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There is much going on today leaving me very little time to add content to the site let alone comment. 

However, I had to post this story, because I have been following Terri’s progress from the moment that the horrific accident first took place.

Burns, as I am sure you know are a terrible, terrible type of scar and extremely painful too.

Terri, is a true fighter, surviving against all odds. 

However, it is her Dad Paul who I want to talk about.

Paul  has devotedly brought Terri up single handedly after his wife – Terri’s mother – shamelessly and unforgivably fucked off following the fire, for which she was responsible.

Never once has Paul veered or shied away from his duty as a Father. Terri has every right to be as proud of him as he is of her.

We live in a fucked up crazy world, where our Monarch hands out medals to every undeserving nonce going, and selfish, shallow people hero worship equally selfish, shallow egotistical half witted, two dimensional, fruitcakes.

If our Queen was in the slightest bit noble or gracious the likes of Paul Calvesbert would have been on the receiving end of a medal a long time ago.

The man stands head and shoulders above most. A real life, true hero.


Father’s pride as 16-year-old who suffered horrendous burns in bedroom fire prepares for her secondary school prom

  • Terri Calvesbert suffered devastating burns days before she turned two
  • Defied the odds to survive and is now preparing to go to college
  • Proud Paul Calvesbert describes his daughter, now 16, as a ‘real fighter’


PUBLISHED: 17:41, 7 May 2013 | UPDATED: 20:29, 7 May 2013

When a devastating fire left his baby daughter’s tiny body covered in burns, Paul Calvesbert feared he would lose her forever.

But not only did Terri defy the odds to survive her nightmare ordeal, the now 16-year-old has grown into a determined young woman preparing to embark on a bright future.

Proud Mr Calvesbert has described his teenage daughter, who suffered 90 per cent burns when a blaze ripped through her childhood bedroom in 1998, as ‘a real fighter’.

Academic ambitions: Terri Calvesbert, who suffered horrific burns in a fire as a baby, is preparing to leave school and go to collegeAcademic ambitions: Terri Calvesbert, who suffered horrific burns in a fire as a baby, is preparing to leave school and go to college

Now the 40-year-old is preparing to watch his pride and joy leave Westbourne Sports College, enjoy the school prom and start the next exciting chapter of her life.


Mr Calvesbert, of Ipswich, Suffolk, said last night: ‘Seeing Terri leave school is a huge deal, I am so proud of her.

‘I never thought I would see her start school let alone get to this stage.

‘In the early days I never thought I would see Terri grow up but she is a real fighter.

‘She has exceeded everyone’s expectations.’

Pride: Paul Calvesbert has described his daughter as 'a real fighter'
Terri, seen as a baby, suffered devastating burns days before her second birthday

Pride: Paul Calvesbert described his daughter Terri, seen left with her father and right before the devastating fire, as a ‘real fighter’

Terri said: ‘It is fairly scary, leaving school. 

‘I have made some great friends – they have always looked out for me,’ she added.

The inspirational youngster has overcome challenge after challenge in the face of extreme adversity, and is now looking forward to a bright future.

Nonetheless the student said her last day at Westbourne Sports College will be full of mixed emotions.

Terri sustained horrific injuries as a baby when a fire broke out in her bedroom just days before her second birthday.

Tragically, the devastating inferno was started by a cigarette her mother, Julie Minter, left by her cot.

Baby Terri was left with burns covering 90 per cent of her tiny body, from her face, scalp, neck and chest to her back, arms and legs.

Terri survived against the odds, and now, 14 years on, she is set to tackle her next big challenge; an animal studies qualification at Otley College, near Ipswich.

Rock: Terri's father Paul said every moment of the night his daughter was injured is etched forever on his memoryRock: Terri’s father Paul said every moment of the night his daughter was injured is etched forever on his memory

‘When I was younger I wanted to work in a hospital helping people, or as an ambulance driver,’ said Terri.

‘I think it’s because I spent so much time at Broomfield Hospital when I was little.

‘Then I decided I wanted to work with children and then I realised animals would be easier to work with than kids.

‘It is fairly scary, leaving school. I will miss it, I have always enjoyed school,’ the student said.

‘We have our school prom to look forward to before it all ends, I can’t wait. I already have my dress sorted.

Terri admitted other children ‘can be mean’ but added ‘I can cope with them, it’s reactions from adults that is harder.

‘They should know better.’

'Looking ahead': Dog-lover Terri is preparing to embark on an animal studies qualification at a college in Ipswich‘Looking ahead’: Dog-lover Terri is preparing to embark on an animal studies qualification at a college in Ipswich


While devoted father Paul and his wife Nicky, 45, who he married five years ago, dote on Terri, the teenager has been through tough times growing up.

She has undergone more than 50 agonising operations to stretch her taut skin damaged in the fire.

‘I am a young woman now,’ Terri said.

‘Growing up has been difficult at times, it was harder when I was younger when it was just me and dad.

‘It’s hard as a girl to talk to your dad about some things, so when dad met Nicky things got a bit easier for me.’

Mr Calvesbert, a community fire volunteer, said: ‘She is a teenager, and like all teenagers she’s had her moments.

‘Nicky came along at just the right time. They get on so well, it is very special,’ he said.

Before making the big move to college Terri is looking forward to her summer holidays and the burns camp she has been going to for the last 10 years.

The camps, held in the UK and one this summer in South Africa, have given her vital support.

‘We have all faced similar things,’ said Terri.

While she recalls ‘some of what happened’ during her nightmare ordeal, for her father, every moment is forever etched on his memory. ‘I remember it like it was yesterday,’ he said.

Last year Terri’s mother Julie spoke out about the fire and admitted she is crippled by terrible guilt.

Despite a brief attempt at reconciliation, Terri and her mum no longer have any contact.
‘I tried,’ said the teenager, who wears a blonde wig.

‘But it didn’t work out. I have moved on.

‘I am looking forward.’

And the future certainly looks bright, as Terri prepares to continue working with young burn victims through her role as ambassador of the charity The Healing Foundation.

And as she approaches adulthood, her own healing process will continue.

At the age of 18, doctors at the specialist Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex, have said they can begin the process of rebuilding Terri’s face.

Various operations will see medics reconstruct her nose, a procedure that requires they wait until her face has fully grown.
‘I don’t want my head to get any bigger between now and then,’ Terri jokes.

‘I don’t really know how I feel about it.

‘At the moment I’m not really too bothered but I’m sure I’ll think about it more nearer the time.’

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