I hear the ticking of the clock


Christopher Spivey


Good morning, afternoon or evening to all of you second class citizens who like to visit this site.

And no, that isn’t an insult as I am sure you know, being as I am a second class citizen myself.

I mean, the fact that you are should by now have become perfectly obvious to you if you are making enough effort to stand up for yourselves.

You see, sadly in our arse about face world were the bad men are the white hats and the good men are the black hats means that standing up for what is right will put you in immediate danger of becoming a 2nd class citizen, to whom fairness, respect and justice do not apply.

Anyway, lets crack on because there is a lot to cover. So much so in fact that I have had to do a midweek edition of a Spiv on Sunday.

So, first off, lets start with the quadrupling of prison sentences from 6 months to 2 years for interweb harassment as announced by Chris Grayling MP.

Chris Grayling is of course the upstanding, trustworthy Secretary of State for Justice… Stop fucking laughing, or do you want two years worth of porridge?

Mind you, did you know that Grayling worked for the BBC between 1986 and 1988, a time which history has now shown to be a period when paedophilia was a trait running rampant throughout those employed by the nonce paradise.

Moreover, according to Wikipedia Grayling was appointed to the Privy Council in May 2010 – quite apt since most people associate a Privy with being a toilet.

And of course, the wholly corrupt Secretary of State for Justice – despite not being a Lawyer – has his snout firmly in the trough and is an expert in exploiting the rules when it comes to the very lucrative MP’s expenses scam.

For instance, Grayling thought nothing about claiming for his flat in Pimlico, close to the Houses of Parliament between 2001 and 2009, despite having a constituency home less than 17 miles away as well as owning two flats in Wimbledon… Four homes that we were contributing to then, despite most folk in this country struggling to pay for the one they have… Perhaps the question of whether or not that is just and fair should be put to the ponce.

Moreover, Grayling had the Pimlico flat redecorated & refitted in 2005 at a cost of £5000, paid for by us.

Furthermore, Grayling is known for sensationalizing and ‘sexing up’ crime statistics in order to ramp up the fear factor amongst the general public. Therefore, it is little wonder that this dishonorable cretin who abuses the power and position entrusted to him by the very people he is taking for mug punters has been labelled both “the worst cabinet Minister in recent memory” and a “compulsive liar”.

So anyway, Grayling’s newest proposal increasing the prison term for online bullying from 6 months to 2 years is hardly surprising is it. Indeed, it is just more ramping-up of the fear factor:

Internet trolls will face up to two years in jail under tough new laws proposed by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling.

The previous maximum term of six months will be quadrupled under the plan to tackle the “cowards” who post abusive comments online.

Mr Grayling said the plan was a signal of his determination to “take a stand against a baying cyber-mob”. Source

I mean, not withstanding the fact that the definition of an “online troll” has been deliberately blurred by the MSM, two years in prison for what amounts to calling someone names on a computer screen is totally disproportionate to the crime.

However, you have to look at this logically. After all, I have been writing articles on this site for coming up 3 years in January, yet apart from my July arrest for harassment – which does not hold water and which was only done to protect the guilty  – I haven’t been arrested for the many people that I have criticized or accused of wrong doing.

Therefore, these new sentencing laws should in theory mean that writers such as myself will not be affected.

However, what the new laws do mean is that trolling has now gone from being a misdemeanor to an indictable offence, despite the old adage: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” springing instantly to mind.

Moreover, the odious Grayling is using the recent case of Chloe Madeley being trolled for defending her mothers controversial comments about rape, as being a reason for the new sentencing laws.

The move comes just days after the threats directed at Chloe Madeley after she stepped in to defend her mother Judy Finnigan’s controversial comments about footballer and convicted rapist Ched Evans.


Now as far as I am concerned, if people with a large audience – such as Finnigan has – make ill thought out comments such as that and which are usually made to draw attention to themselves anyway, then they have to expect a backlash.

Course, it could be argued that Chloe Madeley didn’t deserve to be the recipient of the trolls, but to my mind, if she wanted to avoid them then she should not have waded into the kerfuffle by trying to defend her mother’s appalling remarks.

Moreover, it is obvious that Chloe Madeley is being used as a useful idiot by the government or are we really supposed to believe that she came up with the following quote all by herself:

“The current law obviously needs to be reviewed,” she said. “It needs to be accepted that physical threats should not fall under the ‘freedom of speech’ u mbrella. It should be seen as online terrorism and it should be illegal.”

The glaring giveaway that she didn’t comes via the word “Terrorism”.

Yet it is only really people who are famous or people like me – an apparent threat to National Security – who get trolled to any real degree, and I am afraid that goes with the territory.

Never the less, as far as I am concerned trolling is not a crime; merely nothing more than a fucking nuisance that doesn’t warrant 6 months in prison, let alone 2 years.

The danger comes however, by the law enforcers blurring the lines as to what constitutes trolling and of course you just know that the new laws are going to be selectively used to protect the guilty from criticism.

And as we know, most of those guilty party’s spend an awful lot of time taking part in the Westminster Puppet Show … Chris Grayling for instance.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, Mr Grayling, tick-tock.

Meanwhile, the government Ebolacks scare tactics rage on fueled by the compliant MSM:

Two children sit outside a hospital in Kenema, the third largest city in Sierra Leone, digging into a bowl of food and sharing plastic bags of clean water.

They have both been orphaned during the Ebola outbreak that has gripped West Africa and put the rest of the planet in a state of constant vigilance and fear.

The death toll in the outbreak is now at 4,546, around half of the known cases in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, according to the latest figures from the UN World Health Organization.

Tragedy: Two young orphans whose parents have died of Ebola sharing a meal in Kenema,  Sierra Leone

Now, the WHO is scaling up efforts to reach 600,000 people that have been affected by the health crisis in the area, that has seen hundreds of children orphaned and many families left without a breadwinner. Source

And there was me under the impression that they had split up what with 50 % of the Mod band dying and 50% of the remaining members having been on the sex offenders register.

However, you have to ask yourself why those two children look so healthy if both sets of parents to the orphans have died of the highly contagious disease.

But more to the point, you have to ask yourself if the US & UK government can actually get any of their false flag, alarmist old fanny right?

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

Moving on and once again I notice that the government are interfering in unwarranted areas of peoples lives that don’t concern the clueless cunts, such as child rearing:

Bad parents should be given government classes on how to cuddle their children, according to a major new report.

Politicians have been reluctant to ‘call out’ bad parenting, despite this having a bigger impact children than money or schooling, the former Labour minister Alan Milburn said.

Mr Milburn, who was brought in by David Cameron as the Government’s social mobility Tsar, attacked MPs for being ‘tentative and timid’ about bad parenting. Source

Mind you, it is hardly surprising that Politicians have been “reluctant to ‘call out’ bad parenting” is it?

After all, our MP’s are not the best role models are they:

David Cameron and his wife, Samantha, left their eight-year-old daughter, Nancy, in a pub after having Sunday drink, Downing Street has confirmed.

She is reported to have spent a quarter of an hour at the Plough Inn at Cadsden, in Buckinghamshire, before Mrs Cameron returned to collect her.  Source

Funny how the Cunt Cameron has never said how he got on with the Social Workers who came to do an assessment of him and Sam Cam, following the unforgivable case of child neglect, don’t cha think?

Then again, you just know that the plod, who must surely have been there, didn’t bother making a referral to the Social Services… Strange that, given the number of times that our Prime Mincer has been caught up in sleaze.

Still, give us a wave you pathetic arse clinker – whoops, that’s another 6 months in prison I’m now due.

Course, the robotic manned MSM are that controlled by the State that they cannot even equate to the irony involved in their latest headline on bad parenting. Indeed, you only need look at the not so Royal family of inbred parasites – past to present – to realize the art of bad parenting.

I mean, just take a read of the following snippet in connection with Queen Sticky Vicky taken from the Telegraph in December 2012:

Queen Victoria was a domestic tyrant of a mother who hated her nine children, a BBC documentary claims.

The hidden misery of Queen Victoria’s household has emerged from Royal diaries and letters as well with interviews historians and biographers.

According to the BBC, the series reveals “a story of manipulation, conflict, intimidation, emotional blackmail and fevered attempts by her children to escape the clutches of their domineering and needy mother”.

Helen Rappaport, author of Magnificent Obsession and a contributor to the three part series, said Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were “pretty awful parents” to their four sons and five daughters.

“She hated being pregnant. She had prenatal and postnatal depression. She didn’t breastfeed her children who she thought were horrible dribbling little things. She was not in the least bit maternal.

“Queen Victoria liked sex, but she didn’t like the result.” Source

And fuck all has changed since then, again according to The Telegraph:

“If the Queen,” said one of her former private secretaries acidly, “had taken half as much trouble about the rearing of her children as she has about the breeding of her horses, the Royal Family wouldn’t be in such a mess now. Source Source

Indeed, if we spent a fraction of the time that the Queer, the Duck and their bastard offspring spend in the company of known paedophiles, our children would be in care quicker than a quick thing.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

These people are taking the right fucking piss out of us. They have been systematically robbing us blind for hundreds of years to the point that there is no longer any money left.

Fuck me, our councils CAN NO LONGER AFFORD to fix pot holes in the road – repairs have to be paid for from council tax not road tax – keep the street lighting on all night, which I would imagine has sent crime figures skyrocketing, or empty our dustbins once a week.

Indeed, having our bins emptied once a fortnight is unacceptable, yet things are getting worse:

Parts of the country are having their bins collected only once every three weeks.

Households in Gwynedd yesterday became the first in Wales to some have some of their bins emptied on a three weekly basis.

It comes after Bury Council became the first in Britain to make the controversial move earlier this month. Source

Yet I can remember when the bin men used to walk into your back garden, hoist the heavy metal dustbin over their shoulder, walk back to the dustcart, empty the bin in the back and return the empty vessel to your back garden, shutting the gate as they left, every week without fail.

Moreover, the Queer of England alone could end world poverty and still be rich beyond peoples wildest dreams, yet she won’t even end the poverty of her own subjects… The thing is evil beyond belief.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

There goes another 2 years of my life spent behind bars I suppose! I mean, woe betide anyone with an audience who speaks out against the blatantly obvious heinous crimes that are being committed by those given the power to do so by our consent.

Course, as I know only too well, speaking out will lead to police harassment, including illegal arrest, illegal entry into your home, the stealing of your property, the planting of evidence of the most abhorrent crimes and most evil of all; your family being made to suffer for your efforts.

Fuck me, they will even do it to their own kind should they step out of line:

When Carol Howard, the former poster girl for the Metropolitan Police, took her employers to an employment tribunal, the verdict was huge embarrassment to the pre-eminent force in the land.

The Met was found to have subjected her to an orchestrated campaign of ‘malicious, vindictive and spiteful actions’, which effectively derailed a glittering 13-year career.

Just how malicious and vindictive, however, she has only now revealed. Because, in a new legal action, 35-year-old Miss Howard says her employers not only discriminated against her, but accused her of crimes – including possession of an indecent image of a child – she had not committed to silence and discredit her.

Sound familiar? Then read on:

Carol was arrested on three occasions between August last year and April 2014, leading to a total of eight investigations against her for ‘crimes’ including criminal damage, harassment and perverting the course of justice.

In fresh employment tribunal papers, seen by The Mail on Sunday, Ms Howard also accuses the Met of maliciously informing Sussex Social Services about an ‘indecent image’ to spark a child protection investigation that prevented Ms Howard from seeing her six-year-old daughter for four weeks. The information was passed on despite the fact Sussex Police had already decided it was not necessary to refer the matter to social services.

Worryingly enough, it all sounds far too familiar.Indeed, planting child porn on innocent peoples computers who refuse to let wrong doing and injustice go unchallenged appears to be a particular favorite of the authorities.

And then again, on the other hand the very same authorities have no problem ignoring those perverted sub-humans who really watch films or look at photos of children being raped and tortured:

Thousands of paedophiles will escape any punishment because the police cannot cope with the scale of online abuse, a senior officer revealed today.

Keith Bristow, the director general of the National Crime Agency, said it was an ‘uncomfortable’ reality that officers needed to concentrate on the worst abusers. 

Mr Bristow said this meant some paedophiles watching online child abuse would inevitably escape justice.

His remarks sparked a furious response tonight – with Labour accusing him of perusing a ‘disgraceful’ policy which would see the ‘vast majority of people downloading vile images’ escaping justice.

Mr Bristow said 50,000 people access indecent images of children each year and the police cannot arrest all of them. Source

Yet what do you expect when our police forces are run by corrupt monsters in league with our nonce infested government having sworn allegiance to our nonce infested royal parasites?

And therein lies the reason that our policemen have drastically changed in the past 40 from being a reassuring presence to an incompetent, violent, gang of criminal thugs to be avoided at all costs:

At least 2,000 officers have been suspected of tipping off criminals, stealing and fabricating evidence, says a Home Office report.

The Home Office Select Committee will launch an investigation next month into police corruption after claims officers also used their power to get money and sex.

The probe comes amid a series of police scandals that have related to recent inquiries involving phone-hacking and the Plebgate scandal. Source

Personally I would suggest that the quoted figure of bent coppers is grossly underestimated… Indeed, the good coppers that are still serving are few and far between.

But that is going to change very soon.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

Moving on and I see that we smokers are again being targeted as being responsible for the death of everyone who ever gets cancer.

Indeed, there is now talk of banning smoking in parks and such other wide open spaces… Not long then until we smokers are made to wear yellow stars on our overcoats… There goes another 2 years.

Course, the favorite ploy of the press is to tell you that smoking will accelerate your aging ten fold. – something that I would strongly disagree with.

You see, I have smoked constantly and heavily since the age of 11 or 12 without ever trying to give up or cut down, yet it is a fact that until I started this writing malarkey, I looked at least 15 years younger than I am… I repeat; that is a fact, not me kidding myself.

Course, since starting this thankless task, I now look 15 years older than what I am… Yet the MSM are still pushing the ciggies aging factor as being fact, as evidenced in today’s Chimp:

Sugary soft drinks may accelerate ageing as much as smoking, new research shows.

Experts found the damage fizzy drinks cause to health goes beyond making people fat – they also appear to speed up the rate at which cells age.

The research showed that people who drank the equivalent of two cans of cola a day had DNA changes of cells 4.6 years older.

Campaigners have blamed sugary drinks for contributing to the rise in obesity and the number of people with type-2 diabetes, but this is the first piece to research to link soft drinks with premature ageing. Source

Indeed, it is a shame that the propaganda rags do not harp on about the aging factor associated with alcohol – a fact that in reality would be a lot nearer to the truth.

Never the less, playing professional football is the real cause of premature aging.

Still, I’m glad that I don’t drink alcohol.

Now, you may have noticed in that last opening snippet from today’s Chimp that “sugary drinks” have been blamed for the rise in people with Type 2 Diabetes, although I am sure that there are an awful lot more contributing factors than that – all of which are no doubt designed to cause the problem.

And like many men of my age, I too am now a Type 2 Diabetic. Moreover, it would seem that not being content to just give us Type 2 Diabetes, they now want us all to be Type 1… Today must be Diabetes day at the Chimp :

Geoff Paul suddenly found himself being asked if he’d been working out or was following a new fitness regimen. However, he didn’t take this as a compliment.

The Thames Water manager, who is just over 5ft 9in, had dropped from 13st to 10½ st in just a year, despite making no changes to his diet or exercise routine.

‘I was petrified I had cancer,’ says Geoff, 43, who lives with his wife Nicole, 36, a teacher, and their children James, seven, and Jacob, two, in South-East London.

After developing extreme fatigue and thirst, as well as needing to use the loo at night, he went to his GP. Source

Now, I have to tell you that I have never been comfortable with taking my Metformin tablets – the most widely used tablets in this country to treat Type 2 Diabetics… Indeed, they will eventually kill you.

However, I am about to embark on an alternative source of treatment thanks to a reader of mine, which if successful I should in fact be cured.

I will of course let you know how I get on.

And finally, the former Radio 1 deejay Mike Read has recorded a song for UKIP which he sings in a Jamaican accent and warns of illegal immigrants in every town:

His party has been rising in the polls.

And now Nigel Farage hopes Ukip will enter the pop charts with a song by former Radio 1 DJ Mike Read.

The party leader called on supporters to buy the party anthem, which warns of ‘illegal immigrants in every town’ and looks forward to ‘when Nigel is at Number 10’

But Mr Read was yesterday forced to defend the track sung in a mock Jamaican accent against claims that it is racist.

The song raises the issue of immigration with the lyrics: ‘Leaders committed a cardinal sin, open the borders let them all come in, illegal immigrants in every town, stand up and be counted Blair and Brown.’

It continues: ‘Oh yes, when we take charge, and the new prime minister is Farage, we can trade with the world again – when Nigel is at No 10.’ Source

Now, as it happens, Wolfie sent me a YouTube video just this morning that is dedicated to Tom Catpoo.

However, under the circumstances, it would also seem appropriate by way of a musical reply to Mike Read’s effort… Just sayin’.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.