I Am I Said

Christopher Spivey


First off, let me say that since my ‘conviction’ the support that has poured in has been overwhelming… I make no apologies for saying “better late than never”.

I do in fact now hope that you all see that I wasn’t kidding about when I was telling you months and months ago the gravity of the situation.

Unfortunately, that situation is not getting any better as it is now becoming blatantly obvious to me that the ‘Establishment’ is not content with shutting me up – they are in fact after crushing me and my totally innocent family.

Indeed, you have no idea to what extent.

You see, it has now become clear to me that my solicitors have also been working against me – doubtlessly under duress, but that isn’t the point.

And no doubt many will say that it serves me right and I was warned not to go down that road and of course, those people would doubtlessly be right.

However, the fact of the matter is that I am not all that clued up legally/lawfully wise and there was precious little help forthcoming in how to go down the other route, because suggestions and advice do not mount to anywhere near a court challenge.

Anyhow, without wanting to dwell on the lack of help and support I feel it important to restate the facts surrounding the harassment of me and my family, and the illegal/unlawful acts that came with it.

You see, I believe that the plan is to put me in prison where I will be either found hanged like Hayden Burton of Fathers For Justice – who was also stabbed before he was found hanged – or at best, badly beaten up.

Indeed, I am not the only person thinking that way:

They intend to silence Chris Spivey by incarcerating him under circumstances that will put him in an environment, in which he cannot properly protect himself from coming to harm, an environment that those wishing to silence him control ultimately. For those who don’t believe the government capable of such evil, they did similar to me ‘MI6 Injustice’. Chris’s opinions are not on trial, it’s his right to have and share such opinions. Only a tyrannous government would wish to steal our rights!

Incidentally, rumours on the internet that I hung myself on the 2nd of August are very far fetched. But just for the record, I do not feel suicidal in any way shape or form.

However, once I am jailed for this misdemeanour, I believe that my daughter and grandson will be made homeless as was confirmed to Stacey when she visited Rochford Housing Association yesterday (5/8/15)  despite that being contrary to housing association rules.

The fact that my housing association has been ‘got at’ is in little doubt as evidenced by the way that my front door was illegally kicked down and bedroom window smashed by the thug police on 6/10’2014 yet was not repaired by Rochford housing Association until mid-december – over 2 months later.

Once homeless, I believe that the Social Services will then make a renewed attempt to snatch Clayton. After all, the HCPC appear to be doing everything that they can to whitewash the many complaints that they received after the blatant attempt to steal Clayton by the two evil social workers Nicole Miles and Julie Robinson. More on that later.

Therefore, it wouldn’t do any harm if you were to see how your complaint is coming along… Just so as they know that you haven’t forgotten.

It is also safe to conclude that my Barrister advised me to take down this website, not so as to avoid prison, but to keep the public unaware of the blatant stitch up that was and still is taking place.

Indeed, my Solicitor is not answering my emails or returning my calls.

So lets revisit the stitch up… Stop groaning, there are a lot of newbies who don’t know the full facts.

Now the first fact is that before any legal action was launched against me, the security services tried to take down this site by means of DDOS attacks. And just like I was at the time, I am sure that many of you will not have a Scooby Doo what that means.

So just to clarify what I’m talking about, the Security Services triggered millions of [fake] accounts to try logging on to this site all at once, which had the same effect as a million people all trying to get through a set of patio doors all at the same time – totally impossible.

Therefore, no one could log onto the site. And as most of you probably know by now, the only remedy was for me to pay for this site to go on its own server at the vast cost of £275 per month… Every month.

botnetattack 6 7 2014

Nevertheless, financing my own server cured the problem and ever since there have been no further real problems in accessing the site.

Course, the fact that GCHQ are the only organisation with the will and the means to launch millions of DDOS attacks on a site, along with the fact that doing so is highly illegal appears to be quite, quite irrelevant to the British Government.  

It is also blatantly obvious why the security services launched these attacks on my site and I don’t think that I am wrong in saying that no one else has been subjected to such underhand means or any of the other shit that has been dumped on me and my family.

So, having failed to take down my site the ‘Establishment’ decided to do what any other police state would do… They had me falsely and illegally arrested.

That I was illegally arrested can be in NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER and as such the subsequent court case that has just convicted me of Harassment should NEVER have been allowed to go ahead.

So why was my arrest illegal?

Well, my arrest followed a referral from the Greater Manchester Police made to my county’s constabulary, the wholly corrupt Essex Police.

The referral was made on the 16th of July 2014 following an alleged complaint made by ONE person.

And since I was arrested on the 30th of July 2014, that gave the police a full two weeks to obtain an arrest & search warrant, which can both be obtained in as little as 6 hours… Yet the police did not bother to apply for or obtain either.

Why didn’t they? Because they knew that they would not get either, that is why.

Instead, at sometime between 11:30PM on the 29th of July 2014 and 1AM on the 30th of July 2014 a briefing was held at Southend Central Police station where my photo was shown and my description given to four uniformed police officers who were then dispatched to arrest me.

Now let me be quite clear here. The fact that they came specifically to arrest me is in no doubt because the coppers have admitted that was their aim in their witness statements. Moreover, police officers do not attend an address at 1:30AM, in a very aggressive manner and dressed like they are going into a war zone if they are just coming for a polite conversation.

The fact that they hid their two marked squad cars out of sight and up the road when they could have easily parked in the car park outside goes further to prove the underhand methods being employed by the corrupt force.

Now carefully read the following:

The police have the right to search your property and seize any items that are linked with a crime, but they must do so lawfully. Any search which is not done lawfully will be in breach of Article 8 of the Human Rights Act which protects a suspect’s right to respect for his private and family life. The police must therefore ensure any attempts to search property and seize goods are reasonably necessary and proportionate to the circumstances involved at that time.

Obtaining warrants

When the police wish to search a property they will generally require a warrant. The most common form of warrant is one under Section 8 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. The police will have to apply to the Magistrates’ Court in order to be granted a warrant. A warrant will be granted if there are reasonable grounds for believing any of the following:

  • A criminal offence of a sufficiently serious nature has been committed.
  • There is material evidence on the premises that is likely to aid a criminal investigation.
  • It is not practicable to obtain the evidence without a warrant being granted.
  • That the purpose of the search will be seriously prejudiced if the police officer cannot have immediate access to the property upon arriving at the premises.


There can therefore be NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that my Human Rights were breached under Article 8.

Now, I truly believe that the reason that the police did not obtain any warrants is because Harassment is only a summary offence and as such they knew that they would not be granted them especially since the standard procedure in regard to harassment had not been followed i.e. no one had a word in my shell like before resorting to arresting me.

And obviously once I had ascertained that the 4 corrupt officers did not have the necessary paperwork, I politely told them to fuck off. However, instead of complying with my instructions, they then proceeded to misuse PACE and arrested me under Section 32.

And whilst this was going on, the other 3 corrupt officers simply barged past me and in doing so against my expressed, repeated instructions not to enter my home, they became guilty of trespass.

You see, after illegally arresting me under Section 32 the police officers were still not entitled to search my home:

Section 32 of PACE states that when a person is arrested for an indictable offence, the police have the right to search the premises they found the suspect in immediately prior to the arrest taking place. The police can exercise this power if the police constable reasonably believes the premises may contain evidence linked to the offence in question. Source

Got that? Despite the coppers abusing Section 32 of PACE, they are only allowed to search the arrested person’s property if the offence is an indictable one. Harassment is a summary offence and I was arrested on SUSPICION of harassment and later charged with harassment without violence. In other words, all summary offences.

At NO time did I give the police my consent to search and despite my protests, neither me nor my daughter Stacey were allowed to witness the search, again contrary to the terms of Section 32.

So as I say, there can be no doubt that my arrest and the search and seizure of my computers was illegal.

It should be noted that I asked my solicitor to get the investigation stopped due to my illegal arrest only for him to tell me that there was no point as there was little prospect of such action being successful.

However, there is a lot more wrongdoing than just that fact. You see, you only need look to the time of the arrest: 1:30 AM.

Yet Code B of PACE clearly states that:

Searches must be made at a reasonable hour unless this might frustrate the purpose of the search. Source

Two o’clock in the morning is not a reasonable hour.

Indeed, all four of the police thugs and the custody sergeant who detained me for nearly 19 hours are guilty of offences.

You see, it is not a defence for a police officer to say that he was ordered by a superior officer to make an arrest. The police officers involved have to have evidence of a crime having been committed and in my case there was no evidence.

And as such, I obviously lodged a complaint before leaving the police station. I then received 5 communications from acting DCI Paul Ahmed of Essex Police informing me that he was in charge of my complaint and that he could not investigate it until any police action was finished… And that is a blatant lie, although what else would you expect from a DCI investigating his own police force?

The full details of that criminal act can be found HERE

The response to my complaint about my complaint not being investigated which I sent to: The IPCC, Paul Ahmed, Stephen Kavanagh (Essex Chief Constable), James Duddridge (my MP), and Nick Alston (Essex PCC), which had been checked by a practicing barrister for accuracy, was to send me a summons by postal requisition which was drawn up on the 17th of December 2014 – two days after my letter of complaint had been received.

Now, my solicitor told me that there could be no doubt that the summons was “malicious”, based on the fact that I was not due to answer bail until the 20th of January 2015 – over a month away from receiving the postal requisition summons.

Indeed, the fact that I was summons by postal requisition is illegal in itself.

You see, in order to be eligible for a postal requisition summons (a court summons sent via normal post) you have to be:

  • Informed that you are eligible for such before you leave the police station following your arrest – I wasn’t
  • You are not eligible for a postal requisition summons if you have bail conditions – I did have.

A postal requisition is the new name for a Magistrates’ Court summons. It tells you when you need to attend Court for a criminal charge. It can cover serious criminal charges or routine traffic matters.

If an individual is arrested and bailed (without conditions) to return to the Police Station, they may also be told that a postal requisition is being considered.

If a decision is made to charge the postal requisition process is used if the following criteria are met:

  • the alleged offender is over 18 years of age
  • the alleged offender was assessed as being able to read and write during the initial arrest/interview stage
  • the alleged offender must have committed a summary or either way offence
  • there are no requirements for bail conditions to be imposed
  • the alleged offender is not considered to be a Prolific Priority Offender
  • the alleged offender does not require the services of an interpreter
  • the alleged offender has provided a suitable address for service of a Postal Requisition


Therefore, I have never been formally charged with the offences that I have been convicted for. In fact the trial judge, Judge John or Andrew Woollard (the press cannot make up their mind on his first name) even asked the officer in charge of the investigation – Detective Constable Adam Coombes – whilst he was on the stand, if I had been summons by postal requisition to which Coombes admitted that was the case… All to no avail.

Indeed, Coombes was also made to admit many of the police irregularities – any one of which should have been enough to have the case thrown out of court – whilst giving evidence… Yet all of the wrongdoing was ignored by Judge Woollard.

You do in fact have to ask yourself why I had a Judge presiding over a misdemeanour that is not serious enough to warrant a trial by jury.

And the only real answer is that Judge Woollard had a mandate to find me guilty.

That he was blatantly biased towards me in favour of the Prosecution is certainly without question:

  • On my first appearance in court I was extremely ill having spent the four previous days too unwell to move out of bed. The fact that I was so ill was noticed by the duty solicitor when I arrived at 9:30 AM. She said that she would make Judge Woollard aware of the fact with a view to getting my 5 minute plea hearing first on the list. Judge Woollard then made me the last case of the day and I didn’t get to leave court until nearly 5PM
  • Judge Woollard was seen to roll his eyes when talking about my views.
  • The aforementioned duty solicitor told me in front of witnesses that I would never be allowed to win the case.
  • My barrister told me on the first day of the trial, before we even set foot in court that I was not going to win despite the illegalities of the court case.
  • Judge Woollard refused to postpone the trial even though there was an appeal submitted in order to get the prosecution witnesses to appear, having been denied my right to face my accusers a week earlier by Judge Woollard – thus violating my Human Rights under article 6.
  • Judge Woollard did not even go through the pretence of retiring to consider his verdict. Instead he launched into his “guilty” speech as soon as my barrister had finished summing up.

That appeal for the prosecution witnesses to appear was based on the reasons given in the following photos.


You should also be aware of Article 10 of the Human Rights Act:

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This Article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises.

The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it duties and responsibilities, may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society, in the interests of national security, territorial integrity or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for the protection of the reputation or rights of others, for preventing the disclosure of information received in confidence, or for maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary.

Therefore, a British Court of law has breached my Human Rights under Article 6, Article 8 and Article 10 and to think that the dumbed down public believe that it is in our best interests to do away with the Human Rights Act.

Course, Judge Woollard is going to read all this and then pass sentence… How the fuck can that be right.

Moreover, Judge Woollard stated that he is considering a custodial sentence because of the seriousness of the offence – which I have not committed but nevertheless have been convicted of.

And this comes back to what I was saying earlier about the Establishments plans for me and my family. I mean, Harassment – contrary to what the biased Judge woollard stated – is not a serious offence.

However, the following links are to articles of harassment that are high profile enough to make the national press. In every single case the harassers involved have been bombarding their victims with messages or face to face… I have never done either.

Moreover, not one of the people involved has received a jail sentence. The articles can be found HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE HERE and HERE

Furthermore, half of those cases have been tried in Crown Court, so go and figure.

I mean, we are all supposedly equal in the eyes of the law yet Judge Woollard is apparently going to give me the maximum sentence – 12 months in prison – if I don’t remove this website… Which contains hours upon hours of hard work. Yet what right does he have to demand I do that?

None. And therefore it is just another example of how blatantly biased he is and further proof that I am being victimised by the Establishment.

But even then, that isn’t the half of it because the main issues in the court case were a mock up of a Sun Newspaper front page that I neither made nor posted and which wasn’t illegal and did not breach Facebook’s stiff rules.

And the other issue was a Facebook page made by someone or other – but certainly fuck all to do with me – that was removed by Facebook and which I merely commented about in an article.

Worse still the prosecution relied on evidence from May and July 2013 which was 15 months before the complaint was made on the 16th of July 2014 and as such could not possibly have been construed as harassment.

Furthermore, since there is only a 6 month time period to make a complaint of harassment, that evidence along with the rest of the evidence that was admitted but referred to a period before January 16th 2014 should also all have been inadmissible.

But even that does not tell the true tale of the crooked British judiciary. You see, disregarding all of the above, two of the alleged offences should not have even been tried in court because I have never been arrested for or questioned about them.

After all, I was arrested on July 30th 2014 and questioned that same day.

That is the only time that I have ever been arrested and questioned about the harassment, yet the question in regard to two of the charges was not brought up until the 3rd of August 2014… So go and figure that one out.

Moreover, the prosecution was using evidence from as recently as November 11th 2014. Yet there should have been no evidence included in the court case that applied to any time after the 30th of July 2014 – including those two charges from August the 3rd which I was disgustingly convicted of.

Not that I have ever been officially charged with the first two offences either, let alone the 2nd two which I have never so much as been arrested or questioned about but nonetheless convicted of, because I was illegally summons by Postal Requisition… And the government has the front to call out North Korea on their human rights!

And then as you all probably already know, TWO MONTHS after illegally stealing my computers the police miraculously found child porn on them. And when they came to arrest me on the 6th of October 2014, did they have a search warrant and/or arrest warrant?

Did they fuck.

They once again simply abused PACE and kicked down my front door and smashed the bedroom window into the bargain. They also informed the Social Services that I had been arrested for possession of child porn on the 1st of October resulting in an assessment being started FIVE DAYS EARLY, of which the SS then hoped that I wouldn’t find out about their fraud activity.

Moreover, the corrupt police then told the SS that I had been arrested on the THIRD OF OCTOBER.


Well, for no other reason than to get a much loved little boy taken into care. Indeed I have more than proved police and social worker collusion taking place with a view to kidnapping my grandson.

Yet since the corrupt plod told the social services that they had arrested me on the 1st and the 3rd of October, but didn’t actually get around to it until the 6th of October there can be no justification whatsoever for not getting an arrest and search warrant.


See HERE and HERE for proof that the police and social services conspired to snatch an innocent little boy – my grandson, Clayton

Yet as I say, it is quite obvious that they are now trying to whitewash that complaint that I and many of you made against the Social Workers involved.

Therefore, all of you who made a complaint are quite entitled to get in touch with the HCPC’s Akua Dwomoh-Bonsu, who for some reason is now the case manager of the complaint, to find out what is happening and why the case is taking so long to investigate given the substantial amount of concrete evidence proving that Nicole Miles and Julie Robinson were acting illegally.

Unsurprisingly, all of the child porn images – planted by the police – have now gone yet I am still being inexplicably prosecuted for ONE legal image owned by Elton John and ONE image of mild beastiality which I have never even been questioned about… So, not only is this court case illegal too since 2 photos according to the CPS do not warrant a prosecution, let alone the fact that one of the photos is legal and the other hardly likely to provoke public outrage, the way that these two photos were gathered as evidence should – IN LAW – make them inadmissible.

Tellingly, the judge – not Judge Woollard in this case – has refused to turn the forensic report over to my solicitors… Safe to say then, that the police attempts to stitch me up by planting child-porn on my computers wasn’t very well executed.

But hey, why let a little thing like Law & Justice get in the way when they are trying to crush somebody.

Yet even that is backfiring on them because I refuse to lay down. I am nobody’s bitch and I will go as far as I have to in order to get justice.

Sure Judge Woollard can jail me for a year – 6 months with good behaviour which is a piece of piss to me – for not complying with his unlawful instructions which are tantamount to blackmail.

But sooner or later Judge Woollard is going to have to explain why he let such an affront to justice take place. He is going to have to explain why he found me guilty when I wasn’t given anywhere near a fair trial. And he is going to have to explain why he gave me a sentence far exceeding the norm.

And if anything should happen to me whilst I am in prison, he is going to have to answer for that too.

Meanwhile, the compensation counter just keeps on ramping up.

Indeed, I will be putting in a complaint against Judge Woollard this weekend. There is nothing stopping you from doing the same. The more people who do, the more chance I have of avoiding prison.

Likewise there is no reason that you cannot make your MP aware of this injustice. They will of course try and shirk their responsibility by claiming that there is fuck all that they can do since I am not one of their constituents. But that is bollocks. That I am not a constituent of theirs matters not a jot because it is the process that you are complaining about.

The more people in high places who are made aware of what is going on means that there are less people in high places who can feign ignorance when the shit hits the fan… And hit the fan it will because it is they who have broken the law, not me.

In fact on Wednesday 12th of August at 2.30 PM, Dr Nick kolestrom who wrote the book ‘Terror on the tube” about the 7/7 government false flag – an event that Judge woollard tried to belittle me about – will be handing in a letter of complaint to the Ministry Of Justice, about the persecution aimed at me & my family by the state .

Nick wrote the following in regards to his plan of action:

Dear People, 

I invite you to turn up on Wednesday 2.30 pm August 12th at the Ministry of Justice, (102 Petty France) I propose to hand in a letter to be forwarded to Judge John Woollard, and a copy to the Lord Chancellor. 

We have to oppose this wrong judgement, and be seen to oppose it.

This is a very evident miscarriage of justice. Mr Spivey has comitted no crime. they are trying to ruin his life.  

If you’re not interested, please forgive me for having troubled you.


Now that is the kind of action that I am talking about.

I will be there to support Nick, I hope many of you will join us.

I can also tell you that the respected author John Hamer has written about me although unfortunately I can’t even tell you where you can find that piece as doing so would break my bail conditions… See? They have even made it so as I cannot publicly defend myself against their bullshit conviction.

I will also be appearing on ‘Open Your Mind Radio‘ this Sunday coming at 7PM.

As for petitions, well I know that a lot of you think that they are a waste of time. However, it appears that the government think differently.

This is evidenced by the fact that a petition started about me not getting a fair trial was removed when it got to around 1700 signatures – despite evidence that signatures were being removed. Tellingly, Wolfie contacted the petition website asking for an explanation as to why the petition was removed – to date he has had no reply.

But never fear because there is another petition to be found HERE which currently stands at 2017 signatures.

However, the real total is much higher because just like the aforementioned petition that has gone walkabouts, this petition is also having signatures removed – and in large numbers to boot.

I know this for a fact because when I looked at the petition at around 7PM on the 5th of August it stood at 1993 signatures.

This fact is confirmed by a comment left on my facebook on the 5th of August at around 6.40PM


However, when I looked at the petition again at around 12.30AM on the 6th of August, the total signatures had inexplicably gone back to 1960.


Moreover, are we suppose to believe that only another 57 people have signed since they rewound the signature total?

As if!

So tell me again how petitions are unimportant. Please sign it.

It is also worth mentioning that the slags in the MSM did their very best to vilify me once again. Indeed you would have thought that they would have learned their lesson from last time… But they didn’t.

Take the Chimp for instance. They wrote two blatantly bullshit articles about me which I will be reporting to the Press Complaints Commission or whatever the toothless press watchdog is called now.

Tellingly, the first bullshit article which shows the monkey writer up as either being unfit to write for a school newspaper let alone Britain’s second biggest selling shit-rag or she is a nonce protector which makes her no better than a nonce, was not allowing comments on the blatant bullshit.

That in itself is strange since the Chimp only allows comments favourable to their musings… What were they frightened of?

The second hatchet job did allow for comments albeit moderated ones and in doing so became the quickest article to appear and then disappear from Dacre’s Dunces website in Chimp history.

In fact the article, which was up on the website for a lot less than 24 hours only had time to receive FIVE comments which suitably attacked me to their liking.

And I believe that it is what happened to those 5 comments – which the Monkey-Kuntz had no control over – being the reason that the articles were removed in record time.

Certainly, in three years of reading the Chimp from top to bottom, this is the one and only time that I have ever seen the “red arrows” crucify the Chimps moderated comments… Take a butchers.


And neither have I seen anyone encouraging anyone else to go and “red arrow” the comments.

Once again however, because of the totally abhorrent bail conditions that I am subject to, I cannot publish the links to these libelous articles.

And finally, without really wanting to bring Jism Juice Jones up, it would appear that needs must.

I mean you really do have to chuckle.

You see, Jones is apparently crowing about how heavy his webshite traffic is, yet he is too dumb to realise that it is only people coming to see what the fucked up faggot is saying about me as opposed to new found supporters.

Nevertheless, I feel that I should put the little turd in his place.

Jones, you do know that the police are investigating you don’t you? And I am not winding you up.

Is it worth it? After all, you will never ever be in the big boys league – even though Sonia Poulton writes your shite, of which I will admit that it did take me a while to figure that last fact out.

Course, that does explain why there is never anything controversial written on his webshite

Sonia Poulton is in fact Jane Russell, and as such, I am sure that I do not need to give you an insight as to how vile the acid tongued fake is.

That is also why “Jane” never speaks to the brain damaged sheep shagger, who is in fact friends with known paedophiles… The proof is on the web for want of looking.

Nevertheless, Poulton would never lower herself to mix with the likes of Jones who has a rather ordinary – if not substandard – IQ level. Hence she never converses with him except when in Jane Russell mode.

Course, the fact that the Webshite is called Outlaw and Outlaw was a film STARRING Jane Russell should have been obvious to all.

And then it suddenly dawned on me. The Outlaw starring Jane Russell, as opposed to the Outlaw starring Jimmy Jones. Or put another way, Jane russell AKA Sonia Poulton does all of Turdstools writing, being as the funny looking fucker can’t write for shite… It is Jane Russell’s site, hence why Jones always refers to himself in the 3rd person – the Outlaw – when giving his point of view over… For instance: “Here at the Outlaw we believe that…” rather than him writing “I believe that… “.

Writing takes time and effort and Jism Juice Jones has far too much time on his hands – which he spends trolling decent people under such names a Shillby Shill – to ever find the time needed to write anything… Course, he would have you believe that he is also a carpenter, but that too takes skill – something that the little munter lacks in abundance.

The fact that Jones has far too much time on his hands is evidenced by the way that despite having his own webshite, the little Burke wanted to stay on as a moderator on my site – something that I do not even have the time to do.

The following is an email conversation between me and the sites then tech-guy, Gary.


And of course, the reason that ‘Gary’ sounds so surprised about Jimmy being a moderator in that email is to do with the fact that Jimmy had put Gary forward as the new tech-guy for my site in order for Gary to destroy it:


Course, when it became obvious that Gary was doing more harm than good I sacked him which ended up in an argument on Twitter a few months down the line.

And it was during the course of this argument that out of the blue, Gary suddenly totally changed tact by admitting what we here on the site had already come to suspect, namely that Jones is a wrong un:


Mind you, given how Jones changes his mind about people in the blink of an eye it is hardly surprising that no one trusts his judgement is it?

I mean it is obvious how much the Munchkin idolised me… Unless of course he is just a deeply disturbed manipulative little shit, who surrounds himself with nonces, nonce protectors and vile racist thugs, all with an axe to grind because they are not allowed to have their childish, warped nonce protecting views aired on here.


Quite strange then that Jismmy now condemns those who have a donate button on their site don’t cha think? In fact little legs even wrote an article for his website encouraging people to donate money to me… And Poulton of course

But then again hypocrisy is JJ’s middle name… Not that Jimmy is his real name, despite his tendency to slate those who write under pseudonyms.


Course, I am not the only one that the hateful half-wit has befriended and then shit on.

I mean, he has done the same with Henry from the Tap, Matt Taylor and radio host Sean Maguire, who was the dogs bollocks according to Jones – until it finally dawned on the fucked-up, fuck-up that Sean had shown him up for the fucked-up, fuck-up he really is… Poulton’s fault, she really should keep him on a shorter leash.

And then there is Darren Laverty, another one whom Jones befriended, only to later shit on from a great height.


Course, it is now obvious that the sick & twisted twank had befriended Darren so as to gain an insight into how a real CSA survivor thinks… Here, have some more proof.


Shame Jones doesn’t worry about other people’s kids as much as he worries about his own.

Course, Jones cares nothing for anyone but his own selfish needs. He is a psychopath who has no guilt whatsoever about befriending care home abuse survivors just so as he can later discredit them and stop them repeating their allegations to the police.

You could in fact liken what the Warped Welsh Wanker is doing as being akin to someone who tells people that he is dying from cancer when he is really fit as a fiddle, just so as to gain his victims trust and sympathy.

Indeed, it is not hard to see when you join the dots why Judas Jones has been officially certified insane.

Nevertheless, it is also now abundantly obvious that being Poulton’s puppet is how the ugly fuck got the interview on Channel Four a few years back, in which Jones pretended to be a Welsh Care Home survivor… And even then they made him record it in the dark in order to stop people taking the piss out of his wonky features.

I mean, just think about it logically for a moment. Why the fuck would Channel 4 approach Jones to give an interview about life in the Welsh Care Homes when he has never been there?

How in the name of fuck would Channel 4 even know to approach the fraudster unless there was someone in the media who was in a position to put him forward… Sonia Poulton for instance.

Yet even then, fiction blurs with fact in the mental deficients fucked-up mind because he later asks me to give him a mention as the first person to out Sir Peter Morrison.


And the cranky cunt reckons that I have an ego! … “Go on Chris, please Chris, big me up chris”, lick, lick fucking slurp… Pathetic wanker!

Nevertheless, that [false] claim of Jones about being the first to out Morrison is somewhat at odds with the following comment left by Poulton/Russell when you take into account Jones’s reply:


Tell me again Jones, how you were the first to expose Peter Morrison?


Ohhhh, right. So you were bullshitting then?

Next you will be telling us that you have never met Jimmy Savile and want fuck all to do with him, although I seem to recall you quite publicly sticking up for him last year… A very strange thing to do.

So, have you ever met Jimmy Savile, Boyo?


Are you sure Jones? I mean, it has been proven beyond doubt that your tiny sick mind gets befuddled… So I will ask again. Have you ever met Jimmy Savile?


Nuff said ya lying piece of dog shit. And that Jones is why you will never ever be anywhere near in my league.

And I will tell you something else for nothing too. Regardless of the fact that you are the dregs of society, I would never ever gloat over you or anyone else I couldn’t stand the sight of, being fitted up by the police, especially when they are prepared to scar a little baby for life to achieve their aims… And no matter how much I wanted them to get their just deserts.

Indeed, the fact that you do just goes to prove what a shallow stinking scumbag low-life you really are.

Nevertheless, the proof that Poulton is Russell came the other week when she did a Jism Jones by forgetting who she is – as in she forgot that she was playing Jane Russell and instead spoke as herself.

You see, Jones the wannabee with no chance published an article – written by Poulton – predictably slagging someone off; who in this instance was Tom Pride.

You can find the article HERE but basically it consists of a long comment written by Sonia Poulton, slagging off Tom Pride – which Jones claims was left on an article of his (Poultons) in November 2014.

Jones (Poulton) goes on to say that the article was later deleted when the site was “hacked”. Course, who would feel the need to hack Poulton’s Outlaw blog when there is fuck all original or even controversial on there?

Indeed, it doesn’t take too much brain power to work out that Jones had a clear out of all the articles which would now expose him as a hypocrite and did so under the guise of being hacked.

Which begs the question as to how, if the article was deleted when the webshite was “hacked“, can Jones now reproduce the comment?

Nevertheless, when it comes to the comments left on the old fanny, someone called Raspberry or something similar to that name, writes that he/she is sorry that Sonia has been getting trouble again – to which Jane Russell quickly replies ‘that the trouble hasn’t stopped’ before going on to say that:“The good thing is we know much more than we did at the beginning & have encountered others who have more info to share along the way”. 

Yet how would Jane Russell know that? I mean, since when has Russell been a part of Poulton’s set up?

She isn’t and as such it is quite obvious that Poulton had forgotten that she was commenting under her Jane Russell persona… You only have to read it to see that.


Indeed, there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that Poulton has a mandate to destroy the Alternative Media.

All The Same, given the above proof anyone now siding with Jones HAS to be a wrong-un.

Thats it for now. The site is still up and running and will continue to do so even if I get sent to prison for a crime I didn’t commit… You see, you were wrong there too Boyo.