How do you sleep?


Chris Spivey

According to the Independent, in two years time nearly half of the country’s children will be living in poverty. I’m not talking about Africa here. I’m talking about England… That is abso fucking lutely disgusting.

The worst thing about it, is that it really doesn’t have to be this way. Most of you have no idea at all  how frustrating that is for people like me. 

Time doesn’t allow me to get into my forum as often as I would like, but I hear there was a person in there a couple of days ago who had £5 a day to feed himself and his partner… £2.50 each per day… Think about it. 

We have people in this country who have £17.50 per week to buy their weeks worth of food and beverages with.

And all that the stupid thick cunts in this god forsaken cunt-ry do about it, is shrug their shoulders en masse.


Just what the fuck are you scared of people? Tell your Uncle Chris because something has to be done about this farce.

Something has to be done because its not just children who are suffering.

Old age pensioners are being left to die… Covered in their own piss and shit… In this Cunt-ry… In 2013… In fucking hospitals… Where doctors and nurses work… Try as I may, I just cannot get my big bald fucking head around that.

How the fuck is that even possible?

And, if they are not being left to die on a hospital trolley… In a stinking puddle of their own piss and shit… They are being left to starve or freeze to death…  at home… In this cunt-ry… In 2013… While supposedly being checked upon by the Social Services.


Can you imagine what it feels like being sat, unable to move, in a cold dark fucking hovel, until you finally die of hunger… How long would that take? Just sat, in your own piss and shit, freezing fucking cold, scared to fucking death, hoping that someone will turn up any minute, until the minutes finally run out.

Don’t just read that.

Think about it.

Because that is half the fucking trouble. People read this shit and it has no impact because they just see the words and accept that it happens.


Just what the fuck are you so scared of that lets you turn a blind eye to the fact that it is happening in this cunt-ry, in this day and age?

Imagine a man – like your grandad – who once upon a time was a proud, big strong fella, but is now a frail old man lying on a hospital trolley in a pile of his own shit, dazed, confused, humiliated and no doubt very scared… How would you feel about that if he was your Grandad?

Or imagine someone like your Grandma, sitting at home, blue from the cold, slowly starving to death because some stupid cunt from the Social Services has forgotten to take her meal round… You’d be fucking livid then wouldn’t you? 

But its not your Grandad, and its not your Grandma so you keep fucking quiet because its not your fucking problem and that makes me want to fucking puke.

And then there are the disabled and the sick!

“Oh you had your leg amputated 6 months ago Madam. No reason that should stop you answering a phone call in a call centre. You’re fit for work. Fuck off”.

“I see you have cancer sir. Very sorry to hear that. That doesn’t actually stop you from being able to stack the shelves at Tesco though does it. You’re fit for work. Fuck off”. 

Have you ever had Cancer… Because I fucking have. Its no fun, trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

And because I know what I’m talking about, I can tell you that every time I hear of a doctor passing a cancer sufferer  – or anyone suffering from any illness for that matter – fit for work, just because that piss taking, totally corrupt, wholly perverted, festering boil masquerading as our prime minister has ordered them to do so… Well, I personally want to grab that fucking pathetic piece of shit, who is supposedly a life saver  by their belt and shirt collar and launch the unethical cunt out of the nearest fucking window.


Cunts, because those poor people, having been deemed fit for work, then have two choices. They can  go to work for a pittance  and then drop dead. Or, they can go home and fucking hang themselves. That isn’t an exaggeration.  That is a fact… People are dying by the thousands because of these unscrupulous quacks. 

And you people allow it to happen. Not your problem, so best not say fuck all. Speaking out can get you in trouble, don’t cha know?

NO, I don’t fucking know actually because I have been shooting my big fucking mouth off for fucking years and I’m still here.

I want the cunts to come for me. What more do I have to write to get the useless fat, pointless cunts to come for me?

I publicly call the Queen of England a Cunt, for no other reason than she is  an evil parasitic cunt and still they don’t come for me… Why not?

You should see my viewing figures… Well over one and a quarter million people have seen me call that Cunt in the Palace a cunt.

A cunt that we mugs pay for, just so as she and her useless poncing in-bred family of cunts can tell us in the Daily Mail about their half million fucking pound holidays or other such luxuries that we mugs ain’t ever going to enjoy – well you mugs anyway. I don’t pay for the cunt. I would fucking die first.

So no, I don’t know that speaking out can get you in trouble. Where are the bully boy police breaking down my door? Where are they? Why don’t they charge me with something?

I tell you why they don’t.

They don’t come for me because they know I’m not scared of the Cunts and I will not be fucking silenced and if they come for me they know I am going to make more fucking trouble for them than they know what to do with.

I have got their fucking measure and I’m not fucking scared.  So, if I’m not fucking scared, why the fuck are you? … I will gladly sacrifice my fucking self if it means that you will get angry, get up off your fucking knees, grow a fucking backbone and put a fucking end to this fucking misery that you seem to think is reality… You have my fucking word on that and I defy any of you to find someone who can say my word isn’t my bond. 

There are People… Families, just like yours and mine who are relying on food banks… Charity boxes of fucking food, because they cannot afford to feed themselves, while those fat useless fucks in their Palaces and Mansions eat the finest foods know to man that you fucking imbeciles paid for.

Imagine that! Charity fucking food for people who don’t have enough money to feed themselves… In ENGLAND… NOT FUCKING AFRICA…

Or there are people working their fucking bollocks off, day in day out, for a pittance just so as they can afford to buy cheap food that is going to give them cancer, while at the same time having no choice but to contribute to a small minority of in-bred, pointless, piss taking leeches like Gideon Smeghead-Bean, who feasts on the most expensive, exquisite healthy fucking food known to man.

He may look a right fucking pleb but when he flatly refuses to even take a mouthful of a freshly prepared portion of the shit we have to eat, you just know that there aint no flies on the cunt… No wonder him and the other 649  spunk splashes despise you… Jesus fucking Christ, where did we go so fucking wrong:

UK Foodbanks

13 million people live below the poverty line in the UK.

Every day people in the UK go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income. Trussell Trust foodbanks provide a minimum of three days emergency food and support to people experiencing crisis in the UK.

In 2011-12 foodbanks fed 128,687 people nationwide, in 2012-13 we anticipate this number will rise to over 290,000. Rising costs of food and fuel combined with static income, high unemployment and changes to benefits are causing more and more people to come to foodbanks for help.

 In England people. In ENGLAND…  in 2013… I am absolutely fucking disgusted. These people dependent on fucking charity are not fucking lay-abouts, or scroungers. They are good people who through no fucking fault of their own have lost their jobs… It could happen to any fucking one of us and very fucking quickly too. In fact, give the useless fucking puppets much longer and its an absolute certainty.

They have wrecked the economy by fraud… On purpose.. Are you really that fucking brainwashed that you think a cunt with millions of pounds stashed away will take on the task of running the country because he fucking cares about you?  Course they fucking won’t. They care for no one but themselves. Fuck me, if they were doing it right, we would all be living the life of Riley… Fucking Fact…

And now that the government sick fucks have successfully wrecked the economy and there are no jobs as a direct result of their criminality! What do the useless, self serving skid-marks do? They cut benefits.

At a time when good people need help the most… The clueless fucking parasitical tapeworms cut fucking benefits… And you fucking idiots let them… Why?

They tell you it is necessary in order to save what is an insignificant amount of money in economic terms, and you fucking believe the fucking arrogant, lying cunts hook line and fucking sinker. 

People in this country are sitting in the fucking cold and dark because they cannot afford gas and electric… Why? Look at the obscene profits these corporate fat cats are making. These are the type of cunts that our millionaire ponces are really serving. And if you think I’m talking shit, read how much fucking tax they pay.

If the cunts paid the full wack on their profits, the money would dwarf the 16 billion Gideon Bean says he has to shave off the welfare bill by 2014/15… Does he fuck have to save it by penalising the poorest members of society. Read my article ‘sit down George you’re talking bollocks… They all talk bollocks:


SSE, the energy company behind Southern Electric, Swalec and Scottish Hydro, has revealed a leap in profits of almost 40%, just a month after announcing a 9% increase in bills.

The UK’s second-largest generator of electricity said its £398m half-year profit was necessary to “make investments that keep the lights on”. However, consumer groups, and even rival energy providers, questioned the scale of the increase. Source: The Guardian

Energy firms continue to turn huge profits and do little to reduce bills for customers, leaving some literally out in the cold – but do they have legitimate reasons and what’s the outlook for energy prices?

British Gas has angered customers today after its owner Centrica announced a 23 per cent profit rise £345million, having failed to pass on recent drops in wholesale prices. source: Daily Mail

One of Britain’s biggest energy companies provoked outrage yesterday by revealing a huge surge in profits at a time when families are struggling to pay bills.

EDF said its operating profits rose by 8.5 per cent last year to almost £1.6billion. This is the equivalent of £427 for each of the 3.7million UK households to which the French-owned company supplies gas and electricity. Source: Daily Mail

You are all being taken for a fucking Mug. I even look at people and think, MUG… No, I look at people and think spineless MUG.

The likes of your Grandma or Grandad or maybe even your Mum and Dad are going without the bare necessities while those fat useless corporate stinking arseholes light their big fucking mansions up like Heathrow Airport on the BILLION’s they make in profits… What the fuck is the matter with people in this fucking cunt-ry… Stop paying your fucking bills. It really is as simple as that. You will have more fucking money in your pocket and all the heat and light you fucking want.

GAS, WATER and ELECTRICITY are a peoples right. Not something that is to be bought at vast expense. 


Thames Water – which has 13 million domestic customers – enjoyed a £76m tax rebate last year, despite making operating profits of £650m and warning of big future price rises.

Anglian, which lent £1,609.1m to a subsidiary company in the Cayman Islands in 2002, paid £478.1m in equity dividends to investors this year, including its subsidiary in the tax haven. Yorkshire Water, which made an operating profit of £303m in 2012, paid £2.9m in tax on its water profits last year and £11.1m in the year before, having increased the debt on its books recently, which offsets tax payments. Source: The Guardian

People are going without baths and showers, or not washing their clothes to save money on water that falls out of the sky for fucking free. And then the corporate fat cunts catch it in a big fucking pond, add some poison to it and fucking charge you idiots so much fucking money that one company makes a yearly profit of over £300 MILLION… And, you believe your self to be fucking intelligent. You are paying top dollar to poison yourselves for a commodity that costs absolutely fuck all… And you think your too cool to get mugged off.

 I won’t tell you the last time I paid a water bill… Yet I have hot and cold running water.


Because I’m not scared of any cunt, especially not a fat useless parasitic cunt sat in a fucking Gentlemen’s club drinking all day and moaning about how lazy the working classes are… If the fat cunts can’t get money out of me, on my own, how are they going to get it off millions of you. Wise the fuck up. They are taking the fucking piss out of you, you, you and yes you, the one looking at your shoes… Fucking pathetic.

Moreover, I am not super fucking hard, and I wear my underpants under my trousers. So if I’m not scared, why the fuck are you? Are you not sick to your back fucking teeth of being taken for a mug punter?

Now read the following fucking article… Read it carefully and read it fully. Then think about what it has said. When you have done that, read it again and again and again, and again until you get as angry as me and realise that we have to stop this fucking insanity… It has to stop. 

And maybe then you will be able to look in the mirror and truly like what you see, because I gotta tell ya. From where I’m fucking stood, I can’t see anyone with anything to brag about.

MPs get another £100 to help run their second homes

MPs are getting another £100 a year to cover the rising cost of running their second homes within weeks.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority said the sum MPs can claim was increasing for “associated expenditure” on their second homes “to reflect inflation”.

The cash takes the total amount that can be spent on rent and bills from £20,000 to £20,100 from April 1 this year.

Ipsa said the cash was to help MPs pay for increases in the cost of Freeview television, gas and electricity bills and insurance.

Other costs covered by the increase were council tax bills, service charges, contents and building insurance, phone line rental and bills and burglar alarms.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that household billshave risen four times faster than average earnings since the credit crisis began, leaving many families fearing worse to come from Budget 2013.

Ipsa also announced that the amount of money MPs can claim for the cost of running their offices was also going up by 2.4 per cent.

Ipsa decided on the increases after it had “sought the views of the public, MPs and other interested parties about any possible amendments”. It added that it considered that the MPs’ expenses “scheme is working well and that only minor adjustments were necessary”.

Ipsa has also decided to publish as a matter of routine the names of any MP who is a tenant or landlord of another MP.

Last year Ipsa decided to publish the information after a request under the Freedom of Information Act despite protests from Commons speaker John Bercow and other MPs.

Matthew Sinclair, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Whilst the 0.5% increase in the amount available for running their second homes is modest, MPs must not be insulated from the impact of the rising cost of living.

“Our politicians must also not be allowed to forget that when it comes to things like fuel and energy costs, it is their policies which are directly responsible for the higher bills landing on everyone’s doormats.”

It also emerged that Lord Hanningfield, who was jailed for his expenses claims, has started claiming Lords allowances again. Latest figures show that he claimed £4,800 in October 2012 alone, plus £383 travel costs.

That brings his total claims in the first five working months since he was allowed back to £15,900 worth of allowances, plus £1,329 travel costs. Lord Hanningfield has not spoken in the House of Lords since he was sentenced to nine months in prison in 2011 for fraudulent claims.