Have Funds, Will Travel


Christopher Spivey


You know, this reporting of false news really has to stop… I did in fact put forward an idea a few weeks back about us all reporting the Chimp or any other MSM shit-rag that we catch falsifying the news to the IPCC, or whatever name that it has been repackaged under – but no one seemed interested.

I mean, we all know that the IPCC is not an impartial ombudsman but they have to investigate the complaint and done en-masse, the very least that can happen is that we cause chaos – especially if we then appeal every time that our complaints aren’t upheld.

And it isn’t even a case of complaining for complainings sake since these are serious breaches of the press regulations that I am pointing out… I also appreciate that complaining is a pain in the arse, but it is only half a fucking hour of a job for each complaint.

Or do you think that reporting on events that blatantly didn’t happen a waste of time and will change fuck all? I mean, I am open to better ideas if anyone has any… But the MSM really needs sorting out.

Take this latest old fanny from the Monkey-Kuntz for instance:

This is the moment a group of terrified African migrants were photographed clinging on for dear life after the barely seaworthy boat they were using to make the extremely dangerous passage across the Mediterranean Sea began to sink.


OH NO THAT IS WELL BAD! Despite matey with the life-vest on, sat at the back of the dinghy, giving the photographer or director a big thumbs up and his fellow passenger in the beige top smiling like he has just farted the smelliest fart ever in a lift packed to the rafters with members of ‘The Big Nose Society’.

Worse still, out of the alleged 450 ‘passengers’ I can only count about 30 in the series of photographs that I am going to show you… Course that is not what I am labelling as being ‘well bad’.

That honour goes to what Banana Dacre would label as excellent journalism but what is in reality nothing more than a stinking pile of monkey shite.

You see, if the Chimpanzee’s had even a smidgen of integrity that opening sentence would have read:

This is the moment a group of terrified African migrants actors were photographed clinging on for dear life a days money after the barely totally un-seaworthy piece of hull of the boat they were using to make the extremely dangerous safe passage across the Mediterranean Sea nowhere began to sink become overcrowded.

But please do continue Monkey-Boy in order to let me make a cunt out of you in the same way that you are making a cunt out of your readers.

More than 450 migrants desperate for a new life in Europe were crammed on board the former fishing vessel when it went down just 20 miles off the northern coast of Libya.

Again that sentence should read:

More than 450 migrants 4 or 5 actors desperate for a new life contract in Europe anywhere were crammed on board the former fishing vessel when it went down was placed by a crane just 20 miles foot off the northern coast of Libya.

Unless of course the water does not get any deeper than 3 feet at a point approximately 20 miles off the northern coast a Labia.

A photo please.


Only the lucky few seen in the photographs – which were taken from a passing aircraft – were able to survive the disaster, clinging to the tiny tip of the hull that remained above the water after hundreds of their friends and family members sunk to their tragic deaths.

They can’t all have sunk! Most of them would float surely… But how the fuck do around 420 people drown in 3ft of water?

Were they midget migrants?


I would say strange but this shit is normal for the MSM i.e. sick bullcrap.

Even when help finally did arrive, the ordeal did not end. As these harrowing photographs show, a life raft rapidly became overwhelmed by numbers as they clambered aboard it, then crumpled and folded, casting them back into the merciless sea.

Are the photos from Harrow then?

Go on, show us them.


“Bob Bob Bob”… Fan-Fucking-Tastic Spiv… Course if you think that is a sick joke, remember it is these cunts who started it with this sick joke of an article… Just sayin’.

The bullshite then continues:

Hundreds of migrants are understood to have died before witnesses with cameras in a passing aircraft were able to document the harrowing scene.

The passengers quickly alerted the Italian Coast Guard, who raced to the scene and pulled the handful of survivors to safety. It is estimated that no more than 10 per cent of those on board the sunken vessel managed to survive. 

Upon arriving, the Italian Coast Guard pushed an orange rubber dinghy in the direction of the sinking ship. However the craft was overwhelmed by the desperate migrants and it too began to sink.

The last few were left clinging to each other, some naked, terror etched on all their faces. Yet even then, those wretched souls may have been the lucky ones.

For below the water, the shadows of the bodies of many of their fellow travellers, friends or family who did not survive, can just be seen.

Many others are likely to have been dragged down with the ship because they were unable to escape from below deck in time.

Tragedies such this one act as a ‘bait’ to entice the European navies back to Libya, a former people trafficker turned supergrass told prosecutors, according to Espresso magazine which first published the pictures.

The trafficker who was said to be high in the ranks of a gang run by an Ethiopian until his arrest has explained how some boats are deemed ‘disposable’ and do not even have the capacity to reach the Italian island of Lampedusa, the closest European landfall to Africa.

The closer the Western navies come to the departure points in Libya the more boats can be used-even those that can barely float, he said. If the boats sink there is no loss because the passage is paid in advance, he explained. Traffickers made an estimated €1.2 billion last year.

“One point two billion euros”! Them midget migrants must have money to burn – I certainly couldn’t afford to pay a ‘trafficker’ their asking price.

I mean, further down the old fanny, the Chimp states that 100,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean sea so far this year.

So, since we are more than halfway through the year lets be generous and say that the annual total of people trafficked for this year reaches 200,000. Lets further assume that is the same total as last years, in which case the individual charge for a person is 6000 Euros or £4350 pound per head.

That is £1340 pounds more than a single persons YEARLY job seekers allowance.

Fuck me, they are better off staying where they are if they have that kind of money.

Yet predictably the Monkey-Boyz are ramping up the hysteria by claiming that most of these migrants are en-route to Blighty… Why are they?

I mean it can’t be for the state benefits if they already have £1300 in excess of a years JSA to hand… Not that they would find it easy getting benefits and even if they do, they will find those benefit payments stopped extremely quickly if they don’t jump through hoops and apply for 3000 non-existent jobs every week.

Neither can it be their desire to live in a fair and tolerant society since the police state is almost completely in place and racism is alive, well and positively blooming in this cuntry.

Yet still the Monkey-Kuntz pile on the propaganda bollox in their article by claiming:

Earlier desperate African migrants living in France were photographed seeking refuge in an urban forest after being evacuated from two makeshift refugee camps earlier this week.

Around 50 asylum seekers are understood to be living in the Bois Dormoy, a combination garden-wild forest in Paris’ 18th arrondissement, because they have nowhere else to go. 

The case illustrates France’s struggle to cope with the influx of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa – many of whom were among the 100,000 desperate individuals to have already made the incredibly dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea on un-seaworthy vessels so far this year.

The 50 or so migrants currently living in the Bois Dormoy are believed to have been arrived after two separate refugee camps in Paris were dismantled.

One camp under an elevated metro station was raided and broken up last week, while evictions began at a second one in the Halle Pajol gymnasium on Monday.

Without anywhere else to go, the group are now sleeping on the floor of the forest, huddling together under think blankets and sleeping bags and taking shelter in an abandoned building. Source

So lets have a butchers at some more bullshit photos.


Now, those first batches of photos were taken from 2 or 3 photos that I blew up to 4000 mega-whatsits to get you the close ups.

Yet a load of Libyan migrants – fleeing ISIS (yawn), who were allegedly picked up on the 10th – two days ago – after finding themselves in the same boat as those pictured above in the shallow blue sea, were photographed on board the ship which saved them from getting their shoes wet… Oh and when I said that they “found themselves in the same boat as those pictured above in the shallow blue sea”, I meant their boat was sinking too, and not that they were in that quarter hull neatly plonked into the sea.


And exactly what kind of flag is photographed in Technifuzz, anyone? That’s right; a false flag is photographed in Technifuzz.

However, all was well when they disembarked in Italy… Sort of anyway.


Very fucking smart. Good job the Navy carries all those spare clothes for little girls.

However, the downside was that they were heading for an internment camp that is:

An old military base, 10 miles from the seaside town of Crotone, in Calabria, one of Italy’s poorest regions.

The camp, surrounded by a ten-foot barbed wire fence, is home to around 2,000 migrants.

Most live in painted corrugated iron containers, with exposed wires, thin foam mattresses and no sheets which contain up to 12 beds.

According to residents around ten in every hundred new arrivals leave immediately for the north (France Germany or Switzerland) by train or coach.

Others travel into town every day to beg enough for the fare, which they say is around 250 euros to the border.

Reports to Parliament by the regional official for children and young people have expressed grave concerns about the lack of health care, hygiene and living conditions in the camp especially for pregnant women. Source

In which case you can now see why they would want to come to England… Our detention centres are the tits apparently:

Foreign criminals have been treated to dance classes, yoga and bingo at an immigration removal centre… before being released back on to Britain’s streets.

Also on offer were dress and jewellery making sessions, treatments at a beauty salon and parties for Valentine’s Day and Shrove Tuesday.

But inspectors found that, despite campaigners dubbing Yarl’s Wood a ‘prison camp’, staff provided a ‘varied timetable of activities throughout the week’ to keep detainees entertained.

They include afternoon football sessions, and cricket matches in the summer. The IMB report says: ‘The Sports Hall offers a varied timetable of activities throughout the week from afternoon football sessions for men to the Music in Detention choir, as well as bingo, yoga, and zumba (a type of dance). Full use is made of the hall for events like Children in Need, Valentine’s Day, Christmas quiz evenings, and detainees of all ages are encouraged to participate.

‘The range of artefacts created is ever-growing. In 2014 detainees crafted photo frames, bracelets, cushions, paper roses, 3D origami, T-shirts, watches, greetings cards, clay ornaments and wood craft, and even began dressmaking, following the donation of fabric suitable for use as skirts.’

Many of the items made are sold for 50p, with the money going to charity.

Staff also offer a wide range of international cuisine in the centre’s ‘Café Central’ to reflect the fact that, at any one time, there are 50 nationalities staying there.

There is also an ‘extremely popular’ hair salon. The report says: ‘Among the Asian population threading and hair colour treatments are the most popular, while African and Caribbean detainees tend to opt for hair extensions and manicures.’ Source

However, you are going to love this next bit of old bollox about a boatload of Sudanese Migrants who were picked up by the British Navy on board the HMS Bulshit on the 9th of this month. The migrants were then dropped off in Italy.

The Chimp takes up the story:

Squeezed into a taxi with several other migrants – some of whom are in the boot – two Sudanese migrants rescued by the Royal Navy yesterday headed for Britain.

Less than 24 hours after stepping off HMS Bulwark, and after only the most basic of security checks, they simply strolled out of an Italian refugee camp.

Hamad Said and his friend Abdul Fatah, both 26, were among 1,100 rescued migrants who received food and water aboard the British assault ship before being taken to the Sicilian port of Catania on Monday.


Well I jolly well hope that they don’t think that they will get away with that kind of caper in England… Carry on:

Once ashore they were taken to a camp where they were once again fed and even given new clothes by Italian officials.

But yesterday afternoon, totally unchallenged, they walked out of the camp to begin their journey to London.

They shared a taxi with another group of migrants back to Catania where they boarded a bus headed for Rome.

The pair then plan to make their way to Calais, with the help of people-smugglers, where they will attempt to sneak aboard a lorry bound for London.

People can cross on foot from Italy to France along several miles of the border without any checks.

It was revealed yesterday that Italian authorities have been forced to put on more buses to Rome to cope with the sudden influx of migrants heading north.

Which I thought was very nice of the Italians… Saves overloading their taxis anyway.


Ere! Don’t Iyam Eye Said in the red check shirt look like Michael Adebolajo?


But I suppose that he can’t be since Mickey is safely locked up in prison… Oh well, carry on:

Speaking to the Daily Mail about his plan yesterday, Mr Said said: ‘I don’t stay here in Sicily. I am going to England with my friend Abdul.

‘I am getting a taxi to Catania and from there to Rome and after that to France and then England.’

The Manchester United fan then ran from the gates of Cara Mineo camp and jumped into the back of a silver Seat estate car with German plates, already packed with at least seven other migrants.

A year ago, Mr Said left his wife Sundy, 23, who was then pregnant with his seven-month-old daughter Dalia, and his job as a blacksmith in Darfur, Sudan.

He and Abdul hired a car to drive across the Sahara to Tripoli.

He said: ‘Last year I went to Libya because of the war in Darfur. I left my mother and my wife.

‘She was pregnant. I want to bring her to live with me in England.’

He said he worked in Tripoli but life was very hard and there were lots of shootings.

He said: ‘I left Libya because it was not good. I paid 2,000 dollars to make the crossing.’ Then on Saturday night, carrying nothing but a mobile phone without a sim card and 15 euros, he stepped foot on a double-decked wooden boot with 377 other migrants and set sail for Europe. I had no papers, no passport, nothing. The journey was very dangerous.’

Ten hours into the journey he was rescued by the Royal Marine Commandos who had spotted the vessel from their Merlin Helicopter. Just over three hours later he stepped barefoot on to HMS Bulwark, a 19-000 tonne vessel, and was drinking bottled water and eating bread.

1,100 other migrants followed him and Abdul on the busiest ever Mediterranean rescue undertaken by the ship. He had been assigned a number and had was asked for his name, age, and told to point where he was from on a map.

Those details were then sent on to the Italian authorities who stamped his hand and took his photograph after he departed the ship the following afternoon.

They waited for over an hour to get on a bus and travelled for an hour to the camp, a former military base, in the middle of nowhere in the hills of Catania.

At the camp Hamad was asked him for his name and age and then after a good night’s sleep he walked out of the camp and waited on the road for a taxi.

He said: ‘I am going to Rome. I am going to Britain.’ By Allah, we swear by the almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone.

So what if we want to live by the Sharia in Muslim lands?

Why does that mean you must follow us and chase us and call us extremists and kill us? … when you drop a bomb do you think it hits one person? Or rather your bomb wipes out a whole family?

I apologise that women had to witness this today but in our lands women have to see the same.

You people will never be safe. Remove your governments, they don’t care about you.

You think David Cameron is gonna get caught in the street when we start busting our guns?

Do you think politicians are going to die?

No, it’s going to be the average guy, like you and your children.

So get rid of them. Tell them to bring our troops back … leave our lands and you will live in peace.”  Source

I’ll leave it with you.