I know what you did Mr Meecham


Chris Spivey/The Essex Chronicle


It is right and proper that the public continue to raise matters of concern around police conduct – Essex PCC, Nick Alston, 27/11/13

Public confidence in the force is “vital” – Essex Police Spokesman,27/11/13

“The vast majority of officers and staff are professional and act with honesty and integrity but the force is very aware that the actions of rogue individuals can impact greatly on how it is viewed.

“For this reason the force aims to deal robustly with any allegations of misconduct and ensure that they are fully investigated, that appropriate action is taken and lessons are learned.” – Essex Police Spokesman,27/11/13

So what has changed in the 19 months Mr Alston? As always with you people it is just a matter of saying what you think people want to hear. There is no sincerity, just empty words followed by … Fuck all, zilch, sweet FA, zero, nothing, nowt.

Indeed, this article by the BBC dated the 27th of November 2013 could have been released with today’s date on it and no one would have batted an eyelid… I know that for the simple reason that I follow Essex Police very closely and I did in fact think that it was a new article.

Mind you, the more astute amongst us may have thought that things had improved over the past week given the dire state of the Essex Constabulary and although I jest – probably – it is an extremely poor indictment, that with you now coming up for 3 years in the job, you have done nothing Mr Alston to justify your huge £80,000 per annum salary? .. Fuck all, zilch, sweet FA, zero, nothing, nowt.

I mean, you kept telling us that you are going to do this and you are going to do that and it is all going to be fucking gravy… But it never is.

For instance, according to the 2013 article:

Conservative Mr Alston, who was elected as the PCC a year ago, announced last month that he was creating an ethics and integrity committee, and had asked for quarterly reports detailing complaints against officers and civilian staff.

He has released these reports after a BBC Freedom of Information request.

What happened to that Ethics & Integrity Committee, Mr Alston? After all, if we knew we could report you to it since you have shown precious little of either to myself or my readers.

Indeed, I was quite surprised to learn that it was yourself who was responsible for employing Stephen Kavanagh as chief constable of Essex on a total salary of £192,163 – nearly £50,000 more than the Prime Minister’s wage.

Yet when you have been repeatedly asked to justify what must be coming up for a million Pounds for the malicious harassment of me and my family, that you and your cronies prefer to – rather laughably in my opinion – call an investigation, you have just tried to baffle them with bullshit.

Therefore, I would suggest that any of you who received Alston’s  fanny by way of reply, I would  email him back again and remind him of his job description:

Jonathan Isaby, political director of spending watchdog the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Police and Crime Commissioners are there to keep a watchful eye on police spending, not to build their own cosy empires.

“Taxpayers elected their PCCs precisely because they wanted to see someone crack down on wasteful spending and unnecessary bureaucracy in the police.”

Have any of you looked into the Essex PCC’s eyes?


How trustworthy does he look on a scale of 1-10? How fucking creepy does he look on a scale of 1-10?

Mind you, it might be worth sending an email to Jonathan Isaby informing him about the massive waste of money – it certainly can’t hurt anyway.

Nevertheless, what were the Essex finest up to in 2013 to receive so many complaints?

A string of allegations including rape and sexual assaults have been made against police staff, it has emerged.

Dossiers outlining allegations of misconduct and complaints were released by Essex’s Police and Crime Commissioner Nick Alston.

He said some of the matters were of “deep concern”. The police said public confidence in the force was “vital”.

Some of the allegations are still under investigation, some disproved and others have been heard by the courts.

Between 1 October 2012 and 30 September this year, 852 complaints against the force were “finalised”. Of these, 9.5% were upheld.

Mr Alston said the volume of cases was “broadly similar to that in other police forces”.

The four reports, with names and other details redacted, date from October 2012 and reveal the following:

  • An officer was investigated over an allegation of rape. No criminal inquiry but possible disciplinary action could follow;
  • An officer was interviewed on suspicion of perverting the course of justice and misconduct in public office for allegedly failing to carry out a proper rape investigation. The officer resigned;
  • Possession of indecent images of children. No criminal action but misconduct probe ongoing;
  • During arrest, one man’s false teeth fell out and as he reached out to grab them an officer allegedly stamped on his hand, breaking at least one finger;
  • Two PCs faced management action for “irregularity of evidence/perjury” and there were three cases of “improper disclosure of information”, the reports show;
  • Sending emails containing obscene images to colleagues;
  • An officer was suspended after contacting, through Facebook, a woman he met on a call-out for a domestic dispute, using three different names, meeting her three times and sending “sexual” texts and a photograph. He wassubsequently sacked;
  • A man in custody was passed “fit for detention” on the condition a risk assessment was carried out on his release, but it was “overlooked” and the man was later found hanged.
A total of 852 complaints against the force were “finalised”, of which 9.5% were upheld

‘Rogue individuals’

Police are also alleged to have entered a house unlawfully, its occupant sustaining a broken wrist and head injuries. The occupant was subsequently charged with assaulting a police officer but acquitted.

A gross misconduct investigation was carried out into a claim of persistent bullying and sexual harassment involving a line manager.

Other allegations include discrepancies in records relating to firearms, “inappropriate touching/contact” at work, and an officer using a warrant card to cash a cheque.

One officer allegedly tried to kiss a female detainee.

Absolutely disgusting and as far as I am concerned both Kavanagh & Alston should be made to pay back their huge, undeserved wages… They are a pair of scroungers and should be shown up as being so… Indeed it is just a great shame that tar and feathering has gone out of fashion… An insult to peoples intelligence, the pair of them.

Just sayin’ like.