Help for Heroes? More like money for old rope.




I received the following E-mail this morning from a fella named Cliff.

Having now had chance to read it, I have to say that I feel rather sorry for the gentleman.

I can answer the question about the police… No they do fuck all apart from collect revenue.

Anyone got any sensible suggestions for the man? 



Hello Chris,
You are an important part of my news gathering routine… please keep up  your great work, I know it must be difficult at times. Don’t let the  anger grind you down.

A couple of things to draw to your attention, although you are probably well aware of both.

My brother is a highly decorated (not least the CBE) retired navy  helicopter pilot. A few years after returning from service in the “war” with Iraq he developed severe neurological problems causing an inability to walk and talk.

He doesn’t want to cause a fuss by taking it up with his former employers (the MOD), not that it would do any good because as far as I know, they still do not recognise “Gulf War Syndrome” but it is absolutely certain that his condition is the result of the drugs issued to combat “chemical weapons”, amongst other things.

The British Legion are the only organisation offering any sort of support. (I would only ever wear a white poppy up till now, much to my family’s disgust, but in view of their help I think I will wear a red one this year).

It seems to me “Help for Heroes” is a sham. I cannot find any other organisation, apart from the NHS, that is prepared to do anything. Is there anyone investigating this?

Recently my partner and I were ripped off to the tune of fifteen grand. More or less everything we had, we rent our home, we are both over 50.So the future doesn’t look too bright for us.

It was a stock/shares scam.

We reported this to the police and they said go to “Action Fraud”. All they did was take details. Since then we have heard nothing. We contacted the FSA and they said to expect a phone call from the criminals posing as investigating officers offering to get the money back but we would have to pay “fees and taxes”.

Sure enough, the phone call came. We got back in touch with Action Fraud and gave them all the details.

Again, nothing.

Now, at no point have we seen or spoken to a police officer (other than the one that told us to fuck off and report it to Action Fraud).Do Action Fraud actually do anything? (other than gather statistics).

We can’t seem to get a straight answer from them. We have given them various phone numbers, e-mail and website addresses AND bank account details that were being used by these criminals.

How come this is not traceable?

And how come it was the FSA that told us to expect another phone call?

Do the police actually do anything anymore? (Apart from appear in Government sponsored propaganda).

I know you are very busy, do you have any contacts that are working in the above fields? Or do you know anyone prepared to take either of these
issues on?

I do hope Jess and your new grandson Clayton are both well.

love light and peace,

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