How The West Was Won: Part 2


Christopher Spivey.


Oh good, you got here okay then… And with that being the case I will crack straight on with it.

Now I am far from done with the Joe Royals but first let’s take a look at what happened over at the Chimp following the release of Part 1 of this project on the 18th of October 2017 at 1:55 P.M.

And first off, I noticed last night (the 18th) that the Chimp’s main article was some total bollox about Harry-O taking Maple Syrup to meet the Granny Fanny .

Now the article had been published at around 10:43 PM – roughly nine hours after I released Part 1, in which I showed you that Meghan Maple-Syrup is just a made-up persona and also that I strongly suspected that Bizzy-Lizzy was already dead:

And it would appear that sometime after that, a Monkey came up with some more made-up-bollox that was then added to the article at just gone 11:30 A.M on the 19th.

Course, despite no proof whatsoever that any introduction took place between Megs & Liz, had that been the only article to catch my eye I wouldn’t have bothered even mentioning it, despite the fact that if I was paranoid or egotistical I could take the articles publication as another: “fuck you Spivey. You say Maples not real & the Queen is dead. We say Maple is and the Queen ain’t, so who are the Muppets gonna believe?“.

Indeed it would seem that the Monkey-Kuntz were almost falling over themselves to make the point with another two telling articles published on the 19th:

Definitely a “Fuck You Spivey” .

But as I say, since I am neither paranoid or egotistical I originally had no intention of mentioning the blatant old fanny. Especially so because when all is said and done, the Chimp is obsessed with Maple Syrup.

However as it turned out, the Monkey-Shites had indeed been making themselves very, very busy, making it impossible for me to ignore the in-ya-face links.

You see, after I had first clocked that article, I almost as quickly noted that right below it on the Chimp’s news-feed was a fairy story about a nurse named Carol Myers – appropriate surname, I must say – who had topped herself after claiming that her parents headed a Satanic Worship Ring and that her father had “impregnated” her when she had been a child.

And of course, once again I talked about Satanic Rings in Part 1, and in particular those run by Aleister Crowley and Michael Aquino. Moreover, in regard to Aquino I published a screenshot of a newspaper article which had been published after Aquino had been accused of raping a little girl.

Nevertheless, that Chimp article had apparently been published at 22:24 P.M, again on the 18th… Eight and a half hours after I had published Part 1 of this article:

The family of a nurse who died in mysterious circumstances after claiming she had been impregnated by her father and that her parents ran a satanic cult have been awarded a third inquest in a bid to determine the cause of her death.

Carol Myers, 41, from Stockport claimed her family were satanists who abused her and that her mother murdered her sister and then set fire to the house to hide the evidence.

But a police investigation found the disturbing allegations were unsubstantiated and her family believe they were false memories dreamt up during controversial recovered memory therapy sessions.

After two previous inquests under the watch of Grenfell Tower coroner Fiona Wilcox  in 2005 and 2015 both recorded open verdicts, the third is expected within three months Source

Did you clock how they covertly connected the Grenfell Tower fraud to Myer’s mother burning the family home down to hide the murder evidence?

However, it wasn’t the fact that the story was about a Satanic worship Ring and Mind-Control that grabbed my attention to begin with – it was in fact the photo of Myers (below) attached to the article link that caught my eye.

And I have also included how the Satanic news-feed connects, after explaining to you as to how the connections work in Part 1… I should also point out that this totally made-up old fanny is part of the agenda to discredit real child abuse victims should they have the “audacity” make a police complaint.

Now here’s the thing. As soon as I clocked the photo of Nurse Myers, I thought to myself that she looks exactly like the murdered WPC Yvonne Fletcher.

PHOTO: WPC Yvonne Fletcher 15 June 1958 – 17 April 198.

Now you are going to love this next bit… And by the way, after I released Part 1 yesterday (18/10/17) I had 5 stupid cunts write on the Facebook page link connected to this site, proper slagging me off, saying things about the new article such as:

What a load of rubbish, the usual this person is this person shit…“, so clearly the half-witted paedo-troll hadn’t even read it, and quite clearly neither had the other four.

In fact one of those other four commented that I have either been “bumped off, got at, or the site has been hijacked“, adding that unless I published a photo of myself holding a photo of him, “then he was off“… So I helped him along.

And another who agreed with the comment that I had been “bumped off, got at or the site has been hijacked” stated – and I really did chuckle at this – that “even the swearing is different these days“.

I really am surrounded by idiots, scumbags, imbeciles and government paid paedophiles!

After all, I am clearly monitored 24/7, with the information on what I am writing about clearly being passed onto the Chimp…

Yet I have been “got at“!

But anyway, having saved the above photo of Yvonne Fletcher to my desktop I enlarged it to the 700 mega-giga-whatsits-wide size – like I do with all photos prior to uploading them to an article – and then checked the photo information, because as my regular readers will know, there is a lot to be gleaned from it.

However, I am delighted to say that never before have I ever had such damning information from a photo like that gleaned from the above photoshopped snappy snap… Here, have a butchers at the screenshot below that I took of that image information:

And just so as you know, don’t cha know, “Felstead” was supposedly Nurse Myer’s surname at birth.

Indeed it is hardly worth comparing Fletcher with Myers is it… But we will anyway.

Now I have never looked into the Fletcher murder before although I have heard most if not all conspiracy theories surrounding the event.

However, I must admit that when I started to look into the case following the realization that the nurse was the cop, it took me the best part of 5 seconds to ascertain that it was a fraud event and frankly I am fucking amazed that – given the number of [credible] conspiracy theories surrounding the shooting of Fletcher from a sniper in the Libyan Embassy in London – no one has exposed it as a non-event.

I mean The Scum, Britain’s biggest selling Shit Rag – which dragged my name through the mud – and the spy owned Telegraph added to the conspiracy theories in March of this year:

MURDERED cop Yvonne Fletcher was shot dead by spies working for MI6, it was claimed today.

The PC was killed by a bullet fired from the Libyan embassy in London during an anti-Gaddafi demo 33 years ago.

Police chiefs revealed on Tuesday that they know her killer’s identity and had been blocked from bringing a prosecution due to ­“national security”.

It was also reported last night  that the Libyan arrested for her murder was granted amnesty by Tony Blair’s  government.

Former cop John Murray, who was with PC Fletcher when she died, said he believes her Libyan killers were MI6 informants.

John, 61, of Chelmsford, Essex, added: “I suspect that’s the reason for not bringing a prosecution. Source

PHOTO: Former Pig, turned criminal, John Murray

Course, I have been telling you all for this long time that it is the Monster Minions who start the conspiracy theories in order to throw investigative reporters off the scent… But there are non of those left these days.

So now let me show you what took me around 5 seconds to uncover about this fraud. And I am not even going to include the Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page set up in March of this year by Met-Pig-turned-Criminal, John Murray; supposedly in an effort to raise £150,000 so as he can get justice for Yvonne… I am lying, of course I am going to include it.

This is what the criminal cunt wrote on his Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page:

My name is John Murray. Yvonne Fletcher was my partner and good friend. And yet, on the 17th of April 1984, she was shot and killed during a protest outside the Libyan People Bureau, St James Square London SW1. Yvonne and I, both young budding PC’s, had been deployed to monitor the protest. As Yvonne anguished in the pain, I promised Yvonne I would find her killer. She died shortly after at Westminster Hospital.

Since that day, I have committed my life to pursuing justice for Yvonne. Despite decades of false leads and Libyan government intervention, I remain determined to honour that promise I made to her now over 33 years ago. To this point, I have relied on my personal savings and donations to fund my travel to Libya and legal counsel. With my personal resources having dwindled down, I am appealing to the public to support my pursuit of justice for Yvonne, a British hero and the love of my life.

Using your donation, I plan to hire a leading prosecuting barrister to enable a civil action. The funds would also enable further travel to Libya to meet with government officials. Lastly, should success be achieved, a conviction obtained, then and compensation will be donated to various police charities in the UK.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

The recent decision not to prosecute the suspect due to Natinal Security is an affront to British Justice, and will affect many Police Officers, past, present and future.

This decision must be challenged in the courts otherwise it is a very sad day for all those men and women in blue who police our street daily… See  HERE

PHOTO: John Murray with his “commendation for bravery” and that must be him ont’tele stood over the fatally wounded Yvonne

Mind you, I suppose being stood over her is better than being stood next to her waiting for the Directors Cue (see below):

PHOTO: Down she goes whilst Murray waits for his cue

When I first looked at the above photo I thought that her head had fallen off or something!


It would also seem that the press were ever present back in the day too.

PHOTO: Matey’s closing in to give Murray a hand.

And right that Matey should do so too in my opinion.

I mean Fletcher has just been taken down by a snipers bullet and since neither Murray nor Matey can possibly have any idea where it came from they would be wanting to get themselves and their fallen-officer-friend under cover as quickly as possible, in case the assassin now has them in his sights.

PHOTO: In your own time lads.

Course, there was all of a dozen or so protesters actors present for the filth-actors to pretend to monitor that day.

PHOTO: They aren’t worried about snipers then! 

And I see that her black wooden-top has been joined by a white WPC’s hat.

PHOTO: Strangely the white hat isn’t in this photo

Hmmm! And have they gagged her or is that meant to be sunshine glare that we see masking Fletcher’s face in the inset photo?

It must have been a strange kind of sunshine that day if it was.

PHOTO: Total, total bollox then

But fuck me, Fletcher appears to have channeled Myra Hindley!

And then there is Yvonne’s parents:

PHOTO: The Fletchers.

Now at first glance Mr Fletcher reminded me of Phil the Duck AKA Prince Philip:

But then I though “no, he is more like Winston Churchill’s grandson” named errrr… Winston Churchill… The latter of whom you shall be reading a lot about in this series of articles.

And of course Grandad, Winnie the Poo was alleged by some to be the Queen’s real father… A fact that I half bought in to and to an extent still do, but look at it from a different perspective now.

PHOTO: Comparison with Winnie the Poo Jr

Winnie the Poo Jr is of course a Rothschild, whist having the look of a Rockefeller don’t cha know?

Much more on Churchill Sr later.

However, what made me think that Daddy Fletcher was either the Duck or Churchill was the fact that Mummy Fletcher’s name is Queenie… You really couldn’t make it up.

But do also keep in the back of your mind that for the Monster’s Satanic Majick to work EVERYTHING has to connect.

I’m not saying it is her and I am not saying it isn’t given all that I now know. However, the important thing in the Monsters Satanic world is that the [obvious] reference or representation is there.

Now, going back to the Nurse Myers old bollox and the following is a photo of Carol Myers brother Kevin:

Kevin’s head is in fact made up from two half heads added together which you can see clearer on the photo below.

And be aware that by joining the two half heads, the Minion responsible has got it hopelessly wrong on the photo below, resulting in Kevin having a head that doesn’t fit his neck.

And the following is a photo of Kevin and his ‘dad‘ Joseph, the latter of whom ‘Nurse‘ Carol had accused of “impregnating” her.

They don’t look like Satanists at all do they? But obviously looks are deceptive.

Nevertheless, ‘Lucy Ray Photography’ fucked up again by leaving the photo information on this image too:

Oh look, it is almost identical to the bizarre info left on the Yvonne Fletcher photo… I wonder if Lucy Ray will get a bollocking?

However, Joseph in reality is – or at least played by – Kevin Young, the former editor of the Lancashire Telegraph; the shit-rag that appeared to be controlling the Jessica Whelan Cancer Con.

The Shit-Rag also appeared to be a favourite of a number of politicians including Dave the rave Cameron.

And his face has also been manipulated to also connect with our old friend John Carey, the eminent Historian & Oxford University lecturer whom – as we saw in Part 1 – connects with the Nazi big-wig, Adolph Eichmann amongst others.

Indeed, Carey connects with Eichmann a bit too well.  And you may have noticed that all these mugs all have that self same smug look about them.

However, officially Eichmann is 28 years older than Carey who is still alive – which would mean that if they were the same person then the lecturer would be 111 now… Assuming that Eichmann’s birth date of 1906 is correct of course.

Therefore it is pretty safe to say that they are two different people.

And here is the John & Joe comparison:

Now look at the compared half face very carefully and in particular the lines on the forehead and the one forming their chin just below their lower lip.

And the same should be true for ‘son‘ Kevin although you would think not to look at the initial comparison below.

You will hopefully have noticed that when the two halves were joined together (before the matching in) that the head looked to sit so much better with the neck and shoulders.

I should also say I believe know that Joseph’s head/face has been created using a blend of Carey’s (or one of his offshoots seen in Part 1) and Dr Josef Mengele/Guy Burgess’ face… With Mengeles/Burgess’ face being the dominant.

However, before I prove that let me appease those readers who consider themselves to have the ability to look at things objectively and with an open mind, but in reality are as mind-controlled as the rest of the population.

In other words let me show you how Carey’s face has been Satanically manipulated to fit that of the English, Soviet Spy Guy Burgess.

Now – and once again for the benefit of those unable to think for themselves – Carey’s features have been manipulated to look like the spy’s because EVERYTHING has to connect. I am not for one second trying to suggest that Carey and Burgess are one and the same… Do you with intact brains see how hard this writing lark is?

Nevertheless, the photo of Burgess (who could indeed be one and the same as Josef mengele, and one or both of them may or may not have really walked this earth at one time or another), which has been used in the Spy’s case in countless books, magazines and on TV since the mid 1960’s (and before that in the case of Mengele) is a fraud.

That is to say that the photo of Guy Burgess is also made up of two half faces which you do not notice in it’s ‘original‘ form if you are not looking, but becomes much more noticeable if you reverse the image.

And with that in mind, have a butchers at Burgess side by side with Joseph.

However, aesthetically wise, the two photos join better with the Burgess photo in its original form, but that way the tie doesn’t match in:

Course, if Burgess/Mengele were alive today he/they would be 106 yrs old and as such, depending on how old the photo of Joseph is, it would not be technically impossible for them all to be the same person. However, I am certain that old Joe is just a made up persona… Like his daughter is.

But nevertheless, there is something manifestly evil going on here and I do not know exactly what that something is – possibly clones made from DNA – but there is a definite obsession with the Third Reich ‘elite’ and I have been saying since 2012 that we are heading down the exact same road that led to Nazi Germany of the 1930’s.

Moreover, as we progress along, I feel sure that you too will agree with me.

Now the reason that the Yvonne Fletcher & Carole Myers images had the photo information added on the 27th of September, as opposed to the 19th of October when the aforementioned Nurse Myers article was published in the Chimp is because there was another earlier article about Myers and another bird whom, after also having regression therapy remembered that she had been sexually abused as a child:

And as I say, these type of articles are used to discredit victims of child-sex-abuse.

However, when you click on that earlier article released on the 12th of October 2017 – you find that it makes little sense and is confusing in the extreme as to who is who.

Now I will remind you that the dead Nurse who “falsely” accused her father of “impregnating her” and heading a Satanic cult was called Carole Myers, although she was originally called Carole Felstead.

Her father whom she accused of doing the deed is called Joseph Felstead and her brother is called Kevin Felstead.

However, we know this information because that is what we were told in the article published on the 18th of October 2017 and as such we would not have a clue who is who in the original article published a week earlier.

Are we all clear on that?

Good, then now have a read of that article published on the 12th:

Ok, that will do, you can read the rest of the old fanny for yourself.

So, first things first and this is just a small point but worth a mention all the same:

Photo: The bird is typical of Antonia Hoyle articles and indeed the bird in pink has the exact same eyes and face shape as our old friend in blue.

And if you don’t know who the bird in blue is, then go and read Part 1 properly.

The second point that needs making is in regard to the photo of Maxine as a child, published in the above article (released on the 12th of October) and reproduced below for your convinience:

“What about it?” I hear you ask.

And the answer to that is Maxine appears in another photo as a child in the follow up article to the Carol Myers bollox, only Mad Max doesn’t get so much as a mention in it and is billed as being Myers as a child.

And while I’m at it, I will slip this next comparison in here:

Remember her from Part 1?

Now look what happens when I overlay half of Max Myers head over the baby’s without altering any angles on either:

And if ya don’t remember the bird & baby then go back and read Part 1 properly, else you will never get the whole bigger picture that I am so painstakingly trying to document over this series of articles… I’m sick of fucking telling you that now.

However, that is only the start of it all, but we now know that Maxine is Carol Myers.

Which means that we once again have a case of the Chimp committing fraud and obtaining money by deception.

Furthermore, the shit-rag cannot claim to have not known since their [very busy] reporter Antonia ‘babboon bum‘ Hoyle wrote the image information on the photo that she and her regular photographer, Lucy Ray changed from murdered police-bird, Yvonne Fletcher to maniac, Max Myers.

In turn that must mean that Max Myers is Yvonne Fletcher… Which would in theory mean that Yvonne Fletcher is still alive:

BINGO… I ought to be a fuckin’ millionaire don’t cha know.

And as I say, the Monkey-Kunt, Antonia Hoyle has been defrauding the public for a long time on behalf of the Daily Chimpanzee. Moreover, most of her fake stories are written to push one agenda or another:

PHOTO: A screenshot of just a few of Hoyle’s agenda laden old fanny.

And straight away, you will notice that the top story on that screenshot above is pushing the Princess-In-Waiting, Meghan Maple Syrup bollox, followed by a fake story about a bird called Kim Briggs

And according to the old sort Hoyle, Briggs was killed by a cyclist… However, Kim Briggs is of course the same actor who played the Cancer-Con star, Naomi Stanley, whose “four year old daughter“, Anya was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 2011… The same con that photographer Andrew Whelan pulled with his fake daughter Jessica Whelan:

PHOTO: Kim Briggs & Naomi Stanley

And Anya is Mad Max Myers-Fletcher:

Now, do you wanna know what kind of sick-fucks Antonia Hoyle and her fellow Monkeys really are?

Of course you fucking do, so below is a screenshot from a Chimp article about Harmonie-Rose Hall.

Now as far as I can work out – despite the countless articles published about her – Harmonie (strange spelling) was born in November 2013.

Moreover, according to the ‘official‘ story, in September 2014 when Harmonie was 10 months old, she was taken to hospital in BRISTOL (one of the most Satanic places in the country) where – following the usual pattern of the doctors unable to find anything wrong and sending her home – she was diagnosed with Meningitis… Cue the fear mongering designed to get parents to vaccinate their children.

Course, from that point on things took a rapid nose dive and a month later doctors were forced to amputate both of Harmonie’s legs above the knee, both of her arms above the elbow and part of her nose.

The following is a report from ITV [allegedly] published on 16th of October 2014:

An 11-month-old baby is set to lose her arms and legs after developing meningitis

Harmonie-Rose Allen, from Bath, Somerset, was diagnosed with the infection last month after she was rushed into hospital after turning blue and limp at home.

She is currently on a life support machine in the intensive care unit at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children being closely monitored by doctors.

The toddler had been given a 10 percent chance of survival but she has battled on and is expected to recover.

But her parents Freya Hall and Ross Allen have been told surgeons will need to amputate both her arms above the elbow and both her legs above the knee to save her.

Now at this point in time, Harmonie’s mother & father, Freya Hall & Ross Allen were only aged 20 & 22 years old . But did they go to pieces? Indeed most people including those a lot older than them certainly would have… But did they fuck.

Friends and family are now working to raise more than £40,000 to pay for prosthetic limbs that will enable her to live as normal a life as possible.


So, before the 11 month old little girl has had anything amputated “friends and family” are out to raise £40 Grand for prosthetic limbs… Or put another way, they had priced the false limbs up despite not knowing exactly what Harmonie’s requirements would be and which she would get anyway, free of charge… Roger that:

Speaking about his daughter’s ordeal, Ross said: “She had been a little bit under the weather all week but we just assumed it was a cold and because she was teething we put it down to that as well.

“We took her to hospital and we were sent home, and the same again the next day. But then she went all limp and she was blue.

“She was rushed to the children’s hospital. It was absolutely horrible. She was really lucky to survive.

“Doctors told us it was the worst case they had seen in three years and they really didn’t think she would make the journey to the hospital. She’s a little fighter.

“We are not sure what is going to happen next but every day is a winner.”

Now remember, this article was released by ITV on the 16th of October 2014. However, Harmonie had been admitted to hospital diagnosed with Meningitis a month earlier – on the 16th of September 2014 if I remember correctly.

And to back that fact up, on September 28th 2017, Harmonies fund raising page published the following photo:

Yet over two weeks later, the doctors were talking about amputating Harmonie’s arm & legs – prompting the ‘family’ to start a Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page asking for £40 Grand for something that would be provided to them for free and despite the fact that many children are not even walking at 10 months old.

Indeed, the surgeons finally got around to performing the first of the amputations on Thursday 30th of October, as evidenced by a Chimp article released on the 2nd of November 2014:

Harmonie-Rose underwent her first amputations at Bristol Children’s Hospital last Thursday when surgeons removed her right leg above the knee and her right arm below the elbow.

Doctors are monitoring her progress and the second amputations are scheduled for tomorrow. Source

Nevertheless, Harmonie’s dad, Ross Allen is directly quoted in that afforementioned ITV article published TWO WEEKS prior to the first of those amputations:

The infection struck just weeks after Harmonie-Rose had taken her first steps.

Ross added: “We are hoping that we can buy her two pairs of prosthetics, arms and legs that she can walk on.

“This will cost us about £40,000 – £20,000 per set – and we’re hoping we can get her some pink ones.

“She’s a little fighter and she is going to keep on fighting. We hope that she can carry on with life like any other children her age.”

And whilst I don’t want to accuse Harmonie’s ‘mum’, Freya of being nonchalant I th… Well actually I am going to accuse Freya of being nonchalant:

Freya said: “You sign that form to say it is okay for her to have her arms and legs amputated and you almost feel like you are in the wrong, but you know it’s the best thing for her because without it she would have died.

“After the operations you don’t really know what you feel – sad but then a lot happier when this is all gone.

“She was like a dead weight, there’s nothing she could do with her arms and legs so in a way you feel happy because it’s a new start, but then you’re obviously gutted as well.”

The family spent another three months by the daughter’s hospital bedside as she recovered from the surgery.

Freya said: “She was too young to know what happened but we told her.

“When she was in intensive care we would talk to her and it would give us comfort.

“When we first came back home it was just before Christmas and everybody wanted to see us. Source

Que Sera, Sera. Whatever will be, will be…

And apparently, never one to let an opportunity pass her by, Frightful-Freya signed her limbless daughter up to a performing arts academy… You couldn’t make it up:

Miss Hall said she is now signed up to a performing arts agency and attends a nursery and is ‘loving it’.

She added: ‘All the other kids in nursery love her. She plays with all of them. They did ask her where her arms are at the start but now they just take it as it goes.’ 

Harmonie-Rose played a young Thalidomide victim in the penultimate episode of the sixth season of Call the Midwife, which aired on March 5. It was watched by 9.2 million viewers. 

Filming for season seven starts in May and there’s a possibility she will feature again. Source

Now if you have read the first of my Cancer-Con articles you will know that the story of Jessica Whelanthe 5 yr old who died of Neuroblastoma Cancer – is almost identical in regards to the delay in getting treatment, getting better before getting worse and a premature setting up of Facebook & Go-Fucking-Fund me pages asking the public for donations to pay for things provided free on the National Elf.

Course, that 40 Grand was raised within two weeks and had in fact amounted to £100,000 Grand by December 2014:

A campaign to raise money for a baby girl set to lose all her limbs to meningitis has reached its £40,000 fundraising target in just two weeks.

Harmonie-Rose Allen, from Bath in Somerset, suffered one of the worst cases of the deadly illness doctors had ever seen, and was put on life-support.

Despite being given just a 10 per cent chance of survival she recovered – but at just 11 months old is losing her arms and legs because they became so infected with the bug.  

Her parents Freya Hall and Ross Allen launched the Hope for Harmonie appeal to raise £40,000 for prosthetic limbs so she can live as normal a life as possible. 

The campaign has raised more than £40,000 in a fortnight and a fun day on Saturday boosted it by a further £16,000. Source

And obviously, just like the Whelan’s when they reached their target for Jessica, the Hall-Allen’s – having reached their £40 Grand target, which swelled the following month to £100,000 – they too just carried on letting the money flood in… Indeed they are still fund raising to this very day with one Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page topping over £143,000.

Moreover, in September 2017, the Bath Chronicle stated that the Bath Community had raised £240,000 alone – clever wording see as money would have flooded in from all over the world once the Chimp & Scum had published the donation links… Several fucking times each.

Yet interestingly enough, despite what Ross Allen claimed in OCTOBER 2014 in regard to what the original £40 Grand was for, namely 2 lots of legs costing £20,000 each; in SEPTEMBER 2017 – or put another way, 3 years later – the Bath Chronicle wrote the following:

A Bath girl who lost all of her limbs to meningitis can now walk into nursery holding her mother’s hand.

Little Harmonie-Rose Allen took her first steps just two weeks after getting a new pair of prosthetic limbs.

It is the first pair her parents have bought privately since doctors were forced to remove Harmonie’s arms and legs to save her life when she was less than a year old.

Mum Freya Hall hopes the £10,000 prosthetics will be the start of a journey towards more independence for her determined three-year-old.

Freya said it was “just amazing” to be able to walk her little girl into nursery.

“It’s amazing obviously because I see every other parent doing it and I was waiting to do it,” she said.

For Harmonie-Rose, though, the new legs are both a blessing and a challenge.

“She’s just scared that she’s going to fall,” Freya said.

“She does say ‘I’m so tall’ and she knows now she walks to nursery. But she complains about it and it is a little bit tiring for her.”

PHOTO: Harmonie with her new £10,000 legs

Now don’t go calling me a horrible cunt yet because you are nowhere near in possession of all the acts.

And I will also say that £10 Grand is an awful lot of money to pay for those legs when they have no knee joint.

Moreover, despite this being the first time that the Hall-Allens have paid for Harmonies legs, I find this all quite puzzling because The Scum newspaper shit-rag reported the following in January 2017 – or put another way; 9 months prior to the above article, The Scum shit-spreader had this to say:

The toddler has already had four rounds of leg prosthetic fittings and most recently had the prosthetic arm with a hook fitted, to help her grab and hold things more easily.

Freya said: “We make sure she wears her prosthetics for an hour a day because we want her to get used to them.

“She doesn’t really like them at the moment. Source

Now the point here is what Freya says about Harmonie being a bit frightened by the new legs which as far as I can see are no higher than the last two sets.

However, things are more puzzling still when you read the rest of that September 2017 article published in the Bath Chronicle:

Freya said that physiotherapists at Dorset Orthopaedics have told her that even soldiers who are very fit and very strong can only handle prosthetic legs for about 20 minutes at first.

Well they wanna fuckin’ man up then, like those two birds did who lost a leg apiece in the Alton Towers bollox… Sorry, please do carry on:

Even so, Harmonie-Rose is already growing in confidence since getting her new legs last month, and Freya hopes she will be walking by the time she starts school next September

Harmonie needs new prosthetic legs every six to nine months and will continue to have simple straight legs until she feels ready to progress to jointed prosthetics with a knee.. Source

Got that? Freya hopes that her daughter will be walking by September 2018, which I take to mean unaided given the content of the photos above in which Harmonie is seen… Errr, walking..

Nevertheless, that all totally contradicts what was said in November 2015:

 Now, the two-year-old girl has been fitted with her first set of prosthetic legs with feet, which she has been testing out with a new pair of purple buckle-up shoes.

Miss Hall, 21, said: ‘We are over the moon with Harmonie’s new legs – we can’t believe how tall she looks. It’s lovely but it seems strange to see her with legs again.

‘I was really worried she wouldn’t like them but she does. Sometimes she has a little whinge when having them put on but once they’re on she’s fine.’

She added that Harmonie is taking some steps with her assistance, and wore the legs for four hours on the first day. Miss Hall continued: ‘She really likes that she can wear socks and shoes.’  Source 

Okay, let me show you how low these sewer rats will go:

And as for the poorer quality twin? Well have a butchers below:

Now why would they do that? As in photoshop Harmonie.

In fact why are all of the ‘family’ images photoshopped? After all, if everything is above board then surely there is no need.

Yet take a look at the following photo:

This Getty image is photoshopped to fuck and Mummy Freya has had all manner of fat added to her, which I will prove to you in a moment. However, first I need to show you a couple more family photos.

Now this photo isn’t the result of a photoshoot where the camera takes continual shots as the subject moves around. What this is in fact is a photo knocked-up of 3 people. You see good old Ross is forming the background photo for the other two. This is evidenced by the way he has not moved AT ALL… In other words, the photo of Ross seen above is the EXACT SAME PHOTO of Ross above it.

Furthermore, so is Fat Fraya’s photo the exact same except she has had her head turned in the photo above. Her head however is still the exact same head as in the photo above it as evidenced by the way her face has not changed at all.

However, a different photo has been used of Harmonie and Freya’s fingers have been altered.

A doll has now been added to the mix yet their basic positions haven’t moved. Ross however has had his face and arm altered as evidenced by the digitally obscured teeth which nevertheless shows a big gap between the front two.

Moreover, his left eye has had the eyelid lined where it meets his nose. And his forearm is showing a tattoo that he hasn’t got. In fact Ross’ boat race now looks quite different as a whole.

You see, what you have to realise is that these photos and photos of others are all taken from a template source image (I have got photos as examples but I cannot fucking find them right now – grrr) that will in all probability just be colourless, faceless & hairless.

A persons face is them transplanted onto the template multiple times and touched up, hence what I said earlier about Freyas face being fattened up.

Now bearing in mind that these are professionally taken photos, things like the eyeball whites should be clearly visible, not black.

And then with the features formed on the template image, the created person can then be digitally cut out and added to a different background such as the following:

And that is also why so many photos of [supposedly] different people all look the same.

And this applies to ALL press photos.

Now if you choose ANY famous person in the world and Google image them, you will doubtlessly find what appear to be hundreds of different photos of that person. However, on closer inspection you will find that there are only around half a dozen – the rest have just had the head stuck on from one of those half dozen source photos… Winston Churchill for instance:

Feel free to overlay them if you want.

Moreover, all those poses are just tilted versions of the following.

And that just more or less leaves the following pose:

And sometimes Winston was Aleister Crowley.

Just sayin’… But don’t take my word for it on the half dozen source photo malarkey, go and check it out for yourselves.

Okay, what I am going to do now is give you a little tutorial about my photo editor and the reason for this is to mostly put an end to the paedo-trolls & skeptics constantly banging on about how the people that I put forward as a comparison with others “looks nothing like them“.

Moreover, by showing you how they are wrong – albeit deliberately where the paedo-trolls are concerned – others of you who are not all convinced, will hopefully take what I say a lot more serious, because this is a fucking serious situation that we are in; not a fucking game.

And I will also point out that prior to uploading a half-face overlay I try to match them colour-wise as best that I can with the person that the overlay is going to sit on top of, as obviously someone with a reddish tinge to their skin in a darkish photo is a great distraction to the eye when put together with someone whose photo is taken in bright light and has a yellow tinge to their skin – especially for those people who cannot see the wood for the trees.

It also goes without saying that the two people that I am going to compare need to be in more or less identical poses with their heads at the same angle – although that isn’t always the case when it comes to the Satanic geometry for connection purposes between two people; as opposed to two people being the same person… Hence I usually turn the photos so as the subjects eyes are level (see photo example below of a young Aleister Crowley):

Understand? Of course you fucking do.

Now when I went to retrieve the photo of [older] Aleister Crowley in order to put it next to the one of Churchill (as seen above the above) I noticed that in the same folder I have a photo of, Billy Graham in the exact same pose.

Course, Billy Graham looks fuck all like either Churchill or Crowley and as such, the pose that all three fellas are in now presents me with a chance to not only silence my critics, but also to demonstrate how everything has to connect for the monsters.

After all, in theory it would be quite possible for Churchill (born November 1874) to also be the very similar looking Crowley (born October 1875), but not possible for the pair to be the very dissimilar looking, Billy Graham, who was born 43-44 years later in November 1918.

And just so as you know, ya know, Billy Graham was a “spiritual adviser” to the American presidents; Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson (one of Graham’s closest friends apparently) and Richard Nixon whilst they were in office.

It is also worth noting that it was at a Billy Graham ‘rally’ that Cliff Richard was alleged to have molested a young fella.

And just for the benefit of the really nosey-parkers, Graham is in that particular folder because of his likeness to Edward Kennedy – as you will find out later.

So to start off have a butchers at the two comparison photos:

PHOTO: Winston Churchill channeling Aleister Crowley and Billy Graham

And what follows is a screenshot of my photo editors control panel having just uploaded the half face overlay of Billy Graham to see how it compares with the photo of Winston Churchill in Aleister Crowley mode.

And basically it is as simple as that and needs to be so because I am a million miles from being a computer expert – although obviously you can also increase the colour, contrast, sharpness and brightness, but they are just improvements and are unimportant for this demonstration.

So, once I have uploaded the half face overlay – which I have but a red square around so as you can see it clearly if you are reading this on a phone or whatever – I obviously need to increase the size and position by using the Orange, green and yellow marked controls.

And for all that to happen, it could not possibly have done so by sheer coincidence.

However, to prove beyond all doubt that these two photos have the same source (or have been overlaid – one over the other – and altered so as they are geometrically the same, thus forming a Satanic connection), I have made sure that the overlay is lined up properly… So – for instance – Graham’s eye is sitting directly on top of Churchill’s and such like.

Now the only thing that doesn’t match is the mouths albeit only to a certain extent. I mean they line up EXACTLY but Churchill’s mouth curves slightly up whereas Grahams goes the other way. Course, that does not mean that they are not the same person by any means… Although we know that already.

The two photos are however without question from the same Source, which – had we been looking – would mean that they are the same person or two people have been created out of one person.

Yet even then, I still check my facts further by double checking the overlay is compatible by using the ‘darken‘ mode which is pretty much the same as adding back-lighting.

Game over.

However, I will also do a full face overlay and gradually increase the transparency.

Now I can also tell you that Churchill is very photshopped. Indeed if you look in the yellow box from the first photo batch (repeated below) you will see that Churchill’s nose has been splodged with grey photo paint, applied in layers and supposedly made to look like shadows.

Nevertheless, look closer still and you can see that the two fellas nose tips marry up perfectly where they join.

Moreover, it is also obvious that Churchill’s nose has been extended/widened, which again, if you look in the yellow box you can see where this has occurred (From the photo join, travelling left to just over half way to the box end at which point you can still see the vertical join line).

Mind you, the state of Churchill’s ear should really be enough to alert anyone to the fact that all is not above board. Moreover, Churchills eye has been artificially closed up a bit, hence that terrible white splodging masquerading as photo glare underneath his eye.

In fact it is quite obvious to me that the Churchill photo was derived from the Crowley photo that I compared churchill with earlier, not least because of the brilliant white scarf/neckerchief which Churchill would never wear – indeed anything cept a bow tie was a rarity.

Now we are getting somewhere. You see, the crowley photo has certain features that relate to both the Churchill & Graham photos but which are not shared by the latter i.e Churchill and Crowley are wearing Scarves and Crowley and Graham have down-turned mouths.

Moreover, all three have fake right ears – your left.

Furthermore, Look at Crowley’s nose on your left and then look at Churchill’s nose and it becomes obvious that Churchill’s nose has been widened by overlaying the section of Crowley’s nose next to the original.

Now, I have blown the photo of Crowley up for you below so as you can have a look at his scarf and the top of his head.

All up to speed so far?

Good, then I can tell you that even when I have made all the relevant checks and comparisons, I still go do some more… Because by doing so, I more often than not find a photo to back-up what I have already proved… Which in this case is another photo of Winnie the Poo:

And of course, the newly found photo of Winnie the Poo ties in with Billy Graham.

I don’t see a need to bother touching it in.

However, we will go back to my photo editor control panel:

Just sayin’. But know this all you half-arsed no-marks who try and belittle what I do. I never ever look at someone and think he is also so & so and then run with it.

What I do do (Isn’t ‘do do’ poo?) is check, check, double check and then check again. So whether it be that you cannot believe what your eyes see or in the case of the Paedo-Trolls, try pour scorn on what I am trying to do, go and fuck yourselves.

And there is still plenty to come on Churchill & Co.

But to get back to young Harmonie for now, lets have a look at some more comparisons.

All okay? If not I have loads more examples that I can show you… Although I am not done with the Harmonie fraud yet.

Now obviously these frauds work because they involve children and in this day and age where fear reigns supreme no one is going to dare question stories about little girls losing their arms & legs or dying of cancer… Indeed it is so much easier to shed a tear and dip your hand in your pocket.

But of course, the stories do not stand up to scrutiny:

And of course, another factor that allows these extremely lucrative frauds to work is the fact that most people simply cannot believe that anyone so ‘normal‘ looking as those that perpetrate the frauds could ever be that sick & twisted… But they are… Those of them that exist of course.

Which is usually the case with the children in so much as they don’t exist.

I could do more but it gets very boring and tedious after a while.

However, the “Baby Reborn” silicone dolls are worth a closer look at. You see, these dolls are incredibly real looking and are ideal for the Chimp frauds – and all the other shit-rags obviously.

Indeed some women apparently dote on these dolls treating them as if they were really human::

Beam me up Scotty.

But anyway, as I say, these dolls are incredibly real looking:

However, as the dolls get older age-wise, they appear less realistic:

Yet it wouldn’t take someone experienced in photoshopping a lot of effort to make them a bit more life-like. In fact a bit of accessorizing and a good photographer is all it would take to bring these toddler dolls to life.

PHOTO: Baby Reborn with sunglasses on

Not that making the dolls more realistic would interest the Monkey-Kuntz since they appear to make no effort whatsoever when it comes to printing their old fanny. In fact just yesterday (25/10/17) the Chimp published a totally non-news story about a baby boy whose hair doesn’t stop growing out of control

And too me, the boy in question looked a lot more like a Baby-Reborn toddler than a human:

See what I mean about the sunglasses?

Wanna see some photos of young Gregory? Of course you fucking do:

Now what makes me extremely suspicious about this story is not just the fact that the photos are from SWNS – who like most big photo agencies are a front for the intelligence services – but also the fact that there are so many of them… That is to say, so many of Gregory as a baby but just the one photo of him (bottom right) as he is now! Oh, and the one in the link photo… Wearing sunglasses.

And what is with all the bags under the eyes?

Indeed it just doesn’t add up does it? Gregory has to be a doll surely:

Of course he is.

And in regard to the last Baby Reborn photo (above-left), they do a whole range of them:

It is in fact all a bit fucking creepy if you ask me.

However, these Groovy-Ghoulie’s tie in with a story in the Mirror Shit-Rag. But first let me tell you how I got there.

You see there was an article in the Chimp about Fred & Rose West on the same day that the Nurse Myers’ fairy story was in there.

And one of the photos – which I published a few times higher up – supposedly of the other bird “Maxine” as a child, who along with Myers was also branded as having ‘false memory syndrome‘ Reminded me very much of Anna Marie West as a youngster… Anna Marie supposedly being mass-murderer, Fred West’s oldest child.

Now I didn’t say it was – I said that Maxine reminded me of Anna Marie.

Mind you, the Fred West story is also total bollox but you will have to wait for Book-Ends Part 1 to learn why… However, I will give you the following little teasers:

Oh alright, just a few more… Try this one: Linda Gilroy, the camera shy former Labour Party MP for ‘Plymouth Sutton’ from 1997 until her defeat at the 2010 general election and Rose West are definitely the same person.

Gilroy – born in 1949 – is 4 years older than West who was born in 1953… However, Gilroy is also Cherie Blair – who was born 10 months after West in 1954.

Which would be why Tony Blair keeps trying to snog her:

Just sayin’. Not that Cherie minds who she snogs either:

And she is not to be fucked with if you know whats good for you:

Nevertheless, let’s go compare:

Now let me tell you, I could go on seemingly endlessly showing you comparisons of Blair & Gilroy but as far as I am concerned, the one above is sufficient and as such, if you ain’t convinced then go have a look for yourselves.

Course, in turn that makes Cherie Blossom-Pie the serial killer Rosemary West.

Yes it fucking does Cherie Blair and you know it too.

Shall we have a look? Yes we shall:

Cherie Blair is without a doubt 100% Rose West… And even posed with ‘Husband’ Fred:

He is DOCTOR David Drew, the MP for stroud, having first been elected to Parliament in 1997 – the same year as Linda Gilroy as chance would have it.

Before that he had been a Councillor for Gloucestershire County Council, having been born in the County – as was Fred West as chance would have it.

Now funnily enough I wrote an article around 4 years ago in which Drew had been mentioned and I commented on his photo at the time about how much he looked like Fred West… I was a lot more Naive back then:

Now it is worth pointing out that every time that I Google-Image Anna Marie West, most of the results have links to the actor Anne Marie Duff, who was married to Hollyweird actor, James McAvoy:

PHOTO: Duff and McAvoy

Now of course I haven’t mentioned that fact just because if I wanted images of Duffy I would type in the search bar “Anne Marie Duff“.

Indeed the reason that I mention Duffy is because of her likeness to young Rosemary Letts AKA Rose West.

Now, since Duffy was not born until 1970 she cannot be West who would have been around 16 years old back then… Not that the photo is of young Rose West either – and I hope that you can see how hard it is to stay on track with all these connections.

Nevertheless, so as not to drift further, I will tell you who young Rose West really is later. Course, with the photo not being of young Duffy it has to be a Satanic connection or Anne-Marie is a clone… And the names; Anna (known as Anne) Marie West & Anne Marie Duff being another.

However, that is far from the only connection to Duffy. You see, in the Google Image search for Anna Marie West, the following image of a bird named Anne-Marie Goldsmith turned up… Now it gets a bit complicated so if I am going too fast, just tell me to slow down.

PHOTO: Anne Marie Goldsmith. 

Now I don’t need to tell you that Goldsmith was the surname of Prince Willie’s wife, Kate.

However, I do need to tell you to bear the fact in mind because it becomes relevant later.

However, for now take notice of the resemblance between Duffy & Goldsmith despite the age difference:

And obviously Young West fits the bill too:

Now Goldsmith is an award winning “Human Resources Manager” which ties in with the ‘big business’ end of things which I have talked about in various previous articles and will be again later on in this vast project.

However, Goldsmith photo is also manipulated to connect with Cherie Blair & Linda Gilroy:

… And older Rose West of course.

But it doesn’t end there… In fact it never seems to end.

You see, Goldsmith is also Frances Osborne, wife of the former Chancellor, George Gideon Bean Osborne  – or at least she is Satanically.

Now explain that!

And this:

PHOTO: Doctor Maureen Fagan, DNP, MHA, WHNP-BC, FNP-BC1

And when you are done explaining that, explain this:

PHOTO: Doctor Lisa Morrissey, DNP, MBA, RN, NEA-BC1

Course, that alone is evidence of mass fraud taking place but when you take into account that Morrissey & Fagan come from the same website page – dealing with leadership in nursing – that mass fraud takes on a very sinister aspect indeed.

Want more?

Of course you do.

And never giving up on a ‘good thing’ the Chimp will continue to take the piss as long as it can get away with a story .

For example their true-fiction article about two lesbicans & a cock… Although the Lesbicans are more ‘Lesbicons’ in the following fairy story:

And having seen one lesbicon, then you’ve seen em all.

But it really isn’t rocket science… It’s photo science.

And if you hadn’t already noticed, our one-make-two-Lesbican’s are Dr Lisa Morrisey:

Pretty damn conclusive if you ask me!

And it is not just sexually-perverted, criminal acts that ALL of our MP’s are guilty of… Those of them that exist of course.

I mean most all will have taken part in a criminal fraud – often involving sexual perversion:


Let’s have a closer butchers at the “teacher’s mother, Lesley Seary, 59, [who] is the £160,000-a-year chief executive at London’s Islington Council“:

After all, there are some very sick-in-the-head people who work – or worked – for Islington Council

It’s a bit fucking blurry for an official government photo isn’t it?

Nevertheless, there can be no hiding the fact that amongst others, the made-up persona in the above photo, who is paid a very real £160 Grand a year for doing fuck all, is Frances Bean AKA Fanny Osborne:

And I will bet that I can find her daughter too – the improbably named, Alice McBrearty.

In fact I don’t need to go looking because I already have her alter-ego in my vast photo bank.

Indeed Alice McBreasty is Colleen Prendergast – as in Colleen Rooney & Nicki Pendergrast… The latter being the cancer-con mother of Jessica Whelan.

Now that all makes perfect sense when you know the background.

You see, Fanny Bean – wife of former Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Right Orrible Actor, George ‘gideon bean’ Osborne – is supposedly a writer although she has allegedly worked in law, finance and journalism… She was in fact a Barrister *yawn.

She is also a member of the Arseolestocracy and her old pot ‘n’ pan is Lord David Howell who was in the wholly perverted Slaggie Thatcher Cabinet.

Therefore Fanny would know about publishing houses… Such as ISIS Publications for whom the actress, Colleen Prendagast reads book.

Nevertheless, our £160 Grand Councillor, Lesley Seary is actually struggling actress, Susan Gilmour:

So where does that leave Gideon Bean’s missus?

In fact I will tell you where it leaves her. It leaves her nowhere because Gideon Bean & his ilk are just sick-in-the-head, narcissistic actors incapable of sustaining a long term relationship with anyone, including themselves which is why they are so fucking good at playing someone else.

Mind you, we are talking about a lot more personas than just that shower of shite above.

The MP Jo Churchill for instance… Fucking Churchill indeed… Although to be fair, Old Winnie the Poo was just another made-up persona, which I will prove to you beyond doubt later on… In fact I will even tell you who he REALLY was.

But for now… The incumbent MP for Bury St Edmonds, Jo Churchill & the £160 Grand a year, Lesley Sealy:

Which obviously in theory makes the actress Susan Gilmore the fanny Churchill too.

Go on, tell me that they are not the same person and I talk a load of shite.

And tell me that they are not the incumbent MP for Glasgow North West, Carol Monaghan – who entered Parliament in May 2015.

PHOTO: Carol Monaghan

Monaghan has a very strange official parliament picture:


She also has a very static head pose:

However, I did think that Monaghan might be married to the DOCTOR turned MP, Paul Monaghan.

And then I gave myself a slap for not remembering that Dr Paul Monaghan, is the former MP & Chancellor, GIdeon Bean…

You know the criminal who is *aherm, aherm, ‘married’ to Franny the fanny:

And predictably, Frances Osborne… Frances Monaghan… Or whatever the fuck she is called, looks fuck all like Carol Monaghan MP.

Well, okay she does a little bit… But I bet Francis Bean looks fuck all like Dr Claire Allen.

Who the fuck is Dr Claire Allen when she’s at home?” I hear you ask… Not that I really hear voices in my head you understand.

Nevertheless, according to the Spy-Owned Telegraph:

Dr Allen, 35, a scientist, suffers from bouts of ‘cataplexy’, a rare symptom of narcolepsy, triggered by strong emotions – such as fear, surprise or laughter.

The attacks cause her to lose control of her body and she collapses into a deep sleep – although she remains conscious throughout.

Each collapse lasts between 30 seconds to five minutes and at its worst Claire can endure up to 100 attacks each day.

A “surprise” as simple as a chair in a room having moved to a different place or giggling at a shared joke could spark an attack and leave her helpless on the floor. Source

Whad’ya know… Another fucking doctor.

PHOTO: Dr Claire Allen apparently

Who looks fuck all like Frances Bean:

And in turn that makes Dr Allen the MP Carol Monaghan – the incumbent MP for Glasgow West:

And she is pretty much everyone else too including the woman who bought spunk off Amazon… Or summat like that.

Oh dear or dear oh dear… Are you outraged yet?


You fucking will be… Have you ever heard of Liselotte Meire?

No neither had I until I chanced upon her photo:

When one thinks of the Nazi killing machine one tends to imagine armies of jackbooted soldiers marching inexorably from one torched and plundered village to the next, herding people together for transportation to the camps or, perhaps, to be hastily murdered in freshly dug pits.

There was another section of Nazi society just as culpable, though to this day they have somehow evaded the cold scrutiny that their actions deserve. To put it mildly, the women of the Third Reich have a lot to answer for.

Liselotte Meire, an administrator in Belarus, would accompany her SS officer boss on shooting parties to hunt and kill Jews for ‘fun’. She also coordinated arrangements for massacres and decided who lived or died. Source

And here is that photo:

How do they do that!

Evil fuckers!

So, another Nazi, but seriously; how in the name of fuck do they do that?

Yet this is what I am seeing time & time again.

And then we also have the racial bigot, ANNE MARIE Waters:

PHOTO: Anne Marie Waters

And according to Wikipedia:

Anne Marie Waters (born 24 August 1977) is an Irish anti-Islam activist, who is the founder and leader of the far-right party For Britain. 

Now I am not going to compare her with all because it is far too time consuming and anyway, I think it is pretty fuckin’ obvious that she is a match for all. But here she is compared to her namesake:

Yet I can promise you that you ain’t seen nothing yet… But that is it for Part 2, which was surely worth a quid or two donation – Spiv cannot live by bread alone.

And in Part 3, I will carry on telling you about how I got to the story in the Mirror Shit rag that ties in with the creepy Baby Reborns, as well as delving back in time to expose the Fourth Reich agenda for the future, plus much, much more… See you on the other side