Help for heroes? What about help for the victims of the heroes?

David Icke
A hit song by military wives, Wherever You Are, highlighted the work of British troops in overseas wars. The truth is that they are treated as expendible bomb fodder or, as Henry Kissinger said of American troops: ‘They are dumb, stupid animals’ to be used as pawns for foreign policy.
This is the truth behind all the ‘support our troops’ bollocks parroted by politicians who would be under the bed in seconds if even a car backfired.
While British troops are fighting abroad their families are often living in substandard housing and the aftercare for the injured can be disgraceful.
Ar least they have a choice to join the military or not and give their minds away to the dark suit cowards back in Westminster or Washington and to the multi-medalled military leaders who could well not have seen a bullet fired in anger.
Their victims do not have a choice. They are going about their lives with their families when the bombs of the heroes come to ‘light up the darkness’, as the wives’ song goes.

Think the Politicians care about the People they sent to die? Think Again!