How The West Was Won. Part 1


Christopher Spivey.


Around a month ago, after I had finished editing “A Bridge Too Far” (which Gary is now formatting – a massive job in itself given the size) I decided to write a quick article on the Wayne Rooney bollox since the old fanny tied in with some other stuff that I had saved. 

And after that I was going to finish off “Book Ends, Part 1“.

However, the best laid plans and all that bollox swung into play and as per usual my carefully crafted plan of action went tits up.

You see, as is often the case when I put news items together, I am inevitably led elsewhere because in the Monster’s Satanic world EVERYTHING HAS TO CONNECT… And I mean everything – a fact that really became apparent to me whilst I was writing “Book Ends, Part 1“, which will connect EVERY major crime committed in this country over the past 60 or 70 years.

And when I say “major crime“, I am not talking about Organized-Crime (which will form Book Ends Part 2 or 3), I am talking about the likes of the ‘Moors Murders‘ and Madeleine McCann.

So anyway, when the Rooney article reached the 14,000 word mark with plenty more still to write I decided to split it into two totally separate articles – which wasn’t without its problems since the information already contained within those 14,000 words was all intertwined.

Or put another way, each section that was already written – with another estimated 10,000 words still to go at that stage – depended on various other sections explained earlier on in the article, in order for it all to make sense.

Therefore, the problem lay in separating the article into two, whilst avoiding having to repeat various large segments in both articles.

And after pondering a while and coming up with zilch, it suddenly struck me that the best way forward was to take the relevant information that formed the back bone of the [now] two [incomplete] articles and write a third (which is this article) so as I can just link to it where necessary.

Moreover, by doing so the contents of this article will – hopefully – make sense of quite a few other articles that I have written in the past… It certainly has done for me anyway.

And better still, this new information has proved a lot of what I have written in the past – ridiculed by some, doubted by others – to be spot on… Which is nice.

Yet even then things were not straight forward because this article grew out of all proportion once I got going and as such I have now decided to split this one into two albeit unlike the other [original] two – which are now separate, stand alone pieces – Part 2 of this article will be a straight continuation… As will part 3 since part 2 is already longer than this first one


Of course you fucking do… Least I hope you do because if you are confused now you have no hope of of getting it straight by the end.

But anywaty, with that in mind, let me start with a nod to the Rooney bollox… A [non] news item that inspired the Monkey Boys to write NINETY EIGHT articles directly about the sordid, drink-drive saga and reference the old fanny in a further ONE HUNDRED & THREE articles – bringing the total number to a staggering TWO HUNDRED & ONE Chimp articles overall since the story broke on September 1st 2017.

Yet apart from the drink drive charge the story and its off-shoots are just made-up old bollox and I am not entirely convinced that the D/D charge isn’t fake too!

Course the OTT reporting on what was basically a very common non-newsworthy event i.e. a married mush gets drunk while driving an old slapper home for a quick fuck, was all that was needed to alert me to a fraud taking place.

However, you will have to wait for the majority of that and the other related information since to tell you now would defeat the whole point of this article.

Mind you, I can tell you that you only needed to look at the next photo below (never mind the dozens of other tell tale fakes, most with hidden messages to boot) which was published within the first half dozen or so articles about the old bollox, to know that the scriptwriters were taking the right fucking piss.

You see, the old slapper that Rooney was supposedly driving home was the made up persona named Laura Simpson. And he was doing so after they had been flirting at the Symposium nightclub.

Which is next to a Laura Ashley shop.

Symposium-Laura. Laura-Simpson… Geddit?

In fact in many of the photos used of Simpson – although far from all – she is Coleen ‘the clown‘ Rooney, with barely applied photoshopping:

Indeed them Range Rover motors are fucking huge going by that last photo of Colin Coleen Rooney.

Unless of course the story could have been the result of just one huge mistake on Rooney’s part. I mean he isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier and could possibly just as easily have mistaken Simpson for his wife in his drunken stupor.

And indeed he would be justified in doing so. In fact I am surprised Coleen can keep track of herself after playing another totally unbelievable character just last week:

You see, very relevant to the fact that Coleen & the Simpson slapper look alike or are more specifically sometimes one and the same, is the fact that in the first dozen or so articles about the old bollox, Coleen the Clown was pictured in a bikini – specifically designed to show off her baby bump in an attempt by the press to trigger mass public outrage.

Let me explain. You see, the bikini pictures were made up photos:

You can in fact see where her legs have been put together and if you look closely there is another join at the top of her shin, just below her knee.

And of course the other give-the-game-away. is the white and brown lining added to her body edges to hide the fact that she has been added to the background.

Yet if it was all kosher there would be no need to go to such extremes.

Now at this point, we need to introduce the old whore, Helen Wood – a former prostitute (made-up person) whom Rooney had at one time supposedly had a threesome with.

Oh and by the way, Helen Wood is the fake kidnapped bird Chloe Ayling… Least she is in the following photo.

PHOTO: Left – Helen Wood. Right – Chloe Ayling

You see, if you take ‘baby-bump’ bikini photos of Coleen and put them next to the photos used in the Chimp article about Helen Wood you get the following:

So what“, you say.

So this“, says I.

Now what would the odds be of that happening naturally in any two people let alone two people who are part of the same story?

And those odds step beyond all credibility when it can be done twice with the only two photos used by the Chimp of Coleen in her bikini.

Not that this was the first time this one-body-fits-all photo trickery had been used by the Chimp… Not by a long fucking way.

I mean the mind-controlled puppet, Charlotte Crosby is an old hand at it.

But it gets better.

You see, if you take those two photos of Coleen in her bikini, which are – as I say – specifically designed to show off her baby bump, despite her not being pregnant (you will have to wait for that info) and compare them to the only two photos of Laura Symposium in today’s latest Chimp installment (19/09/17) on the old bollox, you find that not only do they look alike, they also… Well, see for yourselves what they also do.

And therein lies a perfect example of what I have uncovered about the Satanic Chimp, especially so with those four photos coming from the first & last (to date) articles on the Rooney shite.

Mind you, if Rooney did just accidentally mistake Marge Simpson for his ‘wife’ it would make sense going on the following photo that was also used in the first lot of installments written about the old bollox, since the Shrek lookalike was probably off his head on coke.

And silly old me always thought that product placement as covert advertising was illegal… And why have the Rooney’s got the same ears?

Not that the Monkey Boyz pay a lot of attention to detail of course:

Although there is still an awful, awful lot more to this old bollox that meets the eye.

I mean take that wedding photo for instance:

Nevertheless, having jumped on the Rooney bollox as it unfolded I noticed something extremely important about the Chimp’s news-feed which led me to discover the same thing about Google Images – albeit Google Images is harder to spot unless you really look.

In fact I was quite cross with myself for not noticing that ‘something‘ before since it constantly occurs unabated and I read the Chimp’s news-feed several times a day. Course like most things, once you do notice it – it is amazing at how in your face it is.

And that ‘something‘ is the fact that the Chimp’s news-feed HAS – for Satanic reasons – to connect from top to bottom, which is indeed a fair length scrolling wise.

Now by ‘connect‘ I mean that as you scroll down the Chimp’s news-feed, there never comes a time when you are not looking at the screen without one of their promoted stories connecting to another.

However, the type of connections do vary. For instance they could relate to how someone is posing in the same way as someone else is in another story. Or the connection could be what two people in two different articles are wearing e.g a Bowler hat or large sunglasses. On the other hand it could be two peoples faces in two different stories that have been manipulated to look like each other.

For instance, in the case of the latter there were FIVE articles that crossed paths with one another on the Chimps news-feed between the 2nd and 5th of September 2017 .

Of those articles, one carried the headline:

Young, highly educated and proud to be a housewife: The millennial mothers who are happy to put their family before their careers

And below is a photo from that article which also appeared as the link photo on the newsfeed.

The second carried the headline:

My (nerve-racking) date with Britain’s pickiest singleton: She’s had 77 first dates in two years – and rates them all on a spreadsheet. So how would our dashing HENRY DEEDES measure up?

And below is a screenshot of the article link.

The third article to connect was about the death of millionaire businessman Scott Young – whom I have had my eye on for over 2 years and do not believe a word of it since he has numerous identities.

The fourth was another load of old fanny non-news :

And the fifth and final article that all met on the Chimp’s news-feed was another of the many written about the Loony Rooney’s and the link to that article carried the ‘Coca Cola plugging‘ photo of Wayne & Coleen that I mentioned earlier:

Now the link to this article in connection to the other four is just the way that Coleen’s face is manipulated into the same poses as the women in the other articles, and as such I am not going to dwell on the fact because we have already seen enough of her.

And of course all of the relevant information is contained in the [now] split article which you can read when it is released.

However, what I will say is that of the thousands upon thousands of seemingly endless photos of – to my mind, a quite ordinary looking – Coleen; in reality they all stem from around a half dozen or so head-shots of the bird which are then transplanted onto bodies in photographs suitable for whatever story it is that the presstitutes are lying about.

I should also tell you that there was another article which didn’t cross paths with every one of the above articles on the Chimp newsfeed – since it wasn’t published until the 8th of September – but it did cross paths and connect with those of the above published on the 5th of September and is nevertheless, very relevant to ALL of the above.

That also non-newsworthy story carried the headline:

A very modern happy ever after: Gemma couldn’t find a man so had a baby on her own with an internet sperm donor… then met her Mr Right six months later

And below is a screenshot of one of the photos included in that article.

Now before I show you how these other five articles connect, I will stress that the connections that I am going to show you are much more covert than the [many] usual type of overt connections between articles found on the Monkey-Shite’s news-feed, and as such I wouldn’t expect you to notice the type that I am now going to show you straight away… Which in turn demonstrates just how we are being manipulated by the press on behalf of the Monsters.

However, having said that, I will obviously be dealing with the overt connections too, a bit later on. And those are the kind that you should all instantly clock from now on, having read this article.

Okay, lets start with the bird who is very choosy about the fellas she dates:

And without even having to turn the photo angle I can tell you that her face has been manipulated to fit the head & face of the bird who had a baby via a sperm donor before meeting Mr Right – although we will ignore the connection between similarity in the two story’s content.

Now the next connection is self explanatory.

Course, as you have probably guessed, the connections don’t end there with those two family snaps.

And I am not even talking about the fact that the ‘father’ of the ‘triplets‘ is also Dr Paul Monaghan who was an MP up until the 2017 election when he lost his seat.

Now it is so blatantly obvious that they are the same fella that I couldn’t be bothered to match the two halves in, so all that I have done is run a digital iron along the join. After all, anyone who cannot see that they are the same bloke really just doesn’t want to see it. In fact any silly sausage who claims not to, cannot even parrot that they have different ears given the state of Tri-Dad’s faked wingnuts.

Course, Monaghan probably got voted out at the last election because his cuntstituants never saw him, what with him being George Osborne as well.

Nevertheless, what I was referring to was the likeness of Tri-Dad to that of the fella who got conned into bringing up some old sorts mail-order little girl.

Okay, staying with the same three photos/stories I am now going to add the wholly corrupt, allegedly now deceased, Scott Young and his story into the mix.

PHOTO: The Young Ones bollox

And we will start with Young himself. You see his head pose is exactly the same as the other two fraud fellas – as are his features. In fact if you slotted him between the two you would almost have a three frame length of video tape showing a mush going from an open mouthed grin to a closed-mouth smile whilst wiggling his ears at the same time.

And as for the other fella?

Well have a butchers for yourselves…

Now you really couldn’t make it up. However, before I continue and at the risk of harping on; this is not a game. In fact the Monsters & their Minions could not be more serious in what they do… Although having said that, the Minions do like to mug us off.

Nevertheless, there is a reason behind all of this apart from having to have everything connect. Moreover, I now believe that I am a good way into having figured out why they do this bullshit which I will tell you about shortly.

However, first I need to finish telling you about this connecting bollox and showing you how vast it all is… Which brings me nicely to the bird stood with Young in the photo below:

PHOTO: The bird in question

They have got the same nose ya knows. But don’t worry about that, have a butchers at these.

And obviously the other couple of females fit the mold too. However, I haven’t time to show you as there is so much to get through and as such, you will either have to take my word for it or do it ya fuckin’ self… Just swearin’.

As for the Young, highly educated and proud to be a housewife story…

Well once again, you only need look to the photo above this one and the connection becomes obvious.

And of course she also matches the others although I don’t have time to match them all in like the above.

I will do just one more and the other bird you will have to do yourself although I can promise you that she fits the bill perfect.

And below I have stuck the bird in blues photo next to one from the fussy-bird’s article to show you the kind of similarities that the Chimp uses in it’s news-feed connections.

We also ought to have a look at the Monkey Boy – Henry Deedes (who went out on a date with Ms Picky-Urass) – next to some of these fellas.

Hmmm. Deedes is very suspect indeedes – see what I did there… Go me. Although they are not a great match and as such far from conclusive.

However I clocked something there so with the above in mind it is also worth having a gander at the husband of Mrs I-Love-Me-Who-Do-You-Love.

I mean for starters half of his head forms that of the fella who married the bird that had a baby courtesy of Amazon, after which hubby in the picture above then had his nose redesigned.

As the same goes for the Chimps very own Henry Deedes.

Oh the integrity of these people.

Mind you, Fatty – who is very, very photoshopped – also looks very much like the Parsons-Nose-Bollox-Bucket-Bomb-Bomber:

There ya go and I only have “Paint” and “Zoner Version 16” to work with, yet for all their sophisticated software when you look at posh guys eye in the middle photo where his head has been enlarged you can only conclude that them there Monster Minions ain’t all that at it are they?

And once again I will point out that I am not saying Posh Papa is Bucket Bomb Boy… He can’t be because neither of them really exist.

The reason behind it all is that everything has to connect.

Indeed if they did really exist Posh Papa’s photo wouldn’t have been so shite since it was taken by a professional press photographer especially for the article… And there is also plenty more to come later on in regard to the Parsons Nose Bucket Bodge.

However, for now we need to have a quick look at the “Wrigley Family’s” twenty million to one triplets, who are in all likelihood just the one baby repeated in the faked photos in three different poses – although looking at the photo below, the Minions lacked the usual imagination to even do that properly.

And that would account for why the photo is such shite quality. Although the first baby on the left appears to have had his foot drop off!

However, as you will find out shortly, Satanic-Symmetry also plays a huge part in ALL press photos and that too affects the photo quality.

But I will get around to explaining that fact shortly because for now here is yet another curious coincidence – this time involving the children used in the above fake stories.

Moreover, on the Chimp’s newsfeed today (06/10/17), as I write this segment (which is an addition now that I have split this article into two) there are FIVE stories lumped together in two batches (a batch of three and a batch of two) which connect to these six stories that I am writing about now.

The following are screenshots of those stories which come exactly a month after the stories above appeared together on the Chimps news-feed.

PHOTO: A screenshot of the batch of three

PHOTO: A screenshot of the batch of two

Now I would like to tell you that this is a fantastical coincidence. But it isn’t. You see although I loathe having to write this because it makes me sound paranoid or egotistical (of which I am neither), this is a common occurrence with the Chimp and what I am writing about, which happens on average two or three times a week… Fact.

They do it to let me know that they know.

And guess what else?

Now I am sure that this will please some of you, although fuck knows why it should, but around 4 days ago I went onto the website (for which I have a tab permanently open) to double check the likeness of someone but the photo I was trying to upload to compare kept coming up with the words “try another” instead of comparing with the person who was left over from the last comparison.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I refreshed the tab and all I get now is a message saying that “This site cannot be reached“, despite the site still being on-line.

Therefore I can only conclude that they have banned my IP address for no known reason… How bizarre.

But nevertheless, fuck-em, because like I have told you numerous times, I only use the site for confirmation, so now let me show you how those FIVE new articles connect to those that I’m writing about.

The first one is some old fanny about malicious texts.

And this connects to the Scott Young article.

Geddit? She is Scot Young’s ex.

And I should just point out that the first photo in this next batch is from the texting porn star article.

Young’s ex looks just like Constance Adamsthe wife of notorious gangster Patsy Adams – to me… You do know that all organized crime is controlled by the Monsters I take it?

Of course you do. Silly of me to ask really.

PHOTO: Comparison with Constance Adams

Constance Adams should not of course be confused with the former Bond girl actress, Maud ADAMS.

After all, Maud Adams is around 10 or 15 years older than Connie Adams if I remember correctly.

Meantime the second article is total, total bollox and too stupid to even discuss:

And neither do you need to be too bright to realise the connection, especially to the bird who had a baby with an internet sperm donor before meeting “Mr Right”:

Still, I suppose I best do the comparison:

Unfortunately, that is the best that I can do given the opposing head angles and lack of other photos.

Now in regard to the third story I wasn’t highlighting it because of the fact that I can no longer access the comparison website. You see, the connection is in regard to the photo of the baby “twins” seen in the link.

Ahh yes I remember those cameras that always took photos with one half of the picture really, really crap quality and the other half a much better class of crap quality… Honest to fuckin’ Dog you would have to be a Welsh troll to try and claim that isn’t a photoshopped snappy snap.

And of course the other twin does the same.

The fourth article which is also about triplets is self explanatory.

And would you Adam & Eve it, on the 11th of October the Chimp did a follow up to the triplet heartbreak story – not to be confused with the triplet celebration story:

A father of two infant triplets who were found dead in their cots is claiming his ex-partner is keeping him from seeing his surviving son – and refused to speak to him at their funeral.

David Whitehouse, 36, from Skewen, near Port Talbot in Wales, is the father of five-month-old Noah and Charlie, who were found dead at their mother’s home in Bridgend, on September 23.

He claims his former partner, Sarah Owen, 29, has prevented him from seeing his children since their birth and is now not allowing him to see his surviving son Ethan – but the triplets’ godmother – a close friend of Owen’s – says Whitehouse rarely saw his sons and didn’t contribute to their upbringing, ‘never buying even a nappy.’ Source

And below is a photo of that Fatter who claims to be hard-done-by.

Course, you know who it is don’t cha?

And as for the final fifth article? Well this one is the most telling of all:

Now I say that because as well as the obvious connection to Coleen Rooney showing her “baby bump” in a bikini, there is also the fact that the Chimp have used the no-mark, Ferne McCann as their subject matter – whom to be honest I didn’t even know was pregnant.

You see, as I told you at the start of this article, I have split what was supposed to be a quick project on the Loony Rooney’s because the piece got too large.

And as you also know, I have included some of that information in this offshoot of that article, including the shite about Rooney’s dalliance with the former prostitute, Helen Woods.

PHOTO: Helen Woods and her connection to Coleen in a bikini with her baby bump deliberately on show

However, what I didn’t include in this article was what I then went on to write in the original in regard to Ferne McCann and Helen Woods (which also referenced Vicky Patterson seen in the photos below but just disregard her for this article) and which included the following photos:

Course Ferne McCann looks fuck all like the young Constance Maud Adams does she?

In fact I am fucked if I know why I even mentioned it… Oh hang on, I do know… There is a lot of that kind of weird shit going on with the ‘ elites’.

Coleen Looney and the 1960’s model Jean Shrimpton  for instance:

It must be something about footballers and their wives. In fact as coincidence would have it the following screenshot is taken from an article in today’s Chimp, as I type (15/10/17).

Wow! Cutting edge news or what? Although the soldier could just as easily be described as a Ross Kemp lookalike.

But then again, as per usual the Chimp ain’t as on the ball as me… Pun intended.

I mean I personally think that Rooney is the double of Former Leeds United player Billy Bremner.

However, I wouldn’t have even used that information had it not been for the Chimp article about Looney & the Soldier.

In fact if I was going to write about people from today doing the time travel malarkey – or whatever the fuck you wanna call it – I would have used something like the following.

PHOTO: Enzo Ferrari and Arsenal footballer Mesut Ozil.

I mean had the Chimp reported on those two they could have said summat like Ozil was born in 1988… The same year that Ferrari died. Just to make things a bit more conspiratorial for the reader you understand, rather than an article about a German Soldier seen from side profile only, looking like a footballer coming to the end of his career, who is that vacant in the skull that even his fake head of hair goes bald!

And just how many different pairs of ears does that cranky cunt have?

Yet I find myself pondering over whatever happened to the real men of football like Bobby Charlton, Ralph Coates & John Dempsey.

In fact I am quite surprised that Sir Bobby-C didn’t give young Looney a bit of advice on how he could still look good, young & trendy with no outlay or pain by opting for the old comb over, full head of hair look?

Sorry about that… I came over all queer.

Nevertheless, any Tom Dick or Monkey Dick can do Nazi soldiers & their lookalikes seen in a side profile pose.

I mean I might not have been so critical had the Monkey-Boyz come out with a photo of the Nazi Storm-trooper, Manfred Schönfelder and his doppelganger, the jailed footballer (as if he really is!), Adam Johnson.

Then there just might have been something worth reading.

Especially since they both have a dimple in the chin.

Indeed the Baboon Arse, Half Arsed Apemen at the Chimp – had they applied themselves as opposed to the usual ape lied their self – they could even have gone much higher wanking with a Joe & Henry conspiracy theory.

As in Josef ‘jingle’ Goebbels & ‘Our’ Enry Ford… That would have been good for propaganda… Although like our Royal Mobsters, the American Mobsters were all mates with the Nazi Mobsters.

Photo: Henry Ford receiving the Grand-Cross of the German Eagle from Nazi officials in 1938

In fact there is no end to how far the Chimp could have gone with the Nazi theme.

Like why do former US President, Harry S Truman and bloodline family members, Dale Carnegie & Laurance Rockefeller all look like Nazi war criminal, Adolf Eichmann… As do the lead prosecutor in the Eichmann trial, Gideon Hausner, Playwright, Arthur Miller who was once married to Marilyn Monroe, the Oxford University professor of English, John Carey and Lord Kerr, the creator of Article 51

Bizarre… As is the fact that the Nazi war-criminal hunter & Mossad Agent, Rafi Eitan (born 23 November 1926)  who allegedly found & captured Eichmann – living in South America – is an exact double of David Rockefeller (June 12, 1915 – March 20, 2017).

Moreover, the Daily Chimpanzee certainly stays quiet when it comes to the “Angel of Death“, Josef Mengele (16 March 1911 – 7 February 1979) and traitor Spy, Guy Burgess (16 April 1911 – 30 August 1963):

And only one month difference – to the day – between their birth dates!

Mind you, you could never expect the Chimp to publish something like that since the Monkey-Kuntz are all traitors to a man ape.

Neither would they publish the following:

And for those who do not recognize the pair, they are Nazi war-criminal Rudolph Hess (26 April 1894 – 17 August 1987), and British killer Michael ‘hop-along’ Sams (born 11 August 1941).

However, giving mind to the above, it is rather worrying that the current head of MI6, Alex Younger…

Is the double of Reinhard Heydrich… The alleged architect of ‘The Final Solution’. 

Whoops, I have made him look a bit like Sir Bobby there… Although I can promise you that I am not obsessed with Bobby Charlton.

I always had a lot more time for Jack… Till I found out that he was a wrong-un too.

Carry on me:

Yet despite the possibilities and conspiracy to be had from that lot, the Chimp-Ape’s think they are doing great work giving us Rooney & a German soldier, sideways on.

I mean old Fritz could have had the biggest ears in the world and a cone-head under his helmet.


But all the same, I am getting way a fucking head of myself here, but there is plenty more of that kind of shit still to come… At least there is in Part 2.

So, to get back to those 5 articles that I was almost finished talking about, which were published in the Chimp on the very same day that I was writing about their 6 closely connected articles, which given the fact that this type of thing happens on a weekly basis, certainly goes well beyond coincidence as far as I am concerned… And of course made all the more telling by the fact that they were grouped together.

And with that in mind, now have a look at the following screenshot taken from the Chimp’s news-feed on the 10th of October 2017:

Which kinda has a mocking “you-can’t-stop-us” feel to it… And if you don’t see the connection then you haven’t been paying attention.

But either way here is your starter for ten:

Not convinced? No problem:

And if we go back to the dad of the 5 year old ‘going through the menopause seen in the above, we see that he is a seasoned actor having already appeared in the Cancer Con bollox and a fake story about a homeless family.

Indeed it is quite possible that the menopause girl is even the same little girl as used in the cancer con story. I mean dressed as Minnie Mouse she certainly reminds me of another cancer-con episode that I wrote about.

And whilst I haven’t looked to see if the Meno-Girl’s ‘family‘ is on the ponce-under-false-pretences – for which non of them ever get nicked obviously –  I do know that the triplets-minus-two fake story has a Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page attached.

You can read my articles on the sick-fuck’s cancer-con by clicking HERE HERE & HERE .

Now there is one more thing to do with the above stories… And that is the fact that I believe some of the children are Nazi Propaganda Minister, Josef Gobbels children – especially in the case of Meno Girl.

Course, bizarre as it may sound, there are some people who have put forward excellent evidence to suggest that the high-wanking Nazi government were actually Disney employee’s with Hitler really being Walt Disney himself.

And while I do not necessarily agree or disagree with the theory, certainly if that was the case then the Minnie Mouse costume worn by Meno-Girl & Cancer-Con-Girl would be an excellent connection wouldn’t it?

Moreover, whilst hunting for a suitable photo of a Disney/Hitler comparison – with the intent of using someone else’s to avoid getting sucked into deviating off topic – I was inadvertently led to some startling finds.

Far from conclusive I am sure you will agree.

However, because of my curious nature and given what I already knew along with the new bits of information that I had just uncovered, I couldn’t just leave it at that.

So I tried some comparisons of my own and the first problem I came across is that Walt Disney smiles a lot and Adolph Disney… Ha Ha Ha HA… Walt Disney smiles a lot and Adolph Disney… I really am funny as fuck.

Nevertheless, have a butchers at these:

Indeed I now certainly wouldn’t rule the possibility out. And remember, Disney was also meant to be an enormous anti-Semite and film production wise, he was ahead of his time… Not to mention very Satanic too.

Furthermore, and as I said earlier, whilst looking for a comparison photo, I made a startling discovery and as is usually the case when that happens, I am spurred on to dig deeper.

And here is what I found by doing so:

Photos of Walter Disney are very badly photoshopped.

Disney could also just as easily be Josef Gobbels as Adolf Hitler:

So, it is safe to say that Walt Disney is Adolf Hitler… And there you have a perfect example as to the type of thing that crop up every time I start writing an article with a plan in mind!

However, there is plenty more to come on this subject but I am going to weave that information in a bit further on, since it ties in nicely with something else that I talk about later in this rapidly expanding project… Besides, I now need to think things through a bit in regard to how WW2 was really played out – given what I have already written further on in conjunction with the new information that I have just uncovered.

And as such, I will now continue with how we are being lied to by the press.

Now if you are a regular reader of the Chimp, you will know that of late the Monkey-Kuntz have given the Muslims a week or so off and made the Gypsies their new whipping boys…  Via means of totally fabricated, derogatory story’s like the following:

The tactic is called ‘divide & conquer‘.

I should also point out that whilst the above headline doesn’t actually sound too derogatory, if you have been following the Chimps harassment campaign you will most certainly know that it is.

And if you haven’t, just type the word “Gypsies” into the Chimp search bar and you will see what I mean.

But nevertheless, the story is – as I just said – fake as fuck because the 16 year old girl in the screenshot is cancer-con-participant, 5 year old Jessica Whelan and her “mother’s” friend, Kirsty Saunders; who also supposedly died of cancer.

PHOTO: Allegedly deceased, Kirsty Saunders with the criminal Nicki Pendergrass – ‘mother’ to Jessica Whelan INSET: Jessica Whelan

Interchangeable heads… How very fucking novel.

Okay, I think now is a good time to show you an example of how the Chimp’s website news-feed, connects from top to bottom.

And to do so I will be using a series of screenshots taken on the day that I first noticed this bizarre practice.

However, before I begin I should say that once you get the general gist of how it works, you are better off having a butchers at the Chimp’s news-feed yourself because the size of the screenshots makes it hard to see exactly what I’m talking about (especially if you are reading this on a phone) and there is not much room on the screenshots for me to write an explanation about each and every connection – and as such I am only really able to circle the connections and join them with a line.

Mind you, the [satanic] need to make the connections in turn explains why the Chimp has all those totally pointless stories on the Kardashians and other nonentities on the far right of their news-feed since it is really only by publishing such total codswallop that the cunts are able to form the connections needed in order to make them continuous.

Okay, taking a quick pit-stop here, because as I just said, I can appreciate that this sample example may be hard for some of you to see, depending on how small your screen is – although you can blow the screenshot up quite a bit.

However for those of you who cannot be arsed to get over to the Chimp’s news-feed to figure the connections out for yourselves, or those of you who have done so but cannot see the connections – thick fucks – what follows are some close ups & explanations taken from today’s Chimp news-feed (19/09/17): .

However, there is yet another connection which is the same all the way down today’s Chimp news-feed and that connection is Gold. And indeed, the Snowdon link actually uses the word in the articles description.

So with that in mind, here are some more screenshots from today’s Chimp (19/09/17) which is constantly changing due to new bullshit being added, old bullshit being removed and the link boxes being moved around… Yet for every new article added or moved, there will still be a connection.

And the Diana Ross link (seen in the same screenshot as those birds above, top left side) is very suspect for a number of reasons:

  1. Diana Ross hasn’t been reported in the press for ages. Therefore, knowing more than most how the Chimp works, there are going to be quite a few articles coming up on the diva in the near future.
  2. The article is pointless – “woman carry’s her shopping home”, although it is another covert product placement ad.
  3. The article is a fraud since there is no way on earth that Ross looks so young although the article could be a [book ends] connection to the articles showing the convicted black bird as a young lady who has her head turned at the same angle as Ross in the 2nd smaller photo of the diva, whilst the old lady (the inner of the two photos) has her head turned in the same way as Ross in the bigger photo – and that photo of Ross being the inner of the two also.

Indeed it wouldn’t surprise me if the old bird is in fact Diana Ross since the young bird is in reality the vile, sewer-dwelling monster, Derek Laud’s mother‘.

Nevertheless, here are some of the photos used in that article about SEVENTY THREE year old Ross.

In fact those in league with the devil age, they don’t get younger.

Want more news-feed screenshot examples?

Of course you fucking do although I will speed things up a bit now that you have the gist of it. And then as I say, you are better taking yourself off to the Chimp website and looking for yourself.

Now this isn’t done just for fun and games – it is deadly serious and very well crafted – although they do take the right fucking piss out of us along the way. For example ALL of the following articles taking the piss are from today’s shit-rag (19/09/17).

Now I have added the inset which comes from the Kourtney Kardashian article that we saw earlier, for the obvious reason that she is posed in the same way as “Helen Smith” from the Ryan Air article as well as being visually similar to her.

The article also connects with the Ryan Air article higher up.

And as an aside, Helen Smiff forms the template for Meno-Girl’s-Mum – or vice versa.

As for “her husband” – “Stephen Smiff” – well he is without a doubt a reworked Ray Winstone.

Indeed you only need look at the size difference in made-up-matey’s eyes to see how much his face has been altered.

In fact I can go one step further. Take a look at the following photo taken from the first of my Cancer-Con articles.

And the very plastic looking bloke is called “Peter Sims” although that is in all probability a made-up name to go with his made-up face.

Sims is a big fan of ‘jailed’ paedo footballer, ADAM JOHNSON.

In turn, the blonde sort with Sims is supposedly his bird, called Vanessa Cornall – who is a journalist/news editor for the spook-owned, Lancashire Telegraph… Both of whom I wrote about in the first of my cancer-con articles, “Sick-Benefit“.

Indeed when I had a quick butchers at “Sick-Benefit” in order to get their names, I found the following photo:

Which obviously made up the Ryan Air old bollox:

Course, they won’t get nicked and neither will Banana Dacre who is taking millions of pounds in newspaper sales by means of fraud.

On the other hand I will probably get nicked for reporting on the fraud and make fuck all for doing so… That is how fucked up the world has become.

And then there was this piss take:

“Footsie” indeed… You gotta chuckle at their front since LEAH Gray is one legged, ‘Smiler‘ ride victim, LEAH Washington.

Mind you, Leah Washington has friends who all look the bleedin’ same – such as Sara Stuart seen below – so why not strangers aye?

Moreover, when I wrote an article on the fraud acid attacks a few weeks ago, I was reminded of Washington & her ‘fella‘ Joe Pugh whilst doing so because of their likeness to an acid attack ‘victim‘ and her ex-boyfriend who supposedly did the deed.

A bit like I was reminded of the other bird, Vicky Balch – who also allegedly lost a leg in that Smiler ride old fanny – when I added the Lisa Snowden link earlier.

Now remember, it is the way that everything has to connect that we are looking at and I am not saying Snowden is Balch.

Although you gotta wonder.

And then there is this link from what is now – as I write – yesterday’s Chimp (19/09/17):

Now as you all should know, ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘ was hosted by Bruce Long-Chin who has just popped his clogs… And with that in mind, look at the fella in the white jacket.

Nice to see ya… Now fuck off.

And indeed the dance article includes some other ‘interesting‘ photos – of which the following is just one:

There is hours more of Satanic fun to be had there.

And if you don’t know what I am on about, you are just about to find out.

You see, it is of course very easy to say that nothing is real, but that is the truth… The Monsters have made it so.

I mean take Diana: Princess of Wales for instance. I now have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that she never actually existed other than via a long trail of paperwork and a series of actors playing the physical role as and when was needed.

Moreover, on the grand scale of things, Diana is far from the greatest coup that the Monsters have pulled off. And she was far from the first either.

Indeed I do now sometimes look back on things that I have written and think “fuck me, I was a gullible cunt“.

In fact you would not believe the number of historical and iconic people who did/do not really exist, yet there are statues every-fucking-where erected in their perceived images to honour the achievements that never were…  Now that is what you call fucked up.

Likewise I am one hundred percent certain that the majority of our MP’s don’t exist. They are just created persona’s – kinda like in the same way that ‘we’ are not our birth certificates, these artificially created people are the exact opposite… They are their birth certificate.

With a different name for each obviously… But they really are nothing more than paper.

And – as I have explained in past articles that I have written – you only need look at the seating capacity for the House of Commons (420 if I remember correctly for 650 MP’s), to know it is all an illusion.

I mean you hardly ever see more than a couple of dozen MP’s asleep in there at any one time and indeed the only way that they can fill the place is by faking the footage… As I have also proved in previous articles.

Yet even if the faked Parliament TV footage wasn’t faked (although it most certainly is) there would still be 230 MP’s (well over a third) unaccounted for in seating numbers.

And as for taking the piss? Well fuck me, they don’t even try to hide the fact that they are just actors, elected on the strength of far fetched stories.

I mean when that Coronation Street actor, Tracy Brabin was seen in photos with the created persona Joke Ox it should have been obvious that the plan was to get her into parliament.

PHOTO: Tracy Babble in pink with her friend, the ‘murdered MP‘, Joke Ox. INSET: Babble’s avin’ a baybee in Coronation Street

Indeed the plan was foolproof since she was elected to parliament by default. Yet now she is seen in staged photos with the likes of the Vile, Fat-Arsed, Tom ‘tit‘ Watson, pretending to be all worldly wise… Despite the fact that the most she probably ever reads is the TV Times.

In fact even when she is ACTING her role as an MP, narcissistic Fatty Watson can’t be arsed to do her the courtesy of even pretending to listen to what she isn’t really saying… It almost makes me cringe with embarrassment.

I mean what the fuck does she know about politics? Not that there is much to know since all the thinking is done for our MP’s by their handlers.

And I am sure that Brabbin learnt all that there is to know while she was playing Joke Ox… Yes you read that right:

As always, study the photos very carefully, especially the top two because there is certainly no mistake on my part… In fact have some more:

They even have matching cheek dimples… How quaint.

Course, Brabin cannot use the excuse that she didn’t know that her photo had been used to make up the Joke Ox persona – which in turn makes her a criminal of the most serious kind.

And especial so since she is also the MP Liz Truss:

PHOTO: Babble & Truss

That is to say; at least she is Bizzy-Lizzie sometime since – just like in the case of Joke Ox – there are multiple actors playing the role.

And did I tell you that she also plays the role of the former MP, Esther McVey?

PHOTO: Babble & McVey

Indeed it kinda makes you wonder why the Corrie Producers let her go doesn’t it?

Course, in turn Esther Mcvey plays Kate Mackinley, the wife of the crooked MP Craig Mackinley.


Hmmm… McVey from Liverpool is also a long time friend of fellow Liverpudlian puddled onion, Kate McCann – who doesn’t really exist.

Moreover, Oy Vey McVey is also a trustee of the Madeline McCann Fund – which she also helped to set up… And which very much really exists… Just sayin’.

However, just to complicate thing further, Katie Mackinlay is also Mid Bedfordshire MP, Nadine Dorries… Also from LIVERPOOL.


Dorries is the bird who was temporarily suspended from her aherm, aherm* Cabinet Duties due to her taking part in “I’m a Knob-Ed Celeb get me outta ere”, following a manufactured public outcry that she was doing so at the taxpayer’s expense… Oh dear, oh dear, if only the public really knew that being a highly paid MP is not a job at all.

Indeed it is a scam and one that includes most of their families in on the act:

Dorries’ daughter was among the highest earning family members employed by MPs with a salary of £40,000-45,000 as an office manager. This is despite the fact that her daughter lived 96 miles away from the office. Subsequently her sister was taken on as senior secretary with a salary of £30,000-35,000. Ben Glaze, a journalist with the Sunday Mirror, was threatened by Dorries on Twitter for asking questions about the MP’s employment practices: “Be seen within a mile of my daughters and I will nail your balls to the floor… using your own front teeth. Do you get that?” Source

Nice bird! Very honourable.

And curiously enough in this next comparison it is the photo of Dorries that is far more photoshopped than the one of Katie Mackinley, despite there being very little doubt that the two photos are the same one – with added jiggery pokery obviously.

You see, I am using the same Mackinley snappy-snap as I used to compare her with Esther McVey – the one where she has that blue hat on with netting covering her forehead, which is a nuisance as it distracts the eye, yet blending it in is a nightmare and the reason that the finished photo of Mackinley & McVey ain’t all that.

However, I have little choice but to use it as there are so few photos of Katie which are big enough to blow up … Then again, there wouldn’t be many of her for obvious reasons now would there.

Therefore, I am going to also overlay the top of Dorries head over the two half faces, which if anything proves even more that they are the same person or at least the same photo… Ere, ave a butchers.


And just so as you know that Dorries and Esther McVey are the same person (or photo), have these two offerings below and be aware that I can prove it time and again.


Dorries on the left, McVey on the right in the top comparison photo & obviously vice-versa in the one below… And compare her with Tracy Babble if you can be arsed… I can’t but i spend that long looking a faces in photos I can guarantee you a match.

She too used to be a TV presenter did McVey, don’t cha know… Almost the same as an actress in fact.

And although McVey was booted out of office at the last election, both her and Dorries were serving MP’s up until that point – which is a clear indication of my claim being correct that at least two thirds of our MP’s (at the very least) do not exist.

Course this also begs the question as to why is a serving MP (Nadine Dorries) playing the part of a former MP and an MP’s wife?

And of course, the answer to that is: She isn’t… She is playing far more roles than that… ‘Our Sal’ for instance, who has just been killed again – as in the far-fetched terrapin, Sally Jones:


Yet the stupid cunts over at the Chimp cannot even remember their own lies since they are calling Jones the “White Widow”.

The ‘White Widow’ was in fact the other made-up terrapin, Samantha Lewthwaite:

Samantha Louise Lewthwaite (born 5 December 1983), also known as Sherafiyah Lewthwaite or the White Widow, is a British woman who is one of the Western world’s most wanted terrorism suspects. Source

Lewthwaite was played by the singer Adele:

And Adele is now playing the role of at least 3 MP’s, including Kelly Tollhurst:

Course the photos used by the Monkey-Kuntz in that Sally Jones gets-killed-again article are all of Nadine Dorres except for the one where she is dressed as a nun and I am fucked if I am explaining the origins of that one again.

However, if you don’t know the story behind that photo, click HERE

Okay, lets’s have a quick butchers at the others.

And I have already shown you that the last photo above is Dorres, so there is no point in doing it again.

Therefore, you now have to ask yourself why the British government are continually scaremongering the public with warnings that we are going to be murdered by teen-wolf & his Mother, AKA ‘Our Sal’ and her radishilised ‘son‘ when ‘Our Sal’ is in fact a member of the British government?

However, all of our MP’s that do exist have their photos altered so as they all look a bit like each other… And this facial symmetry is crucial to form a Satanic connection.

Now as an example, Brabin – going on a computer generated comparison using measurement of facial features – scores 56% appearance likeness when compared with the Prime Mincer, Terry May… And of course that score is in the ballpark of what you would expect to see between siblings or parents & their children.

Course, I spend that long looking at photos that I can tell you without the need to even double check that Terry the Tranny has George Osborne/Gideon Bean’s eyes in that photo… Which the computer will record as a fail… However, the computer will rack up the points where their noses are concerned which is the distinguishing feature that gives the two tarts a similar appearance.

And of course, it is Satanic geometric’s, Satanic symmetry and Satanic connection forming that are all important to the Monsters… Along with Numerology & Symbolism of course.

The rest – actors playing multiple roles etc – is just a case of “Needs Must“.

And make no mistake about it, to be in that club of theirs you have to a Satanist. However, Satanism is actually quite a large umbrella term because there are different types with each type having a different set of beliefs.

Indeed that is in keeping with all religions. For example, there are four main branches of Islam – Shia, Sunni, Wahhabi and Sufi – with over 150 offshoots.

Jewish wise, the three main branches are Ashkenazi, Sephardic & Mizradi – which again all have their own countless offshoots.

Therefore, as far as the Monsters are concerned I would guess that they are ‘theistic‘, and to explain what that means and before I am accused of plagiarism, I will tell you that I have lifted a few segments of information here & there, from various Wikipedia pages and then used them in the following narrative – which for the purposes of ‘continuity’ ‘clarification’ and ‘expansion’ I have then bridged and greatly added too, using my own words.

Now Theistic Satanism or Spiritual Satanism is an umbrella term for religious beliefs that consider Satan as an objectively existing supernatural being – or force – worthy of supplication, with whom individuals may contact and convene.

The individual belief systems under this Theistic Satanism umbrella are practiced by loosely affiliated or independent groups and cabals which heavily rely on the use of ceremonial magic.

However Theistic Satanism is not to be confused with LaVeyan Satanism, founded by Anton LaVey in the 1960s, which is ‘supposedly’ an atheistic Satanism… Although it cannot be written off.

Now theistic Satanism as opposed to atheistic Satanism is what it says on the label: theistic i.e believing that Satan is a real entity, that can be contacted, convened or even praised, rather than him being just an archetype, symbol or idea.

Indeed many theistic Satanists base their religion on dark pagan, left hand path, black magic, and occult traditions.

In fact there was a small – now allegedly defunct – Satanist group called Children of the Black Rose who equated Satan with the pantheistic … The All.

However, Just because the group is said to be defunct doesn’t make it so. After all, the MK ultra program was meant to have ended – which most of us all know to be total bollox.

Now some describe pantheism as the polar opposite of atheism. From this standpoint, pantheism is the view that everything is part of an all-encompassing, immanent God. All forms of reality may then be considered either modes of that Being, or identical with it.

Indeed, pantheistic-tendencies existed in a number of early Gnostic groups, with pantheistic thought appearing throughout the Middle Ages… Gnosis is a feminine Greek noun which means “knowledge”.

Gnosticism originated in the late first century CE in non-rabbinical Jewish sects & early Christian sects and presents a distinction between the highest, unknowable God, and the demiurge “creator” of the material.

The Gnostics considered the most essential part of the process of salvation to be this personal knowledge, in contrast to faith as an outlook in their world view along with faith in the ecclesiastical authority. They were therefore regarded as heretics by the Fathers of the early church.

Alexandriaas in the place – was of central importance for the birth of Gnosticism. The Christian ecclesia (Priests etc) was of Jewish-Christian origin, but also attracted Greek members, and various strand of thought were available, such as “Judaic apocalypticism, speculation on divine wisdom, Greek philosophy, and Hellenistic mystery religions.”

A notable group that outwardly considers themselves to be traditional Satanists is the O9A (Order of Nine Angles). This group became controversial and was mentioned in the press and in books because of the fact that they promoted human sacrifice.

However, the O9A believes that Satan is one of only two ‘acausal’ (not governed or operating by the laws of cause and effect) eternal beings – the other one being Baphomet. Moreover they believe that Satan is male and Baphomet is female… Hence the pursuit of transgenderism.

One other group worth noting is the Temple of the Black Light, formerly known as the Misanthropic Luciferian Order prior to 2007. You see – and this is an important fact – this group espouses a philosophy known as “Chaosophy”.

“Chaosophy” asserts that the world we live in, and the universe that it lives in, all exists within the realm known as “Cosmos“.

“Cosmos” is made of three spatial dimensions and one linear time dimension. Cosmos rarely ever changes and is a materialistic realm… And of course we live in a very materialistic realm indeed.

However, this next bit is very telling and indicative of the state of the world today. You see, another realm that exists is known as Chaos.

Chaos” exists outside of the Cosmos and is made of infinite dimensions and unlike the Cosmos, it is always changing.

Furthermore, members of The Temple of the Black Light believe that the realm of Chaos is ruled over by 11 dark gods, the highest of them being Satan, and all of said gods are considered manifestations of a higher being.

This higher being is known as Azerate, the Dragon Mother, and is all of the 11 gods united as one… And how many depictions of Dragons do you see in places like the City of London?

Indeed, The Temple of the Black Light believes that Azerate will resurrect one day and “destroy the Cosmos and let Chaos consume everything”… And of course the Monsters are causing global chaos to bring about a New World Order.

Therefore and quite unsurprisingly ‘theistic Luciferian groups‘, such as the now allegedly defunct, Children of the Black Rose are particularly inspired by Lucifer, from the Latin for ‘bearer of light’ – think Paris, the City of Light – who they may or may not equate with Satan.

On the other hand some theologians believe that the Son of the Dawn, Lucifer and the other names were actually used to refer to contemporary political figures, such as a Babylonian King, rather than a single spiritual entity.

Which brings me to The Temple of Set.

Set was the Egyptian god of the underworld. There are many stories involving Set. Set was essentially, the embodiment of evil. In the ancient Egyptian Myth, Set killed his brother Osiris. He was the Prince of Darkness. Each evening Horus, the Sun or solar deity that ruled the day, would do battle with Set who ruled the night. Set would win this battle and send Horus into the underworld.

The two combatants would fight throughout the night and in the morning Horus would eventually overcome the powers of darkness to rise or ascend into heaven. The next SUN/SET that you see may now have a different meaning to you. Source

Now some writers equate the worship of Set by the Temple of Set to theistic Satanism; what with The Temple of Set being an occult initiatory order supposedly founded in 1975 – as if!

Nevertheless, the ‘Temple‘ espouses a religion known as Setianism, whose practitioners are called Setians. This is sometimes identified as a form of Satanism, although this term is not often embraced by Setians and is contested by some academics.

Now as has just been stated, the Temple Of Set was established in the United States in 1975 by Michael Aquino, but rather than being a new ‘religion‘ I would imagine that this is just one of the many offshoots prone to all religions with very little difference to the old beliefs.

Or put another way: Aquino’s Temple of Set is just another branch of the same theistic Satanism as say, the cosmology of Thelema, established by Aleister Crowley in the early twentieth century.

PHOTO: Jimmy Savile adopts the pose associated with Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley born Edward Alexander Crowley; 12 October 1875 – 1 December 1947 & Victor Rothschild born Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild; 31 October 1910 – 20 March 1990.

There is a lot more to Crowley & Rothschild but I will leave it there for now.

And I would also maintain that the Temple of Set is an extremely powerful branch of ‘Monsters Inc‘ and Michael Aquino definitely needs to be looked at closer too.

You see, according to the ‘official’ line, he is an American political scientist & military officer as well as once being a high wanking member of Anton LaVey’s, Church of Satan.

And according to Wikipenis, Aquino – who was allegedly born in 1946 – specialised in psychological warfare… Mind Control by any other name.

Aquino is asserted to have joined Anton LaVey’s, Church of Satan in 1969 where he rapidly rose through the wanks to become Number 2. However, I would take the latter with a pinch of salt.

PHOTO: Michael Aquino

And funnily enough, when I first clocked the photo above this one (the one showing one of Aquino’s books) I instantly thought of the old 1960’s comedy show, ‘The Munsters’.

PHOTO: The Munsters

Or more specifically, I instantly thought of Herman Munster’s son, Eddie.

However – and understand that I am not trivialising this very serious subject – I changed my mind when I saw the other photo of Aquino in comparison to Grandpa Munster:

PHOTO: Michael Aquino & Grandpa Munster

And no; I am not saying that they are one and the same either.

In fact what I am insinuating is that TV and Cinema often covertly let us know what is coming in the future and Grandpa’s big ear-lobes and strange eyebrows came at least 10 years prior to Aquino coming to prominence.

Nevertheless, by 1971 Aquino was ranked as a Magister Caverns of the IV° within LeVey’s Church of Satan’s hierarchy. He was also the editor of its publication The Cloven Hoof, and sat on its governing Council of Nine.

However – according to the official storyline – Aquino became dissatisfied with the direction in which LaVey was taking the Church and resigned… After which – according to his own claim – Aquino embarked on a ritual to invoke Satan, whom he claims revealed to him a sacred text called The Book of Coming Forth by Night.

Now according to Aquino, in this work Satan revealed his true name to be that of the deity Set, which had been the name used by his followers in ancient Egypt.

Aquino was then joined in establishing the Temple of Set by a number of other dissatisfied members of LaVey’s Church and soon various Setian groups were established across the United States.

PHOTO: Michael Aquino, Sammy Davies Junior & Anton LaVey

Now interestingly enough LeVey – whom I perceive as a bit of a joke figure – knew Susan Atkins and Bobby Beausoleil (both members of the Manson family) very well.

PHOTO: Susan Atkins at the Church of Satan.

Atkins had originally been sentenced to death following the rounding up of the Manson Family, but that sentence was commuted to life in prison where she died having served nearly 40 years… Allegedly.

Now I say ‘allegedly‘ because I do not believe the official Charles Manson story.

However, I do not want to go further off track than I already am so if you want to know why I don’t buy the Manson bollox you can click on the link above.

And at this juncture I should point out that I more than strongly suspect that Aquino is a member of the Rockefeller family.

And there are of course plenty of Rockefeller’s walking this earth irrespective of whether they carry the name or not. Indeed, there are more than a few very big names – past & present – who I suspect were/are really part of the Rockefeller clan.

I will however deal with those people and others as we go along, but in order for you to get a greater understanding of what is going on, you have to be aware of the Satanic practice behind what is in plain sight.

You see, Setians – as I have already stated – believe that Set is the one real god and that he has aided humanity by giving them a questioning intellect – know as the “Black Flame” – which distinguishes us from other animal species.

And according to Wikipedia:

Set is held in high esteem as a teacher whose example is to be emulated but he is not worshiped as a deity. Highly individualistic in basis, the Temple promotes the idea that practitioners should seek self-deification and thus attain an immortality of consciousness.

Setians believe in the existence of magic as a force which can be manipulated through ritual, however the nature of these rituals is not prescribed by the Temple. Specifically, Aquino described Setian practices as “black magic”, a term which he defines idiosyncratically.

Following initiation into the Temple, a Setian can proceed along a series of six degrees, each of which requires greater responsibilities to the group; as a result, most members remain in the first two degrees. Governed by a high priest or high priestess and a wider Council of Nine, the Temple is also divided into groups known as pylons, through which Setians can meet or correspond in order to advance their magical work in a particular area. Pylons of the Temple are now present in the United States, Australia, and Europe, with estimates placing the Temple’s membership between 200 and 500.

Indeed it would appear that The Temple of Set is allegedly far more esoteric in practice than the Church of Satan had ever been.

This practice is known as “Esoteric Satanism“, a term used to contrast it with the “Rational Satanism” taught by Anton LaVey, leading to the Temple of Set being labelled as the “intellectual wing of esoteric Satanism“. And indeed the Temple does present itself as an intellectual religion which draws broadly upon Western philosophy and science.

The following is from Wikipenis:

Seeking knowledge is seen by some theistic Satanists as being important to Satan, due to Satan being equated with the serpent in Genesis, which encouraged mankind to partake of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Some perceive Satan as Eliphas Levi’s conception of Baphomet – a hermaphroditic bestower of knowledge (gnosis).

And there again is another link to transgenderism.

Photo: An old goat with tits… Not to be confused with Uncle Sam… An old goat who is just a tit.

Neither is the he-she to be confused with George Washington, the 1st President of the United States of America.

Just sayin’.

However, keep the above photos at the forefront of your mind for the moment because what I have coming up for you after I have finished documenting this Satanic shit, I believe you will find truly shocking… Albeit not too surprising.

Now from 1980 through to 1986, Aquino worked as a professor at Golden Gate University in San Francisco where it was noticed that he was fascinated with the connections between occultism and Nazism… Both practices being extremely important to what is occurring in the world today… Some examples of which we saw earlier.

Indeed that fascination led to accusations that he was sympathetic to Nazi ideology… Which of course he was, although it goes much deeper than that and you need to bear in mind that the information put out by Wikipedia has obviously been greatly sanitized for public consumption… Thus the events involving the likes of Aquino are the ‘official’ version… And we all know how truthful the “official” versions are.

After all the Monsters are not going to detail the real truth as a whole now, are they!

Nevertheless, throughout this period Aquino – again, according to the “official” version – attracted greater publicity for his Temple through appearances on television, such as The Oprah Winfrey Show.

However, in 1987 Aquino was accused of sexually abusing the three-year-old daughter of a Christian clergyman during “Satanic rites” held at his Presidio home.

And of course the plod were forced to act on the allegations, leading to a raid of Aquino’s home.

however – as is the norm where the monsters are concerned – the plod found no evidence to substantiate the allegations and since Aquino alleged that he was living in Washington D.C. at the time of the abuse, he was not charged with committing any crime… In fact I feel sure that scenario rings a few bells for you.

Aquino then did a ‘Lord McAlpine‘ and attempted to bring formal charges against the chaplain and psychiatrist who had encouraged the girl’s claims, although he was more successful in bringing legal action against two books – Carl A. Raschke’s: ‘Painted Black’ and Linda Blood’s: ‘The New Satanists’ – both of which had all but convicted Aquino of being guilty.

Nevertheless, the Army appeared to think it best if Aquino left Presidio and promptly transferred him to St. Louis where he remained until 1994, at which point he retired from active service… That is the ‘official version‘ remember?

Course, despite the Satanism and child abuse allegations Aquino was still honourably transferred to the Retired Reserve and awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.

And while the Satanic ritual abuse hysteria died down for a while, Aquino continued to be a figure of prominence in “mind control” conspiracy theories, supposedly brought about by his career as a psychological warfare officer in the US Army… Although I should point out that most credible conspiracy theories are leaked into the public domain by the monster minions.

Wikipenis then had this to say:

In addition to Aquino Satanic literature effort: Book of Coming Forth by Night – in which Set himself is purported to speak – the Temple’s philosophy and teachings are revealed in a series of occult writings titled the Jeweled Tablets of Set.

Each tablet is keyed to a specific degree in the Temple hierarchy. Only the introduction to the first tablet (Crystal Tablet of Set), titled “Black Magic”, is available for non-members. The Ruby Tablet, which is available for second-degree members, is the lengthiest and most diverse of the tablets.

The private Temple literature is not regarded as secret per se, but is kept restricted because it contains materials which, according to the Temple, may be dangerous to the non-initiated.

The Temple places great emphasis on the development of the individual, postulating self-deification – in reference to Apotheosis – as the ultimate goal.

Apotheosis (from Greek ἀποθέωσις from ἀποθεοῦν, apotheoun “to deify”; in Latin deificatio “making divine”; also called divinization and deification) is the glorification of a subject to divine level. The term has meanings in theology, where it refers to a belief, and in art, where it refers to a genre.

In theology, apotheosis refers to the idea that an individual has been raised to godlike stature. In art, the term refers to the treatment of any subject (a figure, group, locale, motif, convention or melody) in a particularly grand or exalted manner.

And that would explain why shit-rags such as the Chimp continually elevate talentless non-entities such as the Kardashions – and many, many more equally undeserving slugs – to god like status.

Wikipenis continues:

The Temple teaches that the true self, or essence, is immortal, and Xeper is the ability to align consciousness with this essence. Aquino taught that there is an afterlife for those who have reached the necessary level of individual development. 

This afterlife could occur in the individual’s subjective universe. Those unable to reach this level dissolve into non-existence when the physical body dies. 

Self-initiation is knowledge understood as a conjunction of intellect and intuition. In keeping with its emphasis on the individual, the Temple encourages their members to celebrate their own birthday.

And Insignia wise, the Temple uses an inverted pentagram known as the “Pentagram of Set“.

Indeed the use of the [all important] geometric shape is derived from the “Sigil of Baphomet” which is actually used by La Vey’s Church of Satan, albeit stripped of its overtly “Satanic add-ons”.

And it is Geometric’s that are at the heart of the matter thus this next bit is extremely important.

You see, The Temple of Set explains the meaning and significance of the pentagram by referring to Pythagorean ideas and “mathematical perfection“.

And that fact is majorly important because “Pythagorean ideas” & “mathematical perfection” along with Numbers, Dates & Symbols applies to just about every aspect of the Monster’s lives… As I partly discovered whilst writing “The Night Of The Living Dead” – Part 2 of my Diana: Princess of Wales trilogy.

However before I elaborate on that, have a read of the following commentary from page 620 of Sir William Smith’s, ‘Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology‘, published in 1870:

Pythagoras resembled greatly the philosophers of what is termed the Ionic school, who undertook to solve by means of a single primordial principle the vague problem of the origin and constitution of the universe as a whole.

But, like Anaximander, he abandoned the physical hypotheses of Thales and Anaximenes, and passed from the province of physics to that of metaphysics, and his predilection for mathematical studies led him to trace the origin of all things to number, this theory being suggested, or at all events confirmed, by the observation of various numerical relations, or analogies to them, in the phenomena of the universe.

“Since of all things numbers are by nature the first, in numbers they (the Pythagoreans) thought they perceived many analogies to things that exist and are produced, more than in fire, and earth, and Avater; as that a certain affection of numbers was justice; a certain other affection, soul and intellect; another, opportunity; and of the rest, so to say, each in like manner; and moreover, seeing the affections and ratios of what pertains to harmony to consist in numbers, since other things seemed in their entire nature to be formed in the likeness of numbers, and in all nature numbers are the first, they supposed the elements of numbers to be the elements of all things”.

Brandis, who traces in the notices that remain more than one system, developed by different Pythagoreans, according as they recognised in numbers the inherent basis of things, or only the patterns of them, considers that all started from the common conviction that it was in numbers and their relations that they were to find the absolutely certain principles of knowledge, and of the objects of it, and accordingly regarded the principles of numbers as the absolute principles of things; keeping true to the common maxim of the ancient philosophy, that like takes cognisance of like. Aristotle states the fundamental maxim of the Pythagoreans in various forms.

According to Philolaus, number is the “dominant and self-produced bond of the eternal continuance of things.” But number has two forms, the even and the odd, and a third, resulting from the mixture of the two, the even-odd.

This third species is one itself, for it is both even and odd. One, or unity, is the essence of number, or absolute number, and so comprises these two opposite species.

And once again, relevant to the transgender agenda… Carry on:

As absolute number it is the origin of all numbers, and so of all things. (According to another passage of Aristotle, Met. xii. 6. p. 1080, b. 7. number is produced) This original unity they also termed God (Ritter, Gesch. der FML vol. i. p. 389). These propositions, however, would, taken alone, give but a very partial idea of the Pythagorean system.

A most important part is played in it by the ideas of limit, and the unlimited. They are, in fact, the fundamental ideas of the whole. One of the first declarations in the work of Philolaus was, that all things in the universe result from a combination of the unlimited and the limiting; for if all things had been unlimited, nothing could have been the object of cognizance.

From the unlimited were deduced immediately time, space, and motion (Stob. Eel. Phys. p. 380 ; Simplic. iii Arist. Phys. f. 98, b.; Brandis, I.e. p. 451). Then again, in some extraordinary manner they connected the ideas of odd and even with the contrasted notions of the limited and the unlimited, the odd being limited, the even unlimited.

Moreover, according to Sir William Smith, (1870).

The Orphic worshippers of Bacchus did not indulge in unrestrained pleasure and frantic enthusiasm, but rather aimed at an ascetic purity of life and manners.

And of course “ascetic purity” is brought about via geometric’s & symmetry.

Moreover, it appears to me from the extensive research that I have done that these ideals and Satanic worship started to become “all consuming” to the Monsters sometime around the  mid 18th century & early 19th century, although ‘they’ have been heavily involved in the occult since at least the13th century.

Now, Interestingly enough, Bacchus – mentioned in that last sentence attributed to Sir William Smith – is a Greco-Roman deity also known as “Dionysus” and “Dionysos”.

Bacchus is the god of the grape harvest, wine-making and wine as well as that of ritual madness & fertility… Thus it is no surprise that the Rothschild family own extensive, world famous Vineyards.

Moreover(and again crucial to what we are seeing today), the earliest images of Bacchus/Dionysus depict a mature bearded man dressed in robes and holding a fennel staff tipped with a pine-cone and known as a thyrsus.

However, later images depict Bacchus as being a “beardless, sensuous, naked or half-naked androgynous youth” and he is described as either “womanly” or “man-womanish”… Geddit?


And I also noticed that the statue has a face very like that of the Statue of Liberty… Which as most of you will know represents anything opposed to freedom & liberty.

And of course there is also the connection between Diana: Princess of Wales, Dionysus & the Statue of Liberty:

And especially so with the name ‘Dionysus‘ having connotations with the name ‘Diana‘. Indeed, some go further still and maintain that not only is the Statue of Liberty a man, but it is also a representation of Satan.

Now Baccus or Dionysus – whichever you prefer – had a thiasus” made up of wild female followers (maenads) and bearded satyrs with erect penises; some of who were armed with the “thyrsus” staff, while others dance or play music… And the music industry is of course dominated by Satanic paedophiles.

Meanwhile, Bacchus is drawn in a chariot, usually pulled by exotic beasts such as lions or tigers, and is sometimes attended by a bearded, drunken Silenus. This procession is presumed to be the cult model for the followers of his Dionysian Mysteries.

The following is once again from Wikipenis:

Dionysus is represented by city religions as the protector of those who do not belong to conventional society (transgender anyone?) and he thus symbolizes the chaotic, dangerous and unexpected, everything which escapes human reason and which can only be attributed to the unforeseeable action of the gods

The followers of Orpheus, when they had tasted the mystic sacrificial feast of raw flesh torn from the ox of Dionysus, partook of no other animal food. They wore white linen garments, like Oriental and Egyptian priests, from whom, as Herodotus remarks, much may have been borrowed in the ritual of the Orphic worship. 

Herodotus not only speaks of these rites as being Egyptian, but also Pythagorean in their character. The explanation of this is that the Pythagorean societies, after their expulsion from Magna Graecia, united themselves with the Orphic societies of the mother country, and of course greatly influenced their character.

And as we know – least you do now – the monster’s live their lives by symbols, numbers and geometry.

Now as I said earlier, I first became aware of this geometrical fixation when I was writing “Night of the Living Dead“.

You see, whilst researching the CCTV footage of the cars parked up outside the front of the Paris Ritz Hotel on the eve of the Diana persona’s ‘death‘, I noticed that everything static in the footage appeared to be at all times, in sync with the people milling around the area & the cars that were on the move.

I should also point out for those who haven’t read “Night of the Living Dead” that ALL of the CCTV footage is faked, along with the fact that all the faked footage is very ‘jerky’ because EVERY single frame is geometrically perfect… An amazing fete of technology – well beyond most peoples capabilities.

Now what I mean by the CCTV being “geometrically perfect” is that you can draw diagonal, vertical & horizontal lines from top to bottom or side to side on ANY screenshot that you take of the footage – using strategic points as placement for each line – and what you will eventually end up with is a screenshot of tiny, same-sized triangles (pyramids).

Here, let me show you:

Now I have chosen this screenshot because it is fairly uncluttered and as such easier to demonstrate what I mean. However, you can “pyramid up” (as I like to call it) any screenshot of the entire CCTV footage taken at the Paris Ritz in connection to Diana’s ‘death‘.

And this is how it works: Now you see that red line that I have drawn? Well it hits 15 strategic points along the way.

So, starting from the left of the photo those points are:

  1. The starting point being the corner of the car bumper and at the photo edge, which already forms a perfect triangle in its self.
  2. The top right hand corner of the registration plate, which the red line has also now formed another perfect triangle on the registration plate right of the line.
  3. The top left hand tip of the ‘number 1’ time stamp. (nothing in the photo is not part of the geometric process).
  4. The corner of the car roof at the point of the [added] sheen. These sheen’s and shadows are added to the background in order to aid the process.
  5. The top tip of the car’s back door frame. You will then notice that as the line continues it forms a number of other triangles on the car roof made possible by the white [purposely added] sheen
  6. The bottom edge of the next car’s back tyre.
  7. The bottom left hand corner of the front car door – which I forgot to white arrow.
  8. Is the top edge of the front car wheel.
  9. Is the tip of the sheen on bonnet front (which I again failed to white arrow…. My bad)
  10. The top tip of the road cone.
  11. The bottom left side of the bollard where it meets the pavement (whoops -not arrowed)
  12. The top left corner of the next bollard along
  13. The tip of the triangle formed by the gap at the top of the persons legs
  14. The bottom of the feet of the next person along, (you will need to look at the unmarked screenshot above this one to see).
  15. The bottom tip of the light grey shadow (not arrowed due to lack of room) formed by the darker grey structure, where it meets the tip of the screenshot. (again consult the unmarked screenshot to get a clearer view).

The next red line that I drew hits 7 strategic points which you can see for yourselves at the points I have red arrowed.

The third red line then incorporates another 15 [red arrowed] strategic points and allows for the formation of 4 big triangles.

And I have done the 4th line in green which you can follow it along for yourself to see where it hits, strategically.

The 5th line is in yellow and the 6th in in blue. And with those six lines alone you can see how many pyramids are being formed.

And from there you just keep going but follow any line and each one will hit at least half a dozen strategic points along the way.

Hours more fun to be had there yet. And as I say, you can do it with every single frame of the Ritz CCTV footage taken of Diana and her entourage.

However, it goes much further than that because you can also do the same thing with all press photography… Or put another way: Every press photo has been manipulated so as to be geometrically perfect… For example:

And still hours more fun to be had there too.

Now I specifically chose that photo from the hundreds of thousands available because it shows the two Prickses – Prick Willie & Prick Henry. You see, although the Windsors are one of the ‘elite bloodline families the are nothing more than glorified actors at the top of the tree… Course they too are all Satanists.

And here are some more cleverly worked out photos:

Voz Sprung Dork Whatsits… As they say in France.

Course, since Diana never existed neither of the two pricks were born by way of the ‘official’ story which is now part of history. In fact the ‘modern‘ Royals are impostor’s after the Saxa Coburg dynasty (later known by the surname Windsor) was all but hijacked by the Monster, Louie Mountbatten who maneuvered his nephew, Philip Mountbatten into position as the head of the household, with the aid of the monstrous Elizabeth Bowes Lyon – AKA The Queer Mother.

And at that stage the Saxa Coburgs were in an awful mess and decimated by centuries of inbreeding leading to the majority of the offspring being born with multiple mental & physical defects.


Indeed the evil-beyond-belief Queer Mother – allegedly the product of a liaison between her father and the family scullery maid – had been promised the hand in marriage of one of the ‘Princes’ sired by King Edward VII – who had been responsible for the change of surname to Windsor.

This bargain had been struck between the Earl of Strathmore (the Queer Mother’s old man) and Albert: Prince of Wales, who agreed to keep Albert’s mental defective son, Prince Edward – Queen Victoria’s grandson – locked up for life in Glamis Castle (the Strathmore family home) following a botched attempt to murder the imbecile.

The following was written by my friend the historian & author, John Hamer:

 Prince Albert Victor, the Duke of Clarence otherwise known by his colloquial name of ‘Prince Eddy was the eldest son of Albert Edward the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) and Princess Alexandra (later Queen Alexandra), the grandson of the reigning monarch, Queen Victoria and older brother of the future king of England, King George V and as such would have been first in line to the throne.

Unfortunately, due to centuries of Royal in-breeding, Eddy was partially deaf and of well below average intelligence and was thus shunned by the majority of his cold-hearted family.

Queen Victoria, the reigning monarch at the time was a great supporter and patron of Freemasonry as were all the Royal males of the age (and as they still are today).  Indeed it was the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family (the current British royals) who had sponsored the rise of Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, originally a Freemasonry offshoot, in Bavaria in the 18th century. Weishaupt was indeed born and raised in the Bavarian town of Gotha.

There are several Masonic lodges in the Royal palaces of Britain, the most significant one perhaps being the Royal Alpha Lodge in Kensington Palace (where Prince and Princess Mick live. I’m getting good at this history lark – Spivey) In 1885 Prince Eddy was initiated into the Royal Alpha Lodge at the behest of his father.

As well as his membership of the lodge, Eddy was also a regular ‘customer’ at a homosexual-paedophile brothel in Cleveland Street, London and indiscreetly instigated a series of explicit love-letters with a young boy employed at these most vile of premises.

In the meantime, Prince Eddy, his mental health by now completely shattered, was given into the care of the Earl of Strathmore who owned Glamis Castle in Scotland.  The royal family then blatantly lied to the world and announced that Eddy had sadly passed away at the age of only 28, on the 14th January 1892 due to influenza, but of course Eddy was still alive and being held in Balmoral Castle having not yet made the final move to Glamis.

Balmoral is approximately 1000 feet (300 metres) above sea-level and as such is partly surrounded by steep cliffs.  This was the intended site for the planned murder of Eddy to be undertaken by Randolph Churchill and John Netley the coachman.   The prince was pushed from the cliff-top but somehow managed to survive his fall and after the passage of two days had endeavoured to crawl all the way back to Balmoral where he was found at the door by his disbelieving hosts.

It was decided after this that the best option would be to just incarcerate him at Glamis for the rest of his life and the Earl of Strathmore agreed to undertake this task on behalf of the royals in return for one simple favour.  The favour he stipulated was that one of his daughters be allowed to marry a future king of England.

Poor Eddy died in 1933, forty one years after his ‘official’ death date and during this time, his mother visited him only once, but took a photograph of him which she apparently sent to her cousin.  This photograph is still in existence and shows a much older Eddy thoughtfully painting a picture which would sadly never be seen by anyone outside the walls of Glamis Castle.

The pact between Strathmore and the royal family was eventually fulfilled in 1923 when Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (his daughter, b. 1900) married the future King George VI of England after originally being betrothed to his brother, the former King Edward VIII (he of abdication fame).

In 1936 George ascended the throne upon his elder brother’s abdication and Elizabeth became his queen consort.  Elizabeth of course was more commonly known as the Queen Mother and the mother of the current incumbent of the family firm, Queen Elizabeth the second.  She went to her grave in 2002 without ever revealing the secret and thus the world was never aware of this unholy pact. 

And then there is this written about the Queer Mother’s husband – QE2’s old man:

King George V, who was Russian and Danish, gave birth to the person who became King George VI. King George VI had an IQ of 67, which is one point above retarded. He had knocked knees, he had a terrible stutter and he didn’t have an attention span long enough to be photographed, he just wandered off . . . So there is a movie made about that recently called ‘The King’s Speech’ which is a bunch of propaganda how he was an E for ‘Achievement’ and an A for ‘Try Hard’Source

And this:

George VI was the second child and he was born in 1895. His real first name was Albert but he was crowned George VI because Albert was “too German”. Bertie, as he was called, had a very nervous disposition and as a child he stuttered severely. He also had knock knees, forcing him to wear leg braces at night and he was sickly. All of this made his father wonder if he was fit enough to be the son of a king and George V often tortured his young son.

The stutter would disappear if he was comfortable in a situation but as soon as he became nervous the stutter returned; even while he was king. Fortunately he was able to take over the throne and he served as an able king despite his awful childhood experiences. Source

And indeed, Queer Sweaty Betty’s aunt and four uncles were all – to varying degrees – subject to disability and mental retardation brought about by inbreeding – Prince John the Bon-Bon being the most seriously affected.

Now the story goes that the pact between Mountbatten and the Queer Mother to install the Nazi, ‘Prince’ Philip at the head of the present Royal Family was brought about by blackmail on the part of Mountbatten – who allegedly threatened to expose the Queer Mother’s & her daughter Elizabeth’s true origins if the very young Sweaty Betty didn’t ‘marry’ Philip.

However, Mountbatten asserted that by agreeing to the marriage, young Elizabeth would be allowed to ascend the throne – albeit illegally – and to keep nosy-parkers away from the truth, the conspiracy theory was put out that the Queer Mother could not bear to be anywhere near the Nazi, Philip… Which probably is quite near to the truth to be honest.

Course as history has shown, Phil & Liz had a marriage in name only – hence Pricks Andrew & Edward are said to be the children of Lord Porchester and Baron Patrick Plunkett.

Course the thing is, there are that many layers of deceit involved where the Monsters are concerned that it is hard to know when to stop digging.

I mean for instance, Lord Porchester & Louie Mountbatten are very similar in looks.

But that could just be the manipulating of the faces done to bring about a Satanic connection.

Nevertheless, you may have noticed that a moment ago I wrote that Phil & Liz “HAD a marriage in name only“.

And the reason that I used the word “Had” as opposed to the grammatically correct “Have” is because I strongly suspect that they are both dead – or as near as damn it – hence the reason that all press photographs of the duo are faked.

Mind you, all the press photographs of the Royals as a whole are faked.

And indeed, had I the time I would prove to you that ALL of the photos recently in the Chimp showing Maple Syrup & Harry Hewitt at the Evict-Us Games are fake… Although there is no reason that you cannot look for yourselves, and indeed you can do so by clicking HERE.

However, I best do some of them and point one or two things out about the ‘Royal Visit‘ to Canada along the way, but I will tell you now that the bird ‘photographed‘ with Harry was Pippa Middleton – 100 % guaranteed, although Harry wasn’t really with her… Or even in Canada for that matter… And neither was Potty Pippa either.

Course, as the week wore on, Meghan wasn’t seen again until the closing night celebrations… And even then she wasn’t seen since she was in “a darkened box to avoid attention“… Honest to fucking Dog you would need a serious check-up from the neck-up to believe that shite.

However, on the flip side it gave the Chimp room to flog very overpriced replicas of what Maple & Co were supposedly wearing.

Prince Harry was pictured kissing and tenderly embracing his girlfriend Meghan Markle at the closing ceremony of his Invictus Games Saturday night – but hid her in a darkened VIP box. 

The 36-year-old actress arrived with her best friend, Canadian stylist Jessica Mulroney, wearing a white coat over a black outfit and the two women took their places in the discreet box to the side of the stage. 

Meghan’s closest male friend, Markus Anderson, who introduced her to Harry last year, was by her side.

Miss Markle – who was wearing a $68 pair of Everlane jeans, a $178 Badgley Mischka jacket and Jimmy Choo shoes – was also accompanied by her mother, Doria Ragland, a therapist and yoga teacher from LA.

The fact that her mother had flown in from the US to spend time with her daughter and Harry emphasizes the seriousness of the romance. 

Doria could be seen dancing enthusiastically as one of the closing ceremony’s headline acts, Bruce Springsteen, played his hit Dancing In The Dark.  Source

PHOTO: Harry-H & Maple Syrup inside “the darkened box”. Inset: Potty Pippa

PHOTO: As above

PHOTO: As above

PHOTO: And again

Course, quite unsurprisingly the photos were a lot clearer and better quality when Ginger Pubes wasn’t present.

And being in a box was an improvement on their first “official joint engagement” at the games:

Prince Harry’s actress girlfriend Meghan Markle joined him at the opening of tonight’s Invictus Games, the first time she has attended an official engagement with the royal.

Although the couple were not seated together at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, she was sat just a few feet away from the Queen’s grandson, who was accompanied by US First Lady Melania Trump. Source

“A FEW FEET APART”! Try 18 seats across and 4 rows forward and you are in the right ball-park.

But if the flag waving cretins wanna believe that it was an ‘official joint engagement‘ then I can’t stop them.

Course, as well as being focused on Maple, the Chimp was also obsessed with amputees, especially those who had lost 3 limbs.

Evil fucker.

And old soldiers are another favourite.

And that old bollox had the following old bollox a couple of inches further down the Chimps newsfeed:

Lovely boys… A credit to their mother… Whoever the fuck she is.

However, remember that I told you that I believe the Monsters are going to [fake] murder William thus making Harry the Prince Regent? Well that prediction still stands true.

Mind you those Harry & Willie bollox stories appeared in the Chimp on the same day as the one below:

Just sayin’.

And don’t even try to work out the seating. In fact it seemed to me that the seating arrangements were a free for all.

I mean take those two birds sat in front of Maple although why the one in black is holding two phones in such a strange way is beyond me… And why is Meghan’s lanyard floating?

Yet on Meghan’s night, one minute they were there, the next they were gone.

Unless the drastically aged of course

In fact those two birds spent more time with Harry than Maple did.

She is wearing nearly the same dress too!

Mind you, that child in the photo above looks suspiciously like the child that the Chimp managed to get 2 or 3 articles out of:

Her cheeky smile put her centre stage at the Invictus Games yesterday when she helped herself to a few handfuls of Prince Harry’s popcorn.

But little Emily Henson’s family will not have been surprised that she stole the Prince’s heart – for the two-year-old has already been the inspiration behind her father’s incredible journey from tragedy in Afghanistan to Paralympic glory.

Emily is the daughter of David Henson, a former Royal Engineer who lost both of his legs in 2011 when he stood on an IED during an attempt to clear a building of mines in Afghanistan so locals could return. Source

Although it probably isn’t.

Still, there is no denying that Harry is wonderful with children despite not having any… Gayyyyy.

Likewise the bird inset in the photo above probably isn’t the bird sat in front of Harry in the main picture… Although she too was sat with Maple Syrup on that first night – right next to Maples boyfriend too… As was the bird seen top left in the above pic… Although she is meant to be younger! Confusing or what?

And another blatant-in-ya-face piece of fiction was the following.

Journalists? They are a fucking joke.

I mean to say; as if the Monkey-Kuntz didn’t know who she really was.

Nevertheless, the purpose of the many, many articles put out by the Chimp & other shit-rags appeared to be a PR exercise for Harry who – as I say – I doubt very much was really there.

PHOTO: Harry just doesn’t look quite right to me

Indeed I think that he looks more like former “Eastenders” actor, Joe Swash.

But all the same, Someones is certainly in line for a bumper payday as the British taxpayer will be picking up the tab for the trip that Harry probably didn’t even attend… In fact I would work along the lines of the story of the Canadian Prime Mincer playing a prank with a Harry lookalike has a lot more to it than meets the eye:

Canadian fans waiting to catch a glimpse of Prince Harry at an event he attended alongside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were fooled by the ‘sneaky’ politician.

Ever the joker, Mr Trudeau jumped at the chance to fool fans waiting for the royal by gesturing towards a redheaded man who was walking just ahead of him when people began to shout ‘Harry’.

A round of cheers then erupted as people mistakenly believed it was the Prince – only to realise it was Mr Trudeau’s personal photographer, Adam Scotti. Source

Just sayin’.

That is it for Part 1… Click HERE for Part 2, which will really shock you… Probably.