I See Dead People


Chris Spivey


In the end I have had to admit defeat – something that I absolutely hate having to do.

You see I had hoped to have ready an important article, for which I took the decision to put the nearly completed Piss-Poor-Parisian-Prank article to one side in order to try and get this new one released in time for yesterday or today at the latest.

The article, on a subject that I have in the past spent many, many hours looking into, came about via something that I discovered whilst writing a section on the Parisian Bataclan Club attack – an almost slapstick comedy event – which allegedly occurred whilst the cartoon band, The Ejits of Deaf Mental were on stage… Well actually the evidence points to them not being on stage as it happens, but you know what I mean.

And having found this new piece of information that sent a fucking great shiver up my spine, another unexpected event closely related to this new information took place – call it coincidence, call it divine intervention, call it luck, call it whatever the fuck you like, but it happened – leading me to have a moment of clarity that left me me, once again amazed at how little I really know about the way that these evil monsters ruling over us, operate.

Now as far as I was concerned, these two occurrences were far too important for me to not re-visit what I had spent many countless hours researching in the past and fuck me, looking at the event from a different perspective, which differs greatly from the two possible versions of events which at the time I had spent many hours perusing (the official version of events and the conspiracy version of events), coupled with three years more experience than when I had last looked, led me to discover a huge amount of new information, which through naivety I hadn’t taken the time to consider back then.

And that is how I came to put the Parisian exposé aside despite myself being very pleased with my efforts as well as my findings being – in my bumble opinion – a real fucking eye opener.

Course, had the usual door after door after door not opened when I started writing this new report – leading to information far too important to exclude – I would definitely have had it finished on time for today. But unfortunately, in the end the sheer volume of reading, re-reading, viewing and re-viewing that has been involved made my deadline impossible.

Mind you, I had a proper fucking good go to the extent that I have ignored everything else this week such as some very important e-mails as well as not adding new content to the site – including the John Hamer articles that he sent me which only take a couple of hours maximum to prepare for publication.

In fact fuck me, I haven’t even read or looked at the Chimps website in at least three days – well not up until an hour or so ago anyway.

Indeed if proof of my efforts were needed, my daughter Stacey will confirm that for the first time ever I fell asleep yesterday evening, sat upright at my desk here, whilst reading back what I had just written. And as Stacey’s piercing shout of “DAD” dragged me back to semi-consciousness, I finally admitted defeat.

Course, there has been that much old fanny going on in the media of late that I have one hell of a backlog of stuff to tell you. Indeed, there has been quite a lot of new information about the Bin-Lorry-Bollox being punted out as fact in the past few weeks, which I would have liked to do an article on.

I mean, Bin-Lorry-Fraudster, Arry C has been busy cropping up here, there and everywhere.

For instance he is almost certainly the fella in the right hand side of the photo below, who if I remember rightly is allegedly at the heart of a dispute between his daughter (who does in fact also play Our Arry’s daughter in the Bin-Lorry-Bollox) and her step-mother, over his money – or something like that anyway… It was certainly a non-story that is for sure.

harry and millionaire fella

Handy Harry then turned up in the Chimp as a fella called Ray, whose surname I can’t remember – although I think it may have been Ovson-Shine.

Ray allegedly owns the oldest dog in Britain – an apparently 598 year old Yorkshire Terrier, called Jack.

oldest dog

Note how Arry’s neck has been filled in, which does in fact get funnier and more bizarre with every new photo that is published of him in the MSM.

01_22125446_19ed78_2533769aimages (2)

And Arry was also the fella below, whom I forget what the geezers story was about and I haven’t time to look it up as I promised Stacey faithfully that I would spend the day with her and Clayton and as such, fuck knows how much time I have left to complete this one.

However, his photo could well be another one from the article about the fella whose money his daughter and wife are fighting over.


I sincerely hope that your bollocks drop off from VD Harry Clarke or whatever ya fucking name really is. – Do any of you remember VD, before it became  STD?

Forget that as it happens, I don’t want to spend the day debating the clap.

So anyway, staying with the Bin-lorry-Bollox, a recent documentary on the hoax-presented-as-fact had ‘victim’ Gillian Ewing’s daughter’s Lucy and Robyn being interviewed TOGETHER about the old fanny – and which also included photos later published in the MSM of the pair arriving at the inquiry into the old bollox which if you remember was held back in July/August of this year.

Course, the significance of that is the fact that I claimed and produced evidence in my “Behind the flag” series of articles that the sisters are actually the same person and that ‘their mother’ is a bird called Sue from Manchester.


PHOTO: How many different backgrounds can one photo have?

Now, whether the appearance of the two sisters TOGETHER in that video footage along with the photos printed in the papers – which were strangely absent from the hugely hyped fraud inquiry photos published at the time – was specifically aimed at putting a stop to any potential trouble arising from my articles sometime in future, isn’t known.


Nevertheless, I know for a fact that the government shit themselves with some of the stuff that I come up with – and trolls take note, that has fuck all to do with ego or pie-in-the-sky thinking; that is just a cast iron fact.

And of course, people are silly enough to believe what they see, so if they see the two ‘sisters’ appear on TV together, then they cannot possibly be the same person and with the newly published photos to back up that view, it is game over for my claim that they are one and the same… Although they still most certainly are and I shouldn’t – so won’t -need to explain to you lot how such a thing is possible.

However what did come out of these newly published photos and tv interviews – that have taken a year to materialise – is the fact that Lucy/Robyn are also (amongst many other people see HERE), Laura Stewart, the teenager run down and killed alongside her friend mhairi convy, near GEORGE SQUARE in Glasgow, which happened around the same time of year as Glasgow’s Clutha old fanny, cept in the year 2010, after being hit by a fella driving a Range Rover, who – like our Arry – apparently blacked out at the wheel whilst driving.

rooyou know

And that percentage is despite Lucy’s painted in gum – which most definitely is painted in, as proven in “behind the Flag”.

Mind you, I have always harboured the notion that Laura and Mhari are also one and the same, but with a lack of photos of the pair to compare it is hard to prove.


Course, if I am right that fact in turn would mean that Mhari was also Robyn and Lucy wouldn’t it?


However, the problem in comparing them is that Robyn’s gum has been extended even more than Lucy’s has, but check out the eyes, ears and nose… History will prove me right, just you wait and see.

Course, that would also explain why Laura’s & Mhari’s mothers were extensively photographed arriving at the Bin-Lorry-Bollox inquiry – unlike Robyn & Lucy were – and passed off by newspapers, such as the affront to journalism that is the Daily Express, as being relatives of the deceased.

Linda-Stewart-mother-of-Laura-and-Aileen-Convy-mother-of-Mhairi10644127-1 (1)chear

Moving on and others who allegedly gave evidence at the inquiry, yet are not whom they claim to be and are in fact all the same fella, include. Glasgow’s waste management boss, Doug Gellen, Accident investigator, Mark Hill and the bumbling fool who was allegedly sat behind our-Arry when it all went tits up with the Bin Lorry, whom according to the news is called Henry Toad or Toal – the same thing really.

gellen and hill

And I am afraid that I am going to have to cut it there because Stacey & Clay will be up shortly and of course, I will honour my promise to her about spending the day with her and my Grandson – which is much more appealing than doing this shit anyway.

However, before I go I just want to say a massive thank you to my team for their outstanding efforts, above and beyond the call of duty throughout the course of the year. And of course the whip round they had for my Christmas Present.

The team (in no particular order), Dogman, Wolfie, Lisa, Benny & Fabooka go to make this the best fucking site on the internet – bar none.

And of course a massive thank you for all of your donations throughout the year.

Unfortunately, because of the palava in getting on my email account – that the monthly DD donation notifications linked to my Paypal appear on – I do not get to thank you, but I can promise you this: I am truly thankful for each and everyone whether it be a pound a month or £20 per month.

Indeed it is those donations that go a long way to paying the nigh-on £300 per month needed to keep this site on line… Without them the site would have folded months ago – fact.

Likewise, the one off donations –  many of which often come from the same people – allow me to do this job full time; which I spend nearly every waking hour doing so, to the detriment of my health and social life… Indeed much to my disgust I find myself celibate… Why is that ladies? After all, it wouldn’t hurt to give a fella a hand now and then would it for fucks sake.

You see, as far as the donations go, I do not claim JSA or ESA as some no-mark, shit stains on society like to claim I do and if I did, I feel damn sure that they would have bubbled me to the social by now… Not that JSA/ESA pays a person enough to live on anyway despite what the cunt government puppets who work in the media would have people believe.

Therefore, it is those donations that also keep this site going and every little bit helps no matter how small… In fact, true fact, anyone who thinks that I am living the life of riley at your expense, I suggest that you come and have a butchers at my gaff… Nuff said.

Now, I am well aware of what Christmas is really about and what the robotic public have been conned into celebrating – as I feel sure that most of you will also be aware of the Satanic holiday.

Mind you, I have never been a fan of Christmas – not since my late teens anyway.

However, it is here and there is no point ignoring it as a holiday. After all, no matter what it represents we are not buying into that celebration and it is still a magical time of year for our children and grandchildren.

They are what counts, they are the future and that is my motivation for carrying on with this shit.

So, that then just leaves me to wish you all a very, very Merry Christmas from us here at the Spiveys. I love you all, even the cunts… Byeeeeeee, a’say byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee