I Begum Your Pardon


Christopher Spivey

Whilst scrolling down my Facebook news-feed this past week I have found myself shaking my head so much that I am surprised the fucking thing hasn’t come loose and fallen off.

And the reason for doing so is the huge number of posts by so called free-thinkers posting about the Shamima Begum bollox… Honest to fuckin’ Dog I despair.

You see, these posts are not pointing out that the story of the 3 teenage girls running away to become child brides in 2015 is total and utter bollox, they are instead either in favor of Begum being allowed to return to Britain or against it.

Worse still these numerous posts have mostly all sparked a huge number of comments, but I have only seen two or three of them pointing out that the story is as fake as fuck.

Yet 90 percent of my Facebook friends are made up of those who believe themselves nowhere near as gullible as your average robot… And fuck me, with that being the case I can only conclude that we really are all doomed.

Indeed, without doubt I certainly think that I am wasting my time writing and it is also true to say that even before this latest Begum bollox broke I have never before in my life been as disillusioned as I have been over this past 3 or 4 months.

There really is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Course, had my 4000 Facebook friends read my articles, “Isis Productions Proudly Presents” (found HERE) and “Are We There Yet” (found HERE) then they would have known that the story was fake… The fact that they quite obviously haven’t read it only depresses me more.

I mean, why add me as a friend if they can’t be arsed to read what I write? Mind you, given the average persons attention span these days, I suppose that I only have myself to blame since the first article is particularly long and packed with detail.

So, with that being the case, here is an abridged and updated version of the story… See if you can spot the flaws:

In late February 2015, three Westernised Muslim schoolgirls hopped on a plane to Turkey in order to join ISIS.

We know this fact to be true because the national press provided us with technicrap photos of the trio at the airport. Those blatantly tampered with photos were provided to the press by the wholly corrupt Metropolitan police.

Course, the fact that the photos had been taken in 2013 – two years before the trio headed into the sunset – should be ignored… And how do we know that the photos were taken in 2013 when the trio would have been thirteen years old?

Well, basically because the wholly corrupt Met are shite at their job. You see, whilst studying the airport photos on “Zoner Photo Editor“, I accidentally left my cursor hovering on the photo which brought up the photo blurb. (see screenshot below)

Now obviously you won’t be able to read that photo blurb because it is too small, so below is a close up:

That’s better. Now what caught my attention was the date at the bottom: “No Archive – 08 May 2013“, which prompted me to click on the ‘Photo Information’ which brought up what you see in the screenshot below:

And as I already explained in an article that I wrote last week, the first date that I have underlined (08 May 2013) is when the photo was first taken – two years before the girls fucked off.

The second underlined date (05 April 2015) is when I downloaded and cropped the photo to use in my article: “Isis Productions Proudly Presents“.

The third underlined date (08 May 2013) is once again the date that the photo was first created – TWO YEARS BEFORE THE GIRLS FUCKED OFF.

And the final underlined date (01 March 2015) is the date that the photo was tampered with and used for publication by the press… But like I say, we will ignore that fact along with the fact that the original photo used in the press of Shamima Begum was without doubt ‘mocked up’ from the photo of Sharmeena Begum – another 15 yr old schoolgirl who upped sticks from East London to fuck off and join ISIS, two months prior to our intrepid trio doing so.

We shall also ignore the fact that the trio were in all probability Army Cadets, because I cannot prove that they were beyond all doubt and how I arrived at that conclusion is already well documented in my other two articles on the subject… That my Facebook friends couldn’t be arsed to read.

I will however republish the photo evidence that I used to back my claim:

Mind you, it is also worth pointing out that Shamima now looks identical to her sister Rena:

Which is handy since it is now being touted that Shamima stole her then 17 yr old sister’s passport in order to fly to Turkey… A fact that was not mentioned at the time.

Course, the real reason for the press to now claim that is to help explain away how the trio got through departures at Gatwick without being stopped… Except it doesn’t because at 17, Shamina was still underage even if she was posing as her identical older sister.

Moreover, so were the other two schoolgirls.

I am however drifting off track so to get back to it, jihadibride.com somehow got in touch with Begum and her two chums and said to them, “look, I know that you are all westernised young girls who wear western clothes, like rap music and enjoy all the comforts of living in the western world… However, don’t you think that you would be far happier running away from home and never seeing your family again to live in a third world shithole located in one of the most dangerous places on earth“.

Now don’t worry that the shithole is one of the most dangerous places on earth, because once you are there you will never be allowed to listen to any music again, let alone rap. You will of course be expected to dress head to toe in black. We will also provide you with a much older husband with a beard who will take your virginity. And you can then spend the rest of your life being oppressed and being treated as a second class citizen“.

Neither do you have to worry if your husband is killed because we will provide you with an immediate replacement. You will also be provided with a one room shack without electricity or running water, but it does have a hole in the ground for you to shit in.”

Better still, your days will be your own although you will be expected to spend it kneading dough on a stone and collecting water from a well… Oh and you will also be expected to be continually pregnant because the chances are that any babies you have will be dead before their first birthday”

We do in fact expect you to knock out at least three babies every four years”.

And for some reason, the trio found the prospect irresistible. So they packed their bags, sneaked out of their homes – without saying goodbye to their families who they were never going to see again – made the journey to Gatwick and boarded a flight to Turkey, despite the fact that it would have been impossible to do so.

Once in Turkey they then boarded a bus – having now dressed head to toe in black – and made the twenty plus hour journey to the Syrian border, where a mush was waiting to smuggle them across to start their new lives… Perfectly plausible and highly believable as anyone with a 15 year old daughter will tell you.

Course, quite why the girls had to be smuggled over the Turkish/Syrian border is beyond me… I mean why could they not just enter Syria legally. In fact why did they not just fly directly to Syria?

But then again I suppose going through Turkey and being smuggled across the border makes for a better story.

Nevertheless, fast forward four years and Begum – having now lost TWO husbands, TWO babies and her TWO best friends is a little homesick. She therefore makes it known that she wants to come home, mainly because she wants to abuse the NHS to have her third baby… At least that is what the press were stating as fact… “GRRR, GRRRR, GRRRRR” – oh fucking shut up.

However, despite being a British citizen the matter is not so straightforward. You see, it would now seem that our government have the authority to make a person Stateless… A complete violation of a person’s most basic human rights and a very, very dangerous road to go down:

ISIS bride Shamima Begum’s British citizenship is to be revoked by the Home Office, her family’s lawyer has said.

Ministers will seek an order ‘depriving’ the 19-year-old Londoner of her citizenship, according to solicitor Tasnime Akunjee.   

The decision was made by Home Secretary Sajid Javid today, via a letter to Begum’s family. 

The letter asks that they pass on the decision – including that she has a right to appeal it – to Begum, who fled to a refugee camp in Syria as the so-called caliphate crumbles.

‘Please find enclosed papers that relate to a decision taken by the Home Secretary, to deprive your daughter, Shamima Begum, of her British citizenship,’ it reads.

‘In light of the circumstances of your daughter, the notice of the Home Secretary’s decision has been served of file today (19th February), and the order removing her British citizenship has subsequently been made.’

Akunjee said in a statement that the family are ‘very disappointed with the Home Office’s intention to have an order made depriving Shamima of her citizenship.’

‘We are considering all legal avenues to challenge this decision,’ he added.  

Only last week the MI6 chief said that British nationals, even those who are members of terror organisations like ISIS, have a legal right to come to the UK. 

The move is thought possible because although people cannot legally be rendered ‘stateless’ by having their citizenship revoked, reports say that Begum is a dual British and Bangladeshi national.

Her lawyer has denied these claims however, telling the Independent that Begum was solely a British citizen and had ‘never had a Bangladeshi passport’.

Begum left her east London home in 2015 to travel to Syria to support the terror group, but now wants to return to the UK ‘for the sake of her third child’, a boy who was born at the weekend. 

The Home Office declined to comment… Source

Still, that highly illegal move saves the Monsters the embarrassment of Begum coming back I suppose and will also keep the old bollox in the headlines for months to come… Hence further outraging the great British Imbeciles.

After all, by coming back she would almost certainly have to be put in prison for something or other – which she states that she doesn’t give a fuck about – and she would also most certainly lose custody of her baby… But what the hell, she has lost two already, which she seems to have got over very quick, so what difference does a third make?

However, in order to bang her up she would have had to have committed a crime and as far as I can see, she hasn’t. I mean if marrying a terrapin in a foreign country is deemed a crime in this cuntry, then why have the wives of Anjem Choudary and Abu Hamza not been slung in prison? Why wasn’t Osama Bin Laden’s wife not dragged back to America and put before a judge?

Course having said that; had Bin Laden been Irish, a bit more organised and still alive, then he would no doubt have been a top British politician by now… But that is besides the point.

Nevertheless, with Begum wanting to come home so badly you would have thought that her solicitor would have advised her to act contrite, be as invisible, meek & mild as possible and say fuck all to make the situation worse.

But instead, Begum gave an interview telling the world how severed heads in bins meant fuck all to her and applauding the Manchester Arena bombing just to really, really fuck people off… Now why the fuck would she do that if she was so desperate to come home?

Answer: To deliberately cause outrage because the story is pure fantasy.

However, the fact that most of my Facebook friends should know that the Manchester bombing was a psy-op and is now being used to add credibility to the most unlikely story of three teenage girls EVER, seems to have gone straight over their heads… They are being played perfectly and do not even have the gumption to notice!

Therefore, will someone please tell me that I am not wasting my fucking time here and I have not ruined my life for fuck all, because right now it certainly fucking feels like it.

Just sayin’… Again.