Honest Guv.

Christopher Spivey

Hi All,

First off I feel that I must apologize for the lack of new content on this site of late. The reason for this is mainly because of the extremely difficult-to-write exposé that I have been working on non-stop since February the 2nd and which I originally envisaged being around 10,000 to 15,000 words long.

However, like most of these major works that I start; in the course of doing so I stumbled upon a lot of new information – all very relevant to the subject matter – which in turn opened up leads to further information far too important to exclude.

And as a result, this new work is now sat at 24,004 words long with a way still to go before I am finished.

Moreover, because of the complexity in putting this work together – bearing in mind that not everyone is as clever as you’s and as such it needs to be set out in such a way that no one cept your average troll will be left scratching their head – I do not like to break off for too long as I end up losing my train of thought.

Furthermore, those periods where I have yanked myself off to write other stuff, I have spent that time concentrating on the 3rd and final part of the Diana Trilogy, provisionally entitled: Di, Another Day… This endeavor now stands at 12,371 words long.

And whilst I think on, Part 1 of that Diana trilogy – Genesis – is now on sale as an e-book, available from Amazon.

Course, Genesis is hopefully the first of many e-books to come from me since all of my major new works will be on sale first as e-books for a months period before they are published on here, and an aim that will eventually see all of my articles – in particular the big ones – also available in the same format.

And please do bear in mind that the sale of these e-books will hopefully go a long way to help enable the continuation of this site in its current form, as well as helping to support me – you can’t have one without the other.

Therefore you can subscribe to my e-books for free by clicking HERE

Or if you prefer not to subscribe and go straight to Amazon for purchase – the actions of a madman – UK customers can click HERE to do so and US customers can click HERE to do exactly the same… Cept the latter is in Dollars instead of Pounds obviously.

On the other hand, if anyone living elsewhere in the world encounters a difficulty with either of those two links you can contact me by e-mail at sp-iv@hotmail.co.uk or on Facebook and I will get the problem sorted… Sorted.

I can also tell you that the major piece of work that I am currently working on is entitled ‘Book Ends‘ and will also be the first of three – with this first part exposing how every major crime between the late 1950’s to present day, that has taken place in the UK (as well as a few from the USA), are all either directly or indirectly connected to each other.

And by the term “major crime“, I am referring to those events that were reported on to the point of overkill by the MSM and includes – among many others – such events as:

  • The Shepard Bush Massacre
  • The Moors Murders
  • The Beverly Allitt Bollox
  • The Soham Murders
  • The Babes In The Woods murder
  • The murder of April Jones
  • The disappearance of Ben Needham
  • The disappearance of Madeleine McCann

None, and I mean none of those events are anything like we have been led to believe and all were carried out with the full backing of the British Government in power when the event in question took place.

As for Parts 2 & 3, the former will be an exposé of ‘Organised Crime‘ in the UK ranging from the 1940’s to present day and the latter will be an exposé of the Alternative Media – of which once again, both categories use/operated with the full backing of the applicable British Government.

Whats more, in regards to Part 3 of ‘Book Ends’ nobody involved in helping bringing about the downfall of the human race will be omitted or exempt from what I have to tell you… Those creatures know who they are and more importantly, so do I.

And in-between all of that writing, not to mention the huge amount of research and cross checking involved, other matters have also slowed me down a little of late, such as setting up and liaising on the e-book enterprise with Gary Heath – the fella who did the tech stuff and will be doing the marketing – and the fallout from my Court-Appeal… Again, a massive thank you for all of your donations which so far have been anywhere between £5 – £300 at a time.

Unfortunately there is still a mountain to climb where my finances and other troubles are concerned, but your generosity and support has truly been overwhelming, not to mention inspiring.

I will also point out that I have only mentioned the amounts involved because I do of course more than appreciate that to some of you, £5 is equal to £300… As well as to rub the paedo-trolls noses in it of course.

Indeed I am confident that all of you who have supported me and continue to do so will not regret it – you are backing the right horse, even if I do say so myself… That is to say, you are backing the right fella and I am hung like a fucking horse… Just sayin’.

I can also tell you that I have finally had my police complaints dealt with – the first of which was coming up to being 3 years old.

Predictably – not to mention provably – the outcome was a whitewash that stinks worse than what those involved do… Moreover, the complaints that I put in against my 1st arrest in July 2014 and my 2nd in October 2014 do not involve the bulk of my grievances against The Essex Police, The Metropolitan Police and The Greater Manchester Police.

However, there was one significant breakthrough in the Police ‘findings’ and that is the fact that my complaint about the 1st illegal search was upheld… In other words, the Police have now admitted that the search of my home that took place without a search warrant in the early hours of the 30th July 2014 – and thus by virtue of that illegal search, the illegal seizure of my computers – was an unlawful act based on the fact that the search & seizure were carried out under Section 32 of PACE, which only allows for a search & seizure of property if the crime that a person has been arrested for is an indictable offence.

And as most of you know, I was [illegally] arrested for a SUMMARY offence.

Nevertheless, as you can see from the letter below, the piss-taking-piglets do not consider this to be a disciplinary offence.

Course, quite why that illegal search is not being treated as a “misconduct sanction” – at the very least –  is a proper scratching of the head matter since I very vocally made the Four-Thug-Hog-Squad aware that they were acting illegally & unlawfully which I then proved the fact to them using their own paperwork… the former being a fact that is referred to more than once in the complaint bundle that I have now received.

Moreover, as a result of my protest one of the Bacon-Strips went and phoned his Boss Hog for advice – to which Boss Hog informed him to carry on regardless.

Indeed there is even a reference in regard to that phone call contained within the 18 page bundle.

So, what the honest-as-the-day-is-long DS K Baldwin is in effect stating (although the cover letter is signed by someone else) is that:

(1) On the night in question, the 4 thugs who attended the [un-admitted] illegal arrest to conduct the [admitted] illegal search, without either arrest nor search warrant for suspicion of committing a summary offence (or put another way a misdemeanor) were called to a station-briefing at 11.30 PM (note:at night) on the 29th July 2014 – as is stated in earlier police witness statements.

(2) At the briefing the Hog-Squad were given a copy of an A4 sized floor-plan showing the layout of my home along with my photograph and told to go and arrest me and seize my computers, yet none of those four low-life-scumbags or the Bacon-Bugger doing the briefing were aware that they would be acting contrary to the law by doing so?

(3) Or put another way, despite specifically coming to arrest, search and seize me and my property without warrants – and having admitted in a court of law that they had a 2 week window period to get both, with it being possible to do so in under 6 hours –  none of the filth including the briefing orifficer knew that they were acting unlawfully by violating the use of Section 32 of PACE to arrest me and then further acting contrary to the law by conducting an illegal search.

(4) Moreover, when not only told by myself that the search was illegal, whilst using their own paperwork to prove it (they resisted a good 5 minutes before reluctantly showing me that paperwork), one of them went off to phone ACTING Sargent Sale to take advice who has now stated that as far as he was aware, Section 32 of Pace gave the four thugs the legal right to do so – or put another way Sargent Sick-Note had no idea that he was giving his four-fucktards permission to commit a criminal offence.

(5) Fact 4 means that we must accept that none of the Pork-Pie-Plod involved in my arrest understood the law that they were quoting (another criminal offence I believe) and by inference none of them knew the purpose of either an Arrest Warrant or a Search Warrant…

Moreover “Honest Guv” Baldwin omits from the bundle the fact that by carrying out the admitted illegal search:

(6) The Four Pig-Sty-Dwellers MUST be guilty of trespassing on my property – another criminal offence.

(7) MUST have STOLEN my computers – another criminal offence.

(8) And MUST have knowingly violated the Human Rights Act on both, myself, my daughter and my grandson on at least two articles contained within the charter.

K Baldwin, you are a criminal and an affront to your office.

Mind you, there is nothing highly suspect in the fact that:

  • One of the Porkers involved has since resigned.
  • Another – who I strongly suspect has never worked for the Essex Police – has since been transferred… Let me guess? I’ll bet that he’s gone to the Met?
  • The senior officer on duty that night was only filling the job temporarily.
  • The defective in charge of the investigation left halfway through, having been promoted to the anti-terrorist squad.

However, I am not going to say more than that at this time, except that as far as I am concerned the matter – along with the other, much more serious criminal offences carried out against me and my family – is a long way from being closed.

That is it for now, but hopefully you can expect something new by Sunday at the latest.

Really mustache. Byyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee