How does the State get away with grooming 13-year-old girls for illegal underage sex?


By PETER HITCHENS of the Daily Mail Newspaper.


As the age of sexual consent is 16, what are state employees doing fitting contraceptive implants in 13-year-old girls? Aren’t they colluding in a criminal act?

These sinister devices are a clear admission by the Government. It actually expects these children to have unlawful sexual intercourse, and wants to make it easy for them.

How strange, given that the one crime we all disapprove of utterly and completely is paedophilia.

Even convicted gangsters, rapists, burglars and muggers look down on the paedophiles in their midst (they have another word for them, as they cannot spell or pronounce the official term).

Those who engage in paedophilia are often also accused of ‘grooming’, preparing their victims for violation and abuse.Yet here we have a policy that directly condones and encourages the sexualisation of children, and is at the very least comparable to the ‘grooming’ we are all so shocked by

What child, equipped with this rather revolting chemical lump or dose, would not grasp that she was expected by the authorities to act accordingly?

I would be very interested to know exactly what the victims of this scheme are told, and how they are chosen.
This thing is done by doctors and nurses, supposedly symbols of rectitude and mercy.
It often takes place in schools, where our children are meant to be safe from molesters.
It is protected by law. It is paid for by your taxes and mine, extracted under the threat of prison.
Perhaps most sinister of all, it is – like all child-molesting – ‘our little secret’.
The girls’ parents are not asked their permission beforehand for their daughters to be corrupted by our sick state.
Nor are they told afterwards. This is both totalitarian and evil.
The judges are always ready to confirm that this is no longer a Christian country in anything but name, and did so again on Friday – though I do wonder where they think our laws and their powers come from.
But it is much worse than that. We are turning into a sort of Babylon, only with drizzle and sleet.
Almost every sexual practice and habit – with the single exception of faithful marriage – is now encouraged by the state.
First, the state poisons young minds with so-called sex-education, which is now unleashed in primary schools.
Then, when the poor things act on what they have been told, doctors push chemical anti-baby capsules under their skin.
I believe this sort of thing is known as ‘harm reduction’.
It all depends what you mean by harm. Having privatised the telephones, electricity and the railways, we have nationalised paedophilia.

Spivey’s View.

Anyone who has done any real research into the global elite will know that paedophilia is rife and viewed as perfectly acceptable by these psychotic monsters. Amongst those publicly outed in both print and film are the British Royal Family and Ex US Presidents George H Bush, Gerald Ford and Bill & Hilary Clinton. There is an active agenda in place to make this heinous crime more socially acceptable. I cover this subject at length as well as naming many more household names who take part in this vile practice, in my articles Playthings for the powerful and Why the justice system favours paedophiles both of which can be found in the ‘My View’ page.