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It appears that Robert Green has been turned down for legal aid to fight his trial which takes place in January if I remember rightly. I’m telling you, the injustice that takes place in this country with regard to the common man is absolutely disgusting.

Indeed, every which way you turn you find yourself face to face with a solid 9 inch brick wall and I for one am sick & fed up to the back teeth with it

However, I will be writing in detail about the total lack of fair play we are faced with in this so called democracy in the course of the next few weeks.

On a brighter note Roberts name was in the news again last month after his MP David Mowat wrote to Scottish National Party MP, Ken MacAskill, demanding an apology for his uncalled for remarks about Roberts time in prison:

DAVID Mowat has written to a senior Scottish politician demanding an apology for alleged comments made about campaigner Robert Green.

The Warrington South MP has taken action over remarks allegedly made by Kenny MacAskill, Cabinet Secretary for Justice.

It is claimed the Scottish National Party MP made reference to Mr Green during a public meeting in Perth on April 28, after taking a question on the Appleton resident’s campaign for Down’s syndrome girl Hollie Greig. He is reported to have said ‘it is right that Robert Green is in prison’.

At the time Mr Green was on remand at HMP Perth, after naming officials in an online blog he says are complicit in a cover up over the alleged sexual abuse. Read More

Robert is now on bail awaiting trial over breach of the peace allegations.

And finally, what follows is a copy of an e-mail sent to Nicola Sturgeon MSP by Hollie campaigner Tim Rustige, calling on her to launch an investigation into the Hollie Grieg case if and when she replaces Alex Salmond.

I shall of course let you know her response in due course.

Dear Ms Sturgeon,

With the Scottish National Party political structure undergoing a radical sea change following the No vote Independence referendum defeat on the 18th inst and Alex Salmond announcing his intention to resign as First Minister and party leader in November, this set of circumstances places yourself as an odds-on favourite to succeed him as party leader and hence First Minister.

Doubtless, from past representations to your Parliamentary office, you are only too aware of the scandalous cover up of the Hollie Greig child sexual abuse case involving a seemingly – to date – untouchable Aberdeen-based establishment elitist paedophile ring, and First Minister Salmond’s ‘and’ Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill’s – ‘and’ past and present Crown Office Lord Advocate’s refusals – regardless of being presented with a swathe of documentary evidence proving the provenance and probity of this abuse – to launch an investigation into the veracity of the complaints and the conspiracy involved in the suppression of this despicable scandal – a blatant and illogical refusal which to all intents and purposes has marred the above offices with public suspicions of complicity in subverting the course of justice.

The Hollie Demands Justice campaign group is now in receipt of correspondence from the Scottish Labour Party Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Graeme Pearson MSP, agreeing that the Hollie Greig sexual abuse scandal is a judicial anomaly that requires a full investigation and pledging that an Operation Yewtree / Fairbank style inquiry would be initiated in such if his Labour Party ever achieve a Parliamentary majority.

While Mr Pearson’s undertaking does somewhat hinge on the capricious winds of political fortunes, the fact he admits that this historic sexual abuse scandal – supported by medical reports and a police assessment that Hollie had been sexually molested and was a victim of serial rape (which resulted in a substantial five figure compensation settlement) and has been repeatedly laid of the desks of the Grampian police, the Aberdeen Procurator Fiscal’s office, the Crown Office and handed to ministers of the Holyrood Parliament since 2001 – without any remedial action being taken – is reason enough for an investigation to be launched.

Further, during the 2012 trial of Robert Green at Stonehaven on a charge of breach of the peace for exposing the Hollie scandal to the Aberdeen public at large, a testifying Aberdeen Police detective admitted under sworn oath that ‘no’ investigation had ever been carried out into Hollie’s complaints of sexual abuse.

More so, during this same trial, again under oath, several of Hollie’s named abusers and abuse facilitators (prosecution case witnesses) were forced, under cross examination by defence counsel, to admit they had never been questioned by police regarding their involvement in this poor girl’s systemic sexual abuse.

It is our optimistic expectation that you – regardless of being so bestowed with the mantle of SNP and First Minister leadership – will henceforth heed our call for justice for Hollie and a host of other sexually abused children and do the right thing : specifically, from your privileged position of government authority, demand an official investigation into this despicable and festering scandal.

 Yours sincerely,



                        Tym Rustige



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