his taste for the morning blow-out which would leave just £14 to see him through the rest of the week.The Cabinet minister claims he knows what it’s like to live on a low income and has dismissed a challenge from a 370,000-strong petition for him to prove it.But Mr Duncan Smith – who has ushered in the hated Bedroom Tax – made a claim on his Commons expenses for a £193 hotel stay in a hotel, including a breakfast for £39.The receipt, submitted to the Parliamentary authorities when he was an opposition MP, show he also claimed for a mini bar bill and, on one occasion, a £9 cocktail.The claims were rejected by Commons authorities.The Daily Mirror can also reveal Mr Duncan Smith has yet to visit a food bank since becoming Work and Pensions Secretary in May 2010 – despite his claim to know what it is like on the breadline.Unison general secretary Dave Prentis said: “Everyone, including a man who spends £39 on one breakfast, would struggle to live on £53 a week.“Iain Duncan Smith can bluster all he likes, but he is living in a different world to millions who have to live on a pittance thanks to his policies.”Mr Duncan Smith sparked fury by telling a County Durham market trader he could live on £53 “if I had to.”His comments came as a report by independent think tank the New Policy Institute said the government’s benefit cuts this week will hit 1.2 million families already living in poverty.A spokeswoman for IDS admitted his £39 breakfast claim last night, saying: “His office submitted the claim but it wasn’t accepted.”The petition can be found here.

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