I Get Knocked Down, But….


Christopher Spivey

Now without wishing to state the bleedin’ obvious, it should be clear to you all that this site is still online.

And that of course is because – thanks to your generosity – I have paid this months site fees.

You might also be interested to know that in theorythanks to two people in particular – the site is safe for the next two or three months.

However, for now I am just going to take things a month at a time because I am still in two minds whether or not to carry on. You see when I wrote that I was closing this site down, I was not attempting to raise some much needed revenue – albeit it did, although not nearly enough to get me out of my financial dire straits.

I was in fact deadly serious in my intent because there can be no doubt whatsoever that being an enemy of the state takes its toll on you both mentally and physically.

It certainly has on me and if further proof were needed then you need look no further than the sad death of Hollie Grieg & child abuse campaigner, Robert Green.

Robert Green, tireless campaigner against child abuse, corruption and injustice, died on 11th April 2019 after a short illness.

An inspiration to many, he suffered at the hands of the Scottish State for his defence of Hollie Grieg and her mother Ann.

One of Robert’s supporters, when told of the news, summed it up as follows:

“He was a noble man, a good man, and a fearless man”… Source

Certainly, I can promise you that if me stopping writing did not mean that this site and all of the information on it (seven years of solid hard work) would disappear forever, then I most definitely would not carry on.

But it would, so as I say for now I will play it month to month and see how it goes. And with that being the case, I will try to get a new article on here within the next week.

Thanks all… Nuff said.