Here I Go Again

Christopher Spivey

Shall we have a quick butchers at what qualified for Chimp news this past week?

Of course we fucking shall.

So let’s start with what is basically another kick in the balls for the paedo-trolls… Namely the way in which the Monkey Kuntz are that glued to this website that they are able to put out articles within hours on the same subject that I have just released an article about.

That they do – which I have repeatedly evidenced – is beyond doubt, although as I told you in my last article (or it may have been my last but one), I have come to the conclusion that the Satanic creeps do this to connect my work to theirs since EVERYTHING has to connect in the world of devil-worship.

Now I released an article called “Making History” on the 25th of April 2018 which was mainly about the made-up persona Meghan Markle, and in that article I told you how the actress calling herself Pippa Middleton had originally been the one playing Mental Meghan. And by the very next day, the Baboon-Arsed-Devil-Disciples had a major article out detailing how Pippa & Meghan had met at Wimbledon in 2016… Or at least how the pair were sat “inches” away from each other on center court.

Course, it is extremely strange that the Brown-Nosing-Knuckle-Draggers who are totally obsessed with every move the pair make have taken nearly two years to make the connection… And did so in fact, the day after I reminded you that the pair of old slappers are one and the same.

Moreover, after typing ‘Meghan Markle‘ into the shit rag’s archive search bar, I couldn’t find the farticle. Neither could I do so when I typed in ‘Pippa Middleton‘, so all that I can say is thank fuck for Google who fetched the link up immediately when I typed both names into their search bar.

And what follows is a screenshot of that farticle in full:

Course, the reason that the amateur cunts didn’t mention it earlier is because it is totally untrue… A completely fake bit of ‘news’, although Bone-Ass and Renault Meghan were there according to the ‘original’ article released on July 4th 2016… But I wouldn’t be surprised if the cunts slipped the one and only photo of Mental Meghan in at a later date.

I mean she isn’t mentioned in the original article (found HERE) at all and the solitary photo just carries the caption: Model and actress Meghan Markle of Suits fame rocked a little black dress.

And there certainly isn’t fuck all mentioned about her being an”Ambassador For Ralph Lauren“!

Now I also omitted a photo of Bone-Ass from that new Chimp article as I didn’t think it really relevant when I took the screenshots. Although after finding the original it appears that I was wrong:

PHOTO: Cressida Bone-Ass seen outdoors in the new article and how she was portrayed indoors in the original

Far too similar a pose for my liking. Remember, when press photographers take a photo they don’t just take the one, they take a series. Moreover, according to the new article: “Cressida, who split with the redhead royal in 2014, was also enjoying the action as she sat next to Dermot O’Leary on Centre Court”.

PHOTO: Caption according to the April 25th 2018 farticle… Notice how Bone-Ass’s hair runs in line with the eyebrow of the fella behind her.

Now why the fuck would she be sitting next to the useful idiot Dermatitis O’Really and a mystery bird when – according to the original article – she was [apparently] there with her fella, the actor Douglas Booth:

PHOTO: Caption according to July 4th 2016 farticle

PHOTO: Screenshots taken from the 2016 farticle

Moreover, according to the 2016 farticle, Dermatitis O’Really attended that day with his wife, Dee… It was Dee Day.

PHOTO: Dermatitis O’Really and his wife Dee allegedly taken on July the 4th 2016.

Does it matter?

Of course it fucking matters… Especially in the case of Renault Meghan because the presstitutes are slowly but surely giving her a back-history. And as I say, it is very strange that the photo I showed you earlier of MM is included in the 2016 farticle, yet there is not one single mention of her in the farticle itself.

Although she has a good choice in reading material.

Nevertheless, let’s look at what the Monkey-Kuntz are now saying:

Yet seated just inches from Prince Harry’s new girlfriend on Centre Court was another society beauty inextricably linked to to the Royal family: the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister, Pippa Middleton.

Okay, if that is true then why are Meghan & Pippa not seen in ANY of the photos together… After all, anything more than 12 inches becomes Feet.

Now take note that Potty is directly behind the bird in the black and white dress… Got that?

Of course you fucking have.

And just to double check that fact, here’s another:

Yet the dribbling idiots at the Chimp would have you believe that Renault Meghan was sat next to the bird in the black and white dress.

And that is as close as the cunts come to “proving” that Mental Meghan and Potty Middleflange were sat “inches” apart… Well I don’t know about you, but they have certainly convinced me and as such, I withdraw my crazy notion that Meghan and Potty are sometimes one and the same.

However, as an aside to to this latest bull-shite from the Chimp, I do have to say that Cressida Bone-Ass does look remarkably similar to Potty’s tranvestite brother, James Middleton’s ex-bird, Donna Air:

PHOTO: James & Donna at Wimbledon with Bone-Ass inset 

And as I say, that Chimp farticle was published less than a day after mine – which is made all the more coincidental by an article about Mick Jagger that appeared on the Chimps news-feed proper inches away from another shite article about Renault Meghan:

Course, this screenshot was taken from the same news-feed as the farticle that I have just discussed thus Satanically connecting Markle to another one of Prick Henry’s supposed ex’s.

However, what is interesting about the screenshot is that it once again Satanically connects my work to the Chimps fake news. You see, also in my article “Making History”, I show you how a photo of Marsha Hunt and her daughter Karis Jagger (fathered by Mick) has been used to form a photo of Meghan.

PHOTO: Meghan (aged about 6 months old) and Karis Jagger – daughter of Mick & Marsha Hunt – Check the teeth

PHOTO: And again

PHOTO: Meghan and Marsha & Karis – take ya pick of who is who

Now I say “take ya pick of who is who” because of the following:

Just sayin’.

But neither does it end there, because I also made mention in that article about how the Chimp exploits a loophole in the advertising laws and used a photo of Prickcess Charlie of Trogladite to back my claim up:

And sure enough, less than 24 hours later, the following farticle appeared on the Chimp news-feed:

Coincidence of course… Least that is what the Paedo-Trolls will claim when they waste their time setting up an email address and write a long boring comment about what a cunt I am and what a sad little life I have, knowing full well that it will never see the light of day… Unless I have reason to show you.

Mind you, I had to laugh at one of those that I received the other day:

Ha, ha, ha… “What is a peado troll“… You ya fucking nonce cunt.

Honest to fucking donuts, these paedophiles really think that shit bothers me. I mean hark at this nonce, who wrote his comment after I revealed that my grandson Clayton is Autistic:

No doubt the nonce had to go wank over his children once he had written that… Which must have taken him over an hour with collusion from his wife… Who no doubt has a bigger cock than the little dick, total knob-splash.

Course, I would never dream of reporting these kiddie-fiddlers to the kiddie-fiddlin’ plod, I mean I still don’t consider it a crime and it is water off a ducks back… A fucking good kick-in is all that is required, yet for all their mouth, never once has anyone had the bottle to front me in person… I have never even caught someone looking at me in the wrong way, yet my address is hardly a secret.

But that is the kind of shit that our corrupt government are going to use to censor the internet, using examples such as the family of Alfie Evans who have supposedly been the victims of trolls.. Not that I believe that they have.

As for the Alfie Evans story itself, all that I will say is that it makes the government look very bad and as such the story must have government backing to even get mentioned let alone be continually plastered over all of the shit rags.

Indeed I know from my own experience that if the government do not want you to have a solicitor, then you will not be able to get one for love nor money.

Yet why should it be any skin of the Satanic-Minions noses if Alfie Evans was sent to Italy for treatment? That makes no sense whatsoever and certainly goes against the Doctors involved Hippocratic Oath.

Moreover, the story comes fast on the heels of Charlie Gard – a child who appeared to look a lot more brain-damaged than Alfie Evans does/did.

Yet I don’t buy the Charlie Gard story either and I didn’t think it would be too long before ‘his parents’  got involved in the story (see HERE)

I mean you only have to look at the two boys ‘fathers’ to see how closely the stories mirror each other:

You see, they look the same because the stories have to Satanically connect.

Indeed the stories are about as believable as the Queer off out horse riding at 92 years old:

Get fucking real!

Always the same photo too:

PHOTO: How many legs should two horses have?

Beige coat and headscarf as always, taken by Kelvin Bruce… A photographer who stands about 24/7, for 365 days of the year on the Sandringham Estate to make sure that he captures the Queer out riding.

Course, it is funny how Liz has time to get her leg over but hasn’t got time to visit her new born great-grandchild… Ho-hum.

Mind you, she must have a lot on her mind since the American news and the UK news also have to reflect each other to keep everything Satanically harmonized – so get ready for an announcement now that the beyond evil 92 yr old Barbara Bush has kicked the bucket.

I was also right about there being no WW3 too (See HERE)… Fuck me, talk about an anti-climax… Unless all of the Russians have died from chemical poisoning released by the US, UK and French Bums… Our leaders do like Bumbing foreigners don’t cha know.

And talking of the latest trog arrival. I see that the Paedo-Apes are cock-a-hoop that the sprog is named after Louis Mountanything.

Mind you, it is fuck all new to see the Baboon’s championing a vile, paedophile piece of shit… Indeed it is what they do best.

That and get things hopelessly wrong of course… I mean the group ABBA were once Sweden’s top export:

The pop group which once rivalled Volvo as Sweden’s most successful export is still a money, money, money making machine. Source

Yet how does the shit-rag report on their first new recordings since the early 1980’s?

Well, just like this as it happens:

You really couldn’t make it up… Pathetic imbeciles.

And finally, the paedo-trolls are obviously fucked off with the release of my book: Never Mind The Sex Pistols, Here’s The Bollocks.

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I mean how are they supposed to spend half an hour or so setting up an email address and writing a long boring comment about how I am taking the piss out of “you retards” by “conning you” out of donations when I am after flogging you my book… So to keep them game-fully employed and give their kids some respite from being molested; don’t forget to donate.

And don’t forget to buy my book which is a funny as fuck work of fiction, 14 years in the making and great value for money… After all, I am sure that you don’t begrudge me earning some much needed money… Do you?

Moustache, byyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.